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How do I get the lights in the mirror to shut off when there is no obstructions?


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    PBWexford said:

    How do I get the lights in the mirror to shut off when there is no obstructions?

    If the lights are showing up, you have a problem with a camera or a sensor. It needs to be diagnosed and repaired.

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    My car has the sensors in the corners of the rear bumped--the plastic shroud that's painted the same color as the car. I've found that when that area gets dirty with road grit that seems to flow in the water on the side of the car, the sensors don't act right. Washing the car helps fix it for the next run.

    I looked in owners manual and online for how to fix that. It suggests driving close to metal objects to allow the computer to read what the input is for a real object in the adjacent lane. That sometimes has reset mine when a car is in the left lane or right lane as they go by or I pass them.

    When I wash the car I spray underneath the rear bumper on the corners where I saw the sensors for the radar signals are located. I don't know if there's a space between the bumper and the sensor that accumulates dirt or not. But on the chance that area inside the bumper was accumulating road grit, I spray that as well as cleaning the outside of the bumper.

    The weatherpak connectors that GM uses are very well sealed. So I didn't try opening a connector and reconnecting.

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