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Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego Maintenance & Repair



  • vtc1vtc1 Posts: 3
    I already tried a different brand of fuel besides what the dealer had. Same problem.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Just using different gas won't get it out, try using a fuel system cleaner. If it doesn't work you are only out $11.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I had a problem a couple of weeks ago with my '06 Five Hundred. I stopped at a store to get a soda. I came back out and started the car and then it "shimmy and shook" and then the check motor light came on. It then didn't have any power what so ever. The dealership later stated that it went in to a "limp home" mode and that is why it didn't have any power.

    I was told on Saturday that the throttle body went out and the part would not be in until Wednesday.

    Let me say that this car is a company provided car. That being said - if this is the best Ford can do in a full-size car it's pretty sad.

    Good enough - isn't in todays highly competitive market. I have never had a part like this go out in any car I have owned. More less one with 34,000 miles on it.

    If I had to make a choice in a car - or if I had a choice for a company car, it would be an Accord or Camry!

    Enough Said!!!
  • Yeah, I'm sure that there's never been an Accord or Camry with a similar problem at the same mileage. :P
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Well - you can say one thing...just look at the number of sales of Accord and Camry and compare them to the 500 - it's not even close.............
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    According to the latest JD Power survey, the Milan came in first with the least problems in the first 90 days of ownership. Accord came second, Fusion and Mitsu Galant tied for third. Camry finish where? They didn't say.

    Chevy sells lots of Impalas, that doesn't mean they are good cars.

    You don't even know if Ford made the throttle body of it a supplier did. Sure it was a Ford design but by every study done out there on quality, Ford is in line with or exceeding the Japanese competition.

    Just think about how man times your computer crashes and you just shrug your shoulders...thats they way Windows is and we accept it. Even the worst car doesn't misbehave as much as the average home computer. Try to put things into prospective. Especially since you are still under the new car warranty.

  • The same thing recently started happening to my five hundred. The dealer has no idea why this is happening and can't duplicate the situation. Have you found out what is causing the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I can appreciate the fact the Milan received high marks. But here is the thing, most auto experts agree with in the next two or three years Mercury will be history. Ford has to downsize and Mercury just doesn't have the volume.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    1. Mercurys are very inexpensive to create in addition to the Ford when they just put different front and rears on them. Mercury doesn't need to be any more different. As long as there is the perception of better quality materials, people people believe that the seats are more comfortable and that the ride is better. Many people tell me that the Mariner just has a way better ride than the Escape.

    2. Having to distinct styles of the same car, allows Ford to make each model more focused. Most people who like the front of the Milan hate the razor look of the Fusion. But alot of people just can't stop going on about they do like the Fusion. Ford has a car for both customers.

    3. Ford needs the high profit vehicles of Lincoln and Lincoln dealers need Mercury to get enough sales to survive.

    My dealership has all 3 brands and while we are always out of the top 10 in Ford sales for the region, we are always in the 10 ten for Lincoln/Mercury. My dealership is in an older more conservative community.

    People need to stop evaluating Ford by the number of cars that they sell, and pay attention to whether they make money.

  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Well, it appears you and the auto experts disagree on the future of Mercury.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    this is just personal opinion, but i think the days where a manufacturer re-brands a design with cosmetic tweaks are gonna come to a close. people are more savvy and realize that certain vehicles are only cosmetically different.

    i would think the manufacturer would wise up and simplify their product offerings in order to become most competitve.

    your arguments don't seem to make sense to this person. one of the reasons why i stay away from fords is because of these extraneous lines of nearly identical product. it speaks volumes to me about their lack of focus.
  • Mark, regarding point #1, I understand what you are saying. But as far as I know, even though the Mercury models are based on Ford Chassis, additional design changes and refinements are made to these vehicles. I thought that was one of the reasons they were more reliable in the surveys.

    Have I been duped as well or is there any validity to this perception? :lemon:
  • I took my 2006 Mercury Montego in for the 15,000 service[ to my mechanic] and found out that I only had 5-10% of the rear brakes left.[ The car had 16,800 miles on it by this time].I called and scheduled to have them replaced and at the same time told the dealer my concern about the rotors, their reply was that since they did not do the service they would have to look at the car first. I had to drive it 45 miles to the dealer and waited for them to look at it[It took about an hour before they came out and told me that the brakes were metal to metal]. This was on Fri afternoon. They said that could trim the rotors enough and put new pads on it til the rotors came in[ they were to have them overnighted and] Well I am still waiting for them to get in and it had been well over a week. When I called to check up on them I was informed that they were on National back order whatever that means. Has there been anyone else that has had the same problem. I am not sure if I am going to keep the car if the brakes have to be replaced every 15,000 miles.
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    Well - hopefully, this will be a one-shot deal, per the warranty replacement program. Seems like the factory rear brakes were stored in damp conditions, which caused the problem. I just had my done last week under warranty at about 33,000 miles. The rotors were OK, so they just turned them to clean them up and put the new pads on. Here's the warranty letter if you need it.

    07N10 Certain 2005 through 2007 FWD & AWD Ford Five Hundred, Freestyle & Mercury Montego Vehicles - Rear Brake Wear


    Frank M. Ligon
    Service Engineering Operations
    Ford Customer Service Division

    Ford Motor Company
    P.O. Box 1904
    Dearborn, Michigan 48121

    July 3, 2007

    TO: All U.S. Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealers

    SUBJECT: Customer Satisfaction Program 07N10
    Certain 2005 through 2007 FWD & AWD Ford Five Hundred, Freestyle & Mercury Montego Vehicles - Rear Brake Wear


    This program extends the warranty coverage of the rear brake pads to 3 years of service or 36,000 miles from the warranty start date of the vehicle, whichever occurs first. If a vehicle has already accumulated more than 36,000 miles, this coverage will last until December 31, 2007. This program provides one-time replacement coverage, and is automatically transferred to subsequent owners.


    Certain 2005 through 2007 Model Year Ford Five Hundred, Mercury Montego FWD & AWD and Ford Freestyle FWD vehicles built at the Chicago Assembly Plant from Job #1 2005 through November 28, 2006.
    Certain 2005 through 2007 Model Year Ford Freestyle AWD Vehicles built at the Chicago Assembly Plant from Job #1 2005 through Job Last 2007.
    Affected vehicles are identified in OASIS.

    Some of the affected vehicles may have had direct exposure to moisture for an extended period that may have caused the pads to “swell” and create a slight drag condition. Low levels of brake drag might not be noticed by a customer, but could lead to premature brake pad wear and excessive brake dust.

    2005 through 2007 FWD and AWD Ford Five Hundred, Mercury Montego & FWD Freestyle Vehicles

    If an affected vehicle experiences the condition of rear brake pad premature wear (below 3mm thickness), dealers are to replace the rear brake pads and if necessary, turn or replace the rear rotors, if they are below the thickness specification. This service will be performed on affected vehicles at no charge to the vehicle owner.

    2005 through 2007 AWD Freestyle Vehicles

    Due to the configuration of the braking system on AWD Freestyle vehicles the front brake pads must be replaced when rear brake pads are replaced. Therefore, this program will allow replacement of front brake pads, but only if the rear brake pads require replacement during the same visit.
    If an affected AWD Freestyle experiences the condition of rear brake pad premature wear (below 3mm thickness), dealers are to replace the front and rear brake pads and if necessary, turn or replace the rotors, if they are below the thickness specification. This service will be performed on affected vehicles at no charge to the vehicle owner.

    NOTE: Brake pad inspection is part of normal maintenance and is not covered as part of this program. If the vehicle is within this extended time and mileage coverage and the owner experiences a brake system symptom or during a normal maintenance inspection (brakes every 15,000 miles or more often, per the Scheduled Maintenance Guide) the vehicle's rear brake pads are found to have less than 3 millimeters (0.118 inch) of lining material, then Ford Motor Company will cover the cost of replacing the rear brake pads.


    Mailing will begin July 9, 2007.


    Attachment I: Administrative Information
    Attachment II: Labor Allowances and Parts Ordering Information
    Attachment III: Technical Information

    Customer Notification Letter


    Special Service Support Center (Dealer Only) …………….…………………….1-800-325-5621
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The surveys are all based on "Things Gone Wrong". The is no difference made between a customer who says "my transmission failed" and the customer who says "the cup holder is 2 small"

    Accordinly, these surveys reflect not only quality, but also how well the vehicle meets the expectations of its customers. To some extent they reflect the dealers who better match their customer with ideal cars.

    I think the reason the Mercurys are doing better is that Mercury buyers represent a demographic Ford is better at meeting the expectations of and possibly better dealers and the lack of pick-up sales.

  • xegxeg Posts: 1
    I had the same symptoms with my 06 Montego. The third time it happened the cart would not start....the solution was replacement of the fuel pump and filter.
  • dirkh2dirkh2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 500 that started losing power on the freeway and the wrench light comes on. Turning off the car and restarting seems to solve the problem. This started happening at 30K miles. I took it to two different Ford dealers and neither said they could find a problem.
    Now I have 44K miles and the problem continues to happen. It is very dangerous to lose power and speed on the freeway then have to pull off to restart the car. Any ideas?
    Also had to do rear brakes @ 15K miles.
    At 44K it appears my power steering is going out as well.
    You say Ford sales are down??
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    This happened to my Five Hundred when it was still under warranty. This a fairly common problem. It was the throttle body sensor. The car would slow way down and will not go more than 30mph or so.

    It sounds like the same problem.

    If you do not have an extended's expensive.

    Good luck!!
  • When I accelerate to pass someone on th highway, the whole car "bucks" like there is bad gas or something. This happens at all speeds, but mostly at speeds over 60 mph.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    More info. would be helpful. What year? Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive? What transmission? CVT or six speed? Mileage?
  • The mileage is 75,000. The car is a 2005. The transmission is CVT (I think), and it is front wheel drive.

  • Hmmm... if there's another dealer you can check with, I'd do that... I realize this post is several months old so you may have already gotten the "word"... Ford had a recall on the rear brakes... I had replaced mine as well and they reimbursed me for the cost...

    Just curious, did you get that fix?
  • My car wouldn't start the other morning so I had it towed to the dealer (with 225 miles left on the original warranty... THAT'S a first)... anyway, they said there was a "cold start" update that they implemented and he "sold" me on a number of maintenance items... (I'm religious about keeping up with the maintenance on my vehicles and had many things done at 30,000...) Even though I had the injectors serviced just 3 months ago, he said they needed to be done again... and this is the one that REALLY bothered me... he said the rear differential oil smelled "burned"... mind you I've got just shy of 36,000 on the car... my brother told me that probably wasn't true and I was just "taken"... I looked in the "scheduled maintenance" book and see NOTHING on the rear differential... it does say the injectors should be cleaned/flushed at 30,000 (which I did)... so my question is... "Did I get "taken"...?... or do I have something seriously wrong with my injectors and differential...?" Unfortunately I think it's probably the former...

    I am going to call the dealer this morning and "challenge" these "repairs"...
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    If your talking about a Five Hundred, it doesn't even have a "rear end". It's front wheel drive.

    If you had the injectors cleaned, they don't need it again.

    I would RUN AWAY as fast as I could from this dealer.
  • I do have the Five Hundred but it is All Wheel Drive... does that make a difference?

    Would they have been able to tell the injectors had been cleaned by looking?

    Thanks for your reply...
  • Can you get refills for the wiper blades or do you have to buy the expensive blade.
    I have not been able to locate refills.

  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    You have to buy the blades. I bought mine at one of those "National Tire and Repair" places and they cost the better part of $40.00 Ouch!!
  • '06 SEL, 13,000 miles, 6-speed trans. When driving up long hills where trans stays in 3rd gear and about 25 to 30 mph, there is rapid pulsing/vibration from transmission. Similar feeling to pulling a trailer with a truck where small bumps cause slight push/pull feeling in vehicle; except these pulsing/vibrations are rapid back and forth about 6 to 8 times per second. I stoped car a couple times to validate this and verify which gear. Dealer says they do not have a dynomometer or any other way to replicate problem. Any comments?
  • '06 Limited, 25,000 miles, 6-speed trans. Lots of issues, many similar to others' as well. Here they are with brevity:
    Steering-clunking noise from pwr steering unit when turning wheel after starting car.
    Bearings - Grinding noise in slow turns, e.g. turning in parking garage, sounds like bearings.
    Radio - several times (once witnessed by dealer) radio sounds "tinny" like early 20th century speakers, no bass sound, and unable to adjust with fade or left to right, even though sound eminated from all speakers. Sounded like child speaking from under a pillow. Dealer was stumped and hasn't said what Ford solution is.
    CD - in-dash 6-changer, skips in songs on smooth road; skips last second of each track - did not notice before on music discs since songs fade out, but on audio books the last few words of every track cut off. Dealer says there is a TSB but no solution yet.
    CD - lot of fine dust on all disks after removal and having been in player for several weeks - not typical interior dust, but very fine like fog when breathing on glass; also very high temperature of disc when ejecting after playing.
    Airbag light - light was on a few times in the drivers instrument lights. Nothing in passenger seat. Dealer replace Body Control Module and problem has not recurred.
    Drivers window - same problem as other posts: while driving, when let down (one click) a few inches and stop (one click), then click back up, window continues back down. Tried every combination of single and double clicks for up and down. No problems when vehicle parked. Dealer to replace window motor unit. What mystifies me is problem only when moving.
    Gas cap - plastic retaining ring/strap kept binding on cap and popping off when removing or replacing cap. Dealer replaced with different model cap assy and now ok.
    Rear brakes - same as others. Dealer said on national recall. Dealer replaced rotors and pads. Don't know if parts are any different though.
    Trunk - same as other posts: seems to stick when unlatched, tough to open, especially if hands full. Also, doesn't completely go up in cold weather. Dealer says "that's the way it is" or need to replace lifters. Would stronger lifers work?
  • When I accelerate to pass someone on th highway, the whole car "bucks" like there is bad gas or something. This happens at all speeds, but mostly at speeds over 60 mph.

    Could be a fuel pump starting to go bad. Does it happen mainly when you're at a quarter-tank full or less?
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