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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just bought a FWD With TECH Package from Wier Canyon Acura in Orange County, CA for $32,050. That price does not include tax or license, but it did include All dealer fees, destination charges, ect...
  • monstermjpmonstermjp Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    I live in the Southern Maryland area. I just purchased a 2011 RDX AWD with tech package for an out the door price of $37,936,86 OTD. Vehicle price was $35,431. I purchased it from Criswell Acura of Annapolis MD. The whole process was a breeze, no haggling at all. I had a price of $35,500 in mind as a fair price. I received an online quote of $35,431 when I sent a request for a best and final price. Was also promised a few free goodies when I pick it up.

    Originally test drove the 2010 version thinking it was the 2011. Later I was told it was the 2010. I was offered the opportunity to purchase it for abot $1,000 less than the newer model. The tester had 250 miles on it and looked like it had seen a few road tests. I opted for the brand spanking new one with 5 miles on it. Black on black. Will be arriving hopefully this weekend.

    Thank you to all the posters who have posted their experiences as they helped me determine the price I was willing to pay. No haggling and only one qoute request. I live in a more rural area and have to drive an hour and a half to get to the dealer. It wasn't worth it to drive two hours or more to save a couple hundred dollars. I initially considered a 2010 CPO with 15000 miles with a price of $32,500. When I found out that for $2,500 more I could get a new one it was a no brainer to me. Hope this helps someone out.
  • hmsq5hmsq5 Posts: 5
    Hi there,
    Congrats on your new car and I'm sure you'll enjoy your RDX. I'm a bit curious, however, why you chose to not bargain with the dealer. I'm saying this because dealers can decrease their quoted price by several hundred dollars. The savings can be significant if you factor in sales tax and finance.
  • jjkayjjkay Posts: 1
    I'm curious. Did that price of $32,050 include the Protection Package which is the lug nuts and I believe floor mats. I shopped this car today in TX and that was an additional fee not included with the sticker price. I thought that odd that they would not include this in price.
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 152
    For anyone buying in the MD area. Criswell is a good dealer. However, my experience is Criswell does not offer the lowest initial quote. I have found up up to $800 to $1,000 can be saved by asking for quotes elsewhere. That being said, I have purchased vehicles from Criswell and I have found them quite reputable.
  • Just got our vehicle for 22,875+ttl with 40k miles. This is a nice vehicle and looked new inside and out. Rides great. Its really for my fiance and she loves it!
  • Stopped into Morande Acura today and was quoted a price of 34K with the 0.9 financing and "several hundred less" if you don't take the financing. That's before whatever nonsense fees, TTL reg. Really was shopping for a used one but... looks like people are getting around 33.5K if I am reading the posts correctly.
  • I am planning to buy a 2008 RDX for 25K + taxes (26k miles) with tech package. I was wondering the resale value of the car in the next 3years. Would like to hear some comparison on the resale value with respect to Infinity FX35 and BMW X3. Any inputs highly appreciated.
  • hmsq5hmsq5 Posts: 5
    I traded in my 2008 Audi a4 and bought the '11 RDX FWD. We also bought a 2.0 Q5. I'm constantly amazed at the acceleration and handling of the RDX. The RDX is a bit noisy as was the A4. But I think it easily out accelerates and even handles a bit better than my '08 A4! Is this really a SUV? I know people complain of the ride but I really enjoy the way it drives and the noise and ride really isn't that bad. The exterior is a bit controversial but better than the X3, forester IMO. But it does look a bit like the RAV4 and Rogue.
  • Hello all, Looking to purchase 2011 RDX AWD with Tech in CT. Willing to go to tri-state dealer for best price. Anyone recently purchased willing to share best deal would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Posts: 167
    edited March 2011
    I was at Morande in CT last week and they quoted a price of 33,500 on an MSRP of 38570 AWD w/tech, no financing. I don't think he was playing games with me but you never know until the buyer's order is signed.

  • What was the sticker MSRP? Please break down the 36K to what you paid.
  • nhlamnhlam Posts: 1
    The price are included VA tax,dealer proccesing fee,DMV fee and sticker price was $38,900
  • ccjw511ccjw511 Posts: 23
    What's your out to door price after taxes and fees? And what's the tax rate in your area? I am looking for same configuration as well. Thank you.
  • ccjw511ccjw511 Posts: 23
    Wow that's a great deal. Is the VA tax 5%? So the dealer quoted 34,200 before tax and all fees? I am looking for FWD with tech and wonder what's a reasonable price.
  • canngacannga Posts: 20
    edited March 2011
    I just bought a FWD With TECH Package from Wier Canyon Acura in Orange County, CA for $32,050. That price does not include tax or license, but it did include All dealer fees, destination charges, ect...

    Hi I am in Southern Cal, looking for FWD RDX w/ tech package also. If possible would you please email me ( the name of your sales person? TIA.

    Anyone else in Southern Cal. w/ a recent great deal on same car please? Thanks.
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    With Roof Rack Installed ($667MSRP)

    $30,500 - sales price

    $33705.31 - w/tax, reg, lic, transfer, titling, Ca tire, doc prep & dmv e filing fees...

    Worked with the two Internet guys at Niello Acura in Sacramento. Both of these men made it all so easy. Emailed what I wanted. Got a quote back. A few back and forths, a test drive and only 1 hour of office time.

    Found setting the c/c and varying gears (3,4,5,4,3...) using s mode is a great way to allow you to varying rpm (for proper break-in) while keeping the same speed while crusing the hiway.

    We are very happy with the RDX and the great price we got.

    But for as long as I've been following along here I never saw any RDX complaints aside from the firm ride.

    Well I have two items that I want to complain about.

    1 - The hand brake has gone missing. What is that thing hitting my left foot when I'm streching my toes? (Kind of a big thing to me, no one else bothered by this?)

    2 - Hood prop vs gas struts. (kind of minor)
  • manbeingmanbeing Posts: 6
    edited April 2011
    I have a quote in west suburban of Philadelphia. 2011 RDX AWD w/o Tech Pkg. $32,000 before tax and registration. Is it a good price?
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    Here in N. Cali, offer $31, but don't pay more than $31.5.

    Is your part of the country any different?
  • manbeingmanbeing Posts: 6
    I don't understand your question.
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    edited April 2011
    Cost of living and such (West Coast) is always kind of high here. But our economy is currently slow. It's kind of a buyers market here...

    Any different there?

    If so, this may change the best price you can get, - up or down.

    The real point of my post was telling you what a great price for a AWD Base is.

    And what to not pay more than. Did you see that part?
  • mbizmbiz Posts: 4
    I just test drove the RDX awd w/o tech pkg and fell in love. I am not sure if i can get it @ $$34,022.5 with includes tax out the door and the registration will be extra of course. I live in LA area and I saw the car in Van Nuys california.

    Please help I dont' know if that's a fair price?
  • mbizmbiz Posts: 4
    is the basic can you get in 2 wheel drive.
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    Did you see post #1120 where I answered the same question?

    Here in N. Cali, offer $31, but don't pay more than $31.5.

    That price is before taxes, which vary by reigon, but includes dest.

    Subtract all your taxes and reg fees and what is your total?

    As for your next post...
    The RDX FWD Base (no tech pkg) is the least expensive model.
  • manbeingmanbeing Posts: 6
    what's your sales price before tax,doc fee, etc.?
  • mbizmbiz Posts: 4
    I got $30,050.00 before tax/registration/deliv. fee. I hope that is a good rate. I am planning to buy it.

    no extras.
  • Just drove back in the NEW '11 RDX with TECH
    Palladium Metallic with Ebony interior
    Our lease deal:

    MSRP $36.580.00

    Invoice: $34,397

    Cap Cost $33,800.00 ($597.00 BELOW INVOICE)

    Adjusted Cap Cost $34,395 (Includes $595.00 Acquisiton fee)

    56% Residual
    .00116 MF
    Total Driveoff: $512.14 (DMV Fees and Documentation Fee)

    MONTHLY PAYMENT = $450.06 PLUS CALI 9.75% taxes ($43.88) = $493.94 ALL IN

    Got the deal done at Acura 101 West (aka Calabasas Acura) Calabasas California

    (The price took a little while to "grind" out!!) :)
  • jabberwockjabberwock Posts: 2
    I am interested in a 2011 RDX FWD and have been browsing trying to understand what people have paid. These things depend so much on time of year, area of the country and so on, so I decided to ask:

    What is a good price on the above, both w/o tech package, and with tech package, in Texas? I am not interested in AWD or other options. If you have any numbers, please post price before taxes (taxes, title, registration, doc fee, etc). I think I can only afford the FWD w/o tech, but if the price is very good, I might swing for tech package too.

    Also, if anyone has experience with dealers in the DFW area, please share.
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    We bought our FWD Base RDX in April in N Ca.

    With Roof Rack Installed ($667MSRP)

    $30,500 - sales price

    $33705.31 - w/tax, reg, lic, transfer, titling, Ca tire, doc prep & dmv e filing fees...In other words - otd.

    See my original post # 1120
  • Thanks for the response. That seems like a good price. I had decided to go with a different car instead. But if I can get that price, I might be interested once more.

    Recently, I tried getting quotes using consumer reports' car buying service, and the best quote I received here in Texas was about 32500 for FWD base, before taxes and fees. That is supposed to be some kind of no-haggle price. Wonder if it's worth negotiating that down.
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