Toyota FJ Cruiser Exhaust

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Has anyone had the TRD exhaust put on their FJ?

What kind of performance improvement did you get?

What did it cost?



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    The one in the Edmunds fleet has it, and one tester is tiring of it after 8 hours:

    Noises Off (I wish)
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    Thanks for the info..any ideas on increases in fuel milage or anything else?

    I am probably going to put a Magna Flow Cat back system on my FJ.
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    No idea - you could ask Brian in that blog and maybe he can find an answer for you.
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    Any additional information on the subject of the TRD exhaust? I am getting close to a deal on an FJ that is the color I want and has all the options I want, the only problem is that it has the TRD, (I wasn't looking for it). I'm trying to determine if the high flow exhaust is going to cause me problems with the wife. Too loud, resonates, etc.

    Thanks for the help,

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    Mine came with the TRD exhaust. Since I don't know what the performance is like without it I can only tell you it isn't bad as far as noise. I did have the undercoating done and that reduced the noise level even more not that there was much to begin with.
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    I ordered my FJ with the TRD exhaust and added an Airaid Cold Air Intake about a week after delivery. The seat of my pants tells me there was a noticable power boost! And the sound is mahvelous! And I'm a young 71!
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    Dealer is telling me that customers are complaining about changes in the gas mileage of the FJ with the TRD performance exhaust modification. It would only make sense if the customer's have a heavy foot as a part of their daily routine drive. Under normal conditions I would expect better gas consumption we a free flow exhaust. Looking for comments from owners with the TRD system
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    Does anyone know if any of these additions to your car void the warranty?
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    I got the TRD exhaust with the new truck (o7 4x4) I think it was about 500$ extra. I wanted the dual exhaust that I had On my 06 Tundra, but I couldn't get it anytime soon? The word is that you have to get installed at the factory? (Borla, Great sound and power) I had the stock exhaust for about two weeks before they installed the TRD. While it sounds a little better, I noticed no better power or mileage. I have yet to get better than 19mpg in any situation?
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    Check tire pressure cold first thing in AM, if you can leave it in garage. Use dial, not stem gauge, and have a pump to bring all 5 tires ( include spare) up 32 lbs. Number on driver door jamb.
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    I just bought a used FJ and the dealer said it had the TRD package. It has the TRD rims but that could have been put on after market. Is there an easy or quick way to find out.
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    i have finally decided on the fj cruiser (vs wrangler unlimited), but am unhappy
    about the loudness of the muffler/exhaust system.

    i know it is not exceptionally loud, but i figure it may get a bit annoying over the months and years.

    is there any way to quiet the noise, which is noticable with every acceleration?

    thanks for any help.
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