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ford250ford250 Posts: 25
edited March 2014 in Dodge
I would like to know what kind of fuel economy you
owners are getting with any of these engines in
your truck thanks.


  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    Check post #10 in Topic #1943...
  • ahasherahasher Posts: 236
    ford250 - My latest MPG update: 4400 miles on my QC SLT+ 4.7, 3.92, T&H package, K&N air filter, tonneau, about 75% highway, 25% moderate city, A/C on most of the time (New Orleans area..and it's been HOT!!) and the occasional lead foot to keep my ego happy with that 4.7. MPG after yesterdays fillup: 18.1 MPG no complaints here...
  • ahasherahasher Posts: 236
    Sorry.. I left this out: 2WD with the Automatic.
  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    Check topic #1943 post #18...
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Just turned 1,900 miles. 4.7, 5 sp, LSD, T&H package, stock air filter and exhaust system. I'm getting 15+ to 17+ with most driving going to and from work 6-7 miles each way.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Spike, you're doink okay, considering that your terrain is not anywhere as flat as we experience in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. Actually, you run a short distance that does not provide the opportunity for the engine to warm and stabalize along with the inertia created during longer runs.

  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    I've burnt out a lot of mufflers this way not getting everything hot enough to be above the condensation temperature of sulfur acid. I figure I'll get to put on a Flowmaster, Gibson, etc. sooner.
  • adelucaadeluca Posts: 1
    I have been getting 12 in the city and about 16 to 18 on the highway. (Most of my driving is city) I am quite disappointed with the 12 MPG I am getting in the city... I try to drive it lightly..
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Tony, your milege report does not reflect on two important aspects. 2WD or 4WD? Also, the ratio of your differential, 3.55 or 3.92. Another consideration would be the amount of miles on the odometer. For city driving, 12 MPG with 4WD and a 3.92 in Western, PA (hilly terrain) does not sound
    as if it were "out of the question." As you put more miles on your vehicle, it will tend to improve. The reason I am using the 3.92 as an example, is because many times if a dealer orders one with a towing package, they will opt for that ratio to assure maximum capacity. I would be curious to learn the other facts as regards your truck. Tony, if you have not done so, go to the owner's club section of Edmunds for Dodge Dakota and sign up as a member. There are a great number of people there to help out with information, advice, etc.

  • sambone1sambone1 Posts: 5
    I am now working on the third tank with about 600 miles on a 4.7, 2wd, 5 speed, 3.55, QC. The overhead computer is showing 15.2 average mpg. (and still climbing) Best I can figure I'm getting about 13/14 city - 19/20 hwy.

    PS - I don't think the AC has been turned off yet.
  • jones27jones27 Posts: 42
    Just put 1500 miles on the truck during vacation driving from east central illinois to Little Rock, AR. I had two bikes mounted on a rack on the trailer hitch. I got 15 mpg on the way to Arkansas and 18.7 on the way back. It is 500 miles of flat highway, but I-40 between Memphis and Little Rock has a ton a truck traffic so you can't use your cruise. Without the bikes mounted on the trailer hitch, I averaged about 19-20mpg. Wish it was better, but I'm not complaiing too much. The truck now has 6,300 miles on it.

    Bought gas for $1.40 per gallon at Sam's Club in North Little Rock. Haven't seen that price since April here in Illinois!
  • pttaylorpttaylor Posts: 34
    I run a nightly delivery route with this vehicle configuration and get right at 13 MPG on the 35 mile route. I've never seen this truck get over 16 MPG. Really very disapointing.
  • bja4bja4 Posts: 67
    Club cab Sport with 3.92, 4.7L, 5 spd.,4x4, T+H package, 1800 lbs. package, and cruse. I can get 17+ mpg on average with both city/highway driving (empty). I can get 15+ mpg with a 1400 lbs. NothStar slide-in pop-up camper at 70 mph. on the highway. I usually tow a small boat (700 lbs.) when I have the camper on the truck. I get better mpg the slower I drive. Wind kills the mpg. with the camper on the truck. I once went up to Walden, Colo. and got 17+ mpg., but the never went over 55 mph.
  • resqmanresqman Posts: 71
    '00 Dakota Quad Cab, 4.7, 3.55, auto, lsd, tire & handling, HD service, tow package, A/C, cab height bed cap.

    Took a road trip last week, 1800 miles round trip from North Carolina to Upstate New York. 2 adults, 2 kids, weeks luggage and supplies. 75 mph using cruise control most of the way. 17.9 hwy. 13-14 mpg city.

    Started trip with 1800 miles on the truck, ended with 3600. Three weeks ago took a 1000 mile round trip from North Carolina to Atlanta Ga. Got two more 500 mile round trips scheduled for next week. 5000 miles in six weeks. Tough first month for the new truck. Hope to settle down soon to a much more common 1000-1200 miles a month.
  • bfergbferg Posts: 2
    '99 2WD reg. cab, 3.9, 3.55 gears, auto. tranny, A/C 95% of the time, no cruise control, 75% highway driving (16 miles each way to work), 26,000 miles. Averaging 17.5-20.7 MPG.
  • bfergbferg Posts: 2
    The MPG has gone up about .5-.75 MPG with the Continental Mark V high wedge fiberglass cap over what I was getting with the tonneau cover I put on when I bought it new 10/1/98.
  • '00 4WD QC, 4.7, 3.55, Auto, LSD, 4000 miles, mostly city driving, 12 mpg. I am very disappointed in my gas mileage. The sticker said 15 city - 19 hwy. I thought I would do better than that. Houston is flat, no hills. Put K&N filter and Flowmaster exhaust. Little or no effect on mpg. Took hwy trip this weekend for 170 miles at 70 mph got 17.5 mpg on computer but I usually like to drive 75 or 80 mph on hwy. RPM at 70 over 2100(?). My wife's '00 Suburban, 2WD, 3.73 does about 1800 or 1900 RPM at 70 mph. I don't get it. I had '95 GMC Z71, 4WD, 5.7, 3.73, LSD (much heavier) and got 2-3 mpg better in city and hwy. I like the truck but don't understand 12 mpg in the city. I usually ease along with no quick accel.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Have the 4.7 L, 5 sp, 3.55 rear end, T&H group (31x10.5 15's), soft tonneau cover, and routinely drive 8 miles to and 8 miles from work in south central PA. Took delivery on May 4 and just recently passed the 3,000 mile mark running on 87 octane stuff. First oil change was around 2,800. Plan to go to Mobil 1 (oil and filter) with next change at about the 6,000 mark.

    My most frequent mpg's are between 15.3 to 15.8. My range to date has been from a low of 15.3 to 17.9 mpg.
  • snowedinsnowedin Posts: 58
    in my 4.7L, 5 sp, 3.55 lsd, T&H group, 4x4 with 5,500 mi. was after a 300 (highway) mile trip consistently staying below 70mph earning me 18.5mpg.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    I guess I forgot to also say that I have a 4x4 Quad.
  • pamaro1pamaro1 Posts: 2
    I'm considering buying a Dakota quad cab V6 automatic, but I'm really concerned about the gas mileage.
    For every bad review I also see a good one. What is the real deal? I live in Houston. I will not be towing. What are your comments? and are you happy about the mileage your getting?
    Please advise.....Thanks
  • pamaro1pamaro1 Posts: 2
    I'm considering buying a Dakota quad cab V6 automatic. The perception I have from reading all these comments is the transmission is suspect to problems and failures.
    Should this stop me from buying? Should I be worried?
    What has been your experience?
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    You note that you're thinking about the V-6. Besides being an "old design" engine (a cut down version of the 318 cu. in), the V-6 is mated to an "old design" automatic transmission (or a manual trans). The only V-6/Auto problems I've seen in these forums has been due to towing while in overdrive (4th gear). The gas mileage being the same or less than the new 4.7L V-8 has also been noted probably because with less horsepower many have gone with the 3.92 rear end rather than the 3.55.

    All of the commotion has been about the new "multi-speed" computer controlled automatic that can be mated to the 4.7L V-8. Both the 4.7L and the Multi-speed's computer modules "learn" your driving style and this seems to have been a source of "new-owner anxiety" where its not acting like you think it should and the slipping does eat into the gas mileage. Also, there have been some serious problems where the transmissions have failed or are starting to sound like they will.

    I have a 4x4 Quad with the 4.7L and a 5 sp. manual transmission. The window sticker stated that the gas mileage is better than the V-6 set-up but this all depends on how heavy one's foot is. I can't remember seeing anyone posting about manual transmission problems and to date mine (trans and clutch) has performed well. I figure I've gotten the best engine and the best transmission in the best truck.

    I chose the Quad because it had more internal room for stuff I want to lock up and being a boy scout leader I'm also hauling kids somewhere. Although the bed is smaller than the Club Cab, I'm only hauling stone, bushes, etc. for around the house and a dead deer if I'm lucky during the hunting seasons.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    If I were you in Houston (I'm in Midland - similar flat terrain, but arid climate) and were simply worrying about ecaonomy or the new autos, I'd opt for the manual tranny with the V-6; the auto or the manual w/ the 4.7 engine. Why? The V-6 auto tranny in the 01's and up will have the same multi-spd unit that the 00's had with the 4.7's. So unless you get a leftover 00, you'll get the same auto I got w/ my 00 4.7. And it seems you're overly concerned about reliablilty, which is simply NOT the case. Personally, I can't imagine buying the V-6, and I was facing your same dilemma back in Oct. I chose the auto/4.7 combo because I've driven Porsches for about 15 years, and as good as they are (the very best on Earth), I'm SICK of shifting. Especially ANY vehicle that costs over 20k. And I still want some decent power, and in my extensive vehicle testing the 4.7 beat everything (and I mean everything) on the market. Plus, I've found manuals hurt resale a bunch out here. Nobody, it seems, wants to shift any more than they have to; and for 20k+, they just don't seem to have to.

    The power contest 'isn't,' as the 4.7 is the best of the best. As for mpg penalties, just keep your foot out of it and the 4.7 (even w/ auto) will get high teens - maybe 20-21 at 65mph or less. The low-end mpg should be in the mid-teens around town. I'd guess you'd average about 16.5-18 in Houston with that combo; with the V-6 manual you'd probably beat that by 1-2 mpg, and simply not have as much fun, AND have a real resale monster on your hands in a few years. So it's probably a false economy over time.

    Get the 4.7 with a manual or the auto - there's a a very good reason most of us do/did. ;-)

    I've got 22k HARD miles on mine now - no problems except a blown relay - the 4.7/auto tranny is an exceptional combo I'd not hesitate to buy again. my mpg keeps creeping upwards - now about 16 city / 19 hwy average. My window sticker says 15/ 20. Not bad, and it gets better as I learn to stay out of the throttle, letting my powerband stay 'rich.'
  • resqmanresqman Posts: 71
    I have the 4.7 with auto, lsd, t&h, hd service group. Took a 500 mile road trip one week ago. 17.9 mpg @ 70-75 mph. Yesterday took the same trip, same roads, same load, similar weather. Only difference was I installed a K&N drop in air filter (33-2084) on Thursday. Yesterdays milage was 18.4 mpg @ 70-75 mph. .5 mpg increase by changing air filters.

    Hit 5000 miles on the vehicle yesterday. Milage has been creeping up with every tankfull. Hope that never ends.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I have noted that too. My 4.7 would NEVER get to 200 miles at 1/2 a tank for the first 4-6K miles. Now with 12K miles on it, I ALWAYS hit 200 miles by 1/2 tank.

    My last fillup was after 320 miles on ONE TANK of fuel. (I have the smaller tank)

    PS: I realize thes numbers are not the 'standard' MPG readings but they are my 'seat of the pants' measurements I can perform on-the-fly. My RELATIVE readings at each fillup keep getting better.
  • I have been looking real hard at a new dodge Dakota(4X4,AUTO,oh heck pretty much all the options) Any advice or pointers from current owners would be appreciated. Thanks much.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Tim,I own a 2000 Dodge Dakota 4X4 Quad Cab with the 4.7 and a 5 speed. My truck has the 3.55 limited differential (rear), skid plates, block heater, tow package,Heavy Duty Service, 6X9 power mirrors, SLT, SLT+, tire and handling group, overhead convenience group, ad infinitum. I recommend the 4.7, especially with an automatic. If you are not going to be towing a heavy trailer constantly, I would opt for the 3.55 ratio rears with LSD. Skid plates are nice to have especially if you off-road and in deep snow or mud. I don't personally care for all wheel ABS, power or bucket seats, and a radio upgrade would be a waste of money for me in particular. It is a great truck and you would do well to join in at the Dakota Owners Club, listed under conferences. There is a window on the left margin labeled conferences, click on the scroll arrow, and then on "Owners Clubs" and scroll down to Dakota. We welcome you, and you will find friendly, unchallenging and knowledgeable people there who are willing to answer questions and offer advice. Did you know, that there is a $500.00 discount available to Farm Bureau members, and we can show you how to join. Hope to see you there.

  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    My 01 is getting better with each fillup. 15.0 first tank, 15.6 second tank and 16.2 last fill. $.7 w/A & 3.92 lsd. The engine and transmssion are as smooth as silk.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    We just got back from a 350 mile trip, first half was steady 55mph with the windows open, got a high of 21.7 mpg on the computer display. Drove 50 miles or so in city stop and go, return trip was on the interstate. Steady 65mph with the air conditioning on. Overall mileage for trip turned out to be 20.5 mpg. 4.7L 2wd 5 speed 3.55 rear. Rick.
    P.S. first time it broke 20 mpg, now has 4,200 miles.
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