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Hummer H3 GMID

steverstever Posts: 52,462
edited March 2014 in HUMMER
Here's the place to ask about a GM in the Driveway certificate.

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  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Posts: 25
    The email address is [email protected] or [email protected]
    I am out of certificates until July 18th when we get back from our 2 week shutdown. I'll then give these requests to my fellow employees to give out the certificate numbers. We normally fill requests for Chevy Avs but since you can get them at Employee Prices, thats left a void until the H3 requests started "avalanching" in. So I've emailed all who have sent requests to me stating that July 18th would be the earliest I could get certificates out. HumV, I have not seen your email [I think anyhow], just supply birthdate and last 4 digits of your ssn.
  • romankoryromankory Posts: 3
    i have a couple questions. how much is the gm discount (employee and gmid). Also id this discount minus from the price after i neg a deal. or is it a set price, no neg. that is what i was told by one salesman. That the discount is a set selling price. same at every dealer. is this true? the one i'm looking at is 33,130 msrp. what should i expect to get for price before rebates and discounts and what about after conquest and gm discount?
  • mikelm48mikelm48 Posts: 1
    Yes, the employee discount is a fixed price. It is printed on all dealer invoices. If there are any rebates, etc., you also get these. I would guess that on a $33K car the discount is probably around $4K+
  • mr_anton89mr_anton89 Posts: 72
    I'm looking to go into a lease and was wondering if anyone has a GMID certificate that I could use. I would greatly appreciate it.
  • bosshoss1bosshoss1 Posts: 18
    We still have 3 GMID's left if you are ready to buy.
    E-MAIL me with info
    Paul Francis
  • waterwitchwaterwitch Posts: 7
    My wife already leased an H3 recently on the company's tab. However I do want to upgrade my Yukon to the 2007 very soon, but I am not ready to buy yet with Hurrican season looming around the corner. I assume the GM ID would work for a GMC or Chevy ? What is the diff between this ID and GMS price ?
  • bosshoss1bosshoss1 Posts: 18
    I believe all the info you need is in post #816 or do a search on GMID.
  • waterwitchwaterwitch Posts: 7
    Thanks, that discount of 8% to 10% is significant on a vehicle that costs over $35K. I will contact you when I'm ready to buy.
  • mibtpmibtp Posts: 5
    From the discussions, I understand I can get a GMID from some kind soul. I actually ordered a 2006 in the green. After 2 months wait, I called for an update. Dealer said they quit making in the green. Had to wait for 2007. I waited 2 more months. Found out they will not be making the green in 2007.. not from the dealer, but from GM! Dealer had no clue the color was discontinued. Now I'm dealing with a new dealer. The old one was going to give it to me for $500 over invoice. Now I understand that is not such a good deal. I did find out the new colors for the H3x. They are Sonoma Red, Desert Orange Metallic and Imperial Blue. I think I want to wait and SEE what they look like before ordering one. The 2007's are due to start production June 19th. Will be another 4-8 weeks before the dealers see them.

    Should I wait until then to ask someone for a GMID?
    Patrice from Los Angeles

    PS CA incentive for GM vehicles will end July 5th; too soon for me to take advantage of. But they will reimburse you for whatever you pay a gallon OVER $1.99 a gallon. That is a big deal as the average gas price in LA is $3.40!
  • pep1pep1 Posts: 4
    go check out out of St. Louis, MO. I just checked their page and counted 17 Green H3s in stock. Not sure if they have what you're looking for, but it seem slike its worth a shot. They update their inventory listing daily and are a highly-regarded dealer.
  • Greetings.
    Can any one in the know tell me what is expected of H3 in 2007? I have heard 20hp increase, new colors, but seems no definitive answers.
    Also what is H3X ? Is it a new model for 2007?
    Is the GMID acceptable for 2007 H3?
    Also when will 2007 models be in the showroom?
    I have read some 2006 have cylinder head seal problems, but later productions have corrected earlier problem, how can I know when the H3 was assembled, other than taking the word of your friendly salesman? I am ready to listen to saleman's pitch but need verification.
    Thanks in advance !
  • stonesguystonesguy Posts: 1
    Hi, I have found the exact H3 that I want, but need a GMID. Does anybody have one available? Thanks a bunch.
  • mln2963mln2963 Posts: 4
    I got my GMID from-
  • imacimac Posts: 2
    What is a website??
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Please see this post (or search for GMID with the Search This Discussion tool):

    cz3cqg, "Hummer H3" #315, 14 Jul 2005 4:00 pm

    Steve, Host
  • mln2963mln2963 Posts: 4
    Sorry. I was in a hurry and trying to remember the email address. It's [email protected]
  • h3shopperh3shopper Posts: 11
    Well, we own a new white H3 (thanks Paul !)

    Lux, Chrome wheels, chrome everything, loaded.
    Got the XM satellite (didn't want, but was in H3, LOVE IT)
    GMID with ZERO percent for 5 years.
    Very happy.
  • What percentage was the GMID. Is that the employee discount?
  • h3shopperh3shopper Posts: 11
    GMID is the supplier pricing. ANYONE can see the supplier pricing if you back into the gmbuypower page through the GM family first page. When you build the vehicle, you'll see the supplier pricing.

    That, combined with zero percent is HUGE. Huge as in zero percent compared to 5.9%. Factor that over 60 months and you'll see the savings.
  • pep1pep1 Posts: 4
    I'm ready to buy. I found a Hummer H3 that I want. Talked to the dealer today. He will accept a GMID. Now all I need to do is find a kind someone who has one they can part with. I did email Richard and haven't heard anything back yet, so I thought I'd ask on here in case someone else might have one. Thanks
  • pep1pep1 Posts: 4
    First of all thanks for the help with a GMID. 2 People responded to me and it definitely helped. I wanted the new color Imperial Blue Metallic and was hoping the 3.7 would be the better choice, so I passed up the incentives and got a 2007. They had trouble finding the invoice. Turns out I was the first 07 sold in St. Louis. I got the Adventure package. Now it includes chrome wheels which are not like the chrome wheels you could get previously but rather look exactly like the standard H3 wheels except they are chrome. That wasn't a big deal to me, just letting you know. Now hassles with this dealer. Their website says no add-on fees and it was true. A painless experience. I even got a good amount for my trade-in.
  • pipe23pipe23 Posts: 2
    I would like to purchase a H3 but don't know a Gm employee to take advantage of the discounts….Would anyone be able to supply me with a GMID number???? Thank you for the help…

  • degidiodegidio Posts: 1
    GMID Assistance...Would like to get into an H3.I am ready for an H3, however I need a little assistance with a GMID number. I am a Special Ops Veteran and current Helio pilot. I know alot of helicopter vender employees, but I am lacking in the GM friends dept. I would Greatly Appreciate any help someone could offer me!!!
  • If you are still looking for a GMID, you need to read through the posts and e-mail for one. You should get a positive reply. It worked for me -- but be ready to buy.

    Regarding the pricing, we bought the 06' with 0% 5 year and GMID. That's about the best deal you're going to get. Not only that, the 2006's get 1MPG better than the 07' and the pricing appears less on the 06'. We bought a 06' lux pckg with the Chrome handles, rims, mirrors, gas cover and side steps; added the roof bows, taillight chrome (NICE !!) and a chrome brushguard plus chrome letters in grill. Effectively, we built an H3X --but nicer since we like the look of the chrome grille vs the 07' color keyed grille.

    The 06's will sell. The only advantage with the 07 is the 3.7 liter (22Horses) but worse mileage.

    OT - Mcdonald's launches Hummer toys this week. They have an Orange H3 and a black H3x. Cool collectibles !
  • Hey Hummer owners! I've found one that I love at Valley Hummer here in Rochester, NY. Can anyone assist me with a GMID or GMS number? I've already started talking a deal with them and put a deposit down so any help would be VERY much appreicated! Thanks! :)
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Hey Hummer owners! I've found one that I love at Valley Hummer here in Rochester, NY. Can anyone assist me with a GMID or GMS number? I've already started talking a deal with them and put a deposit down so any help would be VERY much appreicated! Thanks
    as has been said a thousand times read the posts and you will find the info you want.
  • rvmanrvman Posts: 3
    Id like to purchase or lease a 2006 HUMMER H3 and I badly need a GMID certificate to afford this vehicle.
    Is there a kind soul out there who has an extra certificate
    Thank you very much...Barry(rvman)
  • rvmanrvman Posts: 3
    Do you have any idea how I might get a GMID certificate so I can purchase or lease a new Hummer H3?

    Any assistance you can offer me will be very greatly appreciated

    Thank you, Barry(rvman)
  • rvrhapirvrhapi Posts: 1
    Since I was hit head on in my previous Honda civic coupe |( and surprisingly lived) i am looking for some safety for myself and my family.
    I am planning on purchasing an H3 in about 2 weeks, that is if I can get the price down to what I can afford.
    Would you happen to have any more GMID's available?
    It would be great if you did...
    my birthdate is 08/20/1973, ss# will have to send after response.)
    Thank you for any possible help you can give.
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