2017 CX-5 Center Command Knob Removal

tutu10tutu10 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2019 in Mazda

I have been searching the internet and haven't found any DIY guides or advice in removing the center command knob(in between the cup holders/shifter) on a 2017 CX-5. I found many guides for the 2016 and earlier models, but the consoles are a bit different with the 2017 model vs the 2013.5-2016 models.

The reason for all this is that I accidentally spilled a container of sauce on some of the buttons on the Command Knob and would like to clean it all out. I did my best with cleaning the the buttons from the top, but need to get under the music control buttons/parking brake switch to clean it further.

Can anyone help me with a DIY guide/advice/video on how I would go about removing the Command Knob? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I have a photo below of the command knob I am referring to.


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