P0700 help

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P0700 code only after installing new shift solenoid and filters ??


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    The P0700 simply means that the TCM is telling the PCM that it has trouble codes stored.
    The P0733 and P0744 you mentioned earlier mean that the transmission control module is watching the input and output speed sensors and the ratio between them doesn't equal third (the 733) and fourth (the 734) gears. While this can be caused by a faulty speed sensor(s) that failure usually results in issues with every gear ratio. When you have two of the four gear ratio calculations failing its very likely that you have a clutch inside the transmission slipping.
    OK changed out input and output sensor ,all old fluid out all new in , still have p0700,p0733 no longer have code p0734 . Do you think if I replaced my valve body in transmission would this change anything.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 5,422
    The TCM uses those sensors to calculate the actual gear ratio that the transmission has achieved. If the ratio of the input to output shafts speeds is incorrect then there is either a problem with the signals or there is slippage occurring inside one or more of the clutches.

    Without testing and proving if a valve body problem exists there is no way to know.
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    The P0700 is for information only. Use a code reader to pull other error codes.
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