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Lexus GS 350



  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Today I noticed my front (empty) passenger seat vibrates quite a bit when the speed is between 60-75 mph.
    Could it be the front tires are out
    of balance (then I would feel it through the steering wheel, too. But I didn't.), or it has hard run flat tires, or it's an AWD car.
    Does anyone experience this?
    Checked the wheels, no signs of the weights
    came off.
  • blevisonblevison Posts: 1
    I'd really like to find out how to modify my nav so my wife can operate it while I drive. Any help in steering me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, does anyone know the phone number of the company that wrote the program for the nav system...maybe they can help.
  • bmwconvertbmwconvert Posts: 75
    My Verizon Treo 650 works fine in my GS450h, although there's one trick that's required to get it connected. After you enter the device code and the device tries to make it's connection, you need to quickly make a call on the phone. For some reason, this seems to cause the connection between the phone and car to be established. If you wait for the connection w/o doing this, it will just time out. This is only required for the first time the phone is setup.
    The only other very minor issue is the car doesn't recognize the signal strength and battery meter information. Those show up as blank on the screen.
    Hope this helps.
  • fussballfussball Posts: 2
    Looking at the GS350 rear wheel drive with Mark
    L package in the Kansas City area.
    Any info on buying experience in the KC area would be very helpful.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Try this discussion: Lexus GS: Prices Paid & Buying Experience.

    Good luck and welcome! I like your user ID. :)
  • fussballfussball Posts: 2
    Thanks, will check out the link.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    I tried your method, but it didn't work.
    So I deleted the Handsfree device connection
    on the Treo and put it in the search mode
    again. The Treo found the Handsfree again and
    let me enter the Passkey. They are now connected.
    I guess somehow the Passkey got deleted in the
    Treo. That's probably why they failed to
    make a connection.
    Thanks for the tip.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Every time when I turn on the car, the car
    always puts the vent to circulated mode.
    There are 3 types: circulation, auto, and
    fresh air (outside air in).

    Is it only my car or that's how the vent
    system works in the GS350?
    Also is there a way I can default to
    fresh air mode every time I turn on the car?
    Thanks in advance.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    It will use this mode for rapid cooling, and then switch to outside air once the average temp of the car is low enough.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    I will pay attention to it next time.
    I had to manually switch to outside air when
    the inside temp is hotter than the outside temp.
    One time I saw it continuously toggled between inside & outside modes.
  • newrnewr Posts: 24
    Just want to see what the opinion is with the stereo system? Is the ML worth getting? The only AWD GS350 in Arizona only has the standard premium system..does any know what the power and make of the regular system is?

    I would like the ML system, but I don't know if it's a huge difference?

    Would appreciate any input!

  • The problem on my GS450h, is that does not stay in auto mode, which is what I'd prefer it do. It starts in either fresh or recirc (I guess depending on the relative temperature) but then stays in which ever one it started in.
    The more appropriate action would be remaining in the mode last used. Maybe a bug in the software?
  • tlouietlouie Posts: 20
    IMO, definitely worth it. ML has a subwoofer and more watts per channel, it also plays DVD when car is in park position. I tested both versions before buying, the ML seems to have a surround sound effect.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Chucko, I saw your post about the the recirc.
    button and the fresh air button. When I bought
    my RX350 last year, whenever I would turn on the A/C, it would always be with the fresh air on. Now, I've been one of those people that like the recirc. button on all the time in my cars. I don't like to smell the nice exhaust smells from outside.

    My 2002 Maxima that I had before the RX would allow me to just keep the button pressed in for
    recirc. air. So with the RX, I would always push in the recirc. button, but eventually it would go back to fresh air. It was a little
    frustrating for me. Well, fast forward to almost exactly a year later and now when I put
    the A/C on, the recirc. button always seems to
    be on now. I don't know. Kind of reminds me of the famous Toyota transmissions that are supposed to learn your driving habits. I guess
    the A/C has learned my habits!! :shades:
  • The ML stereo is by far the best sound system in any car I have ever heard. It truly is worth the money especially if you also get the digital satellite(wonderful sound).You can ride anywhere and listen to really great music.Please listen to the standard system then the ML no comparison.
  • Go to LA Wheels-they will take your old wheels in trade for a set of oem chrome that are your same wheels that you pay 2400 plus your trade at the lexus dealer.Cost is 600 plus shipping to and from the west coast,230 from Ca. to NC and back-good luck!!!
  • sksjedisksjedi Posts: 21

    Does anyone know when the 2008 GS series will debut?
  • cauxp49cauxp49 Posts: 1
    sudden stop working for 24 hours.
    I tried everything : eject,load, . . . push all buttons . . . . to no avail.
    And then sudden back to normal.
    Dealer don't know.

    Just wonder if anyone have the same problem ?
  • newrnewr Posts: 24

    Just wondering the ML system with DVD on the GS350..does anyone know if you can burn mp3 onto a DVD-R and play it? I think I read somewhere that the DVD player doesn't read DVD-R discs? Is this true?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm considering buying a GS350AWD 07 within Sept month from a Chicago Lexus Dealer. Any advice related to past/present deals will be deeply appreciated.

  • I always get blue book price before going in to buy. To avoid haggling over price, I sometimes use Costco member membership to get gauranteed price discounts that are very close if not better than blue book. Lexus GS350 is the best car on the road for speed, decent handling, and ultimate luxery.
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    Are you going to wait for on '08? You'll take a depreciation hit on an '07 but it shouldn't matter much if you get a good deal and plan to hold on to the car for many years. I suggest you contact, via email, several Lexus dealers in your area and speak to the fleet manager. You can play one against the others and soon get an idea of pricing.
  • jkjjkj Posts: 4
    I went to Lexus of Rockville yesterday to drive a GS350 RWD. The salesman first told me that they did not make the RWD in the 350 any more, only in the 430. That seemed odd since I had seen them on the Lexus website. Later when he gave me a brochure I saw the performance numbers listed for the RWD and brought those to his attention. He then told me that the cars were in fact made, but were not imported to the DC region since we were in the northeast (anyone who has ever lived here would know that DC is more southern than northern, both in lifestyle and climate). I later searched for inventory on the Lexus website and found a 350 RWD at Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria, but it had summer tires. I suspect the Rockville salesman was trying to fool me into buying a remaining O7 AWD even though I made clear I was not prepared to buy for several months until my current lease expires. So, what is the true story, can you get RWD with all season tires in the DC area?
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    "So, what is the true story, can you get RWD with all season tires in the DC area?"

    By guess is Yes. I suggest you have nothing further to do with that salesman.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    DC is still considered a place with a lot of snow. That's why they don't have RWD there,
    I guess.
    You may have to go further south to get RWD.
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    for $40,400 plus fees. Fleet guy said it's $1,500 under invoice. Seems to be big push to clear out the '07s.
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    Correction: The $40,400 quote was WITHOUT nav. Revised quote was $43,458. plus fees. Still 1,000 under invoice. Maybe it'll get better when the '08s hit the showroom. I'm patient.
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    '07 GS350 w/ Nav., summer tires w/ spare, spoiler, rain sensing wipers, sunshade, vent seats, pref. access. pkg,

    MSRP $48,282
    paid $43,250 plus fees
    OTD $47,010.89

    Lexus Carlsbad, San Diego.
  • You paid almost 4K in fees, what are the break down of those fees?
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    "You paid almost 4K in fees, what are the break down of those fees?"
    Sales tax 3354.14
    License (DMV) 281.00
    Docs 60.00
    Ca tire fee 8.75

    OTD = 47,010.89

    I've only driven less than 100 miles and love it except for the tire road noise with the Michelin performance tires. Also had a difficult time configuring the garage door openers.
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