my 2011 jeep liberty has a lift gate Ajar light on and alarm on ,need help

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Where is the fuse for my 2011 jeep liberty limited lift gate ,the Ajar light on dashboard lights show the lift gate Ajar light is on and the alarm horn goes on ,so I sprayed WD-40 on everything in the lift gate ,So I had to disconnected the battery . I need to move the jeep but as soon as I shut the motor off the alarm horn and Ajar lift gate light goes on. why can't I just pull the ajar door fuse for now temperately ? please help Thanks to Anyone. ASAP

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    So you don't have an owner's manual?

    HI , I LOOKED UP The manual on line and it doesn't cover all the fuses I think I need more of a electrical tech manual for this . ;)


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    So you don't have an owner's manual?
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