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Scion xB Windshield cracks



  • I just purchased a brand new 2008 Scion xb two months ago and I have gotten two cracks, one on each side of the windshield within ONE WEEK! I took it to the dealer both times and they said " no they will not replace it under warrantly becasue they were caused by a rock chip." I was infuriated by this becasue there wasn't even a chip in the windshield and both cracks had appeared and spread almost completely across my windshield within about 24 hours.

    I too have called Toyota and have gotten nowhere. I would be more than will to step forward toToyota becasue I too believe that the windshields are defective. I am tempted to trade the car in and get my money back and buy something else.
  • I've got a 2006 xB, and just this week, the windshield cracked for a second time after a stone hit it while driving on the highway. The first time, last summer, I didn't perceive any impact to the windshield; it just was cracked one morning when I got into the car. I just called the salesperson I bought the car from, and he said he's not aware of any issue with the xB windshields cracking. The Toyota 800 number isn't in service today because of the holiday....

    Teddi2, what did you have in mind in terms of "stepping forward to Toyota"?

  • Just read your posting....the first cracked windshield in my xB last summer started just like L shape crack behind the rearview mirror.
  • Pls don't flame me for asking this, but what size tires do you run on your Xb's? The reason that I ask is the lower the profile the stiffer the ride will be and that might be sending the road bumps harder into the vehicle stressing the windshields. I agree that the windshields shouldn't crack with low profile tires, I am just trying to figure this out.

    I own a 08 xB since August 08 and thank goodness I haven't had this issue of the windshield cracking.

    I believe that those that have had their windshields crack should open a case with the National Highway Safety Administration and them maybe if enough people complain something might get done.

    Good Luck
  • Yes, that salesperson isn't aware that the Sun comes up in the East either.
    I made a (1) one piece straight strut bar for my '06 xB within 2 weeks of purchase,
    I believe the front end flexes because the Sardine cans they use are just too thin to keep the front end from bending. And glass doesn't flex. David
  • Teddi2
    Best of luck on your discussion with Toyota/Scion concerning the windshield of your '06 xB. If they agree to replace your windshield, that's great. If not, I recommend you read my 'federal case' post.

    The WheelMan.
  • was going to buy new xb today. now im not sure what to do after reading this forum.. love the car though any ideas for another car this cool?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I would not worry about it. Scion as sold TONS of xB models and there are a few (vocal, of course) folks with the problem. So the odds are good you will not have trouble. If you get a current (2nd gen) xB the odds go down even further.

    The HHR looks cool to me, nearly as ugly as the original xB :D. But that is a GM product, so I would rather take my chances on the glass of the xB failing than everything that could go wrong on a GM.

  • From my experience it doesn't matter if you get a generation 1 or generation 2 xB they both seem to have the issue. I get just as many gen 2 owners who write me to complain as I do gen 1 owners. Maybe if you are looking for a quirky car get a mini.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    How about the smart fortwo? It does not get ANY quirkier than that and still be called a car :D ?

    Cheap too, but really, really small.

  • aruizaruiz Posts: 2
    Yeah - I have ten thousand miles on my 2008xB --I do have 18 inch wheels on it (tho much like they are selling them with at the dealer) Same thing a lil pebble and two cracks later the dealer wants $470.00 not including install. So then I ask if they have 2 order that and he says naw I have them in stock(pause) Oh wait, I am temporarily out of stock.......that leads me to believe that already there are a few trashed windshields out there!!! :mad:
  • Just got a 10 inch crack just below the rear view mirror that curves towards the driver! Scion is a 2006 with 19k miles. Called dealer who referred me to my insurance company-windshields are covered in Florida with no deductible ! Yeah!
  • Wow lucky! :)
  • aruizaruiz Posts: 2
    The 2008 xB does it too--- had my car two months, came out one day, had one crack, two days later had a second way over on opposite end. :mad:
  • Everyone please be sure to read post#125 and take the appropriate action.

    Thanks. :lemon:
  • :mad: I filed a complaint at the encouragement of wheelman and the web link he provided. There are five complaints on file for the same problem. A crack starts at the top of the windshield on the passaenger side with no apperent reason. I just walked out to the box this morning and looked over and noticed it. Was not there when I parked the car. So I got out to investigate what could have caused it. Nothing! So I like wheelman encourage you all who have had this problem to submit a complaint. It was quick and easy using the link wheelman provided. If nothing else I step up.

  • This is the complaint I've posted with NHTSA:

    I bought a used '06 Scion xB in Aug. '07 & w/in a week my windshield(WS) was leaking big time. There were no cracks & the carfax report came back clean w/ no prior accidents. I called the dealer & since it was under warranty they had a local WS co. replace the WS. That weekend I washed the Scion & noticed water running down the inside of the WS again by the rear view mirror. Still no obvious reason of why it should be leaking. I was extremely concerned about electrical issues w/ the water & the fact that I live in Portland which meant lots of rain. I called the dealer again & this time I asked for another co. to replace the glass, thinking the other co. had just done a bad job. After the 2nd time of fixing it I thought everything was fine until I noticed loud popping & cracking noises while driving. A couple of the pops were so loud it scared me because it sounded like the whole WS cracked, but there were no visible cracks. Just in case I was hearing things, I had my husband ride along & he heard the same noises. A week or two later, I noticed that when the WS was fogging there were stream lines from water on the left inside and I knew those shouldn't be there because the last co. had put in a brand new WS. Later, I finally noticed water dripping in the same spot & I knew it was leaking again. Frustrated & not wanting to deal w/ it, I continued to drive the car with a leaky WS for about week, until I went through a car wash & noticed a strong stream of water running down the left inside of the WS inside the car. The following Monday (today) I called the dealership. I'm taking the car in tonight. I'm suggesting, some sort of extra strength seal & possibly a sway/strut bar to stabalize the vehicle more. If this doesn't work then I want to trade it in for a newer xB or possibly something else. My warranty is only for 100,000 miles & I'm half way there & I don't want to get to the point where I have to start paying to replace any of this when it is obviously a flaw with the car.

    Besides the windshield issue, I'm very pleased with my xB. Before it I owned a 2001 Ford Focus, it seems I went from one problem car to another, but hey at least my Scion starts everytime.

    I'm very anxious to see what happens tonight at the dealership. I'll keep you guys posted.
  • Well unfortunately they didn't listen to me and they are just replacing the windshield again. They had no answer for all the popping noises and said this time they will let the car sit extra long before it's driven after the glass is put in. One good thing though is Toyota is ordering the glass themselves, so we'll see. If this doesn't fix it I'll be posting again. I'm seriously considering buying a strut bar, it couldn't hurt.
  • I purchased an'06 xB in Sept. '06. I made a one piece straight strut bar as soon as
    I found out about all of the windshield breakage. As of today I have had no problems. I continue to hope that the front end flexing is stopped by the strut bar and is in fact responsible for the windshield problems.
    1. If you decide on a strut bar, be sure the bar is straight, either 10 ga. 1 1/4" square tubing or 3/4" diameter thick wall gas pipe or better. 2. The brackets that mount on top of the strut tower need to be 3/16' thick 1'' angle iron welded to the ends of the bar. 3. Everything needs to be a tight fit with absolutely no movement once it is mounted to the two strut studs on both sides.
    Most of the strut bars on the market are a joke. They range from a flat strap with bolted joints, to bars that take all kinds of angles to get to the other side. It has to be straight from one side to the other to prevent ANY movement.
    I'm very hard nosed about this, It is a very serious problem. It has caused a lot of people a lot of distress.
    The new '08 has the same problem. Toyota claimed that the 1st generation windshield breakage was due to the vertical position and the height. Then why is the 2nd generation xB suffering the same problem? It has to be front end sheet metal flexing. They made a couple of design changes, but the "Silly Putty" front end is the same.
    Good Luck, David
  • This info would make for a great a Guide
  • So I got my XB in 2006 and I just replaced the windshield last December. The windshield had little bullet holes that were fine up until one pebble hit the top and caused a large vein to go vertically down the driver's side. :surprise:

    So I got it replaced through safelite thinking it would be the cheapest without thinking about my warranty. Does anyone know if my warranty is now void because I replaced it elsewhere? :cry:

    I don't want to have to contact Toyota and have them void my warranty because I replaced the windshield, but my new windshield I got in December is now cracked and veining all over. I can't afford to pay 350 bucks every few months to replace the windshields. I'm ready to just trade in my car and get a prius or something. Anyway, my main question is does anyone know if my warranty is now void? :sick:
  • Toyota/Scion will not cover your windshield under their warranty. So, no, you did not void your warranty.
  • My Scion was parked for 4 days. Crack starting from top passenger side traveling down about 9 inches and extends horizontally toward the driver side and ends at the mid point of the speedometer. It became apparent to me when I went out to drive it and was not there when I parked it.

    Due to it being glass, the dealer told me a Toyota Warranty Claims person would need to see it (one day a week here). I was informed today that they would deny the claim.

    The claims person reason... A pit the size of this period (.) caused the crack.

    It's not right. The so-called cause of the crack is first, so insignificant that it shouldn't have caused a crack at all AND it's not on the crack! They looked for ANY excuse to deny the warranty claim and refuse to use common sense. I am now forced to sue them in small claims court where I fully believe I can compile a preponderance of evidence to force Toyota to indemnify me.

    I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO PUSH THE ISSUE. I have just filed a complaint with the NHTSA Office of Defects. I'll keep you all posted as to the progress of my pending and hopefully successful lawsuit against Toyota.
  • So I reported it to that link on post 125. At this point though I'm tired of spending so much on windshields and my xb is nearly paid off. I was thinking of trading it in for the new XB if it did not have the same issues, otherwise I may just get a Prius or something. My main focus is city friendly, has a GPS, and sleek interior.

    Any suggestions?
  • toyoman3toyoman3 Posts: 11
    mine developed a crack from the top about 6 in. during a road trip. Took it my local dealer, the service advisor send me away,I went to the service manager and told him that I was aware of this problem and I was not going to leave until I got some resllution. He then put in a call to the factory rep in the area who ok"d the repair. I hope it doesn't happen again. But next time I' ll have to get the strut bar.
  • i just found a crack in my windshield this morning. it started from behind the rearview mirror, and by the afternoon is in a big L shape.

    after googling this issue, i have discovered this forum, as well as the page. i'm wondering what I should do at this point.

    Should I attempt to take it to the Toyota Dealership and see what happens, and demand a resolution? Perhaps they will replace it at no charge? I live in Arlington, VA, has anyone had experience with this specific dealership?

    Any thoughts? Thanks
  • happyshappys Posts: 1
    Same as all of you. A 14" crack developed as I was driving down the freeway. This is my first, but my '06 only has 16K miles. It's at Toyota (Lancaster, CA) right now and they said they will fix it under warranty.

    Next I'm going to like wheelman said in post 125 to add to the complaints. If you are reading this, do the same. Toyota needs to make a fix for this.
  • kjktookjktoo Posts: 9
    OK, so I thought the cracked windshield in my 2006 (less than 14K miles) was a fluke. I got mad, found out it would cost me $400+ to fix it and decided to go on ahead and trade to the 2008 xB WHAT WAS I THINKING?? yesterday morning (2100 miles on my car) I get in my car to go to work...and there it is! top of the drivers side down to about midpoint angling toward the passenger seat.
    I just made an official complaint. Thanks Wheelman! But to tell you the truth, I am a still a little hot over this. Grrrrrrrrrr :mad:
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I think it can be replaced by auto insurance claim & no deductible. I doubt this kind of claim will raise your premium next year. They even come to do replacement at my work place.
  • kjktookjktoo Posts: 9
    If you can give me tips, ideas that would be great. When I talked to my agent last time, they said no, and my deductible is $500....
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