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New Scion xB Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • It sounds like your dealer crossed some wires while installing the Cruise Control.
    The OEM tires really stink...I replaced mine with Yokohama Avid TRZ's. Now it drives and handles very well in the rain.
    I really hope all turns out well for you.
  • The dealership (or whoever installed the cruise) certainly is the culprit. Have you been installing accessories on your own? The wiring is messed up, that's why the fuse blew the 1st time. It sounds like they tapped into the lighter wire and when that caused problems, they tapped into another area, and now you may have a ground problem. Why do you keep taking it to the same dealer? Go to another dealer and describe the problems. It sounds like your dealer fixes electrical issues by using a "bigger hammer."

    Also the ride in the back is stiff because your rear seat passengers are literally sitting on top of the rear wheels. Go to Sears and buy a set of Monroe Sensatrac shocks and install them yourself. Cost: about $50 on sale. It takes about 20 minutes to install with simple hand tools. The Monroe's ride softer and are better for rear riders. There are many posts on this site with directions on how to change the shocks.

    The tires will last about 35k miles with proper inflation and rotation but they're pretty cheap. Read the other posts under "tires and wheels" to find out what works on others XB's I changed mine to Falken Ziex 512's in 195 60 15 and noticed a huge improvement. I have 54,000 on my 2005 TCM and have made the above changes and am pleased with the outcome. Good luck.
  • Good info on the shocks, thanks. I have put 12,000 mi. on my xB since getting it used w/ 44,000 on it. The new TRZ's work well and add a quieter and softer ride with better steering response.
    Have thought about installing an infrared cruise system, but @ $200+, haven't justified the expense.
  • I recently had the same thing happen to my 2006 xB -- automatic transmission, no cruise control. It seems to go on and off every few days. My mechanic (whom I trust) says he believes it's related to the oxygen sensor passing bad data to the car but before I buy a new sensor (there's apparently a new part number available), I was wondering if you'd let me know how your problem was resolved?!?!
  • I've had my xB for almost a year. That station-changing problem occured on a large number of radios due to a manufacturing defect, a service bulletin was put out on it, and dealers replaced the radios. At the height of the problem, new radios were in short supply.
    Somewhere in doing two radio installs and a cruise control install, your dealer must have shorted something to cause the electrical problems.
    I use the cigarette lighter to charge my cell phone on trips, and it does not blow the fuse.
    In the first week I replaced my rear shocks with SensaTracs, in the driveway in 30 minutes, and the ride became smooth.
    I have stock tires and have not noticed any problem in heavy rain on the Interstate up to 70 mph. Maybe toward the end of their tread life they will not be so good in water.
  • I bought my 06 XB last March, loved it, but just in the last 6 months, I have got rattles and creaks all through the vehicle, you would swear this vehicle is 10 years old half the time, took it in to the dealership, and isn't it just amazing they didn't hear a thing. Monday my windshield got hit by a rock, wednesday on the way to work ( only 7 miles away) I watched this crack increase in size by 4 inches. The only place here inthe Salt Lake Valley to replace the windshield is the dealer, at a cost of &505.18. I am not that happy little camper anymore. And to top this off, my climate controls arn't matched up with the settings! :(
  • Got my 'O6 Manual xB last March and have been lucky. Not a thing to complain about in 11,000 miles. Still smells new, and is so much fun to drive.
  • After a few more weeks of driving on the new intake, with the lights turning on and off at unpredictable intervals, they have now been off for a solid month. I'm assuming the sensor adjusted to the new mixture or something... Anyway, back to normal!
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    I had the dash lights on my '05 xB light up like a Christmas Tree as well. It was pretty scary because I was on my way up the local canyon in the middle of a snowstorm and didn't want to get stuck. I took it to the dealer and they told me there was a service bulletin on this particular issue. Continuing to drive the vehicle was not a problem and they ordered parts and had them in within a week. They did the required service, installed the parts under factory warranty and I was off and running no worse for the wear. Your results may vary depending on the dealer you have service your vehicle.

    I bought my xB used for a vendor that is not affiliated with any dealership. I have brought my xB into the local dealership to do a few repairs since I got it but they have been small and minor and have not kept me out of having fun driving my xB and having a blast doing it. I am now modifying my box to fit my style and it is great. There are a lot of owner groups out there that are very knowledgable about the box and can typically help through any problem.
  • rovertonroverton Posts: 20
    Just picked it on on Friday and too a 324 mile trip for a mpg of 30.1.
    This baby rides smooooth and without wind noise. Another reason for liking this is when hitting bumps on the road it is smooth compared to other vechiles driven.
    The only complaints are:
    - No arm rest for the passenger
    - For the driver, the left arm has no where to rest logically as the bottom of the window is to high and the area where the button are is too low. Otherwise this is a great buy.
    -The backseat room is great.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter would like to get consumer feedback on the redesigned Scion xB. You do not have to be an owner to respond. Please respond to no later than June 1, 2007 with your daytime contact information

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  • i have had my xb now for a week and i couldnt be happier! this little box is a head turner! :shades: i like the new body style - it is a little more rounded but still has that great box style! the color i chose is blackberry crush and what a color ;) in full sun it looks like a dark brownish then you get the red metallic flecks shine through! i added a rear spoiler, rear bumper protector, led underdash and cupholders, illuminated door sill enhancements, mats - front and rear, exhaust tip and it is now at the body shop getting a power sunroof! i am in my late 30's and have 2 kids but when i drive this awesome car i feel like i did in my cruisin days! what a fun ride :D
    i am getting better than expected gas mileage (average to date: 30mpg city/highway) and the ride is quiet and smooth! i went from a luxury sedan to this and the ride is equal if not better imo. i took myself, my friend, her 2 children and my 2 children on a weekend trip and we was all very comfortable! obviously i cant say enough about my cool new ride! :shades:
  • So how did you squueze 2 adults and 4 children in the XB? 4 kids in the rear seat were comfortable?
  • lol not as hard as it sounds! the xb has tons of room! i was driving (obviously) my son sat in the front seat (he is disabled) my friend, her son (9 yrs), her daughter (11) and my daughter (12) was in the back seat and they was not crammed! if you have kids or around kids in a car on a trip; if they are the least uncomfortable you will hear about it! i didnt get one complaint on the whole trip! but the portable dvd players and mp3's didnt hurt either! ;)
  • Well, They must've been sufficiently distracted to not notice that they were cramped. I have an '05 XB and I drove 10 hours with an 18, 16, and 11 year old in the rear. They didn't complain either but they were only 3 deep. I'm looking at the '08's and still not too overwhelmed by the new design. How is the MPG on your 08?
  • Just took my first trip in my 08 xB and I am very satisfied with my mileage. On the freeway doing 70/73 mph I managed to get 32 mph. My city mpg is 26 mpg. Now, I only have 700 miles on it, however I am pleased with this cars mileage.

    Your mileage may vary depending on how you drive and what the traffic is like in your city.
  • my mileage so far is staying at the 30 mpg. i use 87 octane but i am going to try a higher octane and compare on my next fill up. we live in a rural area so i put a lot of "highway" miles on my xb. we live about 45 min away from the "big" cities. i just hit my 1500 mile mark this weekend. still lovin the ride! :shades:

    good luck with your new xb!
  • Im sorry but no color beats White! It's sleek and receive many looks. I do have a few plaints about it tho... for instance when it rains all the water on the roof seems to always head for the open drivers window and gets all over the door panel inside. I donrt want them water guards, they're ugly looking.
    As for bumps.. the ride could be better. The ipod touch hooked up is a good deal... no more cd's. Other than a fresh cracked windshield from Mr. Pebble i'm content for now. This will be my first new car and first winter coming from a 91 ford e250 cargo. I sometimes cant take the helicopter sound/feeling without rolling down all windows. kills my ears when that happens. I'd give the car a 9.5. Also just learned today that Ford is releasing the Flex next summer. It looks hideous and we'll probably see it all over. See thats another reason why I chose this Scion. No one around my area has the same car, in White. Many tC's and few xA's but hardly any xB's, especially the newer models. For fun, I like to park next to the older model xB's and get a chuckle of the differences between the 2. One time a person w/ a 06 white xb left me a note on my windshield saying... "Very Funny". Well thats my story... I love it. Check out the xD when you get a chance. Make sure to look at iut in WHite also. No other color works for scions.
  • wapswaps Posts: 19
    Bought my new xb 8 Feb 08 after looking at cars for well over a month. Lots of room, plenty of power. Very happy I own one. 22 thousand seems like a lot to pay and some of you will say I'm nuts. Fully loaded is worth every penny to me. Last 100 mile trip. 33.2 mpg. Yahoo.
  • srocks4srocks4 Posts: 13
    I bought my '05 box new and love it, still. But no longer got 34-36 all around (80highway/20city) since taking it to SF Toyota for the oil change. Started to get 20-24 after leaving their shop. They told gave me different reasons of the "normal" cause the winter gasoline, the a/c probably causing it, blah, blah, short of telling the BS, told them I've drivin it for 2+ years and mpg range 32-38mpg and never 20-24mpg.
    Told them the problem started after taking the car home from their shop, they rechecked. Turns out they tighten my handbrake so hard that the parking brakes were rubbing as I drove, they said they fixed it but I still got the crummy 20-24 MPG with the same driving. Took it back 3 times and the best I can get now is 28-30 with the same type of driving. So freakin, disappointed. :mad:
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter with a large national newspaper is interested in talking with new owners of the Scion xB. If you recently purchased this vehicle, please contact Chintan Talati at no later than Monday, May 12.

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  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    My wife just took delivery of an 08 xB with the manual transmission. Everything is fine but there is one annoyance, and hopefully not a future problem. When driving in 5th gear (50 mph and above), the shifter has a slight vibration when the throttle is pushed down. The buzz goes away when you let the foot off the gas. I don't feel anything other symptoms of this other than in the shifter vibration. Does anyone have a similar experience? I will have to bring this in and let the dealer know in case there is a transmission issue down the road.
  • How much oil did the tech refill your XB with? Some owners have reported significatntly lower mpg with oil overfills. The owners manual states that 3.7 quarts are requried but some techs don't measure too closely and overfill it. I've never redeemed my 3 free oil changes from Scion as I don't trust the oil change techs. Over fill is said to reduce mpg as well as the wrong oil viscosity. Check your dipstick and drain if overfilled. Also try synthetic oil, new air filter and make sure tire pressure is at 32 psi. I do my own oil changes with 5/30 full synthetic oil every 5000 miles and consistantly run 32-34 mpg on my 2005 XB wth automatic at speeds up to 80 mph. I'm at 83,000 miles now and it still runs great. I've had 2 people in the last week ask me if I wanted to sell it. One was driving a Tahoe and the other an F-150, and both said their fillups are now over $100 a pop. Good luck.
  • eileenveileenv Posts: 2
    I have had my 2005 Scion for almost two years. My back windshield has broken three times. I have it parked on the street in front of my house and dont know if someone is breaking it, or if it is breaking for some other reason.

    I have lived in this house, this neighborhood for 22 years and have never had a problem with our cars being broken into, etc. I have my husband's car parked out front, and my two sons have their cars parked on the side also. It is just my car getting a broken back windshield about every three months it seems lately. No other cars in the neighborhood so, of couse, the Police think I have some enemies. But I tried to explain to them 22 years here and never a problem until I get this car. I fact I don't think I have EVER called the Police to my house before this started.

    Has anyone heard of this problem before. I have seen the faulty FRONT windshield, but could it be the back too.

    As of tonight we are going to have to put the car in the garage because now I am afraid my car insurance will cancel my glass coverage and then I will be really out of luck.
  • debatingdebating Posts: 14
    I'm retired, but I deliver part time for a florist. She bought an XB in late '05 (at my suggestion). It now has nearly 70000 miles. Multiple drivers, it gets flogged pretty hard in stop in stop and go delivery. It has had one ignition coil go bad, and a damaged gas cap, in addition to routine maintenance.
    I've been intrigued by the '08, not by the looks though. My wife and I are car searching. Looked at other Honda models, Toyotas, Subaru. Want to look at a Mazda3 5 door yet. Finally tried the '08 XB today. I like it, they are practicle. Roomy, utilitartian. Economical to buy and operate.
    They had a blackberry crush we very likely would have bought today until they mentioned our trade in value. Lets just say it was half the Kelly blue book listed price. We left.
    Can you do better on an internet search? I could try to sell my trade in privately.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    whats your trade? big gas guzzlesr are hurting at trade in right now book value this month is a lot less that what it wass last month
  • debatingdebating Posts: 14
    It's a Maxima, premium is the biggest hit against it. Doesn't do bad on the highway, in town another matter.
  • lspringerlspringer Posts: 1
    My only complaints: :confuse:

    -Flap at the bottom of the back seat (when folded down) makes it difficult to slide large cargo in without lifting it a bit at that point so it doesn't get caught.
    -Window ledge way to high to rest arm on comfortably, door ledge too low.
    -The scrolling takes forever on the Pioneer radio's iPod feature.
    -Very small center mirror (says my fiance, but I have no real problem with it)
    -No passenger arm rest.
    -Seat not very raiseable
    -At least one back window must be open when the front ones are or there's an extremely annoying vibration sound.. If there are any bags in the back though, I obviously can't open the back windows without there being the swooshing/crinkling sound of shopping bags.

    Praise! :blush:
    -Copious amounts of cup holders
    -Outer trunk button
    -Very quick car cool down for a black/black wagon in Florida summer heat
    -Ipod and aux collecters
    -Pioneer Radio
    -Stereo system
    -High quality standard subs
    -First Aid kit comes with car
    -Overall outer and inner design
    -Lots of space
    -Drives smoothly; good mileage
    -Very strong exterior... I was already rear-ended at a stop sign by a woman whose "foot slipped off the breaks, oops".. But when the car was looked over, not a scratch of paint or a dent.. Excellent! :D

    In conclusion, my complaints are pretty minor except for the window vibration... I love the car and greatly enjoy it though. I wouldn't trade it for anything else on the market. I'm going to enjoy customizing it as well. Car gets a 9/10 for the window problem, but everything else makes up for that. :)
  • kelmackkelmack Posts: 1
    I purchased the 2009 Stingray Metallic XB. I was coming from a Suburban which I have driven since 2001. I had planned to drive it till it died, since it was paid off. I totalled the vehicle a few weeks ago, therefore I had to find a car quick. I did lots of research on the XB and it is a winner! I love this car. I have very long legs and it has tons of leg room, lay those seats down, and I have hauling capacity. Great gas mileage!! coming from about 15mpg with the suburban. I added the spoiler, and leather and I am very please. I agree about not having a passenger arm rest. That is kind of a weird thing to leave off? But other than that, I love this car and plan to drive it for a long time. :)
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    I was looking at the rear wiper on my wife's new xB the other day and notice it's not possible to pull it back enough to take the blade off. I did some cursory search on Google and on one of the Scion bulletin boards someone mentioning that this is a dealer job. Are you kidding me? There's nothing in the owner's manual about replacement of the wiper blades. The windshield blades look different than what I'm used to, but it looks like it can be done. Anyone have any experience replacing both the front and rear blades?
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