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BMW 325xi or Mercedes C280 4matic?

kt9kt9 Posts: 2
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  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    on model year. The older XI's don't have a variable torque capabilities. It was a 62/38 split rear/front. The newer xi's have x-drive which provides more flexibility.

    I personally would take a BMW over a MB. My BMW experiences have been stellar and the news I hear about MB, especially electronics and parts quality inside, is less than what I'd expect from a brand name like that.

  • I would highly recommend the 2006 BMW 325xi. I bought one fully loaded. I love it. :) I am currently living in France. The first real road trip was to take it from Lyon to Normandy. It handled the roads like a pro. The navigation system is a God send. The downside is the I-Drive can be a bit tricky to understand. I am still working at mastering the voice commands. Yes, the car has voice commands. I recommend getting it with Bluetooth technology. The handling, comfort and reliability is outstanding. I would take the BMW over the Mercedes Benz anyday.
  • I recommend going with the BMW. You will not go wrong. :shades:
  • dfc3dfc3 Posts: 87
    Old forum, but after nearly a year of driving the MB C280... I test drove both a year ago. I went with the C280 4-Matic. I suppose its true that you can't go wrong with either of them; in that you're comparing 2 great cars within the class you're looking. My decision was based on a couple of factors. First, the MB felt more solid; the BMW felt more sporty. Second, the turning radius is a little tighter on the MB; which provided a slightly more maneuverable feeling for me. Third, the MB is a little narrower, and if you're concerned about mountain driving or in ice and snow, gives a little more room to make some little errors in judgment.
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