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Scion xB Windshield cracks



  • "... Do you know if there is somthing I can do besides just getting another windshield?"
    "... I got a new windshield because my insurance does not cover it unless I pay 250.00 deductible."
    You can do something that may eventually reimburse you, but cannot be discussed in this commercial forum. Send me an email at allanatherton (at) yahoo (dot) com.
  • joesbarjoesbar Posts: 20
    This thread has me very worried. Anyone NOT have a windshield crack? I haven't but then I have 300 miles on the vehicle.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,331
    I have a friend with an xB that doesn't have any cracks. Remember the the message boards tend to amplify negative stuff a bit since people who are simply happy withtheir vehicle don't tend to shout it from the roof tops as often as those who may be experiencing some kind of issue.

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  • Hello,
    I have an xB without a cracked windshield and no loose rods
    in the engine. As soon as I got it home, I made a one piece strut bar with no adjustments. I thought that possibly the
    front end and body was shifting, causing the windshield to flex and crack. I have read a couple of messages about loose
    rods after running 4000 rpm for several hours. That sounded like a lack of proper lubrication. I changed the oil from 5w-30 to 15w-40 Castrol Diesel oil. The fuel mileage did drop
    slightly, but no loose rods. If my windshield cracks it will
    be posted here. 43,161 miles.
  • Yeah, I know all about windshield cracks. I have had my 2006 xB for 6 months and in those 6 months I have had to replace my windshield 7 times. The first few times were from tiny rocks hitting and cracking the windshield, but there have also been 2 stress cracks that I noticed when nothing hit the windshield at all. In the last week I have had to replace the glass 3 times. Yeah, 3 times in one week is really no fun at all.

    I understand that I live in Arizona, so of course there is going to be more rocks on the road, but I have never in my life had some many cracks on a windshield. It seems that the smallest particle of dust will cause the windshield to crack. I have lived here for 5 years and with my other vehicle I only had 1 chip. My wife has only had 1 crack. My parents have never had any problems, nor have my friends, coworkers, or friendly animated neighborhood muppets.

    I know the glass installers on a first name basis and it is embarrassing to have your glass replaced every month, or for a week straight for that matter. I finally broke down and asked them if they see anybody else with this problem and they told me that the Scion xB is the largest volume of calls they get to replace the windshield. The runner-up is a jeep. This is a national company, so that is pretty alarming. They said because the windshield has such a steep grade and because the car sits so low to the ground it is asking to be cracked and chipped.

    Not only did the glass installers tell me this, but people on the street, at the car wash, at the gas station, and even other Scion xB owners have this same problem. Most of the time people will just come up and look at the windshield to see if there are chips or cracks. You know you are speaking to either an xB owner or friend of an xB owner when that happens.

    I called the Toyota/Scion dealership where I purchased the car and they said they had never heard anything about it and blamed it on where I lived. Yeah, nice try there guys but I have lived here 5 years and have never in my life had to replace 3 windshields in 1 week. You would think I was getting these tailgaiting people but most of the cracks have occured 5-10 car lenghts away from the car in front of me, with no cars around me, traveling at speeds between 40-70mph.

    I finally gave up with the last crack that just happened yesterday. I am having the windshield replaced right now and after work I am heading to a Chevrolet dealership to look at the HHR. All I ever wanted was an xB and it was fun for a while, but sadly it is just turning into a big headache month after month. Yeah, I am going to take a loss on the car and even though it makes me mad at least I won't have to drive like I am in a ceramic egg. I am sure the HHR will have its own unique set of problems, but hopefully they won't be as frustrating as the xB. :mad:
  • I understand your frustration... but I don't think that the answer is an HHR. Come on, it's a Chevy! If you want a cool looking wagon and don't care about rapid depreciation, that's where to start! Toyotas are known for holding their value over time.

    I have to admit, three times in a week is ridiculous. I'd be pretty upset, too.

    My windshield cracked at 16 days and I managed to harass my way through Toyota's coroprate ladder until they replaced it for free. The winning line was "My 35 year old Datsun still has the factory glass and it is covered in pits and chips, bu the xB's cracked in 16 days." That was over 8,000 miles ago, no more cracks.
  • I am on my 4th windshield and on top of that I have an oil leak and this is the 2nd time I have had to replace gaskets. I got in touch with Governors Office of Consumer Affairs in GA (the Attorney Generals office)thru Lemon Law website in my state. They sent me some forms to fill out that you send to Toyota home office and your finance company. I am mailing those forms and also all receipts for work done back to Attorney Generals office. They send a large mail envelope with the papers that you use to return the forms to them. I was suppose to hear from my dealership Franklin Toyota Scion yesterday and they did not return my call. I am not letting them get away with this. We all have to fight back. The stress that this issue has put on me is horrendous. I will keep you posted. DON'T GIVE UP FIGHTING. I am to the point that I not only want a new car but it is going to be free!!! Bye
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I would think a lemon claim on a windshield is going to be a tough one to sell. It will be hard (impossible?) to prove a manufacturing defect caused any of the ones you have had to fail. In fact, unless you always had the dealer replace the glass with more Toyota OEM glass then they could make a case that some of the replacements do not even count toward a lemon defect. A rock flies up and hits your glass (for all anyone knows) and you want them to buy back your car? That is going to be a really, really tough one to sell.

    The design of the car would make it seem a lot more prone to getting hit - and when it does the lack of a lot of angle/slope to the glass would seem to make it more vulnerable to getting a chip or break rather than just having the object bounce off. Is that a "defect" in design? Not really, that is the "style" or the car.

    Now if there is a problem with some xB's that the frame is not made right or there is too much flex that is placed on the glass or something. Or maybe Toyota got a bad batch of glass and you have had several of those? Something like that would be a fault that might could be addressed via the lemon law.

    If you are getting yourself stressed out over this, you need to calm down and relax.

    As to getting a new, free, car - I think that is only in your dreams. The best you can hope for is for them to just buy yours back from you.

  • My wife got a small rock chip yesterday. This morning, as soon as she turned on the defrost, a crack went all the way across the windshield. I've never had a car do that in my life. And I've had a lot of cars. Is there anything toyota is doing about this design flaw? thanks for any help. Rich
  • Yes, Toyota has addressed the design weakness. Look at the '08 xB. The windshield is probably 5 or 6 inches shorter. The body
    also looks beefier. It's obvious too anyone, except Toyota, that the windshield on the '03-'06 xB carries to much structural load. It's under constant stress load. One little nick, or sometimes nothing at all the windshield gives in the form of a crack to reduce the stress. David
  • Not yet at 5000 miles and our windshield has the same crack as many others - starts behind the rear view mirrow and curves toward the drivers side. We will contact our dealer in Beaverton, Oregon with a copy of these forum messages and see if they will cover the replacement. Will report back...It seems obvious there is a design flaw that needs to be addressed...or they should warn people of the potential for problems...Otherwise, we love the car & have been happy with the purchase.
  • I have some good news. I did not give up and Toyota has accepted my case. After they found out that I contacted my states consumer affairs and was going to proceed with the Lemon Law they decided listen to me. I know its tiring but you have to keep on until you get the answer you want. Contact:
    National Center for Dispute Settlement
    22500 Metropolitian Parkway - Suite 200
    Clinton Township, MI 48035

    Good Luck
  • I have good news. They did accept that there is a flaw in the car body style. When my Toyota dealership found out that I had started the Lemon Law process and I had records of complaint calls to Toyota and paperwork that the Office of Consumer Affairs sent me I was contacted by the National Center for Dispute Settlement in Michigan and they accepted my case and they also know that I will not accept anything but a new car. It takes a lot of effort to take something like this on but I am not paying $400 a month and always drive in fear. I will keep you abreast of their decision.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Congrats on making it this far! It's good to know they are taking you seriously.
  • rcommerrcommer Posts: 1
    Last night as I was driving north on highway 17, a rock hit my windshield. I knew this would eventually happen but I didn't realize it would happen within two weeks of me owning the new car!!!

    The rock chipped the glass just behind and kinda to the right of the rear view mirror... there is also a crack that runs from the chip to the top of the glass (about 2 inches) and from the chip down and curves across to the left, towards the driver's side (24+ inches)

    Needless to say I was very bummed out when this happened but after I got over the shock of what happened, I made a few calls. My friend told me that auto insurance coverage out here in Arizona covers windshields... I called my insurance company and inquired about this "windshield" policy... they told me I had it, and tomorrow someone is coming out to replace the glass... for free!

    I'm really stoked about that BUT...

    After finding this forum and reading the posts, I am in shock to discover that Toyota has disclosed a design flaw in the scion xB.

    This makes me wonder how many time I may have to replace the glass in my car...

    I have two choices:

    A. Just deal with what I have
    B. Make something happen

    Please advise
  • wtbdwtbd Posts: 3
    I just got a windshield crack and there doesnt seem to be a point of any impact that should have caused this, and I have only had my car for eight months, and seeing your story really makes me concerned that this will be the start of a horrible story for me. I wanted to know what where the steps you took in order to get your case heard. If you could help I would greatly appreciate it. I also have a guy coming in tomorrow to fix it, would this be something i should wait on since i need proof of the damage ? or should i just take some photos?
  • You may want to take it to a dealer before paying to have someone come out and fix it. I'm getting ready for my 3rd windshield. Is it one of the cracks that starts by the frame, then makes a 90 degree turn?
  • wtbdwtbd Posts: 3
    I did take it to the dealer this morning they said that the warranty would not cover it, and quickly let me know that it would be $900.00 to fix. The crack starts at the right side of the frame then swirves toward the drivers side. There's no where on the car where there is a chip of some sort or anything. They did a pen test and said that because it doesnt pass it it would not be covered under warranty.
  • wtbdwtbd Posts: 3
    shouldnt it be a manufactures flaw if the crack seems to start by the very edge beneath the rubber? even if it doesnt pass the pen test they do?
  • Go ahead and get windshield replaced but take a picture also save all paper work. I will get back to you with phone numbers on how to start. The customer service # for Toyota complaints is 866-707-2466 and let them know that you have same problem and they will give you a case #. Save and document. Next investigate your lemon laws for your state by doing google Lemon Law search. I have a hearing at 10:00 in the morning with the mediator and Toyota. Wish me luck and I will let you know what happened.
  • lavariouslavarious Posts: 11
    I am curious what the verdict will be in your arbitration, so please update us when you can. Did you go through the Toyota/Scion mediation service that they provide a number for in the Scion Owners Manual?
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    "... After finding this forum and reading the posts, I am in shock to discover that Toyota has disclosed a design flaw in the scion xB."

    I don't think that is correct. What did you see that? Even in the Nov 2006 settlement to reimburse Element owners for cracks, Toyota did not admit a flaw. There is no reason why Toyota should now admit or will ever admit a flaw in the xB. Even if they ever pay for the windshields.
  • A small rock hit my windshield a few days back and now I have a crack that seems to be extending everyday. I've had my xB for over a year now and never knew there was a problem with xB windshields until I Googl'ed "xb windshield" trying to see how much it would cost to replace the windshield without going through my insurance company. Now I'm wondering if I should argue design flaw because even though a small rock hit my windshield, it should not have resulted in such a large crack, which appears to be continually growing. Please advise.
    Also, has anyone contacted "Fazio Micheletti"?
  • erichderichd Posts: 1
    I don't know if it's specific tot he xB, but whenever you get a crack in ANY windshield, if you don't get it "plugged" or repaired immediately, the crack can spread, or spider web, rather quickly across the whole windshield.

    It m,ay be that the xB's windshield allows a faster propagation of the crack, but if there aren't repair records, I can't see that Toyota or any manufacturer would replace the windshield.
  • I finally had time to take my 2006 Scion XB ( 2nd 2006 Scion XB)to the dealership today regarding the crack (2nd one)that started at the frame behind the mirror and come down then turn towards the drivers side (we all know what that looks like). I took it to Lakeland Toyota here in Lakeland, Florida and was told by the service advisor, Mr. Jeffrey Davis, that they really don't replace the windshields there that you just call your insurance company and they come out and do it in your driveway. I responded with the verbiage "so your telling me that Lakeland Toyota does not replace the windshields here?" to which he responded "yes". I told him that rather than call my insurance company I would rather contact our local ABC news. I was then given the opportunity to come in and meet with the service manager because it seems he has this God like power to authorize Lakeland Toyota to replace the windshield if they determine it''s defective. I so don't trust Toyota (Scion) anymore I actually took video of the crack from every different direction possible cause I'm afraid they will take the car to the bay then call to show me a chip that has never been there before, in other words, I wouldn't put it past them to cause a chip in my windshield deliberately to get out of replacing another one.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    Toyota does not pay for cracked windshields, yet. Officially, they are due to rock damage. So if the dealer replaces a cracked windshield, they cannot get reimbursed for it by Toyota. Why should the dealer pay for cracked windshields when Toyota will not? What responsibility does the dealer have by himself for your crack? You need to follow the example of Honda Element owners who succeeded in getting reimbursed up to 60,000 miles for any cracked windshields regardless of circumstances.
  • Scion less than one month old. Windshield hit by piece of gravel so small impact was almost inaudible. About one half hour later I noticed a crack. Started at the bottom of the windshield, went up about seven inches, made a right-hand turn about seven inches and stopped. Dealer has been notified, have not heard from service dept yet.
    I have also posted with law firm that was successful in it's class action suit re: Honda Element. Also the NHTSA. Just talking about this situation on these forums will not be enough to resolve this issue.
  • Could you please post law firms contact information or email to [email protected] Thank you so much for your assistance!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I would think a crack from a rock strike would not be something you would get replaced for from Toyota - I mean that happens ALL the time to lots of cars, there a dozens of auto glass places in town to take care of that.

    Now if your glass was cracking due to stress or flex that is something else.

    How to prove it either way could be a problem.

    Next time I am talking with my agent I will ask how this is covered under my insurance - it is 100% covered or a deductible or what. What does your insurance say?

  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    The rock impact causes a pit. In most windshields, this is not a problem and many pits are accumulated. The xB windshield is evidently under stress, such that the pit soon radiates a crack. Some windshields must have enough stress to crack without a pit, as cracks have happened while the car was parked in the sun, or parked in a garage.
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