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Hi all,

Just joined with hopes to learn from folks here.

I have a questions regarding the GM lease pull ahead program. I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 LTZ CC(Z71) that is currently 28 months into a 36 month(12k/yr) lease. The truck has 16k miles on it now.

I have been receiving things in the mail from GM about the program and anticipate that I will get the offer sometime in May/June ? Question is this: how does the trade work on a pull ahead plan ? I will be short by a lot on my mileage so I am wondering if I will have equity in this truck that can be applied in a new truck, which will either be a 2019 LTZ or a GMC SLT.

I plan to go about the purchase correctly by negotiating the selling price 1st and then getting all the appropriate lease information ahead of time such as the money factor etc.. but am unsure how this will work with thtrade/turn in ?

Appreciate any guidance you all may have.



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    I'm sorry, but we don't have any info on GM's pull ahead programs.

    In general, on a pull ahead program, the leasing bank forgives your payments, in exchange for you turning in your vehicle early. There is no trade-in involved (and, as a result, no positive equity). Most lessees do not have positive equity, so the pull-ahead program is a bonus. That wouldn't appear to apply to you.

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