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Pontiac Grand Prix Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited March 2014 in Pontiac
Post your Grand Prix purchase experience here.

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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,177
    Ask your Grand Prix lease questions here!!


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  • sgtslatesgtslate Posts: 16
    Can anyone give me some sample numbers on a 36 month lease 12k/yr on a 06 GXP with MSRP of 32.5k but most likely sales price of about 31k


  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Here you go, Slate. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP with an MSRP of $32,500 and a selling price of $31,000 through GMAC right now for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $445.

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  • presrizdpresrizd Posts: 4
    I've been looking at the GXP for a couple of weeks now and am looking for the best price of course. It doesn't seem like the dealers are willing to move to far from the sticker on what is quickly becoming a one year old car. What is the going price nowadays for the GXP? Anyone know of a resonable car dealer in NJ. ;)

    thanks in advance
  • gxp4megxp4me Posts: 7
    Hey Presrizd ... I bought my '05 Grand Prix GXP last July and I LOVE it. At the time I paid ... about 32k and that was for a GXP that was fully loaded minus the Nav system.

    Listen, I don't know where you are in NJ but I went to two Pontiac dealers ... one was FANTASTIC and is where I bought my GXP and the other is horrible and should slowly sink into the depths of hell.

    The first dealership I went to was Jim Curley Pontiac in Lakewood, NJ on Rt. 9 ... they are horrible ... first of all the lady that I talked with was rude and snobbish and after being jerked around for about 2 weeks she offered me a stripped down bare bones version of the GXP I wanted. I took my business elsewhere! STAY AWAY!!!

    Then ... I went to the second dealership. Listen, if you want a nice, friendly dealership where there is no smoke and mirrors go to Freehold Pontiac on Rt. 9 & Craig Rd. in Freehold. Go there!!!

    That dealership and salesman was so good to me that not only did I write a letter to the dealership but also one to Pontiac HQ.

    Take care and GOOD LUCK ... can't go wrong with a fully loaded GXP!!!

    Your GXP bud,

    Frank :shades:
  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    GXP4ME, i got my 05 GXP in June of 05, and i got it because of the GM Employee discount they were having. Didnt you get this deal also? I went to my local dealer just to actually look at one, since i had heard so much about them. The sticker said $32K, but underneath it said "GM Employee Discount: $26K". That is mainly why i decided to purchase one. At the time, it was only thought that the discount was only good for the month of June, but ended up running until october or november i think. At $26,000, thats a STEAL! esp. considering my 2 previous GTP's were loaded, and i paid $27,000 for the first and $29,000 for the second.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    "i got my 05 GXP in June of 05, and i got it because of the GM Employee discount they were having. Didnt you get this deal also? I went to my local dealer just to actually look at one, since i had heard so much about them. The sticker said $32K, but underneath it said "GM Employee Discount: $26K". That is mainly why i decided to purchase one."

    I do not know how pricing is running right now on a 2006 - since I am not in the market to replace mine - today.
    I also bought in June of 2005, largely due to GM's "Employee Pricing" then in effect.

    And my deal was quite similar to yours: MSRP = $33K even & actual transaction price = $27K.

    Last I knew the GMID program was still in effect - if you know a GM employee.

    Did you check the Edmunds TMV?

    - Ray
    Happy with the deal - and the car!
    2016 BMW 340i
  • If you want lowest pricing, Ray is right: browse on these forums for someone who will ship you a GMID certificate. I found one on a hummer h3 site here on Edmunds. I emailed him and he shipped me an authorization. Easy as pie. Called a dealer, orderd a GXP, picked it up a couple months later. No quibles. Got it for a little tiny bit less than those so-called "invoice" numbers that Edmunds and others float around. Plus I used a GM card ($2000) and walked out door with a pretty loaded gxp for $26,400.

    Good luck.

    It's a great car, and at that it's a great price. The car is better than anything else I drove at $30,000 or under. I drove everything, too.

    As you know: the power is addictive. The car accelerates and brakes and corners like a good motorcycle. It really is a four-door (older) corvette. ;)
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    I have bought my last five Pontiacs from the same dealership in Riverdale, NJ -- DeMassi Pontiac Buick GMC. They are an exceptional dealership and their service dept. is very very helpful. I bought my 2006 GXP from them in August. I did not get the $4,000 discount because I wanted a 2006, not a 2005, but I did get a $1,000 incentive from GM, negotiated with them so I got the price for less than the price on the Buyer's Order (sticker on side window), and had my GM rewards taken off the price. I have everything but the navigation system. I also had a 2002 40th Anniversary Edition GP GTP to trade in, which brought the price down. I was happy with my deal. I also got a free full spare squeezed into my tirewell, the smartcare package free (free oil changes for 36,000 miles and tire rotations, but since the tires do not get rotated I asked for wheel alignment) and I also get a free detailing and free loaner car whenever I want to use that. I also got the undercoating done free. These I got after I negotiated the price. I would highly recommend this dealership if you live in Northern NJ. At this time though since it is late in the year for 2006's, you should be able to get a "good" deal. I would hold off until you get the car for the price you think is fair. Don't go in to a dealer with the idea of buying or don't let them know you are that interested. They don't care about you; they care about their commission. Just keep stalling and don't give in until you get it for the price you think is fair to you. Walk out and wait and see if they call you. Even when I went to look at the GXP I had all my info with me and figures. I did a lot of research on it. They wanted to give me less for my trade-in, but I didn't give in. My brother though thought I should have gotten more for the 2002 since as he said, it was in superior condition. Oh, well. I was satisfied though.
  • gxp4megxp4me Posts: 7
    Hey there dblduce ... yeah, :blush: sorry :blush: forgot to mention that! The tag price of of my GXP was 32 and change ... after the employee discount I wound up paying 28 and change.

  • bubbaman999bubbaman999 Posts: 54
    My experience was the same as others. Used the GM top off rebate, I had $58 and they topped off to $2k, that combined with an auto show discount made for a loaded minus nav sale of 26,640. That amount was negotiated over the phone. The only thing I needed was to figure a trade, got I believe a good value considering Kelly and edmunds value. Plus they had 2.9% for 36 months. Not bad since CDs and Money markets pay 4-5% currently, better to keep your cash if you have it.

    Either way, best car in its class for the price. Like others everybody stares and yes the power is addictive. But even if you aren't enjoying the power, the other features are great, seats, XM, HUD and other goodies. Besides, even with the power and some fun still getting similar MPG to the other lower powered cars. It was my "mid-life" crisis car and my neighbor laughed until I took him for a ride. Makes his Infinity G35 Coupe feel under powered.

  • sgtslatesgtslate Posts: 16
    Thank you Car Man. I now know where to stand vs the dealers
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    In a few days, I will have driven my GXP for a year – and likely just over 15,000 miles.


    Executive summary = I do enjoy driving this car – I have fun every time I drive it.


    Acceleration. Marvelous. And addictive. I enjoy the big torque low down style of power delivery. A very personal preference, clearly. And I also prefer the low RPM at cruise. 2,000 rpm is over 70 mph. Just a bias - one of mine that is not entirely logical. At steady cruise, the exhaust fades into the general background noise, and is covered by the stereo even at low volume. And the smooth, strong, immediate power delivery leaves me with a feeling of effortlessness.

    Exhaust note on acceleration. ( See above. )

    Handling. FWD very well managed. Fun!

    Braking. Very good. The brakes are powerful and linear in response. Confidence inspiring.

    Driver’s seat. Supportive and comfortable in driving 6+ hours at a time & good lateral support in cornering. Lumbar support adjustability is excellent – the ability to move the support up and down as well is appreciated. And the seat bottom front raises / rear lowers = excellent support when I want it for my thighs. And the seat heaters warm up very quickly! I like the suede inderts.

    Ride. Bilstein dampers work very well.

    Steering – Precise, poised, relaxed, stable.



    The instruments and displays are clear and arranged logically. The controls are arranged sensibly and work well – mostly intuitive. I do not find the trim quality offensive. It is not an Audi interior (another thread) but it appears well screwed (welded, snapped, glued) together and nothing strikes me as misaligned or mis-fitted. Overall build quality is acceptable to me. I have noticed no body / chassis flex and no squeaks or rattles - so far. There is no discernable wear on any surface inside the cabin.

    Outward visibility is excellent. The inside and outside mirrors are placed and sized nicely to allow me to deal with Hot-Lanta area (NUTS!) traffic.

    Could use improvement:

    I did have to have my trans. replaced. At approx. 6,000 miles. And others have reported issues.

    MPG. Certainly not bad, considering the power available, and how often I dip into it, but . .

    Wish list:

    If I wanted to replace this 2005 GXP with a similar vehicle, I’d want these items included.
    ( But I am aware that none will likely find their way into the FWD GXP. )

    Six speed automatic trans. ( Sad that the newly announced 6T75 will handle the [ old, FWD version of ] the 4.6 North* HP & TQ, but not the LS4’s. )

    Assuming the existing four speed automatic: Downshifts would be a bit more refined if the GXP had implemented the really trick ‘rev match on downshift’ that the Infiniti M45 Sport does have.

    An ‘uplevel’ interior, (at least optionally, now that the Bonneville is gone) with some higher quality materials, cooled as well as heated seats, an enhanced HUD with features like the Tachometer graphic included with the Corvette version. Some of the large plastic pieces (on the doors, for example) would look and feel better if done in a high quality fabric and / or leather.

    A tire pressure monitor that actually displays PSI for each tire.

    A power tilt & TELESCOPING steering wheel. With finer gradations.

    Larger fuel tank. 20 gal. would work for me.

    A longer standard warrantee???

    Another 50 HP & TQ. ( Just kidding . . )

    Bottom Line. For me, at that point in time (with GMS pricing: MSRP $33K, I paid $27K) this GXP was the ideal compromise for what I need – and what I want. There is no significant flaw – for me. And the value proposition is valid. Again - for me. A better overall performance \ luxury sedan would have cost me a bunch more.

    And one year after purchase, I see nothing in the price class that I think would be a better deal – for me.

    - Ray
    Happy Camper . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    Want to buy mine? Do you have room for two? Only kidding!! I too love the car, except for my hissing/humming which I, to be perfectly honest, don't even pay any attention to or even hear it anymore. But, the doors are cheap. They could have done a much better job for the price. On my 2002 Anniv. Ed. GTP, my doors were leather and beautiful. These doors need a lot of improvement. They could have at least put leather on the upper portion. I don't like the position of the TapShifts either. I wish you 15,000 more miles of good luck with your GXP. I have almost 12,000 miles on mine. I only keep my cars for 3 years, then trade them in or twice my brother took two of my GTP's for my nephew and then I buy a new car. I'll see what, if the Grand Prix GXP is still around, if I want it or I think maybe a Solara Convertible, but I have to see how fast it is after this car. Probably, not too fast though. Chats1
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    Well, I was quite seriously looking at the $50K - $55K ( MSRP ) sedan market when I heard the actual production specifications for the GXP. I was intrigued, and waited to drive one before making my decision.

    The GXP is ( clearly ) not, and does not pretend to be, a competitor in the $50K+ sedan class, in several aspects. Yet most $50K+ sedans, such as the AWD Audi A6 V8, the Jag S-Type (V8, but not ‘R’), Lexus GS430, BMW 530, Acura RL, MB E350, Caddy STS V8, etc. are not significantly quicker than the GXP. And I have no need or particular desire for AWD. RWD would be nice.

    The M45 Sport is the sole exception with respect to better acceleration, at this point.

    I will probably not replace my GXP with a newer Grand Prix.

    Come time for me to change again, in another 6 to 12 months ( more often than any sane person, I acknowledge ), I will likely look very closely at that $50K+ Sedan segment again.

    The BMW 5 series ** MAY ** be offered with the Twin Turbocharged 3.0L with 300 HP \ TQ by next Spring. If the interior & exterior styling is ( ahem ) toned down a bit, I might consider ED with my daughter. That would be a trip. So to speak . . I may even look at the BMW 3 series, if the Sedan received this motor as well as the Coupe.

    Volvo will introduce an S80, significantly updated & with a 300+ HP V8. Euro delivery again an option next Spring.

    The STS V8 will be available with a six speed automatic for 2007 – and the wider ratio spread in this trans. ought to allow improvements in both acceleration and real world cruise MPG. But unless the Caddy’s option group pricing is changed (by a lot) and \ or there is a $10K+ price reduction from MSRP “on the hood” when I am ready, the $60K+ price of the version I’d have to order may again eliminate that possibility. ( 1SG with K59 Adaptive Cruise & HUD and PCZ Performance Handling Pkg.) And questions like: Will an effective “rev match on downshift” be implemented with the new trans.? - will likely have to remain open until I am actually able to drive one.

    The A6 V8 is slated to receive more HP – and possibly more TQ for 2007. And better fuel mileage. Perhaps that will be enough to justify another test drive.

    It appears likely that the M45 will not offer substantial changes for MY 2007.

    We shall see.
    We truly do live in “interesting times” – automotive-ly, at least.
    - Ray
    Enjoying ** THIS ** drive, for now . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • rmozolrmozol Posts: 124
    I just got rid of my M45, a couple of months ago. Albeit that it was the older version, but it still had the same engine and drivetrain. The engine was a dog, for torque, next to the GXP. The best I could get in the 1/4 was 14.7 @ 95, even on nice cool days. I had to get it serviced/repaired over 20 times, in three years. This was for work and not oil changes either. They fought tooth and nail with me over brakes that chattered, grabbed, and shook the car violently. Not to mention two transmissions, and a tire pressure monitor that NEVER worked. Oh yeah, and the stereo and amp I had to add to get some bass too. The only things that I actually liked about it was the good mileage, windows down with key fob, and the cooled seats. The newer M45s have more convieniences, but I'll deal with it. I LOVE the GXP compared to the M45.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    I am truly sorry to hear of the bad experience you had with the previous gen. M45.

    I certainly do not mean to suggest that the GXP is “better” than the M45.
    I was referring here specifically to the fact that the new gen. M45 has been consistently tested and published by the print media as a fairly quick ( 4000#+ ) Sedan – Generally in the high 13s to very low 14s – at close to or over 100 MPH. It is the only one in the class (as I define it) that is quicker than the GXP.

    Quarter mile & 0 – 60 times clearly do not completely describe the driving experience of any car. But the acceleration feel I have with this GXP is something I do not want to give up next time around. I drove 3 new M45 Sports last year, and I believe the published acceleration numbers. The only two 2003 M45 tests I could find show ( MT ) 14.4 @ 96.3 and ( R&T ) 14.6 @ 97. MT’s test of the new M45 = 14.1 @ 98.8, and R&T = 13.8 @ 104. Point being, the new one is substantially quicker.

    One goal for my next automotive purchase is to (at least) match the acceleration of my GXP, and add an additional level of refinement & amenities. Without spending (quite all of) my daughter’s inheritance. The M45 has at least equal acceleration (partly a function of aggressive gearing) to the GXP, and availability of some additional items I’d find interesting & useful.

    I also found the new M45 Sport to be a fun car to drive. IMHO.

    - Ray
    Addicted to Fun!
    2016 BMW 340i
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    I am truly impressed. You really know a lot about cars. I have to have front wheel drive because of the snow and prefer a coupe over a sedan. This is my first sedan. What do you think of the Solara Convertible, honestly? Or, the Audi. I have heard the Audi's criticized. I wish that the Infiniti G35 Coupe would come in either front wheel drive or all-wheel drive. I don't like the sedan. I remember years ago Audi's had a lot of problems. Would winter tires help the G35 Coupe being its rear-wheel drive in the snow? I remember my brother had the original GTO (1965) and drove it in the snow with the stock tires and had no problems at all. I'm really impressed by your expertise!! Thanks.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    So many questions – most having little to do with the GXP . .

    First – if you are almost 2 years from trading \ buying, almost everything I could write here will definitely change in that time – by a little or by a lot.

    Generally, AWD is good when accelerating in nasty weather. Better in snow, sleet, even heavy rain than RWD. With appropriate tires. ( In real nasty, cold weather, UHP Summer tires will not work well with any number or position of the driving wheels . . )

    AWD does not help in stopping and any improvement in steady state cornering is typically marginal under any conditions. And AWD is not necessarily even better than an otherwise equivalent RWD, given that most AWD systems based on RWD (all the ones I am aware of) add weight, and typically add most or all of that weight to the front end of the vehicle. And this further adds to the typical front weight bias. AWD can aid in (um) enthusiastic corner exit acceleration.

    AWD would specifically be a help for the GXP in WOT launch conditions - even on dry pavement. Better allocation of traction and less Torque Steer would likely result.

    There have been AWD versions of the GP – but only prototypes, AFAIK. The difference in weight between the A4 FWD and AWD is over 150 pounds. Others (G35 Sedan, for example) add over 250 pounds with AWD. Not to mention the added complexity & mechanical drag. And an additional initial cost typically in the $2K range.

    The G35 Coupe may not be available with AWD for 2007. I have seen no indication that it will. But Infiniti has only released official information on the somewhat restyled G35 Sedan, thus far.

    As I mentioned earlier, the BMW 3 series coupe will have AWD, but on their 328 – not the 335 – at least initially. An AWD 335 coupe may come later. Perhaps as early as next Spring.

    I am not aware of a current Audi coupe available in the US, except the TT. Data I have seen suggest that generally Audi and most other German Sedans seem to have less than stellar reliability, compared to Japanese sedans. But that statement often seems to inflame many. Your experience may vary. And overall automotive reliability has improved significantly over the past several years.

    One fairly current comparison of AWD cars w/discussion of RWD and snow tires: - =10

    Another is in the April 2004 issue of Automobile – starting on page 78. RWD and FWD based AWD systems tested. I don’t see it on line, but the local Library may have a copy.

    In my opinion, snow tires (4) are really the only safe way to deal with what I’d call “significant snow”. And I spent a long time living in New Hampshire. Relatively narrow all-seasons and FWD or AWD will likely deal reasonable well with most typical conditions south of Vermont, NH, Maine and upstate NY (on the eastern seaboard). When I thought I would likely have to move back to New Hampshire (family concerns) I did buy a 2002 Passat W8 AWD Sedan. With reasonable tires, I think it would have been a fine compromise for those conditions.

    The Solara is not on my radar. My feeling on such coupes is that: If I have a back seat and expect any adult to ever ride there, I want a door for them as well. Just one of my quirks. ( There are sooooo many. ) And: The last Quarter Mile time I recall for the Solara V6 was around 15 flat. Not slow, of course, but not quick enough to interest me at this point.

    Good luck finding a FWD (or AWD) coupe as quick as the GXP! In 2 years, they may be everywhere! Rumors abound . .

    - Ray
    Happy with the GXP’s coupe-ish profile & 4 doors . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    You're great. Thanks very much for the info.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're very welcome, sgtslate.

    Prices Paid Forums
  • Could you give me an idea of what a monthly lease rate would be for a new 2005 Pontiac Vibe with a MSRP of $17,130 and a selling price of $16,600? Thank you!
  • hduck1hduck1 Posts: 19
    Been looking at an 06 GXP with a sticker of 32,5k. Has all the options including the DVD navigation system. Lowest price I can get out of the dealer is 30k drive out. I tried to use the depreciation game with him saying that soon the next year will be out and my car would be a year old. He said the incentives that GM had are gone but would still honot the 30k price. You would think that GM would be pricing to move with the new ones on the way. Maybe I SHOULD WAIT. When are the next ones supposed to come out?
  • Hmmh, I bought mine in March and had the $2K rebate topoff from GM card, plus $500 auto show discount. The sticker was $31 and I offered invoice plus $200 then rebates, so adding tint I got it for $26,600. The GXPs were/are not selling the DFW area, got a good dealer to deal (Sewell). We just spent time dickering about my trade. Also got 2.9%/36 month interest. Shop around you should get better than $30K. Mine was loaded minus the DVD/Nav.

    Good luck,
    Love the car
  • hduck1hduck1 Posts: 19
    Thanks Gary. I'm down here in the Houston area. I forgot how much fun car buying can be! I've ordered consumer reports pricing to have something in hand to dicker on the real price. I figured it might be $15 well spent. Might be better to wait for the 07 model. Still can't understand how GM would take away the incentives at the end of the model year (I had this verified by a friend at another dealership as being genuine). Strangely enough GM has one incentive for owners of non-GM cars. So much for the loyal customers. By the way, the 30k was a driveout cost.
  • Here is the email of the salesman he was great. We figured the deal over the phone, I lived about 45 miles from the dealer. Here is there web site.

    Give him an email. Current offers according to pontiac for the south central is $1500 rebate or 0% financing. Did the dealer mention the $1500 rebate, or just applying it to the $32K sticker?

    Good luck, love the car, it is comfortable, nice gadgets, great fun accel and handling, plus not bad mpg for a hwy drive.


    AKA Edmunds numbers were right on. Also there are some no fee buying services as well.
  • hduck1hduck1 Posts: 19
    thanks again Gary. The $1500 is coming off the sticker. I think it would be easier to buy a house! I'm going to wait for the report from consumers to come in (since I have already ordered it) and then I'm going to drop your friend a line
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    You might also try shopping your local dealers via the internet and/or you can use GM Buypower, Edmunds sites to get offers from the dealers. That way you don't waste a lot of time at the dealer. Some try to bait you in and then hit you up for extras... but I've found getting the total offer (price plus any license fees, taxes etc...) in writing (email) and then prearrange financing at a CU/Bank.
    If it looks like a go, then you can confirm over the phone before going for the test drive.
    If they still try to fool you after you get there, at least you can waive the email in the Sales Managers face and lodge a complaint with your local BBB or State Attorney General's office.
  • hduck1hduck1 Posts: 19
    I have tried the internet and GMbuyer net. The dealer that has the GXP replied to my GXP request with a basic GP model offer. I emailed him back asking him about a GXP and have been ignored since. Quite frustrating. I think they can smell blood and don't want to make any offer on the GXP. Ive noticed on another dealers site that he now has 07 GPs (albeit the basic model) hopefully the GXPs will be soon to flow
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