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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • My local Acura dealer in Albuquerque has an 09 RDX w/Tech Pckg still on the lot. MSRP is a little over $38k and from what I can tell the invoice is around $35k. What is a fair price for this vehicle, factoring in depreciation?
  • mi_rdxmi_rdx Posts: 3
    what price did you get it finally for?
  • Is this for a base model? For 2010 models I think the best price you can get it is at 32K plus. If you want less than 30K, then consider buying a 2009 and you better hurry as there are not much left. I just bought 1 a couple of days ago, i got it at $29,800, OTD was $33,400 (I live in SoCal where tax is almost 10%).

    Gudluck, I hope you get one, they are really fun to have.
  • Hello!
    Shopping for 07-09 RDx w or w/o Tech pckge....haven't decided. There is an 09 RDX base (AWD) at my local Acura dealership, w/9500 miles (was part of their service fleet), they're asking $30,998. Anyone think I can get this for 29,500?? Looks like wholesale price is a little over 27K, and we'd be paying cash. Also looking at an 07 RDX w/tech, and DVD rear system, which I haven't found in ANY other RDX, 25K miles, asking $27995.
    Thanks for the input!
  • Does the $30,998 price includes Taxes, Destination and title? I got mine brand new 09 Base for 29,700 that is before TTL.
  • jeofztheman-- no, the $30,998 is their advertised internet "sticker" price...that's good news that your got yours for $29,700, brand new. says that the 09RDXs have around $7G depreciation after the first year, so I would think that they would accept our offer of $29K..hmm..wondering now if I should start even a little lower. We'd be OK up to 29,500.
  • jayctjayct Posts: 16
    Never believe the price the dealer asks for. They are just trying to get as much out of you as they can. Check out what the prices are going for here on and I will bet you will find it for less. As noted new cars are going for less than that price. Do not be afraid to play hardball with the dealer. They want YOUR money and you are the one in control, not them. Jay
  • if it were me, since its pre-owned, ill start at 25K - all in (w/ TTL) :), Good Luck
  • geohovgeohov Posts: 23
    Bought my 2010 AWD with Tech RDX today! I drove it first at the dealer and then left because the salesman had another customer and didn't notice me leave. He called me at work and and asked if I liked the car. I said it was very nice. I told him there was a dealer on the south side of Chicago selling it for $35,550, could he match that price (doesn't hurt to ask). He said hold on he would check the price. Came back in a minute and said that is their cost on the vehicle. I said yea and where does that leave us? Can we make $500 on the car? I said I'll give you $36,000 and tax. He thought about it for 30 seconds and said, OK! I went back the next day and bought one coming off the truck, Pearl White and Taupe, for $36,000 and about $200 license, doc, and 7% tax OTD! I couldn't believe it. Love my new RDX!
  • ahhh..I'm such a pansy when it comes to this--I'm one bad mammajamma in my own mind, but then, when I get to the dealer, I get all nice and smiley, and my hubby says I talk too much. Does it make a difference that it came from their service fleet, and wasn't "truly" pre-owned?? Edmunds is saying TMV on this car is over 34Gs for a CPO!!! What???? I don't know...called a good friend of mine who has access to Manheim pricing, and he said this is bringing about 27,500 at auction. So I guess we'll start there....aargh. I hate negotiating :confuse: ....
  • I wouldn't pay over $29k for the 09 RDX base with 9500 miles on it and I think thats even on the high side. Where you located?
  • digital_bdigital_b Posts: 129
    what are people paying for 24 or 36 month leases on this vehicle. if you have good credit [over 720] what kind of perks or deals should you expect on this vehicle?
  • ebcarbuyer, we're in east TN
  • So, went into the dealership yesterday to give offers...salesperson said he'd have to get sales mgr approval, who wasn't actually in the office that day. So, let us leave, and told us he'd call back if he could get a hold of the mgr. Called us in about 20 mins w/ an offer of 32,500 OTD. We had originally offered $30,500 OTD. Would have gone up to $31,000 OTD, which would have put sales price of the vehicle at around 29,000, which we thought was more than fair, given that these are pulling in around $27,500 at auction. They won't budge off of 32,500. It's been 3 days...what's going on? Their sticker on this vehicle was 30,998--so their offer of 32,500 meant a selling price of 30,200...only 800 off sticker??? doesn't seem right..thoughts???
  • $35,269.00 is what I was quoted by the 'internet' dept. and I know around 800 should be added for destination. so effectively 36k for 36 months should look like what figure per month at acura's best rate for excellent credit?

    thanks in advance car_man
  • personally I would not go for this till the price of the car is closer to 29k or 28k. I was quoted 31.5 for an 09 tech in july brand new 0 miles, now the one you are looking at is 1 MY old (with release of 2010 MY) and has nearly 10k miles, and was a show car, which means dozens of random people drove the thing like they could care less. No way I would pay 32 or 33 for that thing, IMHO ...

    I'd go back when the manager is there, tell him you have found an alternate solution, and you are going to decide by 5pm on XYZ day, and he has until then to sell you his car at your desired price, otherwise he will never see you again. Then walk out. This is a buyers market, and he has a less than desirable car ...
  • Megsie,

    My advice is to pass on it. You don't know what the dealer paid for it (they might have bought it at auction themselves) which means they may have paid more than $27.5k for it or they just want a set percentage of profit and aren't one of those dealers that like to deal. Keep looking, you'll find something. Or give the dealer one more chance, tell him it's their last chance to accept your offer. If they don't you'll be purchasing else where.
  • Hey guys,
    Yeah, we decided to pass on it...thanks for your advice. They called us back yesterday and actually asked US if OUR offers had changed...LOL....I was like, "no. Have yours?" We also heard that the owner of this particular dealership is "very weird" when it comes to dealing with anyone. Apparently he has all the money in the world, and really doesn't care one way or the other. That's the word on the street anyways...:) So, we'll just keep looking--thankfully, we're not in a situation where we NEED a car right now. So, time is on our side! Thanks again!
  • If there aren't any other Acura dealers close by (another reason why they may think they can dictate price) I'd consider looking in nearby cities or having your friend help you get something at auction. Problem with auctions is most of the lease returns showing up there will be the 2007 MY as three year leases would be the first to show up. I never buy the first year of any model. I wait for the bugs to be worked out and newer feature sets to be included. Good luck in your search! :)
  • You made the right decision Megsie, im sure you'll find your car in another dealership. This forum helped me learn the tricks of negotiating and find the best price by doing all haggling through email, its easier to walk away that way :)

  • trometrome Posts: 17
    So after testing the RAV4 V6 which I was about to buy, someone told me about the new FWD RDX and after one drive I was sold. Unfortunately the first dealer I went to , Esserman Acura, made the experience very unpleasant. They offered me $13,500 on my trade, an 08 Accord LX which is easily worth $15,500 to $16k wholesale and I scoffed and insisted I wanted a minimum of $15,500. They kept me waiting and said their "team of appraisers" was working on it. I finally got up and walked out even though the suddenly offered $15k as I left. Then they called half an hour later and offered $15,300. I told them I don't care if they offer me $15499.99 I am not taking it. Finally they called back an relented but by that time I was so turned off I called another dealer who had the car I wanted in stock, Rick Case Acura. They were courteous, pleasant and after friendly and quick negotiations we worked out a fair deal for a base FWD RDX (no tech package)> MSRP was 33330 and I paid $31440 which is less than Edmunds TMV.
  • jayctjayct Posts: 16
    The first dealer was playing their game with you and they lost. Good for you walking out. If they can't get back to you in 15 mintues then they are being unfair. Sounds like you got a decent deal. Jay
  • Was the $31,440 OTD or before tax and doc fees? What's the tax rate in your area?
  • trometrome Posts: 17
    no, that was before tax and tag. Still a great price I thought.
  • It looks like invoice for your vehicle was $30,713. I'm gunning for at least invoice, but we've bought multiple vehicles from this dealership so they should work with us. Is invoice realistic?
  • 2010 RDX Tech Package - MSRP: $36,430.00

    Internet Sale Price: $35,254.54 + tax, lic, and doc fees.

    Your price includes Destination charge and dealer installed Protection Package (Trunk Tray, Wheel Locks, and All Season Floor Mats). Your price quoted is valid for 72 hours.
    Any opinions?
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    It's not clear if they are quoting a base (fwd) or an SH-AWD, so here is my opinion on both...take 'em with a grain of salt though, as I do not own an RDX. (yet?)

    From my N. Cali zip code area...

    SH-AWD w/Technology Package AWD 2.3L I4 T
    MSRP-$37,620 Invoice-$34,580, TMV-$36,329

    Base w/Technology Package FWD 2.3L I4 T
    MSRP-$35,620 Invoice-$32,746, TMV-$34,422

    Depending on where you live, you should be looking to pay close to invoice price or less in todays economy. Seems like a buyers market. Find a willing dealer.
  • RDX base in TX. Dealer is quoting me 31,800 saying its $500 over invoice. He is adding $800 destination fee and $300 wheel lock and $300 advertising fee to make total of $31,800 plus tax/title. Anyone has an idea if its a good deal? Thanks!
  • depdep Posts: 79
    You can check the invoice price here to verify but $500 total over + TTL is reasonable. You always have to pay the destination fee of course.

    The rest of the charges; don't pay them. Wheel locks cost $25 and are of no value to 99.9% of car buyers and the ad fee is just another way to say they are charging you more for the car.
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