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We’re implementing a new editor in the comment box where you create your posts. Not only will this give you some more options when creating your posts, it should also eliminate some of the issues some users have been experiencing with items such as uploading images.

So, on to the changes! Here’s what the current Post Comment box looks like:

And here’s the new one, a bit cleaner looking, with the functions layout just a little different:

Basic posting is simple. Click in the box and type, click the Post Comment button to post. The default setting is Paragraph, like this:

To make basic changes to your text (bold, italics, strikethrough) or create a link, simply highlight the text to reveal the editing tools:

Clicking on the Paragraph icon to the left of the text box reveals more options you might use, like Headings, Lists, and Quote.

You can choose various sized headings for sections of your post:

Or you can create Bulleted or Ordered lists:

There are two ways to Quote. First is the way we have always done it by clicking the Quote link at the bottom of the post you want to quote. This quotes the entire post:

Which creates a post that looks like this with the quoted post in a box, followed by your response:

If you only want to respond to a specific part of a longer post, first copy and paste the text you want to respond to into the post comment box:

Then click on the Paragraph menu and choose Quote:

Hit Enter to end the Quote:

Then click on the quote editor and choose paragraph to proceed with your response:

Here’s what the post will look like using the partial quote. The quoted text will appear in gray:

The new editor has a much wider selection of Emotorcons to add to your posts

There are two ways to add an image to your post. To insert an image from your computer/device into your post, click the Image or Attachment icon and select the image you want in your post from your computer/device:

This will create a post with the image displayed in your post. It is automatically resized to fit:

NOTE: you can also use the Embed icon (described below) to put an image in your post that's hosted somewhere other than your device

If your image needs to be seen full size to be appreciated, use the Attachment icon and select the image from your computer/device:

This creates a post with an attachment that can be clicked on to display the image full screen:

To insert media (YouTube videos or an image that's hosted somewhere other than your device) click the Embed icon and type or paste in the URL

That pretty much covers the changes you will notice in the comment box. Nothing else about the forums will be changing, Same sign in, navigation, searches, etc. The change in setting to the Rich editor should solve the sporadic issues some users have had with the formatting icons.

As always, if you have any questions or run into any issues, don't hesitate to let us know in the Forums Feedback and Suggestions discussion
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