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edited May 2019 in Buick
We have replaced brakes pads, rotors, hub assembly and have the issue with warning lights. At first, I only had pulsating when driving under 10 mph coming to a stop. Then the popping and pulsating noise got louder and more often. No lights and no codes. The other day I was stopped at a stop light and when I took off, slowly, my traction active light came on, then anti-lock and trac off warning came on as I crossed the road. Now those two warning lights along with my service traction control soon are on every time. It didn't start until we replaced the Hub assembly, so we thought they might be bad, so we are going to have them replaced again since under warranty. Should we also look into replacing wiring harness? It has been a garage kept vehicle until about a year ago. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not, but has 153k on it.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    You should get codes when the lights are on.
  • pepketchpepketch Member Posts: 1
    so I drive my car for about a half hour shifts great then all of a sudden it has no drive I rev it up still wont go in gear drop it in 3rd and it revs up.not till I get out of it .let it cool off all night .I can get back in it it does the same thing.also the track off light stays on abs light stays on.service engine stays on.dont think track button even works..I do remember evening it up and it like jumped and wheels kicked in but went out again .06 rent buick.can anyone help
  • HermyKiviojaHermyKivioja Member Posts: 2
    I had a problem with a “low washer fluid” warning light in my 2012 Lacrosse.
  • HermyKiviojaHermyKivioja Member Posts: 2

    I had a problem with a “low washer fluid” warning light in my 2012 Lacrosse.

    The light would go off when I hit one of the DIC buttons, but the problem happened every time I started the car. Disconnecting the battery didn’t help either. At a dealership, they emptied the reservoir for washer fluid and blew through the tube at its bottom. That fixed the problem. As compensation, they installed a LED light strip I had previously bought at www.vont.com in my rear windshield for free.
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