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My first time on Edmunds forum, so hope I am asking the right questions. I have a verbal offer on a 2019 XC60 T6 Momentum AWD MSRP $53,340 to pay $499/m, 36 months, 10k miles per year, $2k total out of pocket and turning in my 2016 RX350 (with premium pckg) to help reduce the MD taxes on the new lease. I have 3 payments of $457 remaining on the RX350 with a pay off of $31,426. I didn't see the exact trade value they are giving me, but i believe it is around $27k. What incentives and money factors should I expect to see when I ask for a break down? I am a Costco member and know there is a $1000 program running now. Zip code is 21075


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  • carpediem19carpediem19 Member Posts: 9
    So below is how I did on my XC60 AWD, T6 Momentum deal.

    MSRP: $51,225
    Sales price $44,665
    Cap Cost $47,147.13
    Money down $2k
    Rebates $5,072.56
    RV 58%
    Lease factor: 0.067000
    36 months/10k miles
    Monthly payment $427.44

    The only thing that differs from the answer above is the MF. Edmunds provided me with 0.00067 and they entered 0.067000. I forgot to question this due to my kid distracting me.

    I also traded in a leased car with three payments left, but they matched the trade-in value to my pay off, so should be a wash.

    Let me know if they messed up on the MF (listed as 0.067000).

    Thanks for all your help!!
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