Lexus GS 350

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In my opinion, there needs to be a separate discussion for these upcoming Lexus GS models. They are sufficiently different (engines, Navs, etc) and have enough interest to warrant their own thread. I am specifically looking forward to seeing how the car mags deal with them and how they stack up against the competition.


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    Looks like 2007's might get a new wheel design but it's hard to tell.
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    I drove a GS350 yesterday. Wheels (17") are the same as 06. Extra power is nice, but I thought the 300 was adequate. The car I drove had Yokohama tires -- much noisier than the 300 with Dunlops. Cars look exactly the same inside and out. Sticker says 29 highway mpg vs 30 for the 300. MSRP on fully loaded car is about $300 less than the 300.
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    There is no GS430 for 07. :( Why would anyone buy the GS430 over the more powerful and economical GS350 :confuse:
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    They are already for sale on Lexus Website no other changes other than upgraded engine. My opinion they should have upgraded wheels/suspension to accomodate more horsepower.
    Wheels are wimpy compared to ES & IS.
  • pearlpearl Member Posts: 336
    the new GS350 is generating so little comment on these boards. If this is any indication of the overall level of interest, we should see prices come off MSRP quickly and significantly.
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    When I went to test drive a GS350 they "lost the keys" ... :confuse: and could only promise a drive a couple of day later . Go figure, but I guess some people do buy a car without driving it.
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    One thing that might be going on is that the discussion was only categorized as "Lexus", so if someone was specifically searching for the GS 350, this discussion would not turn up (depending on how they searched). I have corrected that. We don't have a category yet for the 460.
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    Does anyone know of a link to a picture of the dash without the nav. system? Thanks
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    I dont see why people would want to buy a GS350 AWD. Its about 9K more than ES350. Only advantage is that it has AWD and has 30 hp more. Its a smaller car ... rear leg space is cramped ... a big hump between the 2 rear seats .. smaller trunk ... no full size spare option. It does not seem justifiable to me to pay 9k more just for AWD and 30 extra horses with so many other things lacking. Any comments ?
  • pearlpearl Member Posts: 336
    two quick reasons: 1) no matter how much lipstick you put on it, some will always see the ES as a glorified Camry and won't want their "upscale $$" spent that way, and 2) even if it loses nearly every comparo vs. the other LPS sedans, some will see the GS as a "sports car" and therefore justify the cost that way. There is little sanity when buying cars or falling in love. People can justify almost anything they put their minds to and then argue with anyone who disputes them. That's one reason why message boards like this thrive.
  • chucko3chucko3 Member Posts: 793
    That's why I bought the GS350 instead of ES350.
    You can't even tell the rear end between the two cars until
    you come close to it.
    Buying a fully loaded Camry XLE still gives plenty of cash left.
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    Went to only dealer in LV and was told they do not "deal" on purchase of '07 subject vehicles; must pay MSRP. I've never heard of this tactic before, and have never bought a new car at MSRP, but then again I've never purchased a Lexus before. Has anyone else had the same experience at the dealer or was I just being given a sales pitch? Is a new Lexus that desirable that you have to pay MSRP?
  • pearlpearl Member Posts: 336
    Shop around outside LV. They are probably the only Lexus dealer within a zillion miles and figure they can simply demand MSRP - and, they can because they have no local competition. However, the flipside is that there is nothing that forces you to buy from them. There are plenty of on-line sources of GS350's if you don't mind traveling a bit to get one. You can have it serviced at any Lexus dealer.
  • ghoopghoop Member Posts: 1
    I'm waiting on a call from LV Lexus. They are part of a costco program that should deal at 750.00 over invoice. We shall see! I'll update if they do.
  • azhenryazhenry Member Posts: 5
    Phoenix area. Just got a GS350 with ML/Nav/XMradio for $46,671 + TTFees. MSRP is $51,763 (last option on Lexus site in Build your GS). Invoice is $45,671. So I paid exactly $1000 over invoice. Normally they sell for $2500 over invoice in the Phoenix area but had some additional negotiating ability on this one.
  • azhenryazhenry Member Posts: 5
    Trying to find chrome wheels that are replacements for the 18" standard wheels. Don't want to go through Lexus. Does anyone know who makes the wheels for 2007 Lexus GS350 RWD? Or where I can get replacements that are exactly like the Lexus ones except in chrome?
  • bbreakerbbreaker Member Posts: 2
    What dealership did you get this at? I too am in Phoenix and looking at this car. Did you lease? If so how much down and what were your monthly payments?
  • shenghshengh Member Posts: 29
    Put a deposit down this afternoon - Negotiated $2750 off MSRP ($48997) for a GS350 with Nav & 18" wheels + other accessories (total of about $4132).

    How does this compare - should I be happy? Seems like the dealer here in Houston was really unwilling to give much as there weren't many GS350's in their lot (only saw 2 or 3).
  • azhenryazhenry Member Posts: 5
    Chandler of Lexus and I paid cash.
  • lcarrlcarr Member Posts: 1
    Just picked up my brand new GS 350 yesterday in Ramsey NJ. :shades: Im glad I went with Lexus vs mercedes E350. Lexus amenities out weighs Mercedes by a land slide. Great experience at the dealership.
  • steve3226steve3226 Member Posts: 15
    whether they got a good deal AFTER they take delivery? It seems to me that the appropriate time to inquire is when the dealer makes an offer. Is it a good one? It reminds me of clients bringing a signed contract to an atty to ask if there are any problems.
  • shenghshengh Member Posts: 29
    actually, I did not take delivery. I continued to negotiate knowing I could withdraw the deposit whenever I wanted to. In the end, I got a much better deal elsewhere.
  • tuphamtupham Member Posts: 7
    Please advice on the purchase price of the Lexus 2007 GS 350 without any extra option. Thanks a lot.

    I live in Houston, Texas
  • shenghshengh Member Posts: 29
    2 weeks ago I noticed a few base GS350's on the lot, suggesting that the base models were not selling as quickly. This should give you some negotiating room. Go for $500 over invoice. I am pretty happy with my guy at Westside Lexus. I also know a guy at Sterling McCall, so let me know if you need an intro.
  • tuphamtupham Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for your message. I went to the dealer yesterday, but they only showed me the MSPR price only...not the invoice.
  • shenghshengh Member Posts: 29
    none of these guys will give you a 'good' price until you negotiate with them. Just asking for a discount won't usually cut it :)
  • allagarooallagaroo Member Posts: 88

    Please advise latest money factor and res. % for a GS 350 w/ AWD for a 12,000 mile lease 36 months. Unless there is a sweet spot anywhere up to 48 months.

  • tuphamtupham Member Posts: 7
    Is that the price include tax + title and lic. ?
  • shenghshengh Member Posts: 29
    no it does not.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Hi allagaro. Try posting in the GS 350 Lease Questions discussion, also. Let us know what you find out.
  • bmwconvertbmwconvert Member Posts: 75
    Please see my post on poor low beam illumination in the
    "Lexus GS 300/GS 430 - 2006+" topic. I'm curious to hear whether others agree that this is a serious problem.
  • allagarooallagaroo Member Posts: 88
    Car is very fast and handled well although certainly more insulated from the road than M35X, A6 or 530Xi. Felt more luxurious than M35 which is almost as fast and handles better but noisier and less civilized. My quips with the Lexus is there seems to be a hump on the left side of the console that was rubbing against my calf. Anyone else notice this?????? It is not on the right side just the left and it was the same in the car in the showroom. A little short on head room, rear leg room and trunk is almost too small. Has all the "bells and whistles". If I can get by the annoyance of the hump Lexus will probably be my choice. They are the only one I've found on a 48 month lease that keeps the money factor the same as 36 although residual drops to 45% but the result is a substantially lower monthly payment on the 48 and still within the warranty period.
  • gogglespiasanogogglespiasano Member Posts: 28
    I am astounded that there has not been commentary on the GS350 on these forums (must not be that exciting). I have disappointed in several of the new performance sedans (Acura RL, etc) because they just don't seem to have the combination of performance (acceleration, braking and handling) as well as acceptable rear seat and trunk space to appeal to people who have to families, go golfing, entertain, etc.

    My sense on the GS350 is that the performance side is much improved but still would be interested in people's thoughts on whether the handling/road feel is becoming more comparable to BMW 5. AWD definitely is a plus and I will not consider the 530XI until it gets the new engine (535) because current model's acceleration is subpar vs. GS. On the negative side for GS, car size is tight especially with poor trunk (don't know why Lexus can't get trunk and handling worked out -- if they did, it would be world beater).
  • memasteracmemasterac Member Posts: 5
    I purchased my 2007 GS 350 (black on black) on 12/19/2006. The MSRP is $48997 with 18" summer tires, navigation, rear spoiler, rain-sensing wipers, rear sunshade, ventilated seats, and preferred accessory pkg. The final price is $ 43958 plus TTL+fees. (50 mi on ODO) The invoice is $43458.

    I live near San Jose, CA and the sales tax is a whopping 8.75 %... so I never compare the out of door price because it is a very subjective number. If you are interested on purchasing a 07 GS 350, try not to pay $1k over than the invoice or you will be high jacked. Hope this helps.
  • chucko3chucko3 Member Posts: 793
    I got my GS350AWD delivered last week. I will be back to
    give my comments about the GS350 when the ODO passes 1000 mile mark.
    I haven't seen any GS350 on the road in the Boston area except for mine. Dealers are short of GS350 here.
    Agree about poor trunk space.
  • v312155v312155 Philly SuburbsMember Posts: 14
    I just ordered a new GS350 equipped with AWD, Navigation, and surround sound package. It is being build and I expect delivery in 12 weeks. The MSRP is $51,870. I got it for $1,000 over invoice ($47,209), a $4,661 savings. The registration, title, transfer fees, etc. was $149. Call Wilkie Lexus, Haverford, PA, (outside Philadelphia) for the same deal. If you live out of state, fly Southwest Airline to Philly, and save. I've only seen a few GS350s. They are scare. Dealer told me he can sell every GS359 AWD he can get his hands on. Trunk is small, but car is fast!!

    John J.
  • texas350ztexas350z Member Posts: 4
    I am looking at buying a Lexus gs 350 rwd. I live in the Houston area and we have 4 dealerships. Can anyone recommend a dealer they have used? Also, is $1000 over invoice a reasonable offer??

    Should I go with 18" wheels or 17"?
  • shenghshengh Member Posts: 29
    Hi texas350z,

    I bought my gs350 recently in Houston. Paid about $2000 over invoice, or around $1000 over if you figure in the Lexus Pursuits Visa offer which provides $1000 in credit if you use it in the purchase of the vehicle.

    I think $1000 over invoice may work if you target a gs350 that the dealer already has on the lot - doesn't hurt to try.

    I worked with 3 of the 4 dealers and really liked Westside Lexus the most. The sales person I worked with was great and I would reccomend him if you're interested.

    Regarding wheels - I like the looks of the 18".
  • chucko3chucko3 Member Posts: 793
    What is your GS350AWD's MPG?
    Mine only got around 24MPG on highway. That's very bad and not even close to what it said on the sticker.
    The car only has 650 miles.
  • shenghshengh Member Posts: 29
    it's not bad, 650 miles in about 2 weeks? :)

    I have no real idea what I am getting on pure freeway driving, but I suspect it's around 30MPG if I look at the fuel mileage bar display. I guess an easier way to tell would be to fill up and hop on the highway for a while.

    I've heard that it's supposed to improve after you put some miles on the car. I've got about 850 on mine 'already' and after this past fillup, I saw about 16 MPG around the city and when I did a 30 mile stint on the highway, I wound up around 22MPG. This was me doing very conservative driving however - lots of cruise control and coasting. Also, I'm using 93 octage gas, which is supposed to help fuel efficiency.
  • chucko3chucko3 Member Posts: 793
    I made a 200 mile trip last weekend. I looked at the specs
    again, 27 Hwy/20 City. So it's not bad.
    I am using 93 Octane too. I hope the MPG improves when I
    put more milages on the car.
    My Accord 03EXV6 still gives me 30+MPG/Hwy since the day I took it home.

    Anyway, my GS saleman told me "don't use the cruise control
    for the 1st 1000 miles". Just want you to know.

    Happy New Year.
  • shenghshengh Member Posts: 29
    hmm... my guy said to keep it nice and at the posted speed limit for the 1st 500 miles only. I actually called him when the odometer was at 526 and double checked before I tapped the accelerator and shot past 80 on the highway :blush:
  • allagarooallagaroo Member Posts: 88
    It is usually recommended to vary the engine speed of a new car for 1000 miles or so and keep the rpm's no higher than 4000. Modern cars seem to have less stringent requirements. My wifes Mini,however, required below 4000 RPM for the first 1250 miles.

    I just test drove the GS350AWD. Very quick. Steering has no feel. Tiny trunk. Very quiet and refined. Really couldn't judge handling on the straight roads the test drive was on. M35X not as quick but handled better with far better steering feel. Bigger trunk and interior. More sport than luxury. Better lease. I'm leaning towards the M.
  • mechrad1mechrad1 Member Posts: 26
    I owned a gs previously, now m35, bought before the 350 engine was available

    My question is with the redo of the es, What makes the gs worth 10k more. I guess rear wheel drive is worth having to some people, but realistically most buyer dont care. What do you guys see as the value in the gs. I think it looks better, but the es is not so bad anymore
  • BushwackBushwack Member Posts: 258
    You can take your question and ask the same about the Infiniti G35 vs the M35. After inspecting both the 2007 G35 & M35 at the LA Auto Show, on paper (and to a degree mechanically), it is difficult to justify the M35's premium price. Aesthetically is a different issue.

    As for the Lexus ES vs GS, I've driven both and it is a difficult decision. Aesthetically, I like the ES interior but the GS' exterior. Mechanically, I prefer the RWD of the GS (but then, the ES has a softer ride).

    I see more differences between the Lexus models then that of Infiniti.
  • shenghshengh Member Posts: 29
    It boils down to performance characteristics - GS outperforms the ES, which is to say one is a luxury sports sedan, and the other just a luxury sedan.

    What makes any car 10k more than any other car? Marketing hype? :D I don't know that it's worth 10k more... but I personally liked the GS much better than the ES both in looks and handling.
  • chucko3chucko3 Member Posts: 793
    GS gets 30 more hp, AWD, and sportier.
    I test drove both ES & GS. GS is more responsive with the gas pedal and feels more luxurious.
    What turned me away from the ES are
    1. The tail lights. They look like Camry's.
    2. The dealer didn't accept my offer of $2500 above the
    invoice price (with the UL+ML package).
  • nbhandarinbhandari Member Posts: 3
    I just finished the purchase of my Verdigris Green GS 350 here in Atlanta. Got just a hair under 10% off of the MSRP, with the NAV, and premium package. Only major option it did not come with was the Levinson radio but the one it has standard is quite good. Trunk I agree could have been a bit larger, but it holds my golf clubs and thats all that matters to me. Enough room in back for 2 adults and the fit and finish of this car is first rate.

    When it comes to the ES 350, ask yourself - do you want comfort first, with some decent horsepower? Or do you want horsepower, better road handling and to ride in a posh cockpit? If you answered the latter, dont kid yourself and get the ES 350, you will be dissappointed. On the other hand, if you want a gussied up Camry, the ES 350 is for you.
  • hausshauss Member Posts: 169
    I'm in the market for a new car for my fiance and we've narrowed down our choice to either the new Acura MDX or GS350 RWD. I know these cars are totally different but I'd like any opinions from the Lexus owners on the GS. When I drove it I wasn't completely impressed with the performance. It was good but it didn't feel like a car that has 303 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. It was very comfortable and the interior was pretty nice. I'd also like to hear about anyone's buying experience. In particular, nbgandari, if you could let me know about yours that would be great. I'm in Atlanta too. The folks at Nalley Lexus in Roswell are sort of irritating me.
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