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Ford Explorer AWD 4WD Questions



  • I have a 1992 explorer the electronic [non-permissible content removed] for 4x4 is not working is there anyway to shift this transfer case manually?
  • fillr68fillr68 Posts: 22
    not sure you can on those older explorers..on the later models there is a brown wire that can be bypassed ....I have seen the shift motors on ebay for around 140.00 ..Ford wants 450.00..that is what I would do it is easier then trying to modify your truck.
  • I have a 2000 ford explorer 4wd since 2001 and it has 70K miles on it. It has always had a rough ride when turning into driveways etc and it rocks you all over the car. It has a very stiff suspension overall. I would like to fix this and am thinking it might be shocks. What would you recommend to fix this problem and what shocks would you recommend. We don't tow a boat but if we did it would be no bigger than 18 feet.
  • fillr68fillr68 Posts: 22
    well my truck is a 99 ...same as yours...I changed my front shocks only because of the hard ride it had on bumps...that was at 100.000 miles....I bought a monroe gas shock very close to the diameter of the orginal Ford shock...the best way is to remove a shock an take with you when you buy your new ones...match for diameter size...some replacement shocks are smaller in diameter..meaning a cheaper shock and ride...and just the front shock change was a night and day difference,,,,,,,hope this helps...
  • how r ya. did not know if anyone replied to u but i have a 2001 that is lifted 4 inches on 33 in. tires and if i leave it in auto the traction control works almost the same as four wheel high.
  • pckidpckid Posts: 1
    I have been looking at some used Explorers. I have asked the dealers that are selling these if they are on demand 4WD but they don't know if the ones they have do. How can you tell by looking if the car has this feature?

    I had a company Explorer that had On Demand and I traveled to some remote radio tower sites in all weather conditions and never got stuck so I would like that option if I can find a vehicle with it.


  • jonboymvjonboymv Posts: 2
    My truck is stuck on 4 high. I have the switch on auto which is my only 2wd option. I have tried putting the truck in neutral and switching it but that doesn't work .I just put brand new tires on it to see if that would help but it didn't. Can someone please help me!!!!
  • fillr68fillr68 Posts: 22
    are all the tires the same size??? are the front tires balanced ???..its does matter....otherwise it maybe your can unhook the motor..or you can remove the front driveshaft...I had a unbalanced tire that caused this...any front end vibration can cause the auto 4 wheel drive to engage....hope this helps
  • jonboymvjonboymv Posts: 2
    The tires are balanced, same size and all. Can I unhook shift motor myself or do I have to bring it to a mechanic?? Thanks for the help and anymore you can send my way!!!
  • fillr68fillr68 Posts: 22
    yes you can unhook the shift motor..the motor is located on the back of the transfercase. it is a electrical motor you will need a flat screwdriver to pry away the plastic clips that hold the plugs together. most of the time these motors go up..they are about 450.00 from Ford or 160.00 on ebay..worse case you can remove the front driveshaft. this will stop your 4 wheel drive from working. hope this helps.
  • vossenvossen Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2002 Ford explorer with 50 000 miles that has given me nothing but troubles. My main concern is that my 4 wheel drive is allways on. The relay that is in the front passenger side compartment will click on and off randomly and in no specific seqcuence. If I turn the 4x4 selector switch to 4 high while it is clicking this stops the relay. I am not sure whether it is the switch, relay or the motor on the transfer case and was wondering if there are some voltage tests I can perform to see where the problem lies. Thnks.
  • fillr68fillr68 Posts: 22
    sorry to here you have nothing but problems...but we all have this problem at can disconnect the shift motor buy unplugging it...the high and low lights will flash on and off while the motor is disconnected this most likely is your problem the shift motor does go bad and can cause the 4 wheel drive to engage.I have seen them on ebay for about 160.00 but not sure how good they are,,Ford wants 450.00..worse case you can remove the front drive shaft until you fix your problem...there is a brown wire mod ..that can be done to stop the auto 4 wheel drive to engage ,,hope this helps........
  • mmesichmmesich Posts: 1
    my explorer seems to jump in and out of 4 wheel when driving on slippery roads. This happens when the truck is in 4 wheel high or auto 4 wheel.
  • jeder212jeder212 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Explorer, 4.0 V6 with 110K miles. It started jerking and bucking while driving down the road. I figured out it was the auto 4WD kicking in and out. If it was in 4Hi or 4Lo, it drove fine. As a quick fix, i removed the front drive shaft, but would like to know how to fix the problem. Any help??
  • fillr68fillr68 Posts: 22
    if your explorer drove fine after removing the front driveshaft...very possible it is the shift motor...located on the back of the transmission on the drivers has some wires going to it...also unbalanced tires can cause this...or depending on your mileage..(high) your wheel bearing hubs can cause this also......otherwise during the summer leave the front driveshaft off........hope this helps
  • fillr68fillr68 Posts: 22
    yes the auto four wheel drive can do this ..otherwise maybe the shift motor is causing you this problem.........located on the end of the transmission on the drivers 4 wheel drive can engage in wet conditions..also be sure your front tires are balanced...vibration in the front end will cause the auto 4 wheel drive to engage....hope this helps
  • shiftedshifted Posts: 1
    I was in 2wd, and as I slowed toward a stop it sounded as if the transfer case gears were trying to mesh (bumping). I switched to 4wd auto, and the problem stopped for a while. Then as I came to a stop it felt like it shifted into 4wd low on its own I don't think the 4wd low light came on (not sure). The pavement was dry, and it bogged down and lurched to a stop! I put the trans in neutral, and switched from 4wd auto, to 2wd. I was able to drive in 2wd to a nearby trans shop.They found a fault with the brake pedal switch, and said something about the GEM module.They could not fix it for me,but disconnected the wire from the solenoid at the transfer case to disable the electronic shift function to keep it in 2wd.Where do I go from here?
  • fillr68fillr68 Posts: 22
    not really sure about the GEM module..why it would effect the 4 wheel drive most cases with the Explorer the shift motor does go bad causing problems like you had..depending on your milage and how often you use the 4 wheel drive the transfer case may be a problem..check your fuild level the transfer case......if the shift motor is disconnected as you mentioned and the problem has stopped?? well thats what I would go after it maybe the cheapest place to start......
  • I have a 2003 Ford Explorer Limited and as i was pulling out of the drive way one day my ABS light and 4x4 high light began flashing and the vehicle went into 4x4 high and i was unable to go no more than 20 mph all of a sudden i was able to accelerate and the ABS light remains on with check advanctrac message
  • thedustertheduster Posts: 1
    My wife has a 2001 Explorer.I pulled a front wheel off and rotated the hub and the front drive shaft spins even though its in 2 wheel drive. Is it supposed to rotate in 2 wheel??
  • What is the brown wire mod for a bad shift motor?
  • the brown wire mod.. will bypass the auto function ..which is better for most people..your 4 wheel drive will still work only when you select high or low..the auto funtion will no longer work................I think is safer ...........
  • Hi All,
    I have a 2003 Explorer and it has been doing strange sounds when driving at more than 30mph, sounds like the 4WD may be partially engaged, specially when turning to the left. Any advice???
  • you did not mention how many miles you have on your Explorer...there could also be a bearing hub that maybe going bad...on the left side....
  • It has almost 58,000 miles on it, the sound is persistant while driving, but more intense when turning to the left, and less intense when turning to the right, it also feels like something is preventing the wheels from moving smoothly. Thanks
  • did you check you bearing would need to raise the explorer...turning the left wheel by hand may give you a rubbing noise..a rough sounding noise...check that first...... also check you tire ,,,air pressure ...wear pattern..if all of that is could remove the front drive shaft see if the problem goes away...if it does it could be a shift motor located on the the transfer case...let me know what you come up with............Phil
  • rmanusrmanus Posts: 1
    i have a 96 ford explorer XLT AWD and i dont know much about these i was wanting to know if u can put the switch for the fourwheel drive option in it so u can put it in 2wd for 4wd and it work right
  • I am looking for a newer explorer. I have found some that have the emblem for the V8, but no emblem or switches inside for 4wd, or on awd where the V8 emblem is. I looked under the truck and did not see a transfercase or front drive shaft. Both sellers are telling I do not know what I am talking about. Does any one here know more about this? I am awaiting the vin numbers for both vehicles and trying to call ford later. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    1) is a 2000 explorer xlt 98k
    2)is a 98 explorer eddie bauer 80k
  • I have a 2005 Explorer with AdvanceTrac feature. Check tire pressure and check advancetrac keep scrolling on the info center of the dash. Anyone has any idea how to fix these two problems without having to pay the dealership a large amount of money? I have put four new tires on this truck and someone told me they might have broken one of the tire pressure sensors in on of the tiers. Could these two be related?
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