Suzuki Aerio Wagon Brake Problems

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Get (and give) advice on Aerio brake problems here.


  • frenchcarfrenchcar Member Posts: 247
    My 2002 Aerio has 20,000 miles now and we hear a clunk or moan-groan-crunch sound once or twice when applying the brakes hard first thing in the morning when it is cold.. Never when hot so I assume this is normal but will have tham check it at next oil change. I assume your bad bearings made noise when they overheated?? HOW MANY MILES ARE PEOPLE GETTING OUT OF THEIR FRONT BRAKE PADS ON THEIR AERIOS? I HOPE TO GET 30,000 MILES. ANY COMMENTS??
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    I needed to replace my pads and rotors at about 20,000/30,000 miles. The rotors needed to be replaced due to warping from the heat. Pads wore out probably due to the warping of the rotors.

    If you think your bearings are going up take your car to a brake shop and ask how the rotors are. If their warped it is probably caused by the heat from the bearings. Make sure the dealership replaces the rotors. They will try and claim it is a regular main. problem and is not covered by warrenty, but if the bearings heated up the wheel they caused the rotor to heat up and this causes the rotor to warp. Cause and effect. If they put up to much of a complaint tell them you want to talk to the district service rep.
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    Hi Frenchcar,

    My 2003 Aerio SX just turned 27K miles. At 23K miles the front brake pads had to be replaced and the rotors turned. They were worn down 90% according to the tech. Cost was $205. I took it to my nearest Suzuki dealer. I wasn't overly happy that the brakes wore out so quickly. Other FWD cars I have had lasted around 50K miles. I don't drive like a maniac and most of my driving is highway (70%). But this is the only problem I have had. I did have the occasional thunk when backing up but I never took the car in for this. Since my brake job I have never heard the thunk again.

    Happy Motoring
  • fosterbfosterb Member Posts: 5
    My vehicle was taken into the service dept and informed that pads were less than 10%. After my shock and disbelief, I took my vehicle to my personal mechanic who confirmed the wear & tear. My mechanic could not believe a 2005 vehicle would have this kind of brake pad wear. My suspicion is that the dealership put used brake pads on a brand new car. Has anyone else had this happen? Can anyone provide a reasonable explanation for this? All comments are welcomed.
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    1) Rats!
    2) You have a REALLY GOOD braking system. Your car LITERALLY stops on a dime with the slightest touch of the pedal, producing HUGE amounts of brake dust!
    3) (serious for a moment) Someone installed counterfeit brake shoes. The skills of the counterfeiters are better, and access to various technical resources is getting easier. They're finding all types of ways to sell their stuff to legitimate channels undetected (February 7th issue of Business Week, "Fakes!" May be available via But then, I think that Suzuki would have noticed if the problem is widespread.
    4) Defective equipment?

    I can't envision a legitimate reason why a new car should have 10% of the brake pads left after only 8000 miles.

    You may want to e-mail Suzuki of America about the issue. I don't think that the pads are covered by the car's warranty (at least that's true for my 2003 vehicle), but you could prompt someone at the company to look into the issue for you.
  • fosterbfosterb Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the information. I'll check it out. I had my Aerio brakes repaired and serviced at my personal repair shop and my mechanic could not fathom how these brakes wore out so quickly, unless they were worn from the beginning or defective. I've contacted my dealership service dept and got no where. Contacted Suzuki America and was informed due to brakes not being warrantied, they couldn't do anything. But when I suggested the service dept was saving $$ (or cutting costs) with replacing the brake pads on new/used vehicles, then the CSR sent me to the Distr. Mgr. We'll see how this goes...
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    I am having the same problem with my '05 Aerio. I had the pad redone "as a courtesy" by the dealer at 8800 miles and now again at 14k they are telling me "Its bad driving", and that they would put in some new pads for $200!!. I have been around and around with Suzuki Customer Service and finally got the District Manager to agree to meet the car tomorrow and check the braking system himself.

    I had an '04 Aerio that I traded in for the '05 at 14k miles and no brake problems whatsoever. Also I drove about 8k of the 14k on the current car on the highway between LA and Phoenix.

    Oh I took the car to Firestone and they told me the calipers weren't working properly, causing them to heat up, and in turn heating up the pads and the rotors... they want $695 to fix the problem (calipers and rotors).

    We need to band together to fight Suzuki over this...It is not bad driving but defective brakes!!!

    Follow this forum for more information after I see the District Manager on Friday.
  • heartland1heartland1 Member Posts: 2
    Very interested in Suzuki Feeback... my daughter just "totaled" her 2002 Aerio when she ran into the rear end of a Ford Pickup truck at about 30 miles per hour last week. It had 39,000 + miles and no problems with brakes... Crappy Bridgestone Potenza's tires were replaced at about 30,000 though and I hope the new tires they put on are better. We did not have one problem with the car, other than the drivers mat holder, small plastic piece broke several times...

    I will speak very postively to the safety of the vehicle... car crumbled as designed, hood buckled, engine was pushed down rather than back... both airbags deployed, she only received a cut lip from airbag and bruise on her arm.. Based on this, am looking for a 2005 new or a 2006 Aerio with the standard side airbags..

    Gas mileage could be better, but the engine is bigger, more powerful and it is generally 300 - 400 pounds heavier that similar cars in its class, which may have contributed to the safety aspect....

    Overall, we were very happy with the vehicle...

    Anyway, interested in their response on the brakes...
  • aerioazaerioaz Member Posts: 1
    I just had my front brakes replaced after 12,000 miles. I have never in my life had a car that needed its brakes replaced after only 12,000 miles. It is a 2005 hatch-back. I asked the repairman at the dealer if this was normal because I was dumbfounded. He claimed it depends on the driver, I don't beleive I can afford to replace my brakes every 12,000 miles. Anyone gotten anywhere with this, also just had to get 2 new tires due to cupping. Help!
  • twbmusictwbmusic Member Posts: 1
    Just curious what you found out from the District Manager...I have a 05' Aerio S and had the front pads replaced at no charge @ 6500 miles!!!! Never had that happen before with another vehicle and then @ 13,000 was told that it needed it again!!!! When the dealership told me it would cost $350. to do the front brakes, I took it to Sears where they did it for $125.00. I did insist that they NOT use the Suzuki parts and they used another mfr. pads...We'll see how these wear....I like the car and other than this issue, have been very happy with the performance
  • fosterbfosterb Member Posts: 5
    Well, here it goes. I have contacted my local Suzuki repair shop leaving voice mails for him to contact the Dist. Mgr. Guess what! I haven't heard anything from Suzuki. Next step is the 800 number and maybe I'll get someone to respond. I do agree that we should make a concerted effort to get to the bottom of this problem. No one should have brake pad that wear out that fast. Any comments/response are welcomed! I'll keep you in the loop... :lemon:
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    Wow, I thought it was bad that my 2003 Aerio just had to have a brake job at 29,000 miles until I read this thread. I have to say that the difference after the work was done is amazing, and makes me wonder how safe my car was before. Otherwise, though, I've had no problems at all with the Aerio.
  • mrnailsmrnails Member Posts: 1
    I think I am at the top of the list my 2005 Aerio start with brakes problems at 1,800 miles round one ; round two
    4,900 miles and just today 5,117 miles round three.The sad part is that Suzuki wants me eat the cost of pads and rotors replacement. Thats going to be round four keep you
  • mahleymahley Member Posts: 1
    I owned my aerio for about 8 months before I had to replace the break pads. I have never had to replace break pads on any vehicle that I have owned. When I asked the dealership about the problem they told me I must be hard on my breaks. When I contacted the 800 customer service number they told me they have never heard of anyone else with this problem before. My car is an 04 but it sounds like all years have problems with the breaks.
  • aeriofallingapaeriofallingap Member Posts: 14
    My brakes required replacement with 8 Kms. on the car. Thats right folks !! The first trip from the dealer in a brand new car and the front discs were so badly warped they needed replacement!!! I hear Suzuki dealers don't like this site. Maybe they should stop selling defective cars to hard working people and we wouldn't have so many negative things to say.
  • toast44toast44 Member Posts: 2
    hi i have an 05 aerio awd just over a year old with approx
    8k miles on it now. already had front brakes replaced and all 4 tires replaced. i get on avg 17-18mpg in the city. dealer keeps telling me nothing they can do. anyone else have this problem
  • d1mad1ma Member Posts: 2
    Well, I have 06 SX AWD with 7000 miles on it. I drive mostly hiways and get about 24 miles per gallon. I also have some popping noise coming from front end when car go over speed bump. Other than that no problems.
  • aeriohawaii1aeriohawaii1 Member Posts: 39
    Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) Aerio04 01126R addresses clunking noises from underneath the car, but they charge $2.49 to view the TSB. Do other companies charge to see their TSB. If their is a problem with the car, the adjustment advisory should be Free in my opinion.
  • phenry1phenry1 Member Posts: 1
    I bought my '05 Aerio SX used -- it had 8400 miles on it! At 12500 the emergency brake light started coming on when I made turns. I was on my way to the dealer but rear ended a pickup about 1/4 mile from my destination. I couldn't stop! The other driver asked if I had anti-lock brakes because he heard screeching. Might be time for a lemon lawyer?
  • sraysray Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 97 esteem used with 105,000 miles on it, loved the way it rode and ran. Then I started having problems the mechanic told me the calipers were frozen I was basicly riding the brakes all the time, he could not find anything wrong with the master cylender or anything else. we replaced the calipers and it started doing the same thing the next day when he checked it he could not find anything but it has to be the brakes again anybody had any kind of problem like this and any sugestions help me please.
  • chrisducatichrisducati Member Posts: 394
    Obviously it was not the calipers that were causing the problem. I would say master cylinder, or brake line hose that is restricting the flow. There must be pressure. The only major problems Suzuki is known to have had with these cars is manual transmission failure and some valve train problems on the early 1.8L engine. The 1.6L is fairly bullet proof as long as you do regular valve lash adjustments and oil changes. Early 1.6L engines with distributors tend to leak oil from the distributor shaft. O rings are the cause. Many mechanics do not use O ring sealant which is a must on these engines. I would find a different mechanic.
  • sraysray Member Posts: 2
  • fatdaddifatdaddi Member Posts: 1
    Folks, managing about 30 Aerio's (03 to 05) in our fleet, I can safely say that the brakes wear out faster than any other car we have ever run. It's not your driving style etc, it's the car and the pads. They typically get changed on our Aerio's about twice as often than a Toyota Corolla/Echo/Yaris. This is consistent despite driving styles etc across our fleet. If you want to know more....feel free to contact me. [email protected]
  • aeriofallingapaeriofallingap Member Posts: 14
    Your brakes wear out quickly ...Hmmmmm ....let me tell you a story about my 2003 Aerio SX .......

    I remember the Saturday morning in November 2002 I picked up my brand new 2003 silver SX hatch back from Brampton Suzuki (Toronto, Canada). Right off the dealers lot I noticed a strong shaking in the front suspension whenever I stepped on the brakes. So after only 8 Kms (less than 5 miles) I’m back at the dealer sitting in the service department. The verdict …..both front discs are warped and require replacement. It seems this little problem wasn’t noticed during the pre-delivery inspection.

    A few weeks later, after these new brake rotors were installed, the front brakes begin to make a slight grinding sound. They also make a fairly loud stap when applied in reverse. So, it’s back to the local Suzuki dealer and new and improved shims are installed. They almost fix the noise issue. Only the replacement of pads and discs with non-Suzuki parts actually solves the problem a year later. I tried slotted rotors from / ThermoQuiet Pads from Wagner. So far, no complaints. The EBC Sport Rotors (drilled and slotted) and EBC Greenstuff pads look wild. Anyone try them yet????
  • cjkane2cjkane2 Member Posts: 1
    At freezing and below, 2003 Aerio brake pedal is "hard" for 5-10 seconds at start up. This is very dangerous. Brakes and power brake booster replaced, still have the problem. Any clues? Thanks.
  • suracasuraca Member Posts: 1
    My 05 Aerio just cost me $350 in front brakes and 4 tires were replaced after 1 year. I average 12,000 mi/year. The dealer told me I get what I pay for. My suzuki esteem never gave me any problems in the 4 years that I leased it. The dealer said it's just normal wear and tear. I don't buy it. Is there anything we can do?
  • themadhatterthemadhatter Member Posts: 4
    I have an 03 aerio sedan, the brakes are HORRIBLE FRIGGIN HORRIBLE.....I dont know how many times i've replaced the brakes since then but its been more than twice per year. I seem to have found a resolution, I went to the local auto parts store and got higher quality drilled and slotted rotors. I also changed the brake pads from organic to ceramic brake pads.....Also if anyone has a fix for the [non-permissible content removed] e-brake in this car let me know PLEASE...its slid off my ramps twice
  • carthellcarthell Member Posts: 130
    '03 SX: a few months ago (two, I think), my front wheels started making a grinding noise upon braking. My manual says that the brakes should be changed soon, so I take the car in. It turns out that the pad is gone, and the metal backing behind the pad is stopping the car. Fortunately, the wear didn't hit the calipers. $300 decided to take a permanent vacation from my wallet. The brake pads were OEM, and were never changed since the purchase of the car.

    I wish there was a way to know whether the brake problems that many people have talked about here is a widespread problem with the Aerio (not that it matters now).

    E-brake: ugh! Assuming that there's nothing wrong with the rear brake shoes or the regular braking system, or transmission park pawl (assuming an auto tranny), you or somebody you trust must inspect the cable lines to the rear wheels:
    -Are the cables connected to the e-brake lever and the lever within the drums of the rear wheels?
    -Is there slack in the cables themselves? There's a nut between where the cables leave the rear of the e-brake lever that can be adjusted to tighten the connections.
    -Finally, is the lever's ratchet teeth in good condition? If not, the lever needs to be replaced.

    Note: these are suggestions off the top of my head, based on the description in the car's service manual of the e-brake system as I understand it. My suggestions are NOT comprehensive. Consult an expert for assistance.
  • rambo10rambo10 Member Posts: 1
    Hi guys, I have a 2006 Suzuki Aerio and at 25,000miles I already replaced the Front brake pad 3 times. Please guys has anyone sue or intend to sue Suzuki. This company has gone too far. Let me know if anyone got more information out of Suzuki. I am sure if a disc pad wears out that fast the effectiveness of the brake must be questionable. The forces involve in braking just does not add up. Everybody lives, family lives and other road users lifes are in great danger.
  • meemee65smeemee65s Member Posts: 1
    I have also had repeated brake problems with my 06 Aerio. I am on my fourth set of breaks and I haven't had it for two years yet. I am told repeatedly that it is how the car is and my driving. Funny I have had two cars for 6 plus years each never had issues. I am now in contact with Lemon Law lawyers. Suzuki has not owned up to the issues that are happening with the brakes. All of the messages on this sight back that up significantly! :lemon:
  • exaltexalt Member Posts: 1
    I have on 06 Aerio as well. In 4 months of driving this "brand new car" I had to replace the breaks. The pads completely worn off. They told me it was the way I was "riding the breaks". I'm not an idiot...and how dare they tell me how I drive. I had it factory inspected, just for them to tell me my car is alright during the month of October because I've experienced severe shaking in the front suspension a week after they "fixed" my breaking problem.
    Now It's november, less than a year, less than 15,000 miles and my breaks sound like they are completely worn out. I want to do something about this, please call me 410-258-5734. Suzuki cannot continue to get away with this, I thought this was only my problem but they are endangering many lives.
  • alr106711alr106711 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 05 Aerio. I have replaced the brakes 3 times so far twice in less than 6 months. The dealer has been no help. I talked with susuki and they replaced my rotors but told me that the replacement was in good faith and that it was my driving. Like many of you I have had other vehicles and never had this problem. The susuki rep I spoke to said that susuki is aware of this problem but has no solution.
  • vashtievashtie Member Posts: 10
    We have an 06 Aerio Wagon with 22K miles and we now need our third set of pads. Also, had to replace two front tires because of excessive wear. Back tires are cupping and causing lots of road noise so will likely replace those as well. I contacted the owner of the dealership and they contacted suzuki but Suzuki refuses to stand behind their product. This is my second Suzuki and will probably be my last. I told the dealership that we have bought four new cars from them and not to expect us to return.
  • voyager1990voyager1990 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 06 Aerio Sx and my e brake light did the same thing but it just means your braking fluid is low and you just have to add more. its very easy to do and its just a warning that the fluid is getting low and once you add the fluid the light won't come back on.
  • pfenningpfenning Member Posts: 1
    I too have replaced the brakes in my 2006 aerio 3 times since I bought it new. The first time the dealership did it under the warranty after that I was on my own. Always the front brakes never the rear. I am thinking about contacting the department of consumer protection. Have you tried that?
  • jonathan1978jonathan1978 Member Posts: 1
    :confuse: I have no idea about any of you, but this brake problem is serious, just wondering if anyone has noticed thier car does not coast very well, it almost seems like the brakes are always applied to some degree, I've inspected my e-brake and ect many times now, all my other cars and also my wifes Subaru and thast another story in it's self still costs much better than my 06 Aerio, not sure, but I think I am going to trade this car in ASAP. :(
  • santana102888santana102888 Member Posts: 1
    Let me tell you something, I bought my daughter a 2006 Aerio wagon and since 2006 when we purchased it we have had the front and rear breaks replaced, they replaced the right caliper, both rotors, and the brake fluid regulator valve. As for a law suit we have contacted costomer service and my wife just faxed the texas lemon law since this will be the 5th time. In fact we just had the front pads replaced in November and now the front right caliper is sticking again and has warped the rotor and the front right brake pas is glazed and slit. Everyone having problems needs to contact suzuki customer service at their 1 800 # and make a formal complaint because they say they have not had no problems with the braking system they are aware of. We are stronger in numbers.
  • tony78tony78 Member Posts: 16
    The bearings heating up and causing the rotors to warp ? What nonsense ! If that were the case then it would be necessary to change the "bearings" everytime you had the rotors turned, well umm that is if there were any "bearings" to change, 1st . there are no bearings in the front axle where it enters the steering knuckle, the only place where there is a bearing is at the, center bearing support, and that is located near the transmission. Now near the ends of the axle there are cv joints( constant velocity joints) you can see they are covered by a rubber boot at each side and are filled with high temperature grease. Now what really causes suzuki rotors to warp is very simple, 1st they use semi-metallic brake pads and although these stop well, they do produce a lot of heat, 2nd suzuki rotors are smaller and thinner than competitors rotors, which means they get hotter quicker, stay hotter longer and wear out faster.
  • tony78tony78 Member Posts: 16
    You said that the right front caliper was changed? In the suzuki service manual it says that when you repair the caliper assembly, you should use rubber grease to lubricate the cylinder slide bushings when the temperature is below, -40f, huh? that sounds a little confusing, what about when the temp is above, -40f, of course they don't mention what type of lubricant one should use because the japanese figure that if your a tecnician then you SHOULD know what kind of lubricant to use. The type of lubricant i have had good sucess with is " Anti-Seize Lubricant", it is sold by Napa/Permatex # 765-1674. I have used this to lubricate the "slide pin bushings" in many different cars and trucks and it works very good. The temp range of napa anti-seize lubricant is from minus 65 f to over 1600 f .
  • 1235312353 Member Posts: 1
    your not alone ...Ihave a 05 suzuki arieo with the same problem. Today after 19000 miles this is going to be my third set of front brakes. This time im going to midas for a lifetime set of brakes.....i give up. Suzuki dosnt give a hoot.
  • lomita2lomita2 Member Posts: 4
    We discovered our brake problem, right front brake, when out on vacation, on the northeast side of Mt.Saint Helens, 9:30 p.m., just trying to make it down the hill to the campsite, the pads were toast at 16,000 miles, and there was so much heat being transmitted to the wheel bearing, even the mag wheel was hot to the touch.

    We traded the car in on an Infiniti G-35 Sports Coupe and took a big loss, however, we feel better about getting that Suzuki out of our hair.

    Suzuki can go fish. We will never buy any more of their products!
  • blue2004sxblue2004sx Member Posts: 18
    I am in the process of replacing both front brake pads and rotors on my 04 Aerio hatchback and am stumped by the rotor that would not budge. The pads are in no problem but I would like to replace the rotors as well. Any help greatly appreciated so I can get back on the road!!
  • pychogirlfrienpychogirlfrien Member Posts: 12
    Hi, I'm a little late to the whole email about this. I have a 2003 Aerio SX Hatchback. The first set of brakes seemed okay, but then my mechanic informed me that my brake on the front passenger side was sticking and would need to be replaced a LOT sooner because of it. So about 3 months after that; about a month and a half ago, the grinding sound made it clear that it desperately needed it. Funny, I hadn't heard it before that(!). My husband says that it wasn't sticking at the time when he looked at it [ and dertermined I needed a brake job NOW ], nor 20 minutes later when he replaced it, and subsequently took the car for a test drive....Not sure what's happening in real life.
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