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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • Some people have this problem some people don't. I can say that Longo toyota in El Monte are sold out of 09 v6 double cab tacomas :lemon: . Those trucks do sell quickly.
  • Posts have not been specific as to which transmission. Has anyone had described symptoms with the 2009 2.7 TWD with 4A? How about the 2010 with similar equipment?
  • I was dismayed that I couldnt get a 2010 tacoma prerunner crew cab in a manual transmission. Ohwell, i guess the transmissions are better these days?

    Have had my 95 tacoma 4x4 manual for 15 years and almost 200k miles. Shes been good, but now im about to get the 2010. Love driving a manual though.

    Dont really need the 4x4, so hearing all this problematic transmission stuff is freakin me out, since thats my only option.

    Come on Toyota Reps, you should be reading this and stepping up. Had leaf springs (squeaking) issues with my 95, but they kept on it and fessed up eventually by fixing it. This happened rather quick. So whats the deal, we are almost a year out?
  • Dear Truck14, I was told way back in '04 that by this time manual transmissions would not be standard equipment on most vehicles sold anymore, but the automatic would. I don't know if that ended up being true, but it looks pretty close from what I can see here. I don't think they're better, I just got tired of shifting after 38 years, and I would definitely think several times before buying a Toyota truck nowadays--but maybe you could look into a used truck from the early 2000's with low mileage? Or get the extended warranty or a Ford instead. I think I'll head that direction should my '04 Tacoma keep having problems. Definitely do your research on the 2010. Good Luck.
  • I too got tired of shifting and wanted to become shiftless. Prior to getting my 09 Tacoma automatic I had a Ranger (automatic). Which in all honesty I wanted to buy again. Ford apparently has decided not to make them anymore after 2010 and I had been hearing for years how good Toyota was, so because I couldn't get the 4-dr Ranger I bought a Toyota Tacoma. I now say what was everyone so excited about the Tacoma for? My Ranger was every bit as good as this Tacoma. I totally agree to do your research before buying Toyota.
  • Dear befuddled and shiftless...just kiddin'...but Tacoma owners are (were) all excited about their trucks because up until the last 4-5 years the little 'no name' Toyota pick-ups were so reliable and easy to maintain you could do just about anything to them. I had two of them and never had one single problem. Now I paid off my '04 in August and, wham, I had to replace something in the tranny within 2 months. I was stunned! I've been lucky so far compared to most folks in this forum, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. But things can't always stay the way they were so perhaps American vehicles will come to the forefront again. I know I won't be buying a Toyota pick-up again. I just wish Honda made one.
  • No offense taken. I'm glad you saw the humor. Invariably when you pay something off something goes wrong and it costs you money. Typical no matter who the manufacturer. I agree with your next statement about American vehicles coming to the forefront again. I sure hope so, as that's where they belong. When ever purchasing anything it's a gamble. It is only irritating when you believe all the hype and propaganda and get bit. Best of luck to you my friend.
  • Been reading complaints on tacoma trans problems and had my truck at a dealer in Cleveland ohio . Mechanic road tested it and said nothing was wrong but then the sevice manager tested it and saw what I was talking about and then called the field tech rep and said they know about it and will have the TSB to fix shiffting paterns by December or January . He said for me to call him 1st week of December that they were working on it presently.
  • Toyota is actually going to issue a TSB and fix this problem? I can't believe it, but hope you are right and that they are not just blowing smoke on this. Let's hope they fix the issue, as I hate driving my truck. As an update for everyone, I have had approximately 14 phone calls since I put a sign on the tail gate of my 2009 Tacoma warning people that MY truck has transmission issues. Nearly every caller has been a prospective buyer of the Tacoma and were very appreciative to hear what I had to say. I tell every caller to check this website for more information. A few other people were current owners and have the same issues. Two callers I believe were employees of Toyota, as they were very defensive of the truck. Why else would you waste your time calling to berate me for posting a sign on my own truck? Hope you two are reading the comments on this website.
  • Believe it is a Technical Service Bulletin? It has been mentioned in previous posts if you want to dig for it.
  • I've heard of these TSB's as well but have yet to find one. Here is what I've found thus far.
  • i have an 2006 tacoma and i have owned it three years and hate the damn thing. i have it going back to the shop as a lemon. i have had to replace a shifter fork, all the safety switches for the clutch pedal and my pedal sits up to high. this took them a month to do since they did not have any parts for it. not two weeks later i had third gear syncro go bad and when i had my mechanic do the work for the tuneup and oil change i had an oil leak somewhere. this fix took about close to three weeks to fix- the oil leak was the rear main seal. i told the service manager i would be back in two more weeks to have the tranny tore down and built again and changed the weeks to months and now i have fifth gear syncro going out. i have had over 7 rental cars since this car was new. toyota now to me has lost my business. i had a 94 and and 95 one truck and one 4runner and both of them have outlasted this crappy truck
  • i have an 06 six speed and first on mine is sometimes hard to get it to go in. i usualy shift into second and back into first and sometimes it works and other times i repeat the process. hope this helps
  • on my 2006 i have had to have these replaced. there are two switches that go to the clutch. one of them is on a bracket but and doing any kind of adjustments just makes it worse. i could not tell you how many times i have had them fix this same problem. i still have it acting up today. i understand how much of a pain this is
  • i have an 2006 tacoma six speed manual and it is the biggest pain in my [non-permissible content removed] i have ever driven. i have had it three years and transmission has come out three times already: had a shifter fork snap inside, then third gear syncro went and now i need to replace the fifth gear one. had to also put in a rear main seal due to the truck leaking oil under the undercarriage. i dont recommend this truck to anyone unless they have all the money in the world and dont mind it sitting in the shop all the time
  • does both the auto and standard transmissons have problems? are the 2010 tacoma have the same problems? thinking of buying a 2010 tacoma, but after these problems, i may be looking at a nissan.
  • The manual transmissions don't have the same problem as the autos. The problem is in the shift logic. On a manual the shift logic is between your ears. I traded my defective '09 Tacoma on a '09 Frontier and I am very happy I did, even though it meant taking a loss.

  • No they don't. First off one is an automatic and the other a manual. Two different systems. I suggest that you go through and read the problems in here in the 261 postings. That will give you an idea of what to look for. This is not say that there aren't problems with other makes of vehicles either. If you're looking to buy take the time to read them. It's hard when you're all excited about buying a new vehicle but if you buy this and have the problem you'll kick yourself especially when you were forewarned and you ignored it. Don't let them tell you the deal is only good now. They'll have the same deal tomorrow. Good luck
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    its the auto that has the problems, I have an 09 double cab off road with the auto. My truck only has a little over 6000 miles on it. I've had my truck back to the dealer to have the trans looked at, they told me thats the way it is. Yeah right, I have hard down shifts and high revs at low speeds, hunting for the right gear to be in.. I blame it on a program issue with the down hill assist control. The computer needs re-programed. Other than that I like the truck. GOOD LUCK...maybe 2010 has changed something??
  • no, nothing has changed on the 2010 tacoma. i just bought one a few weeks ago with 11 miles on it and i'm so pissed that i didn't reseach the toyota taco as much as i probably should have prior to purchasing it. i was just sold on the styling and the fact that i've had 2 toyota's before each for over 10 years with no problems. i'm having the same problems with the tranny with the downshifting and high revving until it finds third gear......all happens at a little under 15mph's (just about the speed you have to go to make a 90 degree turn, or slow over a speed bump). i took it to the dealership and they gave me the "that's normal" story. i don't want to let this issue die as i only have a little more than 1k miles on it. after reading all these posts, my only conclusion is to file some sort of suit against toyota......after documenting the things i am going to do to try and make this right.
  • can you share what specific truck you have? 6 or 4 cyl? 4A or 5A tranny. 4WD or 2WD. thanks.
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I own a 2009 Toyota Tacoma Double cab off road TRD. 4x4 V-6 (Auto.- 5A)
    from what i have read, the high rev. hunting for the right gear at low speeds and hard down shifting has been the same in the 2009 and newer trucks. I still blame the down hill assist control.
    I haven't heard any problems with the trucks that Don't have this option, but I could be wrong.? Keep us posted
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    Did you report the problem to toyota? I have and they gave me a confirmation number regarding the complaint. and I also had it back to the dealer, They said thats the way it is. No problems found.
  • I've been suspecting that this is 5A automatic problem and not a 4A / 4 cyl model issue.
  • i have a 6 cyl, 5A tran, 2WD, TRD. if you're thinking about a tacoma, ask if you can demo the vehicle for a few days. not certain what they'll say seeing as how there appears to be such a demand for them. but if you take the vehicle just for a test drive, you may not be able to fully appreciate how annoying this problem can be. maybe i'll start calling my tacoma "The Gearhunter"
  • no, didn't report the problem. i guess that couldn't hurt. do you have a number or address?
  • it sounds like being able to voice your issue with the field tech rep is a good idea. i may try that. and boy that sure would be nice if there is a fix for this shifting (and gearhunting) issue.
  • Your problem is exactly the same as with my '09. They have told me that the next time I bring it in for service they will try to "reprogram" the computer that controls the shifting but don't think it will help. The only answer is to continue to complain on here, to the dealer, and to the company. Eventually they will have to face up to it. They are getting a real black eye on this and their failure to try and fix it has made me rethink my whole opinion of Toyota as a company.
  • I have a 2009 2.7 4 speed auto & mine certainly has the same problems described and from what I read, so do all the other 4 speed autos. I posted on this forum a while back & Toyota issued a TSB (#0096-09) back in May/June 2009. They 'reprogrammed' my ECU but this did nothing to remedy the problems & I believe made it worse.

    I'm surprised that there isn't an acknowledgment of this TSB by Toyota when folks complain & are given the party line that this is 'normal'. My guess is there has to be something really wrong with the design. The transmissions aren't this way at delivery (at least mine wasn't) and seem to start developing after 300-400 miles in my case. I used to do some programming (not transmissions) and it wouldn't seem hard to do a software patch that endlessly passed the original factory parameters back to the ECU w/ every new start rather than the idiotic 'learning' profile. Must be some underlying firmware/hardware issue that would be horrendously expensive for them to address. Another possibility is all their emissions certifications were done w/ the current configuration and they can't/won't do all that over again.

    I seriously doubt Toyota is ever going to address this issue & am planning on dumping my 2009 (now w/ 2,500 mi) as soon as I have a convenient opportunity to do so. I will never, never, never, never...(see a pattern here) buy another Toyota product. Not a smart way to keep moving forward.
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