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New Scion xB Owners - Give Us Your Report

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  • lazlo3lazlo3 Posts: 6
    I just bought a silver xB, loaded with almost everything including the alloy wheels from the xa and leather seats. The dealership had these installed for me by some aftermarket shop. The bill came to 19,000.
    It is a great car, I am very happy with it. This car will definitely be a sleeper hit like the matrix.
    Everyone turns and stares!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Loaded, for 19k? That sounds pretty good!

    I haven't seen one around here yet. Please keep us posted as you get it broken in.

    Any other new owners lurking out there?

    Steve, Host
  • $19,000!?!?!?!! $5000 worth of options? That sounds like it really is LOADED!!! What happen to the $14,000 base price??? I thought these cars were supposed to come fairly well equiped to begin with. Leather, alloy wheels, well that explains some of the option $$$$. But 19K for a Scion?? That seems a little steep and possibly defeats the entry level youth market strategy. You could get a Matrix for that kind of money, a Protege5 with its expensive Dunlop tires, maybe even a Honda element for that matter..... I priced an XB on the Scion web site for about 15K, which seems a little more reasonable. But 19K for a Scion??

    Anybody else bought one yet. Please post your opinions for us non-California, what's it like!
  • lazlo3lazlo3 Posts: 6
    I have had mine for a few weeks now, and so far I am delighted with the car. It is everything I needed, inexpensive, and practical, yet with an incredible fun factor. I turn more heads than a $100,000 Porsche or a Hummer. There are crowds of people surrounding it when I park to buy groceries! I usually wait at a distance until everyone goes away before I approach it.
    I have several hundred miles on it, and it has performed flawlessly.
    My wife loves it too, we have a 6 month old baby in a rear-facing carrier in the middle of the back seat. THis works well.
    There is more room in it than in my 99 4 dr. accord!
    I am getting over 30 miles per gallon.
    It is very quiet inside, and the visibility is excellent.
    The power is decent enough for in town driving. I can tell the engine is working when I hit the freeway at 80.
    The footprint of is small. I have a cramped garage with an entry from a narrow alley. My accord takes about 4 swings to cram in. The xb takes 2 to get in, 1 to leave.
    I have a few minor ergonomic issues with it. I am 6'3" and have to make a goofy twist in my left leg to wedge it past the dead pedal while I drive. I have gotten used to this gimpy posture and now it doesn't bother me.
    ALso I am too tall to stand easily behind the car with the tailgate up. I have to bend over like a neanderthal as I load cargo in the back. The gate doesn't flip to vertical like some hatchbacks.
    Other than this, the car is ideal for tall people.
    I would highly recommend the car. Even apart from the novelty factor, it is an excellent vehicle.
  • texasxbtexasxb Posts: 5
    just bought an xB from simi valley toyota. the salesman (Leon) was horrible, didn't know anything about the vehicle and told me no 3 free oil changes eventhough the freakin warranty book from scion clearly states it as a complimentary service. but i got the lowdown from kearny mesa toyota; they're informed and got me on the right track. unfortunately, simi valley was THE ONLY dealer with thundercloud/automatic/xB on the lot so I put up with Leon's tired eyes and poor interest in selling the car. BUT I LOVE IT! Flew out to California just to pick one up and drove it back to texas. have been stopped in parking lots 5 times in three days by people wanting to know all about it. it was a smooth ride, hauled all my stuff, cd/radio was perfect, and got 750 miles on 30 bucks of supreme. it's a keeper. uh, yes, anybody know how the 50 state emissions works?????
  • Just this last Sunday we (me and my mom) went out to the toyota dealership to check out the scions (mainly xb she thinks the xa is too small).
    I believe we test drove 3 different variations of xb's, the first one was an automatic since we couldnt find a 5 speed which she wanted, so she test drove that, it wasnt too bad power wise with ac blasting fully she said.
    After returning she was considering the auto but then noticed another xb that was a 5 speed with chrome rims (she didnt like the rims much but hey she is in her 50's), anyways we test drove that, the wheels made it really bumpy and there was a rattle from the back i believe from the wheels but the 5 speed she said made much more of the tiny echo engine. She wanted me to test drive it real quick just to for the hell of it I guess, well it had a good amount of power I guess, not like I was out to race anyone. It was compareable to my brothers 2000 manual DX civic, with the wheels though handling wasn't too shabby for being a box.
    She really liked the 5 speed a lot more so we opted for that one, sales lady said she could take the wheels off and put the standard ones back on (which proved to be a hastle later on), after waiting a little we began to look through their new inventory and what luck we found the exact same car she test drove except it had the standard wheels and 30 less miles on it.
    The buying experience was relatively pain free, the only option my mom got was the keyless entry/alarm which made the price about 14,800 and after taxes and all the fee's about 16,100 which isn't too bad. The saleslady was really low key, didnt pressure my mom into buying anything she didnt want just pointed out what scion offers and thats it. Everything is no haggle so thats nice, especially when you see people right next to you argueing about the price on their camry's and Landcruisers.
    Took us about 3 hour from start to finish and she left happy, you wouldnt believe how many people stare at this car! some in delight others in disgust and some in just plain awe. Anyways when we got to her house her neighbor was really interested in it (hes in his 40's) and he loved it!, in fact he just bought one yesterday so now theres two scion xb's right next to eachother, really a funny sight.
    All in all I think this is a great car... with its easy buying experience, tons of room (so much room in the back seat its ridiculous!), decent engine power (I would opt for the Cold air intake but shes content) and pretty good fuel economy, also the more you look at this box the better it starts to look.
  • zen2003zen2003 Posts: 10
    We just bought our scion one week ago and we'd like to share our wife and I are fond of small cars...our other car is a miata...we are not SUV we were unsure if the xb was for us...also we own an echo and are familiar with the engine (that is also why we were not looking at an xa--too similar to the echo). When you first see the immediately surprises you by how low it is to the is not SUV-like...when you climb inside the impression is that this is a much more expensive vehicle...
    I was first going to buy an element and I was convinced 100% that this was our vehicle...both of us were...then we drove it...something happened and I did not feel that the element was a quality piece..the test drive made me feel that we could not be satisfied with the vehicle...
    I convinced my wife to go look at the scion before committing...and we both were blown the Quality of the xb...we drove home in a Camouflage after considering the Black Cherry,Blue,and Black...
    we picked the Automatic and our vehicle included the 6-disc (10 color) CD ,floor/cargo mats,cargo net,silver pedals,grey leather wrapped steering wheel and our total price was $15,887--plus haggling and were treated very nicely..we originally considered the manual but we already have one ---so I could not talk the wife into it...:)...but the Automatic is very peppy,,as is..we are returning in a couple of weeks to add the front tower brace and the cold air induction...just for fun---because---believe it or not--it does not need it --this little box can scoot...unless you have been driving v-8's and absolutely want a fast car..
    Apologies for the long post...but I hope this answers some questions...last but not least...we parked the xb next to the miata and the miata is 1 or 2 inches longer!!!!...the driving is sporty---firm but comfortable...the visibility is fantastic all around---no blind spots and since the windows are cut low ...the view is almost 360 degrees...but--the seats are elevated so you have the commanding view...very impressive...the interior is the best almost feels as special as my last car Audi TT---believe it or not!!!. .. we are going on vacation to Texas in September and can hardly wait...we want to cruise
    we heartily recommend this vehicle to all you folks in other parts of the U.S. will feel like we we got over...on Toyota...I hope they don't raise the prices...I know people are interested in the ``Age'' thing...we are a ``young'' 38 and 43 years...sorry kids...if you don't want these types of older kids will snap them up..
  • i still love it! as far as the other topics that have come up in that time...

    1. yes, you get used to getting looked at. you strike up conversations with strangers who are interested in the car.

    2. the price i paid is the MSRP. i paid exactly the sticker price, which was the same as MSRP, no more and no less.

    3. i don't know what the size is relative to the element, but it's much cheaper, and the element, while having much more cargo volume on paper, has a lousy payload capacity. then again, the xB's might be lousy, too. i don't see the payload capacity listed anywhere, though perhaps it is listed in the owner's manual. time to take a trip downstairs to the car!

    4. the car has tons of room. you can seat five, but in reality i think four is much more realistic. it's comfortable for four people--not a problem.

    5. people who at first thought it was dorky really dug the car when they came up to me in the company parking lot and sat in it. bond traders are a pretty tough lot of people, and you should understand that most of the guys drive nice german cars--myself included. however, once they sat inside the car and looked around, they were pretty impressed...especially when i told them about the $14K all-in price!

    it's nice to have something that costs around $20 to fill up at the pump, compared to the $37 my BMW 325ci was costing me every time. mind you, i get 300 miles on one tank versus 400 miles on the BMW, but the xB's tank is 11-odd gallons versus the 16-odd gallons of the BMW--and it doesn't drink premium fuel.
  • dshmbadshmba Posts: 1
    I have had a scion Xb for the last month. Nice car however it seems to have some quality issues. The rear hatch always needs to be slammed for it to close and latch. The front hood is the same way. The dealer said this is the way the car was built....... I hope that someone from Toyota reads this and can shed some light on the subject. It seems that the latch should be adjustable....... Have also experienced some rattles at about 3000 rpm when the car is slowing down. For the money its a good value but this little "elements" no pun intended could be a thorn in Toyota's side and might give Honda the room they need to steal some business from Scion....
  • tpat3tpat3 Posts: 119
    Picked up my completely stock, 5 spd. Thundercloud xB yesterday. Still smiling.

    First off, anyone who is worried about power shouldn't be. It's no rocket but is plenty quick off the line. Part of that stems from the short clutch take-up. The throws are fairly long and the shifter resists a little, but seems to be getting smoother. Or it's my imagination.

    This car handles great. It's nice and tight and really holds the corners. There is very little body roll, but I haven't pushed it too hard, either. The ride is firm but not really harsh.

    I like the visibility and seat position, except the seat bottom is short. Might pose a problem on longer trips. This is about the only car I've sat in where my right leg doesn't rub the center console. On the the other hand, the driver's door armrest/window controls hits my left leg.

    Even though there are plenty of little storage bins, they are almost flat and made of hard plastic, so nothing really stays put. There isn't much interior lighting, but that can probably be fixed.

    Those who have commented about the amount of attention it gets are right. In one day I've gotten everything from thumbs up, to looks of disapproval to laughter. It certainly gets attention.

    I had the kids in the back seat (both very young and still in car seats). Getting them in and out was a breeze. I'm not small, but I had plenty of room to maneuver back there.

    The best part was picking up my wife who had been away on a trip and didn't know I had bought it. She saw the car coming from a long way off and knew right away is was me.

    I love it so far. If you're thinking seriously about getting one, go for it. This is one cool, fun, practical little car.
  • tpat3tpat3 Posts: 119
    I was stuck in traffic next to a school bus full of little kids yesterday morning. One of them starting yelling to all his friends. Then about 20 of them were pressed against the windows, pointing at me and laughing. It was just like my wife's reaction.

    It caused quite a stir at work, too. Everyone thought it was pretty funny, but once they sat in it and looked it over they all liked it. One woman called the dealer where I bought it looking to trade her new Element for one.

    On the way home, I stopped to let a truck driver cross the street. He just stood in the middle road staring at the car with his mouth open.
  • Well, I picked up my new Scion a few weeks ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan with 2 miles on it! It is Black Cherry Pearl, 5speed, +chrome door sills +cupholder illumination +subwoofer +6cd indash +carbon fiber OBX shifter +front strut tower brace +rear bumper applique. I broke it in proper for the first 1000 miles (never exceeded 3800 RPM and never maintained speed). The acceleration is more than adequate for passing in traffic, and the strut tower seems to keep the front end from diving in the corners. I get lots of looks and haven't seen another one on the road yet in Michigan, Ohio, or Indiana (I travel for my engineering job). Only real complaint so far is lack of center armrest, but I plan on buying one from Zeta Products. Wheels can break loose in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear with traction control disabled! I'm going to put larger diameter winter tires on the stock rims when the snow falls, and I'm going to buy wider tires with offset rims for next spring. The engine does emit a droning noise when maintained between 3500-4000 RPM (72-80 MPH in fifth gear), but you don't notice when you turn the stereo on anyway! Ride is a little stiff, but suspension seems really good...makes you feel like you are in a pimped out Civic even though you are in a Box! Crosswinds and hills haven't given me any problems, and the traction control and vehicle skid control seemed to do their job when I got caught in a rain storm last week.
  • 2005 xB camo, 5-spd. 2200 miles since late July '04

    A/C (I live in Las Vegas, NV) works fine. Like all cars I've owned here, cool down after hours in the sun takes a while, but it does cool down. Never had a time when the heat overpowered the A/C.

    I too get a whine: 40 mph, 3rd or fourth gear -- could whine in 2nd, but the rpms would drown out the whine. Reproducible, will wait until 5k before complaining.

    Love my Toaster! I am continually questioned at red light about my xB.

    1st choice was black cherry, but camo arrived as I wanted, options wise. Liking the camo more than than black cherry.

    Happy Motoring!

  • mpalmermpalmer Posts: 20
    And boy is she sweeet:) The only things I got financed in the deal were the security system and the door sill enhancements. I like the ride. It feels like a little go cart, and the interior space is amazing. At first, I didn't like the looks of the "box". But I guess it kind of grew on me cuz the more I saw it, the more I liked it.


    The Scion sales team were very professional and they made my car buying experience painless and pleasant. I guess you can probably tell (lol)that so far I am pleased with my purchase. :)


  • revmegrevmeg Posts: 1
    We've had an xB since the end of May and we love it! It's an automatic and our mileage runs 28 plus around touwn and 36 plus on trips. Our trips tend to be with a highly loaded car and high speeds. That was our primary concern for purchasing a new car as well. We'd wanted a Prius, but the 2 year wait nixed that. Besides, the xB has way more space and we are so happy with it.


    There's been discussion on fog lights -- we got them (because I thought the front looked empty without them) and have found them very helpful. We vacation in Maine and often hit fog on the roads at night. Where we live is also around many streams where there's nightly patchy fog. I'm very happy we got them. I find them not to be just pleasing to the eye, but very helpful.


    I also found the interior lower lighting to be a necessity. With the dash items so high (and very convenient) it makes the lower part of the car quite dark. I had to drive the first two days without them and it drove me nuts. Too dark. The lower lights (we happen to have green) are not distracting at all, but helpful when we drop things or even need to look over at the other seat.


    Good luck!
  • Thanks Revmeg! Your advice is very helpful! I'm actually on my way to Indy to test drive the xA and xB now!


  • I have had my car now for less than 5 days. It has about 350 miles on it, it had 5 when I got it. I drive alot of miles. The first tank yielded 31 mpg.

    My gripes are few. First, Toyota decided to leave off the fuel cap holder off the fuel door. I plan to rip off the attachment so the fuel cap just doesn't dangle on the car. Mine is Blue Onyx pearl (I chose it), and it scratches very easily. Now combine that with everyone that wants to touch it, thats a bad combination. Finally, an armrest would be nice, although I did find one on the internet.

    On the positive side, their is nothing like it on the road. The packaging is great. It is quite and it rides and handles great. Its not soft, but it isn't stiff either. I have the strut tie bar. The steering is great. The radio is great for a factory system, even though, I never hear the rear speakers. There is 4 in the front (2 in the front dash, and 2 in the front doors) and 2 in the back (the very back).

    Overall, I am very impressed. The only thing I wonder in time if my paint job will survive.

    Note: The second day I took my car in to get an alignment. The dealership scratched the crap out of it and I had to take it to a body shop for repair. Be wary!
  • puggopuggo Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Scion Xb and so far I love it. The interior space is amazing. For $15,000 and all the standard features, it is a bargain. Best of all it is a Toyota with the quality and reliability of one.
  • I'm glad your Xb came in. I too am looking at the Blue Onyx pearl but I may reconsider based on your observations. Did you get the 5 speed or the auto tranny? I test drove the auto and I ran it at 70 mph on I-70 for a good 8 miles and rpm's were at 3000. I do a lot of hwy. driving and will put 350 miles/week on mine too, so I'm thinking that the auto will be the choice for me. What other options did you get?
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    Bought my 2006 xB August 1 2005; have about 4,000 miles on it now. I just put about 1300 miles on it driving round trip from Palm Springs to San Francisco and had the greatest time. I only stopped to put gas in; other than that it was non-stop and totally comfortable. When I drove without A/C got about 32 mpg (freeway). Things to watch for:
    1. LOW front bumper. You'll tear it up if you pull in over curbs or parking lot concrete barriers.
    2. Radio panel is hard to see during the day because of its convex shape.
    3. Get the rear bumper protector right away (it's just a decal). Otherwise your bumper will get all scraped up easily.
    4. Paint quality isn't the greatest on mine (black cherry pearl). It's already got lots of little scrapes where you lift the door handles up.
    5. Get the Zeta armrest (or some other after-market), not the Scion one.
    6. I bought a Magellan GPS unit which attaches to a flexible stalk that suction-cups to the inside of the windshield (I'm hopelessly directionally-impaired). Because the speedometer is in the center, the GPS sits perfectly on the dashboard directly in front of you, where a speedometer would normally be. AWESOME.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You said:

    I just put about 1300 miles on it driving round trip from Palm Springs to San Francisco and had the greatest time. I only stopped to put gas in; other than that it was non-stop and totally comfortable. When I drove without A/C got about 32 mpg (freeway).

    That's outstanding gas mileage. On my stick shift Golf, which gave me freeway commute mileage of 30 mpg, I dropped to 26 mpg on 80+ mph runs from San Francisco to LA. On my current ZX3, I dropped from commute mileage of 31 to 29-30 - not so bad a hit, due to lower RPM on the ZX3, I suspect. On my former xA stick shift, I got 30-32 but 35 mgp on my freeway commute. I mostly don't use aircon. High speeds seem to reduce mileage due to RPM/air resistance.

    Questions for you - stick shift or auto? Average speed (under or over 80 mph)?
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    Mine's automatic. Average speed under 80, though I do admit to hitting 80+ a couple of times (very short duration). Probably averaged 70-75 on Highway 5.
  • 2gobox2gobox Posts: 1
    I've had my car for 3 months now and could not be more pleased. I own the black sand pearl 2004, manual, and it does get dirty fast, but the color is one of the best looking, in my opinion. As far as the low bumper, you learn to drive slow and at an angle...and not pull up "all the way" to a concrete parking thingies. There are quite a lot of people in this area who have yet to see one, they are still kinda rare in the midwest, especially living by a steel mill area. I did about 25 hours of reading, before I bought this car, and am more than pleased. My problem was it was hard to find a used xB cheaper than a new xB! I finally found one for $12,800 with 16,000 miles and it had extras: fog lights, alarm, blue neon lighting, leather steering wheel, rims, mats. I would have not been able to afford all of the extras on a new one. I found it on e-bay also, what a deal!
  • i have had my 06' xb auto since october. i have done several cosmetic mods to give it a personal touch. i do get alot of looky-loos. i love it. i drive it round trip average of 60 miles on highway per day. i average 80 mph so my mileage is only about 27-28 mpg, but at 3200 rpm and 80 mph i can't complain.the steering is very responsive, suspension is very tight, boy can this baby take a turn.... trans shifts hard if you push it. if you are just cruising, it shifts very nice. this thing will cruise at 80 mph all day if i let it. motor runs very well with castrol semi-synthetic oil. i took it across country last month, 3200 miles in a week and a half . it only labored a little on steep grades and in open areas with bad winds, otherwise it is fun to drive. biggest complaint i have is the two rock chips that i got in the windshield traveling through texas! :mad:
    as far as comfort issues....only one i had is that my right knee got stiff after 10 hours of driving in a high seat. my teen daughter says the car is totally cool and i truely enjoy driving it daily (i am 35). i now have 7,800 miles on it since october. ;)
    also, this thing has tons of room inside and reminds me of a minivan on the inside. also on those long trips your passenger can lay the seat all the way down to take a nap! :shades:
  • debatingdebating Posts: 14
    ...but I drive part time for a florist. She purchased an XB last November, it now has around 22 or 23,000 miles. Zero problems. Stop and go delivery is very hard service for any vehicle.

    The other vans she has are Ford Windstar and similar. They'll empty a $65 or $70 tank of fuel in under three days driving. The Scion does the same delivery for just a bit shy of $30.00. Mostly in the 28 to 32 MPG range. Everybody loves it, we've had endless comments from various people, mostly positive.

    I'm over 6'2", and have a few inches head room over my ball cap. You sit at chair height, not sitting on the floor as in so many small cars.

    We took the rear seat out for space, and it's hard to believe something that small on the outside can hold as much as it does on the inside.

    On the short interstate jaunts we go on, it has no problems running 75 or even 80. A fun vehicle to drive, and it doesn't roll on the interstate ramps as bad as the Winstar did. Pretty sure footed.

    An impressive and economical vehicle. And as with anything made by Toyota, it is assembled very nicely.
  • Mine's Blue w/ and auto trans. Bought a used 2004, 6/06, and love it. Am disappointed in the paint quality, but have read other colors quality is similar.
    Do 300mi/wk and avg. 32.8 mpg with 50% country, 25% city and 25% hiway @ 70-80 mph. Cruise control is on my wishlist.
    Car came w/ rear spoiler, 6 disc CD changer, Fog Lights, Sport Exhaust and Weather Tech Window shades. The window shades keep water out of the interior while driving and are a great addition. I added an aftermarket smoked Bug deflector (Bugflector) to protect the hood from stone's helped and the color blends well w/ the Blue.
    I love the car and the interior space, functionality and ergonomics. The seating height matched that of many vans I've owned. That was a main cosideration when buying this car. Plus, it fits my life style and my Lab's too!
  • I wonder if your frame is crooked. Check to see if the car "crabs" or drives slightly sideways on the road.
  • I bought my Thunder Cloud Metallic xB a month ago and absolutely love it. I went from a lemon :lemon: Beetle that provided only problems and heartache. The xB was the best combination of my wants and needs. I needed fuel efficency, size, RELIABILITY, low price and safety. I looked at the Fit as well as the Versa, but never could sell myself on the styling. But once I got in my box everything clicked. I am thinking about changing the rims as well as adding the spoiler. So far I love it. The silver paint holds the scrathes better than the blue or black. But those other colors are way prettier.
  • Well, I'm feeling a little sad after reading all these rave reviews for the xb. I bought my box about a year ago and have had nothing but problems.

    I bought it new from Dave Edwards Toyota in SC. First my radio randomly changed stations - so I took it back. It took nearly 2 months for the new "part" to come in. Once they replaced the radio I pointed out the hole in my back seat upholstery which the service department told me was normal. They finally agreed it needed fixed...but they had to order more "parts". Next I was driving on a long trip when my cruise control, and radio just died. Turned out I had blown a fuse. They told me it was because I had my cell phone plugged into the cigarette lighter which you can't do with the scion xb. REALLY???

    Now I have 17,000 miles on it and driving on a long trip - my dashboard lit up like a christmas tree. The VSC light came on the track off light came on and the check engine light came on. I hit my track button a few times but it wouldn't turn on. I made an appointment to take the car in and of course - after 3 days of driving around with these lights on - they finally went off. I just heard from the dealership and they have to order me yet another part - so I'll need to come back in when that part shows up. I am seriously thinking about trading it in. Has anyone else had any of these same problems?

    I also discovered that it drives terrible in the rain. And my back seat passengers said that the rides pretty rough back there.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    First off, I truly sympathize with your problems. I had a '99 Corolla that had major suspension problems which occupied me for just about the entire first year I owned it. The fact that Toyota, with its "sterling" reputation, is responsible for such difficulties and the ensuing repair snafus, goes against common belief about their reliability. Understandably, not every vehicle comes off the assembly line perfectly manufactured, but what grates about the xB is that the vehicle has had well-documented troubles with the front window cracking, without Scion admitting to the flaw and recompensing its purchasers. Now your disturbing situation, in which your dealer's service department appears totally clueless, if not downright uncooperative at times. (A hole in the upholstery was normal to them?)

    I apologize for venting myself, but I've had my own share of negative experiences with Toyota. Oddly enough, I had thought of getting an xB simply for investment purposes, as it is soon to be discontinued in its current form, and remains popular. But after reading about your situation, I cannot imagine giving that company another dollar.

    I wish you well as you try to solve your problems. At least you'll be able to sell it for a good price, especially after all the new ones are gone.
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