2007 Saturn Aura

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I own a 2007 Saturn Aura and it won't crank on at times. This has been happening for a while. I have taken it to two mechanics; first mechanic said its battery. Purchased new battery and the issue continues. Took it in to Chevy dealership they said it did not happen while they had the car. Brought it home and it occurred again. The car lights all come on inside the dash, but it won't crank on or make any noise. I am at my wits end with this issue. Any suggestions as to issue?


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    Have you tried jiggling the gearshift, or starting in neutral?

    It is true that if the problem isn't occurring while in the hands of the mechanic, this makes it hard to diagnose.

    Does it sort of "fix itself" after a while? How do you get it to restart, or do you have it towed every time this happens?
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    Do you get a padlock light with a car in it meaning the ignition has been locked because the key transponder didn't read correctly to tell the car computer that the key was an authorized key? Some people have had trouble with the transponder (Passkey III) on that car as it ages.

    But I've found several cases of bad starters, which happen on all different brands of cars. A test is to hit the starter with a rubber hammer when the car won't crank--ideally with someone holding the key in CRANK so if the starter makes connection on impact it goes on to crank.

    Another test is when it won't crank, check to see if the solenoid power line on the starter is getting power when the key is turned to CRANK and held there.

    If you don't see the locked ignition when you turn the key and it won't start, I'm betting on a starter that has worn and doesn't make contact at the brushes and commutator in certain spots. When the engine cools and the starter cools, it makes contact again and the car cranks again.

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