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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • Found it and forwarded the link to my dealer. ml

    Hopefully, he'll reply otherwise, I'll take your advice -- print the four pages and give them a visit.

  • I would like to know if that fixes the 2010 also. I just got mine about month & a half ago and took it back to my dealership, they tell me it is suppose to do that and have had a lot of people come back to them with this issue. They are playing dumb. If I could find out if that TSB fixes the 2010, I would print it off and take it to them also.
  • I can't answer that for sure but I suspect that it will. It is a programming change and I don't think there are any changes between the 2009 and 10. Go to post #319 and make the changes I suggest and print it out. Good luck.
  • This is an update to my first posting #191. I did get a response from the Department of Consumer affairs. However they said after a short investigation that they could not do anything but write Toyota a letter with my concerns. I have taken the truck to another dealer who did take it for a road test and put it onto the diagnostic computer check. I was told they could not find anything wrong. I have spoken to several techs from the Toyota 1-800 number and they all have never heard of this problem and when I ask them to check out this website they refuse. This total denial from Toyota I also have another problem. The day after I bought the truck I took it back for two reasons. One the transmission and second was the radio had a mind of it's own, turning on and off, unable to adjust the volume, The dealer said they would order a new one. That was in July. Now going on six months and still no raido. I have owned three other Toyota pickups and never did I have any problems like I am having now. Even worse of all is the attitudes of the dealer personnel I am dealing with. Their attitudes stink. What ever happened to Toyota?
  • I don't know who the Dept. of Consumer Affairs is and what they can do but I've never heard back from the NHTSA either. Toyota's attitude has been terrible and very tough S@#t that's for sure. Again, go to post #319 change the link as stated and print it out and take it to the dealer. If that doesn't work make a sign 2' x 3' and park across the street from the dealer saying "Go Ahead and Ask Me" how I like my Toyota. It has been for decades and will continue to be in the future "Buyer Beware". There is no one who is going to look out for your interest but you. You're just seeing the ugly side of capitalism. There are good sides to it as well. Persistence my friend. I wish you the best.
  • I have owned my 2010 Tacoma Prerunner for 3 weeks and am also having similar problems with the transmission. However, I have not completed the Toyota Purchase/Lease Survey and the dealer is VERY interested in making me least until I complete the Survey. I provided a copy of the technical bulletin from post 309 to the Service and Parts Director at the dealership this afternoon and he agreed to have me an answer by close of business 11/30/2009 as to whether the bulletin applies to the 2010 Tacoma and whether it will or will not resolve the transmission issue. I will post the answer Monday evening. Also, if you visit (NHTSA Office of Defect Investigation), there is already one formal complaint filed against Toyota for the 2010 Tacoma Automatic transmission (OID # 10293032 on October 6, 2009). The issues discussed in that complaint are very similar to mine.
  • melb4melb4 Posts: 2
    This question is for anyone that has experienced transmission problems. What year is the vehicle involved with the transmission problems?
    Are these problems in a 2 Wheel drive or only in 4x4s?
    I was getting ready to buy a 2010 Tacoma with the Off Road package and 4x4 when I read these posts. Now I will check out the Honda Ridgeline. I still would rather the Tacoma but don't want the headaches. Has anyone narrowed this down to which trucks or trucks coming out of certain states etc.? Thank you. Mel
  • melb4melb4 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know of someone that has bought a 2009-2010 Tacoma that is NOT having problems? Also it would be interesting to know what state people are in that are having these problems. I guess I am still trying to narrow this down to see if I can buy one of these without all these problems. Thanks to all of you that take the time to post and help the rest of us.
  • I'm driving a 2010 4x2 PreRunner Dbl Cab Short Bed 4.0L V6 5-Speed Auto purchased in Georgia. On my paperwork it list the Port/Plant as Nummi - Fremont, CA. My troubles started early, after about 75 miles, and has continued to get worst. The transmission hunts for the proper gear when I make a turn at low speeds - taking a few seconds to figure out what it wants to do. A real problem when making a left turn in front of traffic. Most pronounced when going down hill and turning at a low speed. Dealer checked the transmission fluid and "topped it off" but no change. Service Manager drove it and experienced the problem first hand. Will give him a lot of credit, he did not deny it was a problem. In fact he noted several Tacoma's had been in the shop within the last few weeks with the same issue (he did not state whether they were 2009 or 2010). He also stated Toyota currently has no fix for the 2010 but I am questioning that as noted in my earlier posting. Will not keep the Tacoma if this is deemed "normal by Toyota." I am waiting until Monday to decide whether to file a complaint with NHTSA. This is my first Toyota and now likely to be my last.
  • Oh I think I would complete the survey but not the way they want it filled out. Be kind but firm with them because like politicians they are very good at putting you off. don't buy the crap of driving it for a couple of months so the computer learns your driving habits. That's a bunch of dung. Be very firm. When they don't react when they say they will or offer another excuse be just that much tougher. Get commitments and hold them to it. In other words be a pain in the pants.
  • Wow. I have a 2009 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner Double Cab. I have been visiting the forum for a awhile now I actually want to thank you guys for that TSB update. That actually fixed my shifting problem etc....But I have a worst situation I notice the transmission was leaking from the rear seal where the trans.. meets the driveshaft I took it in and they refuse to fix the problem they told me that there was no leaks. So I Ieft out of there furious found me another dealer near my house took it in the same day and they acknowledge the leak so they told me that it was the rear seal so they kept it until they fixed it. Let me make this short they replaced the rear seal twice, the driveshaft was also replaced, and the latest was the rear housing on the trans was also replaced. The truck is back to the dealer as we speak because it is leaking again, the truck has about 9000 miles the problem started around 7000 miles... you tell me if Toyota is not having a problem with this transmission.....?????
  • I purchased my new 2009 PreRunner in Jackson Tennessee (Northwest Tennessee) in May of this year. The label inside the driver's side door frame says the truck was manufactured in Baja California. It is a two wheel drive, four door, six cylinder. I was the first person on the site (post # 279 and 282) to get the reprogramming "fix" a few weeks ago and mine is still "okay". Its still not perfect, but its much better. I had always wanted a Toyota truck and this is my first, and will probably be my last. I have had many new vehicles over the years and I have never had such a significant problem with Ford, Chevrolet, or Dodge. And, Toyota has done nothing to communicate with their customers, or even their dealers. It has been weeks since my dealer fixed my truck and there are still posts here explaining that some dealerships are still not aware of the "fix". Its a pretty shoddy way of running a company. I'm assuming that someone from Toyota, as well as other manufacturers, monitors this site. If I worked for Toyota, and read these posts, I would be embarrassed.
  • same vehicle, 160,000 thousand miles, same problem. Did you ever get it figured out?
  • You are not alone with the problems on the 2009 double cab. I bought my truck in June 09 and within a week it was getting a new engine. Two weeks after the new engine installed. I was told it had a leak in the cooling system and had to have a hose replaced. Today, I have a leak in the transmission. Back to the shop again. I think I've had enough and will take Toyota to arbitration to replace the truck.

    For those who need to fill out the survey from the dealer, don't wait too long. I waited and now the survey is no longer available.

    Has anyone ever tried to get their truck replaced?
  • I am actually waiting for the Lemon Law lawyer to contact me this week to see what the outcome is I let you know what happen..... to be honest I rather have my money back and go buy something else this is my first Toyota and the last one to....
  • Well Mr. djjrivas, I share your frustrations and anger but in the end I think you'll spend a lot of money on Mr. Lemon Law lawyer than you'll get back. History shows us that only rarely do we win in these types of circumstances. Shame on toyota for sure but as we live and learn from these experiences that becomes our best defense. We are so easy to take advantage of it's pathetic. It's not just you or me but thousands of people. Keep your wits about you and assess your options as they come up. Good luck and if you get somewhere don't forget to post it to help someone else.
  • In Pennsylvania we don't have to pay for Lemon Law lawyers. If I win the case the manufacturer must pay the lawyer costs and if I lose the case I still don't pay anything. So I really have nothing to lose.
    Hopefully something positive will come out of this...I will keep you posted.
  • How interesting. Hope your link provides others with ideas and options. That's nice to know. We in Washington have lemon laws but not to that extent. Only one thing makes me skeptical of this. When you click on the web site its says "All fees are paid by the manufacturer, and you pay nothing." That's kind of like Toyota telling me that since I didn't like their answer to me I could send it to arbitration. Who is arbiter you ask? It is Toyota. That's a disinterested third party? I wish you well.
  • I heard back from the Service and Parts Director this afternoon (as he promised). He stated that Toyota was aware of the defect with the 2010 transmission and were working on a solution. Also, as promised, he opened a technical case file on my issue with Toyota. The TSB for the 2009 model does not address the defect with the 2010 model and he could not provide a timetable for when a solution will be available (surprise!). I am going to file my complaint with the NHTSA and send the certified letter to Toyota as part of initiating my claim under Georgia's Lemon Law. I will update as new information becomes available. I guess its time to complete the Purchase/Lease Survey...
  • Thanks from many others I'm sure for the update. Good luck with the result and keep us posted.
  • Thanks for the update! I too have purchased a 2010 Tacoma and within 3 weeks took it back to the dealer only to be told that "it is suppose to be that way, that is how they are made and several others have brought them in as well". I have filed my complaints and made my phone calls, but I haven't got a phone call or email or even a blink of an eye to my issue. And I too have already had a close call while crossing a lane of oncoming traffic. Apparently they aren't going to be too concerned until someone is really hurt, and that is very unfortunate. Best of luck to you and please keep us posted, as it might be able to be used at my dealership too, or against them.
  • David, I have read a few other posts regarding the radio issues, but never saw any solutions. I had a weird thing happen last week. While driving, with both hands on the wheel, my hazard lights starting blinking. I did not hit the hazard light button. Within about 5 seconds it shut off on it's own. Also had the air conditioning make a strange buzzing sound once that lasted for about 20 seconds. My fog light button is always on, so it is hard to tell if my fog lights are on or off.
  • I just bought a 2010 access cab with the same problem. Noticed it a week after I bought it. I googled "2010 tacoma transmission problems" the day I started to notice the problem and found this blog. I wish i had found it sooner. I hope they come out with this TSB for the 2010s soon. Those who have had their 09's fixed, did Toyota perform the fix free of charge?
  • Yes sir they did. As a matter of fact I had to inform them of the TSB and they were grateful. I think they started calling their customers to let them know of the fix.
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    Yes! They fixed my truck at no charge and now it seems to work as it should. Its a easy fix for the dealer just a simple down load into the trucks onboard computer for a update, now the tranny shifts correctly, I still get a annoy.down shift at times, however that is correct because of the down hill assist control.(any way good luck)
    its a good truck!
  • Does the inside of your door also say product of Mexico?
  • You mean Si Señor I believe Baja California is in Mexico. I have heard that Toyota is moving Tacoma production to Texas. I wonder if they are stopping the Tacoma production in Mexico?
  • Thank you for the correction. But I Si Senor that you got the pun. Thanks for the laugh. I have not heard that so I couldn't tell you.
  • How long could it take them to develope a program to fix the problem for the 2010s? They already know the problem and how to fix it becasue they've done so for the 2009s. Does anyone know when the TSB was released for the 09s?
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