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Chrysler Pacifica NAV System Questions

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This is the place to discuss navigation questions for the Pacifica.

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  • kcmillerkcmiller Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Pac that we really have fallen in love with. We got such a good deal we couldn't pass it up. I was wondering if anyone here knew if it was possible to add the in dash navigation or any aftermarket nav into the Pacifica. Any experience or info would be greatly appreciated.
  • wing103wing103 Posts: 14
    I am using a pocket pc with a bluetooth GPS..It work great.
    go to search for Dell Axim X50v it has a very very good deal. ONLY $400 dollars for all the stuff that you need to start. I pay double when i buy it. Let me know, If you have any question
  • hutchinjhutchinj Posts: 6
    kcmiller -- Dealer tells me the factory Nav system cannot be dealer installed. It would be quite an effort given its built into the dash/instrument panel.

    We opted for the Garmin StreetPilot 2720, their top-of-the-line automotive unit. It appears to actually have more features than the factory job and of course, is transportable from car to car. Retail is nearly $1200 but can be purchased new from reliable eBay stores for around $825. You can read the specs at"
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    I bought the Garmin c320 SP for $580, and it works well! :P
  • wcrgwcrg Posts: 2
    Hi Folks!
    After looking at many different cars over the past few months I finally purchased a 2006 signature edition most almost everything. This forum gave me alot of insight into the vehicle before the purchase; thanks!!!!!!

    My question concerns the nav system; when I entered address into the address book it puts them in the "in-motion" folder instead of asking for the correct folder. Has anyone else experienced this problem or offer some assistance. I am sure the is an operator error problem.

    Thanks in advance.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 201
    I think the first addresses automatically go into the in-motion folder until it is full.
  • kcbakerkcbaker Posts: 8
    Well I just ordered and waiting to arrive my new 2006 FWD

    Over here we are pretty limited in what we can get unless you order from the factory and want to wait 9 months or more. So, I decided on a Butane Blue FWD Touring. I should be getting it in about 3 weeks. :)

    My question is, its coming with the Navigation system and
    Chrysler states that they won't claim that the system will
    work outside the CONUS 48 states.

    Has anyone ever modified, changed chip, replaced the
    Nav system so that it will work in Europe?

    I'm thinking that it should just be a chip mod in the
    DVD system (to make Region free). But thats why I'm
    asking!! :P

    Thanks in advance!!
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 201
    The map information for the Navigation system is contained in a DVD-ROM disc in the navigation unit made by Alpine Electronics located in the rear of the Pacifica. I would assume that they have a disc for Europe that you can order from Alpine, 2710 Hills Tech Ct., Farmington Hills, MI 48331 Attn: DaimlerChrysler Navigation Unit. The telephone number 1-248-489-0062 should be the first step to contact Barb, who I dealt with about two years ago.
  • kcbakerkcbaker Posts: 8
    Thanks for the great info!!! Sounds like a good place to

    I'll keep everyone posted.
  • bumubumu Posts: 1
    Hi, I just wanted to know if you have found a solution for your problem?? I have posted the following lines in some other forums.

    Best regards



    1.) I own a 2004 Chrysler Pacifca AWD equipped with a navigation system. The problem is that I live in Germany and that the navigation system does only know where to go in the United States (because of the US navigation-disc), but not in Germany. Does anybody know if I can get a german navigation disk for the navigation system? I know, I can buy one at my Chrsyler Dealer, but the problem then is, that the german disk is region code 2 (for Germany) and not 1 for the US. So it will not work in my navigation system. So, what can I do? Is it possible to make the navigation system region free??? I have heard that it should also not be possible to run a region free CD-R copy of the german disc. Do you know if this is right?

    2.) My Pacifica is also loaded with the six-disc in-dash DVD-Changer. This DVD-Changer is also region code 1. To watch german DVD`s I need to make it also region free. Does anybody know how to make the changer region free??

    Thanks for your postings.

    Best regards

  • kcbakerkcbaker Posts: 8
    No luck as of yet. I have had no luck getting ahold of the Alpine group that was advised to me in my earlier thread.

    I've been told that if you take it too a European Chrysler
    dealer that they can "modify" the system so that it works.
    Probably something like changing a microchip and such. But
    it is not known that if you do return to the states with it,
    that this process is reversible. I'm not so sure that I
    want to go that route.

    check my earlier entry and there is some info on how
    to contact Alpine Navagation. Feel free to give it a
    try. If you do get some info from them, please pass it
    onto me??!!

    Alpine Electronics
    2710 Hills Tech Ct.
    Farmington Hills, MI 48331

    Attn: Daimler Chrysler Navigation Unit


    Hope to hear back from you.

  • kcbakerkcbaker Posts: 8
    This is a follow up on previous string...

    I finally got ahold of Alpine last night and they basically said that the US Spec Nav unit will NOT work in Europe and
    they DO NOT have a software disk (European disk/NTSC format)
    to offer. :cry: So I guess I'm stuck either modifying
    the US Nav system, or replacing it with a European model
    all together!! :confuse:

    If anybody has anything to add...PLEASE DO!!
  • My GPS system locates my address but when I'm sitting in my driveway it tells me to go 100ft east. Is there a way to force it to recognize my home or do I use the wrong address?
  • djagdjag Posts: 39
    Just push the home setting button when you are at home. It should reset it to the actual location. If I enter my address, it takes me to the wrong house also.
  • djagdjag Posts: 39
    Has anyone gone to the Alpine web site to buy an updated dvd disk for the NAV system.
  • This is not uncommon for the NAV system. The location it has for my cousin is about 400ft out. I had the dealer address programmed in as well and to their consternation it directs me a good ways down the road and to the wrong side of the street: to the FORD dealer.
  • I second the question. :D

    I wonder if it will include additional detail or more accurate detail as to your exact location?

    I tried to make a backup copy of my disk just in case the original wears out (yes...they do go bad from heat, age, vibrations, etc.). This way, I could store the backup in the car in case the original failed for any reason.

    The file was too large to replicate using MS Media Player.

    Now...if it wears out or becomes defective, I have to spend $150 for the updated version.

    so...if you bought one...please speak up.

    thanks! :)
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 201
    I called Alpine in 2004 to get a new disk at no charge. You can do that once, at least back then. The new disk had more detailed information for my particular location, plus any updated road changes since the first was made.
  • I have phoned dodge a few times asking for an update to the NAV coverage in Canada. Other than Victoria BC and a few parts in Alberta, Canada is not covered. However they still sell the system in the vehicles. Dodge was no help so I tried Alpine and they said they had a fourth edition update for 200 bucks (Cdn) but it still did not update the places in Canada. So I do not know if they are even going to update to include Canada. Any one else have this problem of lack of coverage? Can any other programs or companies support this kind of nav syatem?
  • That's a PACIFICA disk? Mine from 2004 covers a number of major cities including Toronto and Montreal. The newest version (suffixed AE) apparently adds Halifax, Saskatoon and Regina (I think).
  • I believe my version to be AA, the map ends at the Maine border and does not include the Atlantic provinces. With regards to cities, only Victoria and British COlumbia had coverage. Thanks, I will check into the new update AE.
  • Mine has 05064033AA on the disk label. If yours is the same, then you have some other problem than a version incompatibility. Among others, mine covers Ottawa, Montreal, and the GTA right the way around to Niagara Falls with detailed street maps. Street maps for Calgary are also there. I can confirm that nothing east of longitude 65deg exists in Canada. It's hard-coded to prevent you from moving the cursor east of that line. What does exist west of there in Atlantic Canada and Quebec doesn't have basic river nor highway information. (I would happily trade the locations of all the Wal Marts in Southern California for basic maps of Canada :) .)

    I'm trying to get 'AE' myself through the dealer network (getting anything through the border is a very expensive hassle) but so far Chrysler Canada hasn't a SKU for anything past 'AD'.
  • My dealer couldn't talk Chrysler into selling 'AE' release so I bought it direct from NAVTEQ. If you have any coverage questions with the latest DVD, let me know.
  • Is there a way to have the Nav System come on automatically when you start the car?I always have to press the Nav button and Enter to get the map display.
  • This is a beef I have with the system too. If you turn off the car with the display showing, on restart it will come back up with the display on but you still have to hit ENTER to see the map display. If you wait too long (e.g. people with remote starters who could be several minutes out of the car), it will automatically time out that prompt screen and shut off the display. At that point, you are forced to hit the NAV button.
  • You have to press thbe Enter key to accept the legal disclaimer. As long as you do that it will stay on if you had it on when you turned the car off. I doubt the disclaimer can be removed.
  • I have a 2004 Pacifica and I just updated my NAV dvd from AC to a AE which Alpine said is the latest and came out last month. The differences I noticed was that when the Nav voice is speaking it only comes out of the front speakers and the rear speakers continue to play the radio(my AC DVD shut down both speakers),the phone # search list has been updated with more recent numbers and it seems that the map shows a little more detail like railroad tracks. Alpine said that there is more colors in the map but I really didn't see a difference. Alpine said also that there is updated maps but my area(NJ)did not seemed changed to me. You also do not loose any of your stored address when you update your DVD which is a relief.
  • Jgranelli

    Thanks for the tip. I live in Jersey too and find the detail to be woefully inadequate. They don't even show the street you are driving on unless you zoom down to 1/8 mile. much was it and was it worth the money??? How did you order it??

    Many thanks!

  • One way to order 'AE' is directly from NAVTEQ. US$199+shipping. HTTP://WWW.NAVTEQ.COM and follow the "Map Updates" link.
  • Ouch!!

    That's a fortune just get a few more colors!! Wow...I was expecting much less.

    Sure could use a Plan "B" on this one.


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