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Hi all!

I have a Hyundai Elantra that I am head over heals with. 2003. 240K and the engine has more get up and go than I have ever had. 5 speed. The hubs says it's got some rot on the frame. I know the transmission was Mitzubishi, not sure about the engine.

I also have a Ford Ranger 1999. Solid, solid body (it's what won me over four years ago) but the engine needs a new gasket and it's noisy anyway.

I think you see where I'm going here...

Is it possible to drop that Hyundai engine into that Ranger body and have the trar/cruck of my dreams? And if it is, how difficult might it be?

Thanks in advance! Though likely, I'll thank you again if you can help.



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    The first answer is, anything is possible, with enough money.

    But, is it really worth it, in the end?

    I am by no means an expert on this, but I think this will be a difficult job to mate up the engine from the Hyundai to the mounting points of the Ford.

    Let me get some experts in here to comment.

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    Why would you put such a high mileage engine in ANY vehicle? Unless you rebuild it before you install it I’d say you’re asking for trouble. For what it’s worth the Beta II engine in the 2003 Elantra was made by Hyundai not Mitsu.

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    Mostly because, as I said, I am head over heals for it; and secondly, when I happened to be sharing my admiration for the engine with a guy at Hyundai, he said that they would run forever. And thanks for the info about the Beta ll.

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    Isn't that Ranger a rear wheel drive? And the Elantra, front wheel drive? This job just became impossible.

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    As stated above, nothing is impossible with enough time and money (and skill). Pointless, silly, and a waste of money? Yes. You could buy a new car and come out ahead.

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    better off finding a clean body elantra that needs a motor, and doing that combo. But still not worth it.

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    Not worth it. If you are going to engine swap anything, start with a V8 crate motor from Ford, GM, or Chrysler (Coyote, LS, HEMI).

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    I’ve done engine swaps twice but always with a similar engine. I took a 2.8L Chevy engine from a junkyard for my Celebrity and a 302 from a donor truck for my F-150. Both times the engine was fine but the hassle of getting it done made the decision questionable.

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  • Purplegenie69Purplegenie69 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 87 ford ranger with a warped crankshaft. Was curious if i did a swap what would be the best fit? 2.3L 4cyl rwd just exploring options any help would be greatly appreciated
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