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  • labakilabaki Member Posts: 2
    Hi guys, I have been having this problem that has been driving me crazy & I'm hoping somebody can help me out or has any experience with the same problem.

    I just got an '08 Accord EX and had the amp & subwoofer from my old car to this one. I kept the stock dash and had my installer said they needed to use a hi to low adapter to connect my amp to the stock unit. I get this ridiculously loud & annoying feedback through my sub, which seems to happen but is not limited to when my engine is at 1700rpm and 3000 rpm. This happens regardless if my audio unit is on or not, and only at certain rpm ranges. I have been back & forth to the audio place and they insist its not a grounding issue but its feedback coming from my stock unit. Has anyone heard of or experienced this happening and know what I can do?
  • honda1likehonda1like Member Posts: 2
    i thougth the 6x9's would not fit in the back. looking to upgrade these weak rear speakers, and was going to put in component speakers thru crutchfield.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Yes, the 6x9's should fit. Honda really put some weak speakers in the car. When I had my 06 Accord. I installed Memphis Audio Speakers, and they were beautiful, and work on minimal power, they have a high efficiency rating. But, if you do it right, I would get an amp for a true line of power. If you look at the factory rear speakers in the trunk, you will see how small the magnets are. When I took the factorys out, they were blue plastic cones with weak surrounds. I think the 08 systems do sound better than the previous models, but amped with a bit more power. Upgrading to better efficient speakers will make a big difference.

    I have an 08 GM car, the system in the car is quite impressive for a factory system, I have not even thought of upgrading, though, I do not plan to keep the car for much longer, so why bother. I also lease an 08 Jetta SE, and it sounds great too! I think if Honda could look at getting better speakers, than it would sound much better. I wonder if they use better speakers in their Acura line up, or is the amount of speakers in the Acura that out weigh the lower quality, with the surround systems.

    A word of advice, if you use higher quality speakers in the rear, you should upgrade the front, as you are going to notice more from the rear, rather than the front, where the front is more important, you want the front imaging. You should almost upgrade the front and just leave the rear alone, as the rear are just fillers. Or upgrade the rear and fade the sound more to the fronts. I would just upgrade all of them to do it right. Lol a few options.

    I wish they put speakers in the rear door panels.
  • rsandovalrsandoval Member Posts: 8
    I bought a new '07 EX Coupe I4, 5AT a year ago, with the in-dash factory radio and 6 cd changer. Had the windows tinted (especially the large rear window) and my fm radio reception went to pot. Yup, I know the antenna is in the window; has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions for improving the situation?

    No, I don't want to give up on listening to terrestrial radio.
  • musicislifemusicislife Member Posts: 16
    It could be the noise cancellation system, which is why it happens at certain rpm's. There's two microphones (one in front and one in back I think) in the headliner. Try disconnecting the one in the back and see if the feedback goes away.
  • labakilabaki Member Posts: 2
    Do they have noise cancellation for 08 manuals? I saw alot of posts for hybrids and V6 models that have the VCM feature but mine doesn't have that. Another thing I thought I'd point out that I noticed is that when the feedback starts to go off, if i open any of the car doors it stops. Does this still seem like something related to noise cancellation system?
  • rsandovalrsandoval Member Posts: 8
    No, what I'm hearing isn't feedback. It's simply poor signal reception. No such problems are evident when playing a cd. I had the car about a month before I tinted the windows, and my preferred stations came in much clearer. I'm looking for an antenna fix, I believe.
    They're not gonna put in noise cancellation in an I4 coupe, are they?
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Member Posts: 257
    I finally got around to looking into a solution for this. My wife was gone for the
    weekend so I thought it would be a good time to get this installed for her. But ultimately I had more questions so I didn't do it yet. I did a search off of USA Tech's website ( for the two closest places and got the contact info for

    DSI Mobile Electronics Inc.
    9855 East Washington Blvd. 20723


    13819 Wagion Way 20906

    DSI had said it would be 325-350 parts and labor. they didn't have any in stock and would order it. I assume they would order the USA Spec PA11 Hon2y iPod Interface. I saw the USA SPEC PA11-HON2y - iPod to 2003-2006 Honda Factory Radio Interface w/ Auxiliary Audio input on Amazon but it's not sold by them, but other sellers through them. prices start at $117. I wonder if I could order the part on my own and pay just labor - which may be less?

    When I called Stereotronics though, they said they use DICE not USA SPEC. the guy had said he knew that the DICE would integrate to the navigation and I could could use satellite also still (although my wife isn't using her XM - for now at least).

    if you dont use satellite, it will be $325 installed, if you do want to use satellite, it's $350 installed. (there's a jumper cable involved 9-4 or 5 (??).

    He said he preferrred the DICE because the USA SPEC did not do text. Is that still the case? the guy's name was Sam and he gave me his e-mail.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the two options I've listed so far? c

    I had asked before about getting iPod functionality in my 2004 Honda Accord too. I have a cassette adapter in there. But now I've handed that car off to my family and don't really care anymore for figuring that anymore.

    Sort of off topic - I got a 2008 IS 350 now w/ Navi and I'm about to install a SoundLinQ2 (SL2Vi) - iPod Video Interface Adapter which will let me not only control an iPod for music but also let me watch videos on the Nav screen off the iPod.

    Nothing like that for an Accord right?
  • tallman1tallman1 Member Posts: 1,874
    According to the DICE website, text only works if you disconnect XM. You can have both XM and use DICE but if you do, you won't get text with the DICE unit.

    DICE Electronics Click on the "Support" tab for more info.
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Member Posts: 257
    Thanks for the feedback tallman1. I was interested in maybe getting this done soon. Any thoughts on what's better? The Dice route or the USA Spec route?
  • tallman1tallman1 Member Posts: 1,874
    I don't have a clue. Most things I've heard around here are positive with the USA Spec. I don't think anyone has posted about Dice until you brought it up. I guess it depends on what features you need or don't mind losing. Good luck!
  • glubashglubash Member Posts: 19
    Hello all! I just purchased my first Honda, a 2009 Accord. It came with a 6-disc changer that plays mp3's and WMA files from a CD. I tired this feature out last night sitting in my garage and found that some of the songs skipped quite a bit during playback. I thought that it might be the CD burner so I did another disc this morning (same mp3's) with a different CD burner. What I found was that the songs that were skipping from disc1 played fine from disc2 but others that played properly from disc1 were skipping on disc2.

    The media that I'm using is Memorex brand 52x speed 700MB CD's. The discs are a few years old but clean with no scratches. I burned both CD's at 24x speed.

    Has anyone else run into this problem? I think that my next step is to try some different media and see if that helps.

  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Lucky - my 2007 Accord won't play them at all, unlike the $10 portable cd player I bought at about the same time. Kinda silly how backwards car audio can be sometimes.

    Might try the same disc in a different player as well.
  • julsommjulsomm Member Posts: 1
    I recently tried to get an IPod adapter installed in my 2007 Honda Accord LX and was informed that the factory radio is such a low-quality that there is no adapter for it. I was further informed that my only alternative would be to have a second stereo installed since replacing my factory installed radio cannot be removed as it is interconnected with my AC system. Can this be true?
  • osikaosika Member Posts: 5
    No, it's not true. You can have a box installed behind the dash that connects to your stereo. It will then connect to your ipod via the ipod port and can even be controlled by the steering wheel controls. This may not be the right one, but it's through this company. Amazon
  • rsandovalrsandoval Member Posts: 8
    I recently replaced the factory door and rear deck speakers on my '07 Accord EX coupe at a local stereo shop that I trust because of past experience. When I remarked to the installer how cheaply made the factory speakers were, he replied that the in-dash 6 disk changer-receiver was even worse. I haven't had any problems with the changer and it sounds much better now through the JL Audio's. The fm radio, as I reported here before, can't hold onto a signal to save its life. I was shown an IPod adapter for $200; its looks remarkably similar to the one on Amazon.

    My other vehilce is a 99 Tacoma Prerunner; about a year ago the same shop installed an Alpine 9884 CD receiver that's Ipod ready (on sale for $160): IPod sound great as does the fm radio.

    This Honda factory stereo convices me everyday that it wants to be replaced. So be it.
  • davrosdavros Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone noticed the poor AM/FM/XM sound quality in their '08 Accord? If so, have you complained and had the radio replaced?

    The CD player in the radio has very good sound, but the radio quality is very poor and sounds tinny ( lacking depth or substance, thin in tone ).
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    I will say that when I replaced the speakers in my 06 Accord, they were this blue plastic coned speakers. If they are still making the systems this way, you will know why they are not the best. The CD's will sound good, but that is the one thing Honda has struggled with is their sound systems. Atleast put decent factory speakers in with their new head units. As far as the quality of the FM/AM/XM, I am not sure, perhaps the head unit is cheap?

    You'll know the speakers are cheap when you look in the trunk and see the speakers magnets, they are very small!

    By the way, if you upgrade speakers, it would be highly advised to use a high quality amp!
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Member Posts: 257
    Thanks for the link to the product on Amazon. Seems this is what I need to get my for installing in my wife's 2007 Accord w/ navigation. My sister's the main driver of the 2004 Accord w/ Navigation, but that has a tape player installed in it so I think she can make due w/ the tape adapter.

    I really liked the review by TechGuyBill on this item:

    "I ordered a USA Spec PA15HON2Y to use my iPhone 3G in my 2005 Accord. I looked at multiple products including a parrot MKi9100 and DICE. Ended up choosing going with a USA Spec and a separate Parrot bluetooth unit (MK3000) since it 1) was price right and 2) offered integration with the factory radio.

    My Accord has built in Navigation so I wanted something that would play nice. The USA Spec unit does integrate with my nav and radio. You can set up the USA Spec to display using text of what is playing (Artist, name, category). This will scroll through the upper radio display on the Accord as well as on the Audio menu on the navigation screen. If you want text, it will put the iPod menu on the iPhone into accessory mode and will not allow you to select specific songs directly from the iPhone. You will need to use the stereo controls or the steering wheel controls to scroll. There is the option to give you direct access to the iPod screen (you adjust modes by the pre programmed XM stations ie XM station 1 would be Artist, 2 would be by Category, 3, all songs, 6 is direct ipod). If you do choose to toggle to the direct iPod control, you lose the text - it'll just show as iPod.

    The USA Spec unit will also allow you to keep XM functionality in the Accord. The XM stations show up on XM2 mode.... I don't subscribe to XM but can still hear their barker/preview stations.

    One concern I had was that I definitely did not want to lose my navigation controls... safe to say it all still works... the Nav still shows maps, etc as well as provides voice directions. It will continue to mute (like it normally does) XM, FM, and iPod music when it gives you directions.

    Installation wasn't too bad - took awhile to get everything out (and yes you have to take out the factory navigation to get to the right plug). After you pull out the nav unit, it's plug and play (unplug the blue plug from the back of the Honda Nav, plug in the male end of the cable that attaches to the USA Spec unit, plug in the additional adapter, then plug in the original Honda Nav plug right into the additional adapter (the adapter allows you to keep your XM).

    I used some heavy duty auto tape to secure the litte USA spec box on top of the nav DVD drive and ran the ipod cable through the empty slot below (had to cut a small opening). I put everything back together and everything is hidden and seamless (except the adapter cord that plugs right into the iPhone). It does charge the iPhone too!

    It sounds great.... (at least the same quality of the CD player). A couple of other great things about the USA Spec - it has another set of audio inputs. I plan on using these eventually when I add video through my navigation to get sound in since all of the video adapters still require another sound adapter. Also, it works great with Pandora or streaming podcasts through itunes (if you're in an area that has good AT&T coverage).

    I added the Parrot CK3000 bluetooth since I didn't want to have to unplug the iphone to answer it... the iPhone plays nice with both at the same time... if I'm listening to my podcasts and get a phone call, the music gradually softens and the phone rings.

    The new DICE silverline units looks like it performs the same way but it was $40 more than the cheapest price I could find with the USA Spec.

    Overall, I give this 4 stars and would recommend it.... only thing I wish it would do is also show song text even if it was in direct mode.... maybe this is a limitation on apple's part where it doesn't send text data if your using it as an accessory. Also, each time you plug your iPhone in, you get a nag screen about it isn't made for the iPhone and if you want to turn on Airplane mode to minimize interference... I hit no and it works fine."

    I asked some follow up questions here.Here's a copy and paste from there:

    Excellent review TechGuyBill. Your post made me want to ask some follow up questions because I'd like to put an iPod adapter in my wife's 2007 Accord Coupe w/ Navigation.
    "...There is the option to give you direct access to the iPod screen (you adjust modes by the pre programmed XM stations ie XM station 1 would be Artist, 2 would be by Category, 3, all songs, 6 is direct ipod). If you do choose to toggle to the direct iPod control, you lose the text - it'll just show as iPod."
    so once I hit 6, I can control iPod from the iPod itself?

    "Installation wasn't too bad - took awhile to get everything out (and yes you have to take out the factory navigation to get to the right plug). After you pull out the nav unit, it's plug and play (unplug the blue plug from the back of the Honda Nav, plug in the male end of the cable that attaches to the USA Spec unit, plug in the additional adapter, then plug in the original Honda Nav plug right into the additional adapter (the adapter allows you to keep your XM)."
    can you give instructions on how you took everything apart? Anything to watch out for?

    "..I used some heavy duty auto tape to secure the litte USA spec box on top of the nav DVD drive and ran the ipod cable through the empty slot below (had to cut a small opening). I put everything back together and everything is hidden and seamless (except the adapter cord that plugs right into the iPhone)..."
    This part confused me because my Nav DVD drive is in the trunk hanging from the top. Is your Nav DVD drive in a diff location? I was thinking I would be leaving the unit behind the Nav unit.

    " has another set of audio inputs. I plan on using these eventually when I add video through my navigation to get sound in since all of the video adapters still require another sound adapter. Also, it works great with Pandora or streaming podcasts through itunes..."
    can you elaborate on this? In my 2008 Lexus IS 350, I installed a SoundLinQ2 (SL2Vi) - iPod Video Interface Adapter which I got from ( and I can not only listen to music but also watch videos of my 2g iPod Touch 32gb. What could I do with my Honda Accord's navigation unit and this extra set of audio inputs?"

    "The new DICE silverline units looks like it performs the same way but it was $40 more than the cheapest price I could find with the USA Spec."
    Right now
  • vishwajeetvishwajeet Member Posts: 1

    From past few weeks audio system on my honda accord 2003 (6 CD changer) has started giving me problems. It is working intermittently. When it works all the speakers sound perfect and all the functions behaves properly.

    Sometime I noticed a spark like sound near the left hand side front corner of the car (just below the AC vent on the left side of the steering wheel) when I used to start the car. However it was only sometimes and it apparently had no correlation with sound coming from speakers or not.

    One more thing. When the system is not working (i.e. there's no sound) the rest of the functions of the music system work. I can change CDs, the track also keep on changing but with no sound from speakers.

    At first I thought that it might be due to some lose connection. However few times I have seen that the system is working while the car is on and parked. I switch off the ignition (for fuelling etc.) and then when I again start the car there's no sound.

    Can someone point me what the problem might be and what the anticipated cost of repair can be?

    Thanks for your help
  • musilrmusilr Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2009 EX-L and the radio quality is terrible. I replaced all four speakers, added a new subwoofer and amp, and the sound is still terrible. All I did was magnify a very poor quality radio. And it is very difficult to add an after market radio, from what I'm told.

    Radios are important to me. This alone will cause me not to buy another Honda.
  • rsandovalrsandoval Member Posts: 8
    I replaced the four speakers on the 07 Accord coupe I bought new. Very happy with the results. The analog fm radio reception is still awful, but when its right, I'm smiling. I will upgrade the stock 6CD /changer/ receiver to an Alpine 9887 in a couple of months. For me its worth the $$$ and the wait.
  • gpb59gpb59 Member Posts: 104
    Is this offered as an option on any 2009 or 2010 models (interface with USB port)
  • rsandovalrsandoval Member Posts: 8
    If I remember correctly, the high end 08 V6 Accords with leather seats and stuff like that offer the OE dash deck with Ipod connection. Dunno about '10.
  • mariodmariod Member Posts: 28
    I have a 2009 Accord EX and yes the radio SUCKS!!! The Ipod and CD sound ok.
    I think when you turn the volume up the sound on the radio begins to go flat... But it's not as bad with the CD or Ipod in...

    Any way to override this?

    I had an old bose system in my home that did that too.
  • atlman7atlman7 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 EX-L Navi and have been thinking about upgrading the front door and read deck speakers. The OE radio isn't the best and can't be replaced, and I don't want to add an amplifier. Would upgrading the speakers be a waste of money?
  • v8growlv8growl Member Posts: 8
    Yes, you can improve the sound quality by upgrading your speakers.
    No, it won't sound like a Bose surround sound system, but, to achieve an improvement over the stock system is possible.
    I have done it with other cars, and am now thinking about doing the door speakers on my 08 Accord Coupe.
    Go to:
    This is a privately owned company that has been in the audio and TV business for over 40 years. They have outstanding customer service and a great knowledge base for car audio, as well as other products.
    Calling them will and asking for help for your particular car will get you the assistance you need. They will be able to recommend a simple speaker upgrade without having to change anything else.
    Again, you're not going to get a Bose system quality when you are done. Just a better sounding system than what you had.
    So, for you pundits out there who may be looking at this negatively because we are not putting 1000 watt amps and huge sub woofers in the car so we can do mind blowing and glass breaking music listening experiences.......that is NOT the intended purpose here.
    Only to just get a somewhat better sound quality than the factory basic systems provide.
    Take care and you will appreciate the Crutchfield experience. NO, I don't work for them. I have just used them many times over the years.
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Member Posts: 823
    I also have an 2004 EX-L Navi and I tried a rear speaker only upgrade. I was very disappointed with the results. I purchased a "better" grade of Alpine speakers, not sure what the model number was, but if I recall, it was 2nd from the top of the Alpine lineup. What I ended up with was a very tinny sound with very little base. I only used them for a day before I removed them and re installed the OEMs. I did not try any other brands, or did I try a front and rear upgrade. I also didn't try any other upgrades to the OEM sound system.

    I've been tempted on going to a sound shop to see what they have been doing to Accords, maybe I just tried the wrong speaker.

    If you do try an upgrade, please post your results.

  • bigbert1bigbert1 Member Posts: 1
    There seems to be a number of ways and/or places to get or find the code. A lot of people find the five digit code (all numbers 1-6 so you can input them with your preset buttons) on a sticker in the glove box, usually on the left side. If you have the owners manual, you might get lucky and find it written somewhere within that. I recently changed the battery in my 2000 Accord and needed a code. There was a sticker in the glove box, but the five digit code contained numbers higher than 6. Long story short, I ended up finding my code sticker in the trunk, on the strut that holds the trunk lid. There are other postings that speak about holding the one and six buttons at the same time to release an 8 digit code (ignore the letters) which any Honda dealer is supposed to be able to translate into your code. With older models, you may need the serial numbers off of the top or back of the radio itself for the dealer to be able to translate for you. Hope this is helpful to someone! Music is good! :)
  • tallman1tallman1 Member Posts: 1,874
    Heh-heh... three years is a long time to go without a code. Hopefully, he's found it by now.

    Welcome to the forums! ;)
  • kingsfan2kingsfan2 Member Posts: 22
    Just bought an 09 EX-L Accord. Love the car except for the AM radio is horrible.
    I listen to alot of sports talk radio and even a 50k watt local station has a lot of
    static. My dealer says there's nothing he can do about it, but has heard of the
    problem. Anybody else have the problem. My 07 Accord is fine.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    When I had my 06 Accord, I was disappointed in the quality of the sound and speakers. I did upgrade the speakers to Memphis Audio. Did sound better!!
    Something to keep in mind when getting new speakers, like at its sensitivity level. The better the sensitivity, the less power it will need to run on, louder and cleaner results.
    The Accord struggles to put in a decent system. It really isn't hard for a company to produce a decent system. Choose the right parts, pairing it up with decent amp then it'll work.
  • jojosnetjojosnet Member Posts: 9
    I have the same problem with my speakers. Its so annoying. Also if I turn the bass up it will get worse.

    I went to the dealer and they told me that they need to replace speakers. And they said that my extended platinum warranty with Fidelity Warranty Services will work.
  • angel0585angel0585 Member Posts: 1
    I have a Honda Accord SE 1997 and i dont have the codes for the radio at all. Can anyone tell me how to get them please?? like who to call or where to go?
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Member Posts: 823
    The only place you can get the codes is at a Honda dealership. There is no online lookup. Bringing it to them is just a way to insure someone doesn't activate a stolen radio.

  • tallman1tallman1 Member Posts: 1,874
    I'm going to post this link because this question gets asked quite a bit.
    What to do when your Honda radio asks for a CODE

    Good luck. Easy problem to solve. It's just too bad that people don't pass those cards along when they sell a vehicle.

    And you can get the code online but you have to jump through some hoops and have your phone and zip matched to your VIN. There is a link on the page I posted above or you can click here.
  • jagdipjagdip Member Posts: 2
    I have 1995 honda accrd sedan and i replaced battery. after replacing battery, car stereo does not turn on. i checked fuse and fuse is fine.
    any ideas what can be wrong ?
  • jagdipjagdip Member Posts: 2
  • tallman1tallman1 Member Posts: 1,874
    You need to enter the radio code. It came on a credit card sized card when the car was purchased. If you bought used, someone might have written it down in the manual or elsewhere.

    You can check with a Honda dealer on how to get it and I believe Honda's website has a link as well.
  • itsnotivanitsnotivan Member Posts: 1
    Ok I got a 2010 honda accord coupe and when I use the sound system on 40 (MAX) for few minutes the sound goes to the rear only the rear speakers play and front speakers don't. Its really annoying and I don't know how to fix it I was going to go to my dealer but I thought I should check the forums if anyone is experiencing the same problem.
    Thanks in advance
  • mariodmariod Member Posts: 28
    I don't think the front speakers are shutting off.

    What's happening is that the stereo makes the sound super FLAT... Basically shutting down the tweeters (in front). The sound sucks!!!
    It's the worst radio I ever owned in a car.

    Just for kicks try an ipod or CD and the sound is much better. for what ever reason it does NOT get as flat when using either or.
  • grampachuckgrampachuck Member Posts: 2
    2003 Accord radio/cd obviously works fine, but sound does not come from speakers suddenly.

    How to diagnose and possibly fix with limited budget?

    Grampachuck :confused:
  • grampachuckgrampachuck Member Posts: 2
    Recently 10/28/11) my 2003 Accord sound stopped emitting. I can see that the radio is searching and finding stations, the cd player runs from track to track, but no sound. Did you get any replies to your question two years ago?
    Dealer will want mucho $ to diagnose. Friend says it is a fuse between the amp and speakers. Owner's manual only shows a fuse for the "Radio" and no other related fuse. Is there an maintenance update at the dealer I don't have access to? I cannot afford to replace the unit at the prices now being asked.

    The car runs like new and looks like new; why sell and buy whole car just because sound stopped? Must be an answer out there.

  • hondata1hondata1 Member Posts: 1
    hey i have a 2004 accord and i have an original stereo without display can i do a 2005 accord 7'' display stereo and will the harnes still match ?

    someone help pls
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Member Posts: 823
    The standard stereo for the 2004 and 2005 are the same.

    The larger displays are the touch screen navigation systems, and no they are not compatible with the non navi systems. The navi screens control much more then just the stereo, so installing one would be a major swap out if it's even possible.

  • gammy999gammy999 Member Posts: 1
    2005 Honda Accord radio does not work?
    This seems to be a known problem. At first the car would turn off and leave the radio display on (i.e. station number, etc;) but no sound...I pulled the #5 fuse put it in...this would fix it and work for a few days then it would happen again. Eventually, the radio stopped working. The cd light stays green (i.e. means a cd is in the bay) and the display would light up but with no info and no sound. Looking for ideas.
  • torim11torim11 Member Posts: 1
    My 2005 Honda Accord stereo stop working. At first was like on and off all the time. Then, the single CD player started ejecting the CDs for no reason. Next, the lights went out with no sond at all.
    I really do not know what to do. Any suggestions???
  • velavonshtuppvelavonshtupp Member Posts: 1
    Precisely the same thing happened to my 05 Honda Accord. I went to the dealer and they told me I would have to pay out of pocket to fix it because my warranty is up. I had the compartment underneath the radio removed and an Alpine stereo installed. The old radio is still there and still randomly comes on and fizzles out again... Sometimes not for a few days will it go off!
  • rsandovalrsandoval Member Posts: 8
    In my 07 accord ex coupe, the six disc changer started skipping madly. I had a professional installer disconnect it, and put in an Alpine single disc w/ipod connection. It sounds great except that the OE microwave antenna is crappy. I'm still thinking about getting a mast antenna installed.
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