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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • krish123krish123 Posts: 4
    The price is OTD price which includes all tags and tiltle destination fees and documentation fees no i am not from michigan
  • Posting an OTD price is really a waste of everyone's time.


    What was the MSRP?
    What did you pay for the vehicle?
    What 'fees' did the dealer pop you for?

    Exclude the taxes, title, and reg which varies with each state.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    And include the dealer name and city as well. If you are truly trying to help others why make them ask????
  • Thanks for sharing this john. I doubt this will happen but i kinda want to wait for the 2014 in hopes of getting power liftgate and rear AC added to the base RDX and also better pricing on the 2013. Would like to hear your opinion of this?

    I maybe be able to hold off my wife who likes a CX9 as the color combo she wants for the CX9 out right now and the dealer is waiting on a new ship so if the 2014 RDX are just 2 months away that could be good news for me if the above happens.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    Just heard from an Acura dealer at another site that the 2014s are scheduled for production the first week of April for May delivery at about the same time as the new MDX hits the street. NO changes noted except one color change. Keep in mind that this is coming from an Acura dealer employee so it doesn't necessarily mean it's gospel but it seems to jive with other stuff we've heard lately.
  • I'd kinda hate to see you get a vehicle that's a foot and a half longer, over 500 pounds heavier and sticks you with a third row you may not need just to get the color combo your wife likes. :(
  • 3 things the wife likes about the CX9 vs. RDX.. The price, The Power hatch, The rear AC and better color options both interior & Exterior.

    The Power hatch seems to be most important missing feature on the base RDX but does not make sense for to dish out 4k just for that plus it would be out of our price range.
  • krish123krish123 Posts: 4
    edited March 2013
    What was the MSRP? 40315
    What did you pay for the vehicle? 36300
    What 'fees' did the dealer pop you for? 200 processing
    Bethesda MD acura Showroom
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    Thanks. Was there a trade involved or something? That price is way, way below dealer invoice. On a hot selling vehicle it's just strange to see that kind of discount. It's easily $1000 lower than any other price I've seen for an AWD Tech.
  • krish123krish123 Posts: 4
    No Trading involved really its very good price more than $1000 lower
  • jbaum86jbaum86 Posts: 15
    Just bought the FWD with Tech for $36,000 including: 1 year of maintenance, Roof rack, and body side molding.
  • I have been out on vacation.
    The RDX is not going to see a lot of changes. This is nothing official, but we are not hearing of any major changes. No AC vent, or powe lift gate on the base model. Price is about $200 more. These cars are in production as we speak. Deliveries start in May. Might be some good deals on the 2013's since, the 2014 will be arriving.
  • that does not make sense. That is below cost. That dealer would be wrapping dollars around that vehicle. Good for you...
  • slb3slb3 Posts: 7
    Paid $36,200 in the Los Angeles area for the tech pkg model front-wheel drive. Costco price was $300 over invoice per the "Costco Price Sheet". This equated to $37,150 (their invoice included car cost, destination charge of $895, and a $300 advertising fee). But the dealer matched an offer i received over the internet from another dealer.

    Loving it so far!
  • I just paid 34,300 for same auto so I wish I read Your post first.
  • mikietmikiet Posts: 9
    Did you first get price quotes over the internet or did you walk into the dealer? also how did you leverage the price? Were you going back and forth between two dealers. The dealers in my area are not budging so I may go out of state.
  • Of course it makes sense; it's the last couple weeks before the 2014 RDX hits the showroom floor. Naturally they want to get rid of them.
  • The first 2014 RDX have now been delivered to dealers in the Chicago suburbs - just came in yesterday at 2 dealers I checked (Morton Grove and Arlington Heights, IL)

    So far they aren't offering any big breaks on their 2013s in stock, maybe the deals are coming.
  • mikietmikiet Posts: 9
    Even though the 2014's will be in inventory in a few weeks in the New York area, the dealers are playing hard ball with the 2013 - acting like they are doing you a favor if they take $1,000 off their already high price. For instance, I'm looking at the RDX - AWD with no tech package and the following options: Protection package, cargo cover, remote start & fog lights. and they quoted me an OTD price of $39,191. Their price for the car with no options (again RDX with AWD no tech) was $34,900 they want to charge me $1,509 for the above mentioned options (installed). The fact that one of the posters on here got an RDX w/Tech for an OTD price of $36,000 is quite amazing. IN addition, someone just posted "of course it makes sense - they want to get rid of them". Well you would never know it in my area. Unless I'm doing something wrong and you want to give me some tips!!!!
  • That's what I'm hearing, too. The dealers are so far saying that since the 2014s are essentially identical to the 2013s, there will be no "fire-sales" to get rid of them. They say they can work the price to near (slightly below) invoice on the 2013s, and offer the 0.9 percent financing on the 2013s, but they won't budge much off MSRP on the 2014s anytime soon (which is also $200 more than the 2013 MSRP). So they say the 2013 "move out" discount is already considered in the above.

    Best price I have been quoted for the 2013 RDX AWD (no tech) is $34,250 (includes destination) - a bit better than your quote but not near what some of the other posters have found. That quote was over the weekend. They didn't budge on it yesterday even though they acknowledged the first 2014's have arrived in the area.

    I'm considering waiting a week or two to see what happens to the 2013 prices. But then of course I might lose out on the color combination I want in the 2013, as the supply decreases. So maybe I'll just close the deal and claim victory (and stop reading the blogs which would prove otherwise!)
  • " there will be no "fire-sales" to get rid of them. They say they can work the price to near (slightly below) invoice on the 2013s, and offer the 0.9 percent financing on the 2013s"

    I wouldn't have a problem with that deal if I found the color and equipment I liked. The 'only' concern would be buying a 'year old' vehicle and keeping it just a few years(under 5 or so). Hopefully, the couple grand saved up front will wash with the reduced value at trade later. So much depends on the dealer inventory at this point. If the dealer has multiple units that fit your requirements, naturally there would be more incentive to negotiate; but the dealers in our area haven't needed to reduce the RDX to 'fire sale' levels. With no significant changes for '14, I'd go for the '13 and the savings. Just let the dealer(preferably the Internet Director or Sales Mgr if you haven't engaged a salesperson yet) know what you want and ask for a price that will allow you to give them the business.
  • There won't be any fire sales. The RDX is selling on its own merits. Right now the inventories of the 2013's will sell off without any majore fire sale prices. Good luck with your purchases.
  • The 2014's have already hit the lots. Anyone dumb enough to buy last years model for the same price as '14 really needs to read these posts and disregard what the salespeople who post here spew.
  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Posts: 167
    edited April 2013
    Hidden rebates, also known as "dealer cash", are bonus incentives given to dealers by the manufacturer each time they sell a qualified vehicle.

    Make Model 2012 Model 2013 Model
    ZDX $4,000 :lemon:
    MDX $3,000 :shades: $2,500
    TL $2,500 :shades: $2,000
    TSX $1,000 :shades: $500
    ILX :cry: :sick: $1,250
    RDX :mad: :mad: :mad: $750

    had to use pix as spacers sorry
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,194
    The 2014's have already hit the lots. Anyone dumb enough to buy last years model for the same price as '14 really needs to read these posts and disregard what the salespeople who post here spew.

    The RDX is selling well enough that dealers do not have to discount them, so if people want a RDX then they have to either chase quotes all day or settle on a "good" price. Also if the 13 and 14 RDX are the same with no difference's then there is no worry about one being a year older.
  • Right Flightnurse, it's selling so well that they put a $750 rebate for no reason. :sick:
  • sandardsandard Posts: 1
    Last weekend, I bought 2013 RDX AWD with Tech Package from one of the bay area dealers for $35.3K.

    I got the quote for RDX AWD for 33K, but I went with tech package since my preferred color option of RED is available only with tech package.

    The on road price is 38.8K with CA tax and registeration.
  • mikietmikiet Posts: 9
    That's a great price. One of the dealers I have spoken with gave me a price this weekend of $33,900 (went down from $34,900) for a brand new 2013 RDX with AWD and no tech package. Then he quoted me several thousand more for a couple of options we were looked into. i.e. fog lights, remote entry, cargo cover and wheel locks. I told him its not enough to make me go for the 2013 vs 2014 and that he would have to do better. He told me if any specials come up he will let me know. LOL who are they kidding.
  • landholandho Posts: 2
    Hi slb3... What Acura dealership in Los Angeles area did you buy yours at? Did the the 36,200 include destination fee?
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,194
    $750 rebate is nothing, and I'm sure that is for the 2013 since the 2014 are rolling into the dealers. Now if the rebate was $1500 or $2000 then you have a reason to be snippy.
  • crv_or_rdxcrv_or_rdx Posts: 15
    edited April 2013
    Got a RDX Base AWD 3 weeks back for 33090 + doc fee (399) + TTL. OTD of 36200. No accessories added.
  • mikietmikiet Posts: 9
    Thursday, I got a 2013 "new" RDX AWD (no tech package) with $2,000 worth of accessories thrown in for $32,000. Was not charged any fees!!!! Its the price I had determined I would try to negotiate and after many hours they gave in. Don't know if I could have done better. Someone in the forum posted that they got an RDX with tech for an OTD price of $36,000 which is darn good. Don't know if that had AWD or not.
  • mikiet - Thats an unbelievable price you got. I got the vehicle for $33090 without any accessories and thought it was amongst the lowest on this forum. You beat my price a long way, almost by $3000. Could you have done any better? Are you kidding me :-)
  • slb3slb3 Posts: 7
    Calabasas. Yes, that included destination.
  • mikietmikiet Posts: 9
    They did not charge us destination!!! Just for new plates/registration. When we asked about destination charge they told us they don't charge for it.
  • Does anyone have any price quotes with 2014's? I'm looking at a 2014 RDX AWD with Tech package. The MSRP is $40515 and they're willing to discount $1570 (3.87%).
  • Southern California dealers are selling already for $200 over invoice.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
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  • landholandho Posts: 2
    Finally bought my RDX loving it so far!! I used to start conversations with dealers in LA area. Then negotiated the price via email asking if each of them could do better. The lowest I got was 35,700 (which included destination). So I went into Acura Santa Monica with my printed email Friday night and and bought the car for that price. No accessories. Tax and license made it $39,369. Why is tax soooooo much in LA???!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  • kellyanndkellyannd Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Which dealer PLEASE????? And thanks -I am at 35,700 for 2wd tech 2013 IF I give them my acura trade....your deal is way better.
  • brutus31brutus31 Posts: 1
    Just drove home a white base RDX from Mission Viejo, CA for $32,204. Started at $32,900. No trade in. Got free cargo tray ($135), all season mats ($160), 3 free oil changes ($120), and two Acura mugs (??). Hope this helps others to get an even better deal.
  • aurora12aurora12 Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Bay Area CA

    $35,200 +TTL including All weather mats, Mud Splash Guard, Body Side Molding, and Cargo Cover

    Is this a good deal?
  • Hi Mikiet. Which dealer did you go to for that deal? Great Deal!!
  • slb3slb3 Posts: 7
    Nice deal, you beat me by $500!!! No kidding about the taxes - living in Ventura County would save over $500 in taxes . . .
  • Hi,
    Which dealership in bay area? We want to try to get all the accessories you got!
  • charlie_gcharlie_g Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Have a quote for purchasing a 2013 RDX AWD with Tech Package from a md/dc area dealer for $35.8K (OTD pre tax and state reg). No accessories.

    Is this a good price? How much should I pay - reasonably - for a remote start add on?

  • I paid $35,700 this last weekend with a cargo tray and a cargo cover thrown in California.
  • charlie_gcharlie_g Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Hi, Your earlier post said that you were purchasing a 2wd. Did you get the awd for the same price?
  • 2014's are on the lots out here in New England.
  • tubulustubulus Posts: 17
    Was quoted about 36,600 AWD Tech in NY area yday, including destination fee, though that also included the $750 credit for lease/finance. Anyone know what the May incentive is? Had set my mind on a RAV4 or CRV but if I can get an rdx below 35,500 might pull the trigger. Will own for a long time so don't care about the model year dif.
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