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Re: 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport---Is the tire valve and TPM sensor one unit, or can you replace the tire valve stem and keep using the current tire pressure sensor?


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    From working on Hyundai’s I believe that car is a TPMS that’s a 1 piece design that’s Held on by a nut (usually a 12mm) easy way to tell is if the valve stem is a black rubber piece it’s a 2 piece design that you’d have to replace if you get new wheels and screw in the TPMS to the new stem, if it has a silver nut around the air port you can unscrew that with a deep 12mm socket and remove the TPMS and insert into a new wheel and tighten the nut until snug

    hope that explained it all  
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    OK...Thank you for your time.
    Bill B
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