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Hyundai Accent Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just paid $12.3k out the door (with Chicago's 9% auto sales tax, ugh) for a 2008 Accent GS with the AC/stereo package.
  • Does anybody know where to get owner manual for hyundai accent gl 2000 4dr model. Can you send me to giribt @
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Put a down payment on this car in Charcol Gray today for a price of $14,570...basically Edmunds TMV price. This includes the $1k rebate. Tried all over the state and even Fitzmall in Clearwater couldn't locate a car with the power package that we needed. Found two of these in Miami and would've given us both for $14.3 each, but my older girl didn't want the Accent. They started at $14.8 and we at $14.3 for just one of the cars and met in the middle.
    Pick up the car during the week after I check it out to see all is right. Been a long few months on test drives and such but we got the car for a price we can live with and just a couple of weeks before our target date whcih was between Thanksgiving and the 14th of November.
    Kid's happy and we're o k with the deal.

    The Sandman :)
  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,853
    Kid loves her Accent GLS and must admit, it scoots around pretty effortlessly. Ended up with $15.5 OTD so everyone's happy. Looks great in the charcol color and luckily it has the upgraded 15"'s and alloys.
    Other kid finally got the Versa SL hatch in the new Arctic blue color...sweet car also. Got the only one in the region with all the power goodies.

    The Sandman :)

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • I am recently looking into buying a GS Hyundai Accent with premium package. So far the price I got is 11,625 including freight. Is it a good deal? (The $1,500 rebate and recent college grad rebate $400 are included.) But I know this 1,900 has nothing to deal with the dealer. So with this much rebate, I might get a better deal than this?
  • brunojoebrunojoe Posts: 22
    Los Angeles Area OTD price on 2009 Accent with auto any info please? thanks brunojoe
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A national reporter is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a Hyundai vehicle recently (within the past four months) because of the Hyundai Assurance Program. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to [email protected] by Friday, June 5, 2009.
  • picked up a 2009 Accent, GS (hatchback), automatic, option package #02, mudguards and floor mats for $11700. basically OTD price was $12500 (included freight), add 3% VA sales tax, $345 processing fee, $75 title/registration, and subtracting $1500 rebate (was for my mother-in-law, so she wasn't eligible for military and college graduate rebate). $1500 rebate expires today, basically got about $11800 price estimate in the Washington DC area, then took this to a couple of Richmond, VA Hyundai dealers. one said that there was no way he could come close to the $11800. the other said wait, talked to his manager, and offered $11700 out the door. my mother-in-law is VERY HAPPY with this; her first new car, limited budget, and perfect for her needs (green apple color, black interior). this was even better than the TMV and consumer reports dealer price was!
    all dealers are hurting, so it's a buyer's market - waited until last weekend (near the end of the month), and for using the rebate.
  • cstewart27cstewart27 Posts: 23
    Please let me know where you went in Richmond, VA. I'm in northeast OH, but willing to drive within a day's drive to get a decent price. I was looking at buying a 2009 Hyundai Accent after 7/23 with the CARS program, but of course the dealer had a great deal this week!

    I'm 5'1" and I just love our 1997 Accent. I started out at the dealership looking for a 4-door auto Accent. Salesman, of course, worked us up to Elantra GLS because it got the "Consumer Reports top recommendation due to electronic stability control". We got him down to a price of $17772 for Elantra GLS with power options and moonroof. He was nearly dancing with delight, so I was really hesitant to sign anything although he wasn't very happy about not getting our signature.

    Anyway, after going home to research the Elantra GLS Auto , I discovered the GLS does NOT have electronic stability control and $17,722 definitely was pretty high. That explained his ear to ear grin!

    To get to electronic stability control in Elantra - I need to get a Elantra SE. I was able to find one each at three different dealers yesterday. The second dealer went to $17,500 on a Elantra SE without any hesitation whatsoever - which really made me wonder if that price was pretty much in line with the Sonata why go with the smaller car.

    I know there is a $3000 rebate on Sonata, $2000 on Elantra and $1500 on Accent - so please let me know if the $$$ you recommend for negotiating a high and low is before or after any rebate.

    I'm heading back out today to check with other dealers. Price will drive it all, so I may need to drop back down to an Accent and will be delighted to do it!

    I can definitely drive to Richmond, VA to get a decent price. Richmond, VA is about 8 hrs away, so if anyone has a dealer they would really recommend closer to Ohio, I'd be interested too!
    2009 Accent GS, Automatic, Premium Package (power windows, door locks, mirrors, 6-speaker w/ XM, auxiliary input jack)

    MSRP - $14,885
    Negotiated price w/ rebate - $11,570
    After Orange County, CA's huge 8.75 tax, license, doc, OTD was $13,022. Traded in an old crap clunker that was worth $1,000 at best for the full $4,500. Total cost to us was $8,522. WOW! What a steal. Surprisingly nice ride. Dark Sapphire Blue ext/Black int. Great car for Mom. Now all I need is a Genesis for myself, haha.
    Sorry, I forgot to mention it was a 3-door hatchback. I got it from Garden Grove Hyundai in Southern California.
  • cstewart27cstewart27 Posts: 23
    What proof of registration did you have to give the dealer.

    My dealer here said that I need to provide both the 2008 and the 2009 registration because my 2009 registration started on 3/9/2009 and expires 3/9/2010 and does not cover the full 12 month period.

    Supposedly I don't qualify unless I can somehow get proof of my 3/9/2008 to 3/9/2009 registration to show it was registered for the past 12 months.

    NOTE: I do have my insurance proof showing that it was insured for the past 12 months.

    When I called the CARS hotline, they said if the dealer was requiring it - it must be needed. They suggested I contact my state BMV and ask them to provide proof of my 2008 registration so that I can qualify for the CARS program.
    I had both the insurance and reg info to show a year. You also need the pink slip, which I forgot to bring...but they said they could do it without it but it would cost $25. So I'm going to bring it within a few days which they said was okay. Let me say though, The Accent is a nice car, very comparable to the Yaris hatch...Better warranty though. Just wanted some trouble free driving for many years. For $8500, I feel that even keeping the car for 5 years would be a huge win. However, I'm sure it will last much longer the way my Mom drives.
  • fitdcfitdc Posts: 9
    Started my shopping for 09 Accent Hatchback SE w no extras. Offered one in stock for $12,870 plus tax-tags and registration just outside the DC beltway. No Hyundai dealers in the district so residents go to MD or VA.
    HAHA!! Just had to update my post because of the following: In case you didn't read post #43 (read it for details) I ended up paying $8,522.19 out the door for my 2009 Accent GS w/ Auto, Premium Pkg. Well, I just found out that according to the California Board of Equalization, the $4,500 is considered a nontaxable government purchase. I clued in my dealer, they had a meeting, and now I'm going to get a partial sales tax refund! Where I live in Southern California, the sales tax is an ungodly 8.75% - so I will be getting a check for $393.75! That makes my total cost for this car $8,128.44!! Super deal. I'm glad I did it early too before all of the chaos...:)
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Traded in an old crap clunker that was worth $1,000 at best
    What was the clunker? Year? Mileage?
  • I ended up paying 12,600 not including taxes and financing interest. I believe I could have got it for 11,900 or 12,000 even, but this was just after the cash for clunkers program and they only had one 2009 Accent left in stock. I wanted a Toyota Yaris but three local Toyota dealers were all out of stock. Oh well.

    This was in Missouri by the way.
  • ceejceej Posts: 1
    In Richmond, Virginia I just purchased the Accent 4 door sedan.
    The only "features" are air conditioning & floor matts.
    After fees, taxes & licensing, I paid $12,406.
    Then bought & installed a radio.
    This was the first purchase I've ever made from a dealership, as I've always purchased used cars from individuals.
    I had a very smooth buying experience without the pressurizing dialogue that I experienced at other dealerships the week prior to this purchase.
    I recommend Micky at Pearson Hyundai on Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A reporter is looking to speak to consumers who recently purchased a Hyundai. Please send your daytime phone number to [email protected] by Tuesday, September 8, 2009.
    Corporate Communications


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  • We were offered a car they listed at $17,130.00 which is roughly $1,290.00 over car's MSRP's $15,840.00 pricing let a lone the TMW pricing of $15,677.00 with the Electrical Premium Options upgrade. There are 5 Automaxes in Oklahoma, but only the Broken Arrow dealership Premier Dealer raised their on line prices way above the regular high MSRP prices. With these higher prices on Accents, it looks like your really saving a lot when your not. They also advertised 15" Alloy rims on their 18 Accents in this price range that actually only come with 14" steel rims, so why is this one dealer listed as a Premier Dealer knowing these facts made me wonder about referral from's web site as a place to get a good deal. Here is their web site for only one of 18 such Accents and look under Specifications on this car:

    Copied and past Specs here for all to review if interested:
    # Summary
    * Body Style: 4 Door Sedan
    * Vehicle Name: Accent
    # Wheels
    * Front Wheel Material: Alloy
    * Front Wheel Size (in): 15 x 5.5
    * Rear Wheel Material: Alloy
    * Rear Wheel Size (in): 15 x 5.5
    * Spare Wheel Material: - TBD -
    * Spare Wheel Size (in): Compact
    Premier Dealer, Automax Hyundai, 2380 W. Kenosha, Broken Arrow , OK 74012
  • I tried to respond to your listed email, but it would not go through at all.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we will be investigating. In the meantime, please post your experience with the dealership in our Dealer Ratings & Reviews.
  • Can you tell me which dealer did you go?

  • aalsherriaalsherri Posts: 68
    edited September 2010
    Is a $12,500 plus tax, document fee, title a good price for a 2010 "four" door Accent GLS automatic? The car has power windows and locks. It retails for $15,460.
  • Bought a 2010 Hyundai Accent (3 DR Hatchback with Automatic Transmission) for $10300 OTD. It includes everything (Title, PA Tax & Registration). I had to use Hyundai Finance and ALL other rebates to get this price. My out of pocket expenses were $10300.

    I have put 1400 Miles on it, the car runs great. Spent another $150 and got stereo installed from local store. The Hands Free telephone, Blue Tooth Music (IPOD, SMART PHONE), Tuner and CD Player run great with preinstalled Hyundai 4 speaker system.
  • Holler Hyundai in Winter Park, Florida sold me this car for $13888, plus $599 dealer processing fee before taxes were added and rebates subtracted with no haggling. This price was about $400 below invoice with the dealer fee added. OTD cost was $13862 after $2000 rebate. I was very impressed with this dealer advertising such a low price right from the start with no gimmicks about down payment or military or college grad rebates. Could I have gotten a better deal? Maybe, but why go through the stress and hassle of haggling if you get a good deal up front?
  • So including tax and title this was the price? So what was the price before tax and tag. I need to ask dealer for this price since tax and tag differ across states. Also was there any special incentives..
  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,853
    edited December 2010
    When does this new model debut? It looks like a mini Elantra, which is a good thing. Just saw a new Elantra in our preferred color over by the Hyundai shop & I was blown away. Just hope the rear vision is good & not compromised due to the sloping C pillar. This, or the new Accent will most likely take the place of the wife's Mazda 3s within the next year and a 1/2. Mazda won't step up to the plate on our current problem...we found a TSB for our particular problem but they said..."too bad". Seriously doubt she'll consider another 3...don't want the same car for 7 more years personally, that would be a total of almost 13 years!!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • I just paid $14,600 ($13,708 without tax, tag, and documentation fees) out the door at Lee Hyundai in Fayetteville, NC for a Nordic White five-speed 2010 Accent SE three door. I handled the whole thing over the internet and the dealership was great. They beat every other dealer I talked to on their first offer.
  • Correction. The pre-tax, tag, and doc fee price was $13,662.
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