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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Im about ready to fuel up the rdx for the first time, manual saids you should use 91 octane or higher. Anything under 91 octane can cause engine knocking sound and eventually failure. Im uncertain of that any thought's?
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 257
    I honestly don't know... I know what the manual is saying, I know what the brochure said. But don't forget, all the Acura salesman nationwide are pushing that you don't need premium gas anymore. That was one of the first things mentioned to me when I was at the Acura dealer looking at the car. Same thing happened at Lexus when I was looking at the RX350. At the time of consideration, when I brought up what the brochure said, the salesman said it's something the brochure has to say.

    I shared a thread earlier on acurazine where it was debated whether regular or premium had to be used. For me, the $5 savings per fill-up, multiplied weekly = $250 a year which I think is decent enough savings that without concrete proof, I'd rather err on the side of savings.

    A lot of people in the thread say they didn't deal with any knocking so that point's off the table. The main things to consider are "full possible performance" and "long lasting engine health." Is it 100% true that one or both of these are possible with premium over regular? If so to what degree? I need that answered before I go to premium. The manual says don't go below 87. No problem, that I'll carry out.

    Anywho, let's discuss further in that acurazine thread. Let's not take this forum too off topic.
  • Pretty sure there is no 'failure' expected with running octane below 91. I've been using 87 for most of 3000 miles so far and can't tell a lick of difference from the tanks of 93 I've used. 27+mpg on the 400+ mile trip, mostly @ 70+mph, finished tonight...all on 87.

    There's quite a spirited discussion on the AcuraZine boards regarding this very subject.

    I'm a believer that the quality of the fuel is one thing we need to watch. 'Top Tier' fuels contain more cleaners and protectants to keep the fuel system running properly. Fortunately, here in central Texas, Top Tier stations like Chevron and Shell are very competitive on price...often lower than the 'no-name' stations or Costco or grocery stores.

    As I've often said, I would step up the octane rating if I were in the mountains, hauling something heavy OR running quarter-mile sprints on a regular basis. ;)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 171,228
    manual saids you should use 91 octane or higher. Anything under 91 octane can cause engine knocking sound and eventually failure.

    If the manual actually says that, why would you put in anything less? To save $200/yr, and risk a $10K engine? :confuse:

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    One, the manual doesn't actually say that. Two, just got gas at my local Shell this morning with my truck and noticed that 91 octane was .50 cents more than 87 octane. If you drive a lot that could be a lot more than $200. Three, the engine in the RDX is the same engine that is in the Accord and Odyssey which both use regular. Just the tuning is slightly different so that you get more power with the higher octane. Similar to the turbo engines in the new Escape. Both octanes are fine but more power with higher octane.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 171,228
    Well.... that wasn't really my point..

    If your manual says that, why would you even consider doing something differently?

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    Well, you're right if the manual says using a certain gasoline will harm your engine then it would be absolutely stupid to use said gasoline. However, like I pointed out to you, the manual does not say that. That is my point.
  • I am looking to buy a 2013 RDX AWD w/ Tech. These posts have been really helpful. I went to the dealer today and here is the current breakdown:

    MSRP: $40,315

    Base Price: $36,965
    Destination/Handling: $895
    ADAG (Advertising Fee?): $250
    Total Invoice: $38,110

    The holdback is 2% (about $800) so I'm thinking of offering $37,000 +tax/tag fees. What do you think? I'm willing to come up to $37,500 if they throw in some accessories.

  • stickguystickguy Posts: 39,714
    depends somewhat on where you are. some areas are more competitive in pricing. But if you are around $2,500-3K under MSRP, you are getting a very strong deal.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

  • Yes Janet thats more than enough money you are offering, I bought the 2013 RDX TECH FWD for 35,196.00 plus the fees, with about 1300.00 more I would get the AWD for a price of 36,396. There is one person on the thread who paid 36,327.00..
  • workdog3workdog3 Posts: 3
    edited December 2012
    I showed a dealer in the Tampa area an invoice + destination bid ($33,140 + TTL) and they just called to verbally say I'm done. That's over $2K under MSRP, so I'm happy assuming they don't jerk me around with adders when I go to sign.
  • Bought the RDX AWD Base this weekend. Love it.
    Absolutely painless experience at pohanka acura. Spoke to their internet sales manager Amir. He is very pleasant to work with and I definitely recommend him. Gave me a good price. I originally wanted a FWD version because the one with AWD that I drove at a previous dealership had bad vibrations problem and 'm told it may be normal for the AWD. Test drove another one at pohanka and it didn't have the vibration problem. I was able to pick out the one that I liked from their comparatively large inventory and drive it home in a matter of couple of hours. Financed through Penfed which was also a breeze with Pohanka. Highly recommend them. They are very competitive.
  • gmmagmma Posts: 1
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Would you post the MSRP sticker price, any accessories you purchased and the price paid before taxes/fees.
  • Update to say that apparently my bid was too high and I was able to get another dealer down to $32,400 + TTL on a FWD Base model. Apparently these end of year incentives are strong.
  • Sure there are good deals you can even go a bit under invoice which is at about 32,245.00. I bought one tech FWD ACURA RDX for 35,196 under invoice.Plus tax,tag their dealer doc fee, which depends on the area you live...
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 257
    Awesome, can you share your price breakdown?

    A little O/T, but there are so many DC-area people around here buying the new RDX I just wanted to throw this in here. We should get together to do some installs and maintenances after our first free dealer oil changes.

    One thing I'm going to do soon is order a hitch from to install on my car so it can put a bike rack on it (here's the link to the acurazine thread that discusses hitch and install ).
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 257
    I just received my "welcome to Tischer Acura" rewards letter. I knew about the free oil change but I also was preloaded with $60 towards maintenance. I think you can only use your service credit for up to 50% of the bill at a time though so if something cost $100, I could use $50 of my credit and would save $10.

    I plan to try and do a lot of my own maintenance or find reputable places when I can avoid the dealer. I thought I'd share though when you guys are comparing dollar to dollar vs local dealers.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 39,714
    thanks for posting that. I need a hitch for our bike rack before the summer, and did not want to pay the huge dealer price. I had OEM on our previous Odyssey, and it was much less expensive. still more than aftermarket, but on the van, the OEM was hidden and the AM had the bars hanging down (and it rode low enough as it was. and it looked hideous!)

    since the hidden hitch looks exactly the same on the RDX, worth going with that. I will have the local trailer place put it on (the did my Odyssey) since I am too darned old to be screwing around with this, and my wife won't be much help!

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

  • Thanks stickguy. I'm definitely planning for as much under MSRP as possible.
  • jkctpcjkctpc Posts: 7
    edited December 2012
    Thanks Alvares. I assume your $36,396 calculation excludes tax, tag and title as well as fees such as destination and advertising?
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 257
    It's a blurry line between what are the fees that should be separated (Tax, tags fees, etc) and the ones which are really part of the car from the dealer/manufacturer (dealer fees, destination, etc). It's best to obtain and post a full breakdown of all costs so there are no shocks and you can analyze everything. There are some good examples of full pricing posts earlier in this thread (like mine)
  • workdog3workdog3 Posts: 3
    edited December 2012
    I finally closed on my FWD base yesterday for $35,600 OTD. That was $32,600 before tax and tags. They also threw in the $495 leather care package since they didn't have the exact color I was looking for. By my math that's close to $3K below MSRP. All the dealers in my area were fighting for the business so the end of year dealer incentives must be in full-effect.

    They tried to slip in their $599 dealer fee as part of the "TTL", but I was having none of it and they reduced the sales price to compensate.
  • The 35,196 that I paid excludes tax,tag , doc fee.The destination is included
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 196
    Can I get the current MF and Residual on an all wheel drive RDX with Tech?

    Also - are there any hidden end of the year incentives on this model? I tried leasing one a few months ago and the prices were unacceptable.

    I am thinking that the monthly payment (not including taxes) should be around $450 (+/- $15) with no cap reduction.

    Thanks for the help.
  • iris9iris9 Posts: 5
    I was shopping for 2013 RDX FWD base. I got a quote for 32,500 plus TTL. However when I finalized the OTD price they included $199 dealer fee and $800 in Registration fees!! Tax was 2K. This put the OTD at 35,500. Too high.
    So I shopped around for an OTD price of 34,000. One of the dealers say they can get it for that price. I just finished the deal yesterday. This turned out to be 31,700 for the vehicle + TTL = 34K.

    Many thanks to alvares and others contributing in their posts!
  • Here welcome iris good deal you got there.
  • It is not a blurry line! There are no fees which are part of the car price. The car price includes the selling price including the destination charge, not destination fee.

    Some manufacturers attempt to charge additional "fees" such as advertising but these are not part of the car. Bascially, this means the manufacturer is asking the buyer to pay a part of its advertising. Nice for the manufacturer but not so nice for the buyer. Personally I avoid these manufacturers, hello Toyota.

    Tax, title and registration are legal fees which are paid to the state. Dealers usually collect these at the time of purchase as a courtesy, though many attempt to charge a fee. I think $50 is more than reasonable for this service. After all how much time is actually spent by the dealer on this, probably less than half an hour.

    Any other fee such as documentation or dealer fees are simply additional profit for the dealer. Not sure why so many posts on Edmunds seem to accept such fees as legitimate. The best way, IMHO, to approach these fees, if a dealer won't budge, is to consider them for what they are, part of the selling price. For example, if a buyer computes a good price for a vehicle at $20,000 and the dealer insists on a rediculous fee of $500, the buyer should simply offer $19,500.
  • This is $700 lower than the lowest deal. Great price
  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    Some dealers have lots of different hold backs in addition to advertising fees, just look at an invoice from that manufacturer you mentioned. I just got one and it made me laugh ... what blatant way of legitimizing bs fees to buyers that should have been business cost.

    I wouldn't pay Kroger $1.50 for a sticker that I could get at the local government office or pay an electric bill. It's fair that Kroger charges a small amount like $1.50, even Kroger used to say "we need to do that ourselves and we're doing that for our customers as a free service." Kroger is fine, but not those companies who thought Kroger's service was part of their service to their customers.
  • Makes sense Alvares. Thanks!
  • jkctpcjkctpc Posts: 7
    edited December 2012
    My final offer which was accepted:

    2013 RDX AWD w/ Tech
    Price: $36,880+TTL
    Fees: ~$50 (Documentation & Registration)

  • Iris....we are in a similar position. looking for a base Georgia. Where is your dealer located. Thank you GABADGER
  • iris9iris9 Posts: 5
  • If that's the McDavid dealer in Dallas, it's under the same umbrella as the Nalley group in Georgia(Asbury Automotive is the parent company, I believe).
  • yalamyalam Posts: 4
    edited December 2012
    Iris...... , I am in the same situation that shopping for 2013 RDX Base and ready to close deal if any dealer in Dallas accepts OTD price 34,000 ( First I thought to go for CRV-EX , now going for RDX base Model)

    Offered 32,500 +TTL to Goodson accura ( 3 weeks back) , they did not accepted

    Is it possible to let me know dealer name through replying thread or by leaving private message at "[email protected]"
  • Hello Iris so what color did you get your rdx ours is amber brownstone, by the way you made out a good deal. Patience pays at the end..
  • iris9iris9 Posts: 5
    Hi Alvares, I got the white pearl. I agree patience and a bit of luck is needed. You got a great deal too!
  • truelies1truelies1 Posts: 34
    edited December 2012
    Used iris9's deal for help on discussing the price. Got $32000+TTL for this car, can't match iris9's deal since I traded in my 2010 RDX for $22000, this made it difficult to discuss with dealer.
  • Also looking to buy 2013 RDX AWD w/ Tech and was given same MSRP as above in VA.

    This was my first time in an Acura dealership, and they told me they have simple, no-haggle pricing since they don't work on commission. Sounds like I am expected to negotiate at Acura though, just like I would anywhere else, according to what I'm seeing here. Glad I checked with you all!

    There are a few Acura dealers in my city--should I call them (or go in person?) to ask for their best quote on the exact same vehicle and tell them that that's what I'm doing?
  • What is their No Haggle Price for a 2013 AWD w/tech?
    What is their "document fee"?
    Any Misc fees beyong the usual Tax Title and Tags (which is particular to your state)?

    I believe MSRP/shipping is the same everywhere in the continental US.
  • He verbally quoted me something in the 38K range during the test drive, but the paperwork lists MSRP of 40,315, then includes sales tax, "dealer fees," "tags and fees," a "discount" and a $40,800 final. Then when they do that usual thing of having the team lead come over, he said it was an extra $500 off if I bought before the end of the year (which I told them I was planning to do, but also expressed my [genuine] interest in several other vehicles). This just seems high to me. I had never driven an Acura before, and honestly, I was expecting it to be a little more luxurious for the money. It was nice, no doubt, but for example, the Equinox LTZ (loaded with everything, and for about $32K) felt far superior on the interior, though, admittedly, it doesn't handle nearly as well.
    Hey--thanks so much for your help!
  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Posts: 167
    edited December 2012
    Thanks roxie7. I would think that a no-haggle price would be marked on the vehicle and not just thrown out during a test drive. Just another thing that doesn't give me the warm fuzzies. I like the format of as they make the pricing pretty clear though unfortunately I am not in their area (and they have no Acura dealership). I've been comparing the RDX with the 2013 Mazda CX9 GT AWD. I'd be curious as to your impressions if you care to compare.
  • Roxie,

    My advice is to call every Acura dealer in your area and ask for the "internet sales department". Ask if they have the exact car you are looking for. You can do a preliminary inventory search in your area online at the Acura website but these are often out of date. This will save you some time.

    Propose what you are willing to pay (total price + tax/tag/license) and see if they bite. Make sure they are no other additional fees. If you get a good offer then you can visit that dealer to close the deal.

    For a 2013 RDX AWD w/ Tech, I would offer around $37K + tax/tag/license drive out. See if they can throw in some options like all weather mats or cargo area cover.

    Good luck!

  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 5,504
    I have friends who own the RDX and absolutely love it, as do many who post in this thread. Personally, I thought the interior was much nicer than what the Chevy had. I happened to be in both showrooms recently looking at different vehicles and sat in both of the vehicles you are looking at. I just felt the Acura was a much better product and worth the extra $ and I think the future reliability inside and out favor the Acura. But it's your hard earned dough you are spending but I think you might regret it down the road that you didn't go for the Acura.

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2020 Hyundai Accent SE (daughter #2)

  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    "no-haggle price would be marked on the vehicle"... like Cher said to Mr. Horowitz in the movie Clueless, " It (report card) is not ready yet..." And like most people here said -- everything is negotiable in car buying.

    Sounds like you're a smart person and know what you're doing. I don't think the dealers is willing to let an Acura AWD w/tech go OTD under $40k. However, if that's the price range you wish to spend on your next car, your hard earned money would be in the right vehicle if you chose RDX over Equinox, provided no lemons involved.

    Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

    Good Luck.
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 257
    edited December 2012
    Before I bought my 2013 RDX AWD w/ Tech, I got into pricing talks with the 2013 Lexus RX 350 AWD fully loaded and the 2013 X3 and the RDX was coming out way cheaper. Not just that but the X3 was a tad too small, and the RX was a tad to big. I didn't look at anything from Chevy but I did visit the Ford dealership and felt the 2013 Escape was too small (and the leather seemed really cheap) and that the Edge was too big. I didn't look at the Q5 which I think would have been a little smaller and more expensive too. I did look at an older Infinity EX of my friend's and that was way too small.

    For me, it seemed that there really was no comparison to the Acura RDX really. I know it's considered a "luxury" car there's a lot of luxury features out there that it lacks like parking assist, blind spot monitoring, passenger memory seats, etc. But what I was after was an "Accord" version of a compact sedan. I have always felt the Accord is a solid car and good enough for my needs. The CR-V, the only compact Honda offers, is the civic and just too cheap feeling. My dad has the '07 one and it just never felt solid and I could see where corners were cut. But the size was perfect

    So the closest thing to my "Accord" compact SUV needs was the Acura RDX.
  • yalamyalam Posts: 4
    edited December 2012
    Truelies1, iris9 - Good Negotiation skills

    The final OTD price quotes I got from couple of dealers $35,400 and $35,020 ( 33000, 32,750 +TTL) and they are not willing to comedown further , till I did not visited showroom

    Please suggest
  • Hi guys,

    First post here but been following your posts for over a month now. I'm looking to make an offer on a 2013 AWD RDX w/tech and just wanted to get some additional advice.

    I'm sending my offer to 7 different dealers. I'm assuming its advisable to inform them that I'm shopping my offer with other dealers?

    My offer is:
    OTD (including Destination charges, not TTL): $36,200.00
    *added that all weather floor mats and wheel locks would help seal the deal but not a deal breaker

    I know this is a pretty low offer but I'd like to see how close they can get.

    Any other suggestions for me?
  • Not an exact science; but, not a bad idea to search their inventories and get a picture of what's available. They're more likely to be flexible on a model/color that is in good supply vs a 'one of a kind' popular combo.
  • patm70patm70 Posts: 20
    Just curious. Why do you think a dealership would want to sell you a car for $36,200. when the invoice (not MSRP) price with destination for an AWD/Tech is $37,870? To also expect the dealer to possibly throw in all weather floor mats and wheel locks ($150. or more value) for nothing is pretty incredible.
    My suggestion: research those seven dealers you sent offers to and see if if any of them sold the RDX you are looking for at the price you would like to get it for (check messages in this thread). Personally, as for your offer, I can assure you that some of those dealerships will not even respond to your offer at that price. However, good luck.
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