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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jps1010jps1010 Posts: 13
    I always use these forums and find them very helpful so I wanted to communicate the deal I was able to get so others can use it for comparative purposes.

    I recently purchase the aforementioned vehicle for 32,800 (included everything except tax and tags). I live out on Long Island and had to do some shopping around but the dealer I ended getting the car from was a pleasure to deal with.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi,

    I am new to this forum. I received a quote for Acura RDX 2011 (FWD) Base model for $33,000 (OTD Price) in dallas region. The vehicle comes with window tint, wheel locks, and nitrogen air tires. Is this a good deal?

  • zlongzlong Posts: 1
    Hi Wahyanstar,

    I am in Seattle too. I want to buy 2011 RDX AWD, not deciding about Tech yet. Without Tech, you do not have GPS, right? Start sending emails to Seattle and Bellevue dealer, they do not want to expose the price unless I show up. How is your exprience so far? Thanks.
  • hey zlong,

    Same here, they are not willing to give out quotes. 2 years ago I was thinking whether to buy it or not, and the lynnwood one was willing to give a detailed quote. Now everyone doesn't.
  • Can you share the name of the dealer that gave you this deal?

  • drdkdrdk Posts: 11
    edited November 2010
    I am pricing a 2011 RDX AWD w/o technology. The dealer in Westchester, NY wants $33,188 including destination charge but then wants $750 for a roof rack as a dealer installed option. Is this what people are paying for a roof rack? It seems high to me.
  • Roof rack costs $410 on Acura website. It's not uncommon for dealers to ask for 50+% for installation, because accessories are where the profits are. If you really want the roof rack, you should get a quote *with* that included. If you only get a quote for the base model, then walk in the dealership and start negotiating each accessory you want, you will be in a disadvantage situation. If you buy the car first then go back to add accessory, you have practically no leverage.
  • drdkdrdk Posts: 11
    Thanks for the help. I am going to a second dealer tomorrow and will ask for a quote as you recommended. Luckily for me, there are 4 dealers in the area.
  • o_zo_z Posts: 4
    I am looking for lease
    What be lease rates for 24 or 36 month - 18k/year?

    Thank you
  • my1947my1947 Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    Can you give me the name of the sales person? I am looking for one too. What was the $$ you paid for the vehicle?
  • drdkdrdk Posts: 11
    Went to the second dealer and he quoted me $399 for the roof rack installed. Better deal than $750 and he only wanted $100 over invoice for the car.
  • What should I be shooting for pricewise on the above. I'm in CT. I'd also like to get Acura chromed wheels.

  • Hi,

    i am also planning to buy a 2010 / 2011 RDX Tech / base.

    please let me know the quotes that you have sofar.
  • I got it $37,580 OTD with free trunk mat, wheel lock, splash guard and 1st oil change.
  • srinivasnsrinivasn Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    Can you please give me the dealer name and the Price you paid other than tax & License?
  • I bought a 2011 RDX FWD + tech pkg + 20 miles odometer + side moldings/wheel locks/splash guard/tint from Mac Churchill in Dallas recently. Drive out price is slightly below $37,000.
    I live in Austin. However, both dealers there cannot seem to come within $1,000 to that price. I bought close to 10 new cars in my life for myself and friends, so I don't think it's my skill. Both dealers are polite and professional though.

    I requested all quotes from Austin/San Antonio/Dallas/Houston dealers through Acura website. Two lowest quotes came from Dallas, third from Houston, all within a few hundred dollars. I went with Mac Churchill because the sales Chanon Ingles was very polite and enthusiastic in providing me with correct information- what car do you have in this color, mileage, add-ons, etc. I can't say the same thing to the other dealer in Dallas. Usually low price and good attitude do not come together. I am glad it did this time.
  • Purchased a 2011 RDX (FWD) with Tech Package for $33,941 plus Tax and Fees. The dealer added the surface protection to the car ($441), which I could have done without. My wife didn't mind as it was the car and color she wanted. We live in Santa Monica, CA; dealer was Center Acura in Sherman Oaks. Pleasant buying experience.
  • I purchased a 2011 RDX FWD with Tech. package a few weeks ago in the Chicago area for $33,850 plus TTL. Out the door for about $36,500 and took the 0.9% financing. Also got 2 year maintenance (oil changes, wiper blades, brakes, etc.) thrown in for no charge. I e-mailed about 9 or 10 area Acura dealers and got the best quote from Napleton Acura in Elmhurst. I was a bit surprised at how little inventory is out there on this vehicle. Most dealers only had one or two FWDs and it was usually only in white or black. I know that AWD is popular in northern climates, but in a metropolitan area, how much do you really need it?
  • Morton Grove was very rude when I called. The one in Palatine is where I wanted to go, but they kept playing around via e-mail saying to come in for great deals and that they don't give prices over the net.

    Hoffman Estates seems to do a good business since I see their plate tags everywhere, but their quotes were sky high and the first quote I got was for (not kidding) a $98,000 2007 Bentley. So obviously someone was kind of confused about the difference between Acura & Bentley. ;)

    Elmhurst had the best price, but there was a big of a haggle with the sales managers and finance was by far not the best experience ever. In fact it after getting updated credit reports post purchase, the finance part was horrible. Also, they were very pressuring and wanted my old car right away to appraise, then that was a mess too. If I was't firm with them or in the mood to deal with bs that day I would have walked out. However, my actual salesman was VERY nice, knowledgeable and not your typical pushy car salesman. I liked him a lot and would recommend him hands down.

    If it came down to it, I am not certain at this time that I would return there to purchase a car again. As much as I liked the salesman, the rest of the deal was kind of questionable. The next closest quote I had was about $500 more, but for less bs and more piece of mind especially with my credit info, the $500 seems like a no brainer.

    Either way, I love my new RDX and am glad I made the leap to purchase. Plus, that remote start has come in handy with this early frigid weather!

    2014 Accord Touring

  • I just bought a 2011 AWD RDX with Tech Package including destination for $35,425. $500+ below invoice. The only other charges were TTL. Bought this in East Brunswick NJ. Great dealership, no hassle at all. Drove away with the car only an hour after I arrived at the dealer.
  • I am glad to finally hear from someone who bought AWD w/tech. Thanks. Did you get any other options? Anything attractive offered in financing?

  • You seem like you had a good deal, I have been searching but no luck and very pushy salesman. What dealer did you go to? and who is the person you dealt with?

  • I did not get any other options nor did I purchase any of the extended waranties. I did get 1.9% financing for 5 years which was offered by Acura Financial. The dealer also threw in a year of oil changes. Overall I think I did good.
  • Hi, I am shopping for RDX in LA area, CA. The quote I got from nearest dealer was 34000 OFD price. The sales tax in LA is 9.725%. I think I may be able to reduce it to 33700. Is it a good price? I also consider to add a sport step ( I am petite), which quoted as more than 700 installed. Do you think I should negotiate the total price including the step? Any tips and suggestions appreciated!
  • I just agreed to purchase a 2011 Acura RDX SH-AWD with Tech Package and a roof rack. The sticker price was $39,160 and the purchase price is $36,700. I will pick it up next month when the lease on my Murano expires. Acura's 1.9%/60 months financing doesn't expire until Feb. 28, 2011. My wife has a 2008 RDX, so I know what driving fun I'm instore for and I'm looking forward to it. The posts on this site were a big help in reaching the final price with the dealer.
  • chuangerchuanger Posts: 2
    edited February 2011
    My wife and I just purchased a new fully loaded 2011 SH-AWD RDX with tech package (6 miles on ODO) for $38,520 (MSRP $38,580) out the door from Stevens Creek Acura in the South Bay Area, CA. Base purchase price was $34,694 (CA tax killed us at 9.5%). The dealer also threw in their Acura Care package ($500 value) which is 5 'A' services and 4 'B' services. It's basically 4 years of free oil changes/tire rotations/20 point inspections usable only at their dealership.
  • What do you mean fully loaded and base purchase price. Would you please be more specific? Beyond the SH-AWD what else does it have? I am looking for a similar configuration (I think) here on the east coast.
  • You can purchase an RDX in FWD or AWD and with or without technology package (technology package is basically navigation with a few other bells and whistles). I like Acura for its simplicity, they don't have a whole lot of cocktail options like BMW or Lexus. By that, I mean the one package they do offer, the technology package, pretty much includes everything you'd want. So by fully loaded, I meant we purchased an RDX with AWD and the technology package (the most expensive model offered).

    Base purchase price is the purchase price you agree upon BEFORE taxes, title, licensing fees are included. Taxes and fees vary quite a bit. When negotiating you should always negotiate an out the door price, not a base purchase price. The dealership can hide a lot of random fees to make your out the door price quite a bit more than the base purchase price.
  • For a 2011 Acura rdx sh-awd with tech package I was quoted a base price of $33,835.92. Add destination, doc fee, cvr, and a boatload of Chicago taxes, the final out the door price is $38,307.49. No options included. No free services offered. Anybody else currently shopping for an rdx or have recently bought one in the last month getting around the same base price? Also, from checking on dealer websites, it seems inventory is low at least around my area.
  • OK I guess my definition of fully loaded is different, that's why I ask. The SH-AWD w/tech to me, is the minimal I'd be looking for and wondered if you had any dealer installed or other factory options thus 'loading' it with items not mentioned. I added several thousand in options which were dealer installed on our MDX. Now that I'm looking to replace my RX300 with the RDX, I'm trying to get some ideas. Thanks for posting.
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