Used Car Buyer Beware!

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Bought a used 2018 Cadillac XT5 AWD Luxury last week with 18,000 miles. Love the car features and how it drives. However, took it camping this weekend and my husband noticed a small hose hanging under the vehicle toward the back. Luckily my Dad was there since he works on cars as a hobby. He inspected the car and tells me that there is a gash in the frame of the car and the hose is a compressed hose, that handles the AWD feature. Stated that the hose had damage that was not repaid but instead tapped! In addition he stated it looks as if the rear arms and ball bearings have been replaced. This all was not disclosed in the sale of the car and car fax had no reported accidents. It is very apparent this car was in some sort of off roading accident or ran over something enormous that damaged this car.

Since the car was funded late last week, the bank cannot put a hold on the funding but stated I need to allow the dealership to make it right. In the event they do not make it right, the credit union will step in. I will be taking it to a GM world class technician for his professional opinion on the status of the damage and whether or not I should have them buy back the car. Sales person stated they do not look at the car on a lift when completing the inspection. Ill update this once I know more.... Not happy!


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    Yes, have a professional assess the damage so that you don't go in there with faulty information. And take plenty of photos as well.
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    Had the XT5 assessed by a GM World Class Master Technician and took photos.The Subframe is ripped and needs to be replaced. I will be asking the dealership to buy back the vehicle for the full price which we paid plus the down payment.

    In the event they refuse, I will start Lemon Law proceedings since they did not disclose the damage during the sale.
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    Note - The hanging hose was the emergency break and not the AWD compressed hose.
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    Update: Damage to the sub frame is likely from a tow truck. No other significant damage but emergency brake cable needs review for possible damage. The car is currently at the dealership while they consider what they are going to do. They kindly gave me a loaner vehicle and looking forward to a resolution. Called GM Home Office to make official note of the issue and told I would be hearing from a Senior Adviser in 24/48 hours.
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