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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    Email your offer of $30000 to the internet sales persons at all your nearby dealers. The worst that can happen is none say yes, and an email is so easy.
  • oceogleoceogle Posts: 3
    Hi there,

    I am considering purchasing an 08 Acura RDX, loaded. I'm trying to research any common problems out there as I notice that there are a questionable high number of 08 RDX out there, literally 700+ currently for sale on I have never seen some many of one year and model. I don't seem to find anything that stands out as a concern? It seems that everyone who's had it loves their Acura but I don't understand why so many resold? Was that a bad year for them? This one has 35-38k miles and clean carfax. What is the bottomline price I can consider cash...out the door of course, SW Houston area. Considering purchase within by this weekend.

    This is the first time to consider a used purchase and I'm hesitant as this plethera seems to be a red flag.
  • keptnamekeptname Posts: 51
    This is helpful to me thanks! I am torn between getting an audi a4 and the rdx. I know, two very different vehicles, but those are the choices I've gotten myself to.
  • oceogleoceogle Posts: 3
    We are still searching and will probably pass on the '08 acura RDX. It was a suprisingly bumpy ride. It's front end suspension is "athletic" but was very bumpy for those not in the driver seat. We are leaning towards the lincoln MKX instead. Were you considering used Acura? If so, what year?
  • gores95gores95 Posts: 2
    I bought mine two weeks ago in Central NJ and love it. Moroccan Red with black leather, 25,800 miles, certified for $25,500. The only thing I added afterward was the factory roof rack.
  • lc83lc83 Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    Thanks for every contributor in this forum. Your suggestions help me greatly.

    I sent my $30K (2011 RDX FWD base before tax + license) offer to nearby dealers. Got auto responses from dealers w/ Internet pricing (= truecar or carsdirect no hassle pricing). Crazily busy with limited time, therefore I do not want to waste time in dealers' places. A below invoice price ($31.4K before tax + license) is confirmed to be doable. Most dealers want you to go to their office to negotiate - a trap that I would like to avoid.

    What's the reasonably lowest price that I can target? Any suggestions how to effectively negotiate via emails or calls to derive to my desired price point before heading to the dealer for paper work? Many thanks for your kind help in advance
  • keptnamekeptname Posts: 51
    edited August 2011
    Just purchased an brand new 2011 RDX, solid metal metallic. FWD with tech package.
    Also has splash guards and all weather mats. 3 months of XM radio.


    I love my new car. It drives really well, it has pick up with the turbo engine, even though its a 4-cyl.

    Purchased in MO. Got the 1.9% financing.
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    My actual emails...

    Hello Doug,

    I received your online inquiry about a 2011 Acura RDX and would love to help.
    Please let me know how I can offer assistance or if there is a more convenient way to reach you.

    (my reply)
    Subject: RE: Please let me know how I can offer assistance...

    Looking for an internet price quote for your RDX FWD Base, Stock # - 15491A




    Thank you for the follow up. Here is the quote you requested:

    Stock # 15491A 2011 Acura RDX 2wd White / Ebony

    $33,480.00 MSRP

    $31,000.00 Internet Sale Price

    This price does not include tax, license or any accessories you may choose. In addition to the pricing we have .9% financing available up to 60 months. This is on approved credit with AFS. This price is good through March 31st 2011. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

    Thank you very much for the quote. I know that $31,000 is a very good price, but unfortunately more than we are willing to spend. I was hoping for a really great deal around $29,900. If you could meet that price we would buy before the end of the month.




    Thank you for the offer. I went to the new car sales manager and presented him your offer. He said that at $30,400 we would have a deal on that RDX. In addition to the price I have a parts and service coupon book worth over $1,000 in parts and service discounts that you can use while you own the RDX. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.


    Thank you for going the extra distance to get us this great price. Am I correct to assume it includes the $860 destination fees. If so, we will accept this offer if you will include the roof rack, cross bars and installation.




    The cost of the Roof Rack installed is $667.00. Which would make your offer $29,800 plus the rack. Which I cant do. I spoke to the sales manager about this, he said that if you purchased the RDX tonight that we would split the difference with you. The price of the RDX with the Roof Rack installed will be $30,733.00 plus tax and license.



    Please help me finish this deal off easy. After sleeping on it I'd like to increase my offer to $30,500 including the rack & inst. I'm headed to the bike trail for a while and I will check with you when I get back.




    We will do that. When would you like to take delivery of the RDX?


    Just that easy. Email all the nearby dealers via Edmunds or and ask for an internet price quote.

    As you can see we paid $30.5 for an '11 fwd base with the factory roof rack inst incl.

    Also consider going to other dealers in maybe a 100 mi radius if no one in your town will give you $30,000.

    Monday I helped my daughter buy a new '11 CR-V SE FWD. Local dealers stuck to their guns at $22550 for 3 weeks and would not budge. We looked at Truecar and found a dealer 104 mi away who listed his price as $21,300, which is the price we set out to get it for from day one.

    I again spoke to both local dealers and neither would match that $21.3 price. Further, one of them bad mouthed the deal saying it was bogus, bait and switch, etc.

    The out of town dealer, Manly could not have treated us better, even put the car on the rack for me to view the undersidewhile my daughter did the paper work.

    Good luck, stick to $30,000 and don't give up.
  • cyn_ecyn_e Posts: 1
    Dealers doing what they typically do have offered what i think is a high quote and i just wanted to check if anyone had an opinion:
    Norther Nv Area, looking at a 2011Palladium RDX SH AWD, no tech package
    retail value = 36,071
    discount =1271
    selling price = 34800
    tax & doc fee = 3065
    total cost = 37865
    not a good negotiator because i have never bought out of want, only need... but can i get this down more, and then what are the extras that they are going to try and sell to me after the fact. Is the costco program good for the likes of me with no negotiating skills? Thanks in advance for the replies
  • lc83lc83 Posts: 2
    Happy Summer Marc,
    WOW. Many thanks for your wonderful help. You got a super good deal and truly a master negotiator. Sorry about my belated reply due to a hiking trip.

    Due to the earthquake in Japan, 2011 RDX is actually in short supply. It seems that no incentive is given to the dealer and financing is shortened to 0.9% for 36 months (rather than 60 months). I will follow your way and report back what pricing i can get away.

  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    Thanks Linda, I've learned what I can, some from this site and others.

    At least I think you are refering to me, Doug. Sorry for the confusion. Ha, as for nice, have not yet been out this year, but hope to this week. We have camped once though.

    As far as supply problems, it seems true. We went to the Honda dealer in Folsom and they either hid them well, (saw some inside the shop) or are truly having trouble getting them. They said they only had 23 cars. But Manly, the dealer in Santa Rosa - a much smaller town than ours, had 63 cars.

    I'm even more glad we got the .9%/60mo when we did after hearing it was dropped.

    Good luck with your purchase. Don't forget to look around if you can't get the right deal nearby. Our deal last week on the CR-V proves the importance of a wide net.

    Email until you get the right offer, nothing in person until you are ready to finalize the deal.

    And very last, always say no to the 3 gouging questions from the finance guy. No protection package. No extended warranty. No gap insurance.

    Just say no.
  • paramhparamh Posts: 3
    I have a quote for Acura RDX 2012 SH AWD with tech package for 36908 destination included, tax and registration not included. Is this a good price? Thanks.
  • Are the 2012 out already?
  • paramhparamh Posts: 3
    Yes there are several off them in the dealers lot. Only one was 2011.
  • My wife just bought her 2011 RDX tech package for 37,500 OTD.
  • paramhparamh Posts: 3
    Was that FWD or AWD.
  • I just got a quote from my local bay area dealer on a 2012 FWD w/ Tech for $34,300 includes destination charges. Is this a good deal or should I push them a little more?
  • Three options for a 2009 RDX within a mile of work...

    2009 Base 36k miles $25k (Certified)
    2009 Tech 24k miles $28k (Certified)
    2009 Base 39k miles $25k

    I've looked at everything (CX-7, CR-V, RAV4, Mariner/Escape) just a notch below but the RDX ran well in the driving rain the other day. I really liked the way it handled (it's going to be doing a lot of trips about 50 miles back and forth on the highways and pretty much be the daily driver in the winter time...I'm in the Mid-Atlantic region.) I'm trying to come up with a reasonable offer for the 09 tech. If anyone has any suggestions on what they paid and/or what they're selling for on average (I have Edmunds and CR pricing of course as far as value goes.) There may be a 2nd car in the mix as well (new TL) so hoping they can move a little more if that happens.

  • I purchased my RDX Tech pkg @ the end of 2006. While I love the car I am not happy with the service. This dealer refused to honor my lifetime oil change even with paperwork in hand. also my "free oil changes" were always around $200-$500 each time.
    My concern for everyone is if you have the Tech pkg then you may want to consider an extended warranty something I would never suggest & have never done. My audio system went out two weeks ago, the dealer charged $100 to diagnose. Said it would cost $1,700 to replace, but admitted after market may be cheaper. Suggested Best Buy. We went to a local Radio shop, the tech said only Acura should replace the audio system in my RDX because of the pkg & requirements. If they replaced, it would kill too many things. He just wanted to be honest, he's worked on our cars for years for other things.
    Evidently Acura runs AC, power seats, heated seats, navi, other items thru the audio system. Didn't catch it all as my head was beginning to spin, and it was a bit too technical for me. I got the gist. It's almost like the brains yet not quite. He actually pulled the system out & showed where things plugged in. Basically you'd lose many capabilities you paid extra for & I'm not risking my A/C living in the south. I was ready to leave as is, and told my husband that I wasn't giving Acura $1,700 for something that shouldn't have failed so early.
    What upset me so much is I felt Acura knew this yet let me leave knowing I'd be back ready to pay $1,700. Thank goodness this tech knew his business and had good customer service, he took apart my radio; found what was wrong & corrected for $35. He made no promises but said if it failed again he'd do what he could.
    This bothers me to say but I don't trust Acura any longer and I bought the car because of the name and quality. The car isn't that old, & I've never played the system that loud; one day it worked then the next it doesn't.
    Just know the Tech Package Audio System controls many things. You can't just buy after market stereo.
  • Can I ask what dealer? Here in texas, the best offer I could get was 35,450. I'd fly there and drive back for that price.
  • I managed to get an offer of $35,200 plus ttl for a 2012 w tech, including splash guards installed. Seeing as I started off giving the local dealership an offer of $36,500 last Thursday(which they refused), I am happy with it.

    For other peeps in Texas, the Dallas area dealers seem more responsive to deal than Austin, or San Antonio dealers.
  • Please let us know if that's FWD or AWD, it really does matter. :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • Sorry, this was fwd. It also includes destination So the msrp is $36,880 + accessories

  • Also just for interest sake, I was offered a 2011 fwd w/tech for $33,698(including destination) without even negotiating(that was one dealerships first internet price offer).
    A local salesman offered $36,000 for the same vehicle(2011 fwd w/tech), as his best possible price.

    Emailing 5 dealerships around the state saved me a bundle, so don't be afraid to.
  • Purchased 2011 AWD RDX (silver/black/15miles) last Friday (9/23/2011). 30,600 + destination + TTL.
  • No options? Tech? what was the MSRP?
  • No Tech.

    If u r asking for MSRP, it is 34,500 or something. Look up on that will tell u.
  • Is that new? Where at? That's a great price.
  • You got a better deal than me.

    Purchased 2011 AWD RDX (silver/black/200miles) in Sep 3rd. $33200 OTD
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