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Honda Fit Exterior & Bodywork Questions



  • bmp956bmp956 Posts: 4
    Boy am I bumming. Brought my new ride home the day after snow, so needless to say had lots of road salt covering the beautiful NHBP finish. Went and got a sponge with a terry covering and Simonize car wash, cleaned off the muck, and when it dried I noticed I've now got a case of "The Swirlies". :cry: Not happy being into a mere 2 days of ownership. I did ask the salesman about care of the new paint, and he said business as usual, though maybe wait a month or so before waxing.

    Anyone else have this experience? If so, does a good waxing bring back the original finish?
  • cindyjcindyj Posts: 7
    Has anyone experienced a crack on the windshield of their fit that was not from a rock hitting it? I am currently trying to get my windhield replaced under warranty and am looking to build my case as the dealership claims that Fits do not get stress fractures, yet that is exactly what it is. The crack is located on the lower passenger side of the windshield.
  • 2007 model,it`s my wife`s car.she opened the garage door and started to back out-Boom-death of a window.has this happened to anybody else?
  • ringo3ringo3 Posts: 5
    I'm having the exact same problem as cindyj!!
    I have my Fit for one year now and I noticed a small stress fracture on the lower passenger side of the windsheild a few months ago. Then recently exact same fracture(like a half- moon shape) apperred on the driver's side, too. I have not been to a dealership yet, but they do look like stress fractures to me :(
  • call-call-call,,,,honda america---i did.i took it back to dealer,they replaced it---no charge.they kinda acted like it might be a problem,said they had to call honda,they could tell i was little upset about it.they got a rental to get me home (thursday; note the rental guy wanted to sell extra "gap" insurance like 16.00/28.00 a day,15 mint.s out he calls me to say that the car will be ready friday night-wanting to see if i would buy the extra insurance i declined again) on friday i called honda america told them we had the car only 7100 miles/3.5 monthes.they said sounds like it should warantty,if dealer won`t-they will, to call them back---1.800.999.1009---Pacific time (9.00 am-5.00pm) dealer didn`t call me till lunch time friday to say it was ready.ok maybe a little too much info there anyhoos my 2 cents honda has a problem with the windshieds breaking for no reason. p.s. all yous gramer/spelling nazis need to get out of the basement peace out/good luck (that is the correct #)...tony c.
  • bmp956, im a detail manager at a honda dealership in new york, so i feel for you about the snow. the best thing i can recommend for you is #1. dont ask a salesperson about car

    #2 with a car that new you can wax it right away to bring back finish
  • gbw1gbw1 Posts: 6
    I have a blue fit, 14 months, and its chipping a lot. Will honda do anything?
  • My Tidewater Blue Fit arrived today. I didn't get there until after dark, but it looked purple-ish! Can anyone else share their comments or photos? And can anyone else share first hand impression or photos of the blackberry pearl? Is it black? Purple? Blue?
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    its a very dark purpilish color. like a, well blackberry.
  • I'm shopping slowly for a small wagon/hatchback for purchase next summer. I like the fit for it's great fuel economy and compact size for easy fit in a small garage. But I have a few nits. Is anyone else bothered by the non-availability of body side moldings? If not, how did you feel the first time you found a parking lot ding in your door? I don't buy a car very often so want one that I can be happy with for a very long time. Thanks for your input.
  • gbw1gbw1 Posts: 6
    I've owned my blue sport auto fit for 15 months (20,000) I cannot believe all the paint chips and pits. On top of that, I get 24 mpg in town - very little stop & go. Add that to the road noise, and highway speed buffeting above, and I would noy buy one.
  • gbw1gbw1 Posts: 6
    I've owned my blue sport auto fit for 15 months (20,000) I cannot believe all the paint chips and pits. On top of that, I get 24 mpg in town - very little stop & go. Add that to the road noise, and highway speed buffeting above, and I would not suggest this car to anyone.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Body side moldings are available aftermarket. There's been some posts on Fit moldings in the past, but I can't locate them right now.

    If you can wait a couple of more months, the next-gen Fit is due out next fall.
  • mankomanko Posts: 9
    If dings are a concern, then there's only one way to avoid them, and that's to not park where other people are or only in spaces that allow enough space so that the next person can't possibly open their door into you. I've done this for my Fit for a year and a half now and not one single ding, blemish, or scratch. Same with the xB I had before too. Better to walk a little further than have some careless twit damage the car.

    As for moldings, you can get them after market like mentioned earlier, but a 1" strip of plastic isn't gonna do a whole lot quite honestly, and they're not particularly attractive either.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Unfortunately that doesn't work. I did the same thing when I owned the great-grandfather (?) of the Fit, a Civic S, many years ago. Always parked it far away from other cars. One day after about a year, I parked it at a bank, way off in a corner with no other cars around it, with a curb on its right side. Safe, yes? No. A huge old two-door car not only parked right next to it, but backed in so the driver's door was alongside my car. And it parked very close, although there were no other cars around it. And this car had a high, big side molding. So guess what happened? Huge dent on my car's door.

    Side moldings won't ensure no dents, but they will protect the car from a lot of damage. Also, sometimes it's just not feasible to park where other cars aren't. Or it may not matter if you do.
  • I have the silver and have noticed no paint peeling. Live in Colorado, so there's low moisture pretty much year round, but keep the vehicle outside, no garage. :)

    Now, getting dinged by my jerk neighbors... that's another story. :sick:
  • cekirbycekirby Posts: 1

    Yep! Fit is about 15 months old. Fracture/crack on windshield...lower passenger side. No impact. Car just sitting in the driveway.

    What steps did you take to secure remedy from Honda? Did you have success??

    Thanks for your help!
  • toebitustoebitus Posts: 5
    i already gave ya`ll the info to do it-just do it--honda has sold every single "fit" that they haven`t evan built yet---have you ever seen one advertised on TV other than the fit is go add.??? call them they will take care of me and i`ll send you a pic of the broken">
  • I own a 2008 Honda Fit Sport. I have a small crescent-shaped crack in the bottom left corner of my windsheild. I'm not sure if a rock hit it or not. I kind of just looked and it was there. I'm suprised there are so many similar problems. I'm going to try and get the dealer to fix it.
  • Same thing with my car. Fracture of the lower passenger corner. Dealer states this is not a problem with the fit and refuses to repair it. I will try to contact Honda directly. Anyone have any luck trying this to get it repaired?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    If Honda refuses to help with this, you could file a complaint with the NHTSA. A crack in the windshield could be considered a safety issue that they could start an investigation about.
  • gary80gary80 Posts: 4
    I took the car to the dealer, ins agent, and the local glass repair place. I called Honda and spoke to their rep as well. All agree it is not a stress fracture. Upon closer examination they saw a tiny indentation in the crack which they all state is an impact.

    As it only involves a corner, replacement is not really needed as the structure of the window remains sound. Gluing the creack is not possible.

    Hope this helps with others who notice a simular crack.
  • kinzkinz Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 fit with about 17000 miles. This afternoon while looking at a low flying helicopter out the driver side of the windshield I saw a 8" long crack suddenly appear in the upper portion of the windshield. I was stunned. We were traveling at about 60 mph and absolutely nothing hit the windshield. I plan on calling the dealer first thing in the morning. Thank you again internet. It is sooooooooo nice to be able to research something like this and find other people with the same issue.
  • Guys,

    My wife has a 2007 honda fit sport and a few weeks ago it developed a crack in the windshield in the same place (bottom passenger side) as most of you on this thread. Our dealer is telling us that the windshield is not covered under their warranty and that we should check with Honda USA.

    I suspect that this problem may be more widespread than we think. I will let you know what Honda says because I do not believe that this is a coincidence
  • arlesarles Posts: 15
    I noticed about a month ago, a half circular fracture of my 2007 Fit front windshield on the lower passenger side up against the side of the window. It sounds similar to what has been described in previous posts. There is no visible nick or history of a flying object causing this. I took my Fit to my Honda dealer and they told me the warranty, including my Honda extended warranty, will not cover replacement. I looked into getting a windshield replacement. Honda windshields are more expensive than third party replacements. Has anyone got a third party replacement that they are happy about? I am also worried about getting a Honda windshield and having the same thing happen again.
  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    on 11/22/08 i was cruising in my 08 fit sport at 72 mph when a mature buzzard collided with my windshield...full frontal blast!!!
    the windshield cracked but did not separate happened so fast that we laughed till we cried!
  • I'm wondering if it's a regional issue due to the weather back east. I'm in SoCal. Thanks in advance.
  • anahita61anahita61 Posts: 110

    This is not my car, but I have the same missing round cap. I wasn't in an accident, it just disappeared some time between last night and today, but what is that hole that it was covering, and why would someone take the cap? Or do they pop off in the course of normal driving?

    It's a 2007 Sport Fit, front bumper.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Is it the cover for the towing hook receptacle? If it wasn't mounted properly to begin with, it could have easily popped off. Should be taken care of by the warranty--unless there was an impact, like apparently happened on the red car.
  • anahita61anahita61 Posts: 110
    I didn't know there was such a thing as a towing hook receptacle - wow, so that's what that is! And you think it just pops off? Warranty would be great - I'm on my way to Honda tomorrow - thanks!
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