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Hi everyone,

Im new here and was wandering if you could help me out, I just bought a 96 cherokee XJ Ltd.(4.0 auto) everything on it is completly stock. I am a budding Novice at the moment.

I want to modify it for off-road purposes.

Can someone tel me what is the stock axle type on this model?

Also i have a list of parts i wish to buy in the very near futre (a few weeks) and was wandering if you may tell me if i need to add anything else to make them 'work properly'!?

They are as follows:
SUSPENSION- Rubicon 5.5" XJ Extreme Duty Lift
(someone mentioned an extended driveshaft and yoke?!) ???

EXHAUST- Banks torque tubes manifold, American 40 series muffler, 3.00" U-Fit dual pipe kit, Ball flange kit 3.00" to 3.00", H- Pipe ends. ???

BODY- Rusty's XJ Fender Flares

WHEEL&TYRE- M/T ClassicII cast Aluminium Wheels (x4) and some Good year Wrangler 35 12 15's ???

I am so lost, i have tried to ask on another forum but no one replyed =(

Please help me, i need to know if i will need anything else to make all these parts work eg. slip yoke eliminator/ fender cutting etc.

I know its alot to ask but i promise you will be among the first to see once it is finished!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
Regards, Fingal

P.S I have seen alot of threads about the 'Turdonator'(turbonator) so to keep people quiet i bought one and will get it dyno tested in 2 weeks and send it back with - results (no i dont expect anything, just a scam)


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    The front axle should be a Dana 30. The rear axle could be a Chrysler 8.25(that's what's in my '01) or a Dana 35. The D35 is definitely the weaker axle. You could have a Dana 44, but I don't know about that one. My bet rests on the Chrysler 8.25. It is a very strong axle, by the way.

    With that suspension lift, you will most likely have to buy a SYE and a double cardon joint rear drive shaft. Possibly even an extended front driveshaft. I've been told both ways on that one though. Some say they needed one, others didn't.

    Be careful of putting an exhaust system on that is too free flowing. When you open up the exhaust too much, you'll lose most of the low-end torque that 4.0 is known for. That power will still be there, only it will be further up the rpm range.

    Good choice on the fender flares and wheels/tires. My chart out in the garage says you'll have to trim your fenders to fit those big 35's. If you're only driving it on the street, and I'm sure your not, they won't be a problem. However, at full flex, they will hit sheetmetal if the fenders aren't trimmed.

    I agree with your take on the "turdonator."
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    Thanks very much for your help, so any ideas for an exhaust system then?

    I did some trials in Scotland before i moved out here, i used a custom built army lightweight and my father used his custom 110 land rover. However in Malaysia they are V. expensive!

    So i fell in love with the jeep! but soon realised i dont really know enough to build it.

    Also, there is alot of oil leaking from the top of the cylinder head, maybe a gasket or at worse i fear the may be a crack, i will have to see at the garage.

    What one is more likely?

    thanks for your help! :)
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    well fingal, im also a new jeeper, but have done alot of reading on this subject, also a good source is, JP magazine, and, for info. As for the lift, u will deff. need the SYE, and possibly a longer driveshaft, the front although should be ok. I also work for Discount Tire Co., and have a wealth of knowlodge on tires and wheels, i think 35X12.50X15s will work excellent w/ that lift, you will need to trim the fenders to fit the larger flares, but if you are planning on offroading, you should consider a steel wheel, they are much stronger than aluminum, and if you bend them along the edge they can be fixed unlike aluminum which tends to break. Also i think the Goodyear Wrangler MT/Rs are a good choice for the money, u may also want to check out the BFgoodrich A/Ts, if you are going to be on the street, becuz you will replace the MT/s twice as often. cuz they wear horrible on the street, and will make excessive tire noise, unlike the BFGs.
    Of course u want more power out of the 4.0L, the low end is great, but the mids could be better, i think the new Edge products, Trail Jammer pkg. is the best bang for the buck, and if you use the Flowmaster w/ that, w/ maybe 3.0" out the back, or Dual exhaust, i think it would make a great combo., just did a test on it. check it out.......hope i helpd. peace
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    "Also, there is alot of oil leaking from the top of the cylinder head, maybe a gasket or at worse i fear the may be a crack, i will have to see at the garage."

    If it's leaking out the TOP of the cylinder head, then it will be the valve cover gasket. They are known to leak.
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    tou will need to add a steering stabilizer i would put a throtle body spacer a k and n filter kit it will give you more horse power you will put alot of stress on the axles with the tires your best bet is to find dana 44 for front and rear you can ues the ones off a f250 truck but you have to change the spring mounts but if you dont change the axles you can espect to have trouble later with those tires i would put 33-12-50 they will not put as much stress on the axles if your going to climb hills then i would find some lockers for front and can also find a wrecked rubicon they have dana 44s and lockers from the factory. and they will bolt up you wont need longer drive shaft your factory should have about 3 inches of play i would get quick disconect sway bars for when you want to flex out a little. and some good advice is to have the exhaust ran above the skid plate under the transfer case.
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    Hey, i am no jeep expert but i do know a little about Xj's. I believe that the Xj has a Dana 44, i don't think that it is a Dana 35, if it does happen to have a Dana 35 then you might want to consider that if you are planning to go with tires larger than 35's you will need a Dana 44. otherwise you could break a axle which is not fun on the trail... also the 5 inch Rubicon express is a excellent lift kit i have heard lots of positive talk about it. so yea good luck and i hope you get you rig all fixed up.
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    Hey Jeep experts! Looking for some advice here.
    Have a 98' Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4, 4.0L I-6, 5 Spd Manual.
    I am very happy with this as our family vehicle. It'smostly driven on road, except for occasional camping trips towing small boat for long highway rides, then some offroading when we get there, just to get the boat into the lake.

    Situation: I don't really care for the stock rims and have just purchosed a set from a 2008 Rubicon, (I think). I have always liked these newer rims but unfortunately the bolt pattern is different, (5x5 instead of stock 4.5x5). The obvious and only solution is to buy wheel adaptors which I intend to to.

    Now, I do not want low profile tires, but the correct tires for these 17" rims will surely demand more space or else I could probably expect rubbing problems, etc.

    Do I need to lift my Jeep, or can I get away with just modifying the fender flares?Also, as I was looking into flare kits I noticed that they all say they fit up to '96 XJ's. Will these kits fit a '98? I do realize that some trimming will be necessary for some flare kits.

    I need advice on a good 17" wheel tire size that will work without turning our family car into a "Monster Truck" as this vehicle is intended mostly for an road use.

    Tire size on 17" rims?
    flare kit? Triming involved?
    To lift, or not to lift?

    I am imagining a combo like, 4in lift, 31 in tires, trim fenders and install flares.
    But I think I need advice from the experts brfore begining any mods if some can be avoided, keeping in mind I want to avoid road handling problems, or having a hard time lifting kids into child seats, but want to make these rims work without rubbing, etc. I will appreciate any advice or recomendations. Thanx
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    I too am a beginner, but you might want to request a catalog from ( Quadratec ) they have it all for the XJ. Mine is a 1994 sport. Awesome vehicle. Bulletproof.
    179,000 miles and still going.
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    Dear fingal...are you from Malaysia? Which area? Mine is XJ too. 1994 model. Yours should have dana 35 rearend if your ECU type is J-TEC. Got air bags? Kindly reply. Thanks
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