2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    Wanted to let you know was able to purchase a new 2014 RDX for $34,100.00 including Destination at the end of June 2013
    The only additions that I paid were taxes, transfer of plate fees and dealer doc/ prep fees of less than $400.00
    Please negotiate hard... I am sure that the dealer still made plenty of money.
    I shopped, haggled and negotiated and by the way..found the car in the color of my choice.
    This did not include the Tech package and was readily available in NJ.
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    useless3 ,
    what is dealer name and salesman please? thanks
  • 4myfamily4myfamily Member Posts: 16
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    What dealer did you end up with?
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    Hi,UVASKEME, thanks for your post. Could you let me know where do you get your final deal and do they still have the 2013 model please?
    Thank you.
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    How is 36000K OTD for for 2014 RDX AWD - Base.
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    OTD doesn't mean a thing when we

    1. Don't know the state sales tax rate
    2. You don't post the doc fee(s)
    3. TTL varies from state to state.
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    Recently picked up our RDX AWD Tech in MD

    Is this the best deal? Who knows, but we are happy.
    Car is great.
    $37,007: 2014 AWD Tech
    $895: Destination fee
    $261: wheel locks and mud guards installed
    $200: dealer processing fee
    $301.90: Registration and title fees
    $2,543.75: (6% MD Tax)
    $41,208 = OTD prior to trade in
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    I would not say this is a deal.
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    Doesn't sound that good to me either. You mean to tell me you could not get them to at least throw in the wheel locks and mud guards and eliminate the destination fee? Guess if your happy that is all that matters. When I bought mine in May I got them eliminate destination fee and throw in mud flaps, wheel locks, remote start, cargo cover & fog lights!!! Was there negotiating for 4 hours and they knew we would walk if we didn't get the best deal.
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    I'm so thankful I stumbled upon this Forum. I'm not usually one to post in forums, but, I am currently in talks with my local Acura dealership and negotiating the purchase of a 2014 RDX. I've found a lot more confidence in my negotiations thanks to this forum, but I'm still not making a whole lot of progress. Wanted to get some feedback on where I sit with them currently - and would love any tips on how to get the price down from you pro negotiators...

    The model is a 2014 RDX FWD Base and the dealer equips every model on the lot with:
    Roof Rails ($650*)
    Body side moldings ($259*)
    Splash guards ($138*)
    Pin Stripe
    Appearance Protection Package
    Wheel Locks ($56*)
    *prices from Acura website

    Currently, I'm at $36,500 + 5% MS State Sales Tax = $38,325 OTD

    With the included equipment does this help justify their unwillingness to budge? Any suggestions?
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    Pinstripes? really? :sick: :sick: :sick:
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    Run away from that dealership unless you really want those add ons. As you have seen on this forum, most of the best purchase prices were achieved by emailing the internet sales manager of various dealerships to receive a quote for a specific model. No unnecessary trips to the dealership and very little negotiating. It seems that many times the best (lowest) price was not realized at the "local" dealership. You may have to travel to another city in MS or nearby state-FL to get a better price but sometimes the savings ($1,000. or more) will be well worth it. A few posts up, you will see that a forum contributor paid less than $33,000. (plus taxes and tags) for a 2014 RDX FWD. Good luck.
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    I'm currently working with a dealer on a 2014 RDX FWD TECH (graphite over ebony).


    Base: $39,115
    Dealer fee: $599
    Other fee: $19.50
    Discount: - $2,500
    Trade in: - $5,000 (2005 TSX navi / 164,000mi)
    Graduate program cash: - $500
    Free cargo tray

    I'll have to pay 4% AL tax when I get home, but I'll be financing $31,733.50 @ 1.9% for 60 months.

    Payments will be $554.xx and I'll have the out of pocket taxes to pay (at least I won't be financing that too & I have it in the bank to pay it).

    Even without trade & grad program, you're looking at less than $38,000! You aren't even getting the tech package with your "deal." Think you need those pinstripes and roof rails? They look pretty, but aren't worth the $. Skip the add on from the dealer and check our Bernardi or HandA and do it yourself.
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    Price net of destination & doc fee: $38,050

    Threw in cargo cover, mud guards, and body side molding.

    I could have gotten a few hundred lower on the car at a couple other dealers but I had a trade-in, and this dealer gave me the best price on that. For what its worth a few dealers let me walk out having offered a few hundred lower net (ie car-tradein) than I ended up with, so I am happy with the final result.

    I have to say the whole process (especially with tradein involved) is both infuriating and hilarious. Without fail every dealer started off offering me 20% below what I ended up getting on the tradein.
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    I am interested in buying RDX 2014 AWD with Tech in NJ (No add ons). One dealer quoted 37700$ without taxes/doc fee/registration charges. Is this good deal?

  • ltlladyltllady Member Posts: 27
    What did the dealer process for $200?

    If a vehicle is ready to be purchased and if the vehicle has things like wheel locks and mud guards installed, these do not have to be bought. My experience has shown if a buyer refuses to buy the vehicle unless they are removed, most dealers will simply write them off.

    The last three vehicles I bought, Honda and Acura, had a combination of wheel locks, pin stripes, or mud flaps. One had the window etch treatment some dealers like to use to pad their pockets. For each purchase, I told the sales person I did not want the added products. In each case the products were left on the vehicle at no charge.

    The reality is a dealer is not about to lose a sale because a buyer refuses to pay $200 -$300 for added products which cost the dealer about $25 or so.
  • tubulustubulus Member Posts: 24
    If that includes destination fee, that looks like a great price.
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    Thank you for sharing your experience. Could you please provide me the name of the dealer and sales person.
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    I bought a 2014 Acura AWD RDX w/tech pkg, tinted windows and wheel locks for $37500 plus TTL. I had trade in and they had given the same price what CARMAX offered. as someone earlier commented normall they star with 20% below what we finally get on the trade in.But I like the dealership I got my SUV. But is not from Mac Churchill.
    But anybody looking cars in DFW area don't go to Mac Churchill Acura, they are horrible treat customers like dogs. But when u go there they want to run our credits before finalizing the price. But if u want to see where is ur ballpark figure in getting car go there hassle with them, ends up by not buying from them. At the same time we will be able to know where the delaerships are able to honor our prices. IF we need to know what we get on trade in go to CarMax. there is a tax benefit too if u trade the vehicle from where we buy.
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    Just picked up my 2014 RDX AWD from my dealer today. Paid $37.8k for everything including 8.875% taxes (figure without taxes is roughly $34.7k) but does not include registration. This was a purchase in Long Island, NY. If your looking for customer service this is not the place but they do seem to have the lowest price in ny compared to all the other dealers I went to. However, the service dept looks shadey, if ur looking to add anything I would do it else where. They will quote u a much lower price as compared to other dealers then with further discussion u'll find it's not acura parts but aftermarket. They will not tell u this but if u ask enough questions, u'll c. But to just buy a car, it's ok.
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    Just bought 2014 FWD Base for $35,250 OTD (including 9% CA taxes) in Acura of Fremont. Got original offer through CarWoo ($36K OTD) and negotiated it over the email/phone.
  • drjcool1drjcool1 Member Posts: 45
    Hi Chubz,

    What dealer are you speaking of. I will be in the market for a 2014 RDX AWD with Tech over the next few months, and I am also on Long Island. What were your other experiences with dealers on the island. I would assume you did not get the tech package. Is that correct? Did you lease of buy?

    Thanks in advance for the info!
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    I got an internet quote here in Bay area for Price $34253 and OTD is $37,707.89. I want to know what's the lowest price I can go in negotiating. If anyone got a good deal here in the Bay Area please share. Thanks!
  • chubzchubz Member Posts: 3

    It was a purchase (not lease) from Valley Stream Acura (dealt with Ralph). I did not get the tech package, however, I did inquire on the pricing which they said would be an additional $3.5k on top of the base awd price (not including taxes). Since I wasn't looking for the tech package I didn't try negotiating, but I'm sure if you were really interested they could probably give you some sort of discount.

    I tried talking to a few dealers In LI & NJ & Westchester over the phone before I visited since they were some distance away, but I don't think they took me seriously as the prices they gave me was too far from VSA's quote (they were mostly quoting msrp...like I couldn't do the math on that myself). I visited Paragon in queens, but they just seem too eager to sell u the vehicle that they are just telling u anything u wanted to hear..didn't feel genuine. Same with another dealer in Brooklyn, forgot the exact name of the dealership.

    Lastly, just make sure when u do go.. Have a firm $ of what u want to pay and make sure u do ur math because I notice with VSA, they will throw numbers at u really quick and fast..but b careful they are not tacking on anything twice...again, emphasizing that they r not the happy sales people u normally see but at least u get good pricing and there's no sweet talking just to get u to buy.

    Let me know how everything goes... Good luck!

  • chrischchrisch Member Posts: 3
    Got offered this in southern California for the FWD Base:

    Base: $33,205
    (dealer fees included)
    Taxes + Fees $3,006
    TOTAL $36,211 Out the door

    I'm guessing since someone a few posts above me in Northern Ca. got $35,250 OTD, that this price is not great, correct?
  • chubzchubz Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I just have a quick question for people who purchased the 2014 model on the backup camera. I noticed that when my camera is in normal or top down view I get a full screen view on the screen but when I switch it to wide view I only get a circle view where the 4 corners are blacked out. Is it just my vehicle or if this happens to u as well?
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    I just got an email from my dealer offering me incentives for the next 5 days. $3500 off the MSRP + 0.9% financing. That would bring the price of the RDX AWD with Tech to about $3600. Assuming they tack on $895 acquisition/processing fee, and then another, say $1,200 in taxes and tags, that would be OTD for $38,200. Good? Too good?
  • grigolgrigol Member Posts: 17
    How far your dealer from NYC?

    Thank you
  • dizzie2dizzie2 Member Posts: 3
    Were you able to get this deal done? Looking to purchase in the next couple days before month-end and having trouble on getting dealers to move off 38,000. I am willing to pay destination fee or drive if feasible (TN).

    Thank you!
  • dizzie2dizzie2 Member Posts: 3
    Where were you able to see this deal?
  • rcb4aurcb4au Member Posts: 2
    Done deal. I've been driving it for 2 weeks! Acura of Columbus (GA). Did everything via email or phone (including credit report) so when I got there, they checked my car out & we did paperwork and we're out the door in no time. Sales manager was a pleasure to work with. When we got to dealership, we were helped by a new salesman (Robbie, I think). For my deal to be his first ever car sale, he was great. Got the car programmed while we finished up with the finance guy.

    Good luck!
  • dizzie2dizzie2 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you!! I have contacted them and begun the negotiation process. I appreciate everyone's feedback. This car is for my mother, I bought my car last year using this message board. I truly believe noone should purchase a car without checking here first.
  • dealhunter3dealhunter3 Member Posts: 3
    Dealer outside of Washington DC, so a few hours drive from NYC
  • grigolgrigol Member Posts: 17
    Please, if you don't mind, provide City or ZIP

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    Hello - I just purchased a 2014 RDX AWD w/Tech package, and with what here is called the "Northwest Protection Package - mud guards, all-weather mats, cargo tray and wheel locks) for $37,900. That price included destination, and I paid an additional $373 for title/registration. OTD total was $38,273. Forged Silver Metallic with Ebony interior. This was at Acura of Portland, in Portland, Oregon. What I find really funny is when I originally looked at the car on their lot, there was an additional $3100 markup, which they called a "Regional Increase", so their retail was technically $44,000 plus! I called every dealership between Ashland, OR and Lynnwood, WA, and this dealer gave me the $37,900 price over the phone, and the closest other offer I got was $38,500. I spent about 1 hour at the dealership doing paperwork, and I was out the door. Very smooth, easy transaction.
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    I received an OTD price quote of $38685 for a 2014 RDX FWD Tech. Is this a good deal?Due to the timing of the year, I am not able to get a 2013 in the color and specs I want.
  • cman7cman7 Member Posts: 19
    What was your price before tax + fee ?
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    Hi Nannerbeam. I am buying a 2014 RDX AWD and live in the northern va as well.

    How did you get 34,200 OTD?? Where did you get this deal from and what is the name of the sales person?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!!
  • qooqooqooqoo Member Posts: 2
    Looking to buy a 2014 RDX AWD w/o tech pkg.

    Best quote received:
    Sale price: $32,500
    Proc fee and other fees: $1459
    local tax: $1410.59 (VA).

    Total: $35,360.

    Is this the best I could do or I could find lower?
  • ap77ap77 Member Posts: 6
    In the market to buy a 2013 RDX base model in southern california. Need advice on the best dealership in the Orange County/LA area. Which dealers should I approach? What is the lowest price paid in this area? Can the dealer install fog lamps before taking delivery of the vehicle? I really need fog lamps installed on the base model, preferably before taking delivery. Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated. Would love to buy it before the end of September. Thank you guys!!
  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Member Posts: 167
    Have you read through the posts? The '14s have been out for months.
  • ap77ap77 Member Posts: 6
    Hey, the reason I'm going for the '13 model is coz I can get a good deal in them since they are leftovers. Both, the 2013 and 2014 are exactly the same externally. Why not buy the new '13 model and save a couple of thousand $.
    Yes, I read thru the posts, but was looking for experiences from people in the so cal area. Thanks!
  • xian5681xian5681 Member Posts: 13
    Hey App77,

    I'm looking to do the same as you in San Diego. Please update me if you get anywhere with quotes and I'll do the same.

    Thanks and good luck!
  • ap77ap77 Member Posts: 6
    Hey Xian and everyone else,

    How far in advance do you guys get quotes from dealers before actually making a purchase? I'm shooting for last week of September to make a purchase. Is it too early to get quotes from dealers? Should I wait a few more weeks before I start contacting dealers thru the Internet?

    I have contacted a few dealers and have received quotes not that great. But as soon as I tell them that I intend to make a purchase at the end on September, they think I'm not serious about buying and I feel they start to ignore me.

    Please advice!!

  • happyyounihappyyouni Member Posts: 1
    Hi, qooqoo,

    Can you post the dealer name and contact foR this quote? Thanks.
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    Hi. I'm so confused after playing the number games with four dealers by phone, email and in person . It's so hard to play their game. The final out the door price is $40,900.00 for a 2014 Acura RDX AWD with Tech. This includes tax, title & license , Texas tax rate is 6.25, destination fee $895.00, document fee $125, wheel locks $199.00, all weather mats, cargo liner, tinted windows $299.00, $895.00 gap insurance and the Acura care maintenance, I think the care maintenance is a $1500 value...so they said. I have a $5000.00 down payment and will finance $35,900 @ 1.9 interest rate. I forgot to ask about the fog lights.... The salesman kept going back and forth to the manager three or four times. Credit was approved. We walked out when they would not budge lower than $40,900.

    Thanks so much :) This forum has helped me so much, but this isn't a great deal is it? How can they sleep at night :(
  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Member Posts: 167
    $199 for a $20 set of wheel locks. NICE.

    OTD price is too difficult to compare. Break it down line by line.

    Truecar gave me a price of 36,400 for '14 AWD w/tech. Do you need gap insurance? really?
  • roadie5roadie5 Member Posts: 1
    Great price. Better than me by $500 and I thought I nailed it here in California.
  • chrischchrisch Member Posts: 3
    I would guess that you're not going to find any 2013's left at dealerships at this point. I think they blew them all out by June. Got a '14 Base FWD last month for $35.5 out-the-door after calling 12-13 dealers in OC/LA over the course of a couple days. Maybe not the best price compared to other prices paid in this thread from around the country, but am satisfied with it, especially with the accessories thrown it.

    I think in general, the dealers aren't going to be as enthused about someone buying a month from now as they would be if you tell them you're ready to buy in the next couple days. Wait until mid-to-late Sept to start your conversations with them and really use the end of the month timing to your advantage. Some will be really motivated to make their monthly quotas while others won't.
  • ap77ap77 Member Posts: 6
    Hey Chrisch,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I think it's a good deal you got. I also got offered the same as yours, and a few of them agreed to beat that, but i still have about a month before my purchase and hopefully it will be better next month. Gotta negotiate fog lamps installed. Shooting for 32.7K base with fog lamps installed and including destination, OTD about 35.7K

    Is my expected price realistic? Could it be met? Any thoughts from anyone?? Would really appreciate some info.

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