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Hi everyone,

trying to figure out my lease ahead of time and am using the Leashackr calculator. Is anyone familiar with it's function ?

I am curious about a few of the inputs and am trying to get all the numbers up front without asking the dealer.

How do I determine ahead of time the following:
Acquisition fee
Dealer Fee
Government Fee
Disposition fee

Tax- I live NH which is tax free, so I leave that blank correct ?
Any rebates/incentives woulf go under Untaxed incentives correct ? Since I live in NH ?

Thanks for your help


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    We aren't Leasehackr, but here are some general guidelines.

    Acquisition fee: Varies by make. Chrysler Capital base fee is $595, but dealers can mark it up by $300

    Disposition fee: Irrelevant for calculating a lease. The disposition fee is paid at lease end, if you turn the car back in.

    Government fee: Have you ever registered a car in your location? It is likely no different for a lease. This is a fee you should pay upfront, so it's just easier to leave it out of the lease calculator.

    Dealer fee: You have to ask the dealer.

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  • BillwnhBillwnh Member Posts: 27
    Thanks ! Just trying to have all my figures in hand when I negotiate the deal. I don’t want the dealer to inflate any numbers so I’m hoping to figure this out ahead of time. 
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