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Hello all! Looking for some help with my 2000 Ford Expedition. Recently, I got my tires done (mounted and balanced) and now, I’ve noticed that it’s having a (possible) transmission problem. When it’s cold, it runs and drives fine. But, when it warms up(either outside or I’ve just been driving for 30+ minutes) I get to about 45-60 mph, the whole car shakes VIOLENTLY, upon leaving a light, stop sign, or just trying to quickly accelerate (as to get onto a freeway or turnpike) can also do it while going 5-25 mph. But when steady or leaving a light slowly, it almost doesn’t do it at all. Sometimes it just shakes for a little and then it corrects, and sometimes I can’t get it to stop shaking at all. Other times, it pops really loud and pulls left and then corrects. I don’t know what this issue could be but I’m worried due to the fact that I’m expected to drive it to Oklahoma from Pennsylvania in June. I don’t wanna say it’s a transmission problem because when it isn’t doing it. It’s smooth as butter. Any and all help will be appreciated. Someone told me to pull fuse 104 under the hood and I might try that. But I really hope it’s a simple fix and not me being in need of a transfer case or transmission. Thanks in advance.


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    Do you notice this shaking through the steering wheel, or is it only "in the seat of your pants"?

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