Is this a good lease deal?

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Hey everyone, First off I'd like to thank everyone for any input you have.

 I am looking at leasing a 2019 BMW 330i in California.

 MSRP- $46,560

 $2000 down, includes drive offs

 36mos / 12k miles

 Payment =$458 including taxes

 They said they are taking almost 7k off the car. I can get the exact number if you need it.
 I am not trading in another car.

Does this sound like a good deal? If you need anymore info, I can get it.

 Once again, thank you all for your input.

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  • I will contact my salesman and get back to you with those exact numbers. Thank you for the help KYFDX
  • VinriderVinrider BoiseMember Posts: 7
    Doesn't seem unreasonable but I'd probably put a lot more down so that they payment wasn't so high. Depends on your finances I know, but I'm always hesitant to be locked in for $500 a month for so long. If I could only afford to put $2K down I probably wouldn't do it, but I'm known to be on the frugal side at times.
  • beyondthevalleybeyondthevalley Member Posts: 5
    Looks like a decent deal to me. However don't put money down on a lease- you will lose it if the car is totaled or stolen (it happened to me!)
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