bad shocks

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Recently had to take car to dealer with knocking noise. Told all 4 shocks bad. They could only replace back ones as front ones not in stock; it also needs steering knuckles. Went to a local, family owned repair company to check price that has been in business in the area for over 50 years; now in its 4th generation. The 3rd generation was also there and he has been there 35 years and states he has never seen a front end set up such as this. They said because of the way car was built that they could not help as well as parts had to come from dealer. They had done some checking and said a number of complaints on line with same problem. Car has 77,000 miles. Car also needs all brakes replaced. Also said have dealer do it as they have to take down the breaks to get to the shocks and that there should be a lower labor cost for this.
How can I find these other complaints that I was told existed?


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