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should i buy

aceofdeath666aceofdeath666 Member Posts: 1
edited April 2019 in Ford
there is this 1997 ford mustang cobra i've been looking at for months, the big problem is that it has over 200k on it but the motor has some upgrades and is honestly in great condition. the owner before he wanted to sell it whenever he started it (cold started it) he would let it run for 15 to 20 mins so it is nice and warmed up for the drive i believe he is an older gentleman but not sure haven't actually met the owner just met the people that are selling it for him and the told me all of this. I'm not certain if the motor has had a rebuild but it does have some performance mods like a almost full bbk exhaust goes all the back and is cut off right before the rear axles, there is a bbk cold air intake, msd ignition distributor and i believe some other small things here and there. he is asking 6,000 for it and i was considering talking him down to 5 because of the mileage on it. any advice?


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