Battery light, brake light svc engine light, key fob light comes on when idling

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I have an 08 Infiniti g35x and end of last summer had to put a new alternator and then a new battery in the car. Ive had the car for approx 5 yrs and it's been a great car. I have an aftermarket amp and an aftermarket sub which has been in the car for yrs. I recently changed out my spark plugs to platinum tip plugs due to mileage and necessary maintenance. . Since the new plugs were installed my battery light and brake lights come on if I run the air or sit and idle for a few minutes. I went to autozone (2-3 times) and they say everything tests as working fine. i go out in the morning and put a meter on its 12.35v. I start it and while idling usually 14.4 or close. If I test when battery light is flickering its like 11.3v. I drive home with light on and test in morning its 12.5v??? Battery seems fine, alternator was bought of line as rebuilt new, belt seems tight etc. I've taken the two ground bolts on top of engine under plastic cover, and cleaned, polished with dremel wheel.If batterry light is on for a while and stereo turned off , it pops or feedsback through speakers, or window switches humms through speakers...I 've never had these problems idling, and stereo has been installed for yrs, help....


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