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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Steering Stability and Suspension



  • I hate to say this, but that is almost certainly a defective trac bar, replace it again. If you are really concerned by an adjustable one, and wrench it in yourself in twenty minutes.

    Defective parts happen all the time, what can you do?

  • I have a 89 jeep cherokee with a 7 1/2" lift, and the front end shakes bad, when you go over 25mph, ive tryed everything, replacced tie rod ends, ball joints, getting the tires balanced, and it still does it. ive tryed ajusting the track bar, but I can never seem to get it right. please help
  • so if I get this alined will this stop the shaking?
  • Hey, I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. I have been noticing a loud creaking noise in the front end I believe it is suspension related. The noise is only noticeable when it is below 49 degrees. The noise occurs when you go over bumps and right after the suspension is compressed and is recoiling. If you have experienced this or think you may know what it is please let me know. Also if you know of any cheap quick fixes let me know. Thank you
  • did u lift the jeep? it sounds like ur shocks are too short
  • no i did not lift the jeep.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    sounds as if you have a shock that has came apart inside will clunk and clank if so
  • I have about 1000 miles to go till my first oil change on my 2000 Jeep Sport I bought last month.
    I'm thinking of replacing all fluids while I'm at it. How does one determine if the fluids in any of the axles,tranny, T/C, oil pan is synthetic or regular oil.
    There are no records that came with the Jeep for any maintenance schedule or type of fluid used, Just thought I asked.
    Rog :confuse:
  • ..Just got new tires at les Schwab. They balanced them...we went 550 miles...they did an alignment and balanced them again. Started shaking just over 60 mph. We went back to them. One guy overheard the conversation and said let me handle it. Seems the tires fit over a plastic cone that has to be balanced differently. They did it...we just came back from a 450 mi trip.........and no more shaking. Solved our problem for now anyway. :blush:
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I replaced the track bar, but the wobble came back. The rubber bushing at the frame end of the bar is defective. I now have a second track bar to put on but I forgot the torque specs at each end. Do any of you know the specs for a 1987 with a 4.0 engine?


  • I have an 88' Cherokee Laredo with a 3" lift and this thing shakes so violently when I hit a bump(any Kind of drop abrasion in the ground no matter how insignificant) at about 35-45 miles an hour. It shimmies so violently I have to bring the car to an complete stop for it to stop if I am driving on a smooth street no problem doesnt happen. Already replaced Traction Bar and Stabilizing shock. Problem still there I was told I need New bushings but I dont see needing new bushings causing this problem. Also was told by a friend my ball joints and tie rod ends look bad. Any Ideas on what might fix this problem I am having.

  • cmw2cmw2 Posts: 2
    It's just a workhorse, here in the UK, but I need to address it pulling to the LH side, and scrubbing off the LH front tyre. i have full castor / camber / toe gear, but before i use it I believe that camber and castor are fixed on these? The only adjustment appears to be a single eccentric adjuster on each lower control arm, at the axle end. Being a live fixed axle i can't quite picture what these eccentrics are supposed to adjust?

    If castor is out (which I suspect, maybe it's had a knock in the past), how is it adjusted? same for camber, although that LOOKS ok, and it would need to be a mile out to pull as it does, and tear the tyre up as it does.

  • cmw2cmw2 Posts: 2
    The control to direct where the interior air flow goes (say screen, screen and footwells, fascia vents, blah blah) has suddenly stopped responding. Blower fan control and temperature control still work fine. Is there a methodical way to investigate this, any self diagnosis procedure, or any common known faults? Thanks ;)
  • Hi all,

    I have a rear passenger tail lamp out.

    I've tried replacing the bulb (with 2 new ones to make sure it wasn't the bulb). Still not working.
    I've checked my fuses, all of them are working.

    What else can I try?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    prob the bulb holder it self go to jeep they have replacement ones for about 6 bucks
  • ejljejlj Posts: 4
    I've read through all the listings on this site, and see quite a few resolutions to this problem. My '95 Cherokee experiences vibrabration in the font end above 55 mph. After removing the front driveshaft all vibration ended. My cherokee is used with 135k miles on it. I originally found a loose clamp on the front u joint. That was not my issue. I replaced the front driveshaft with a new factory replacement, no luck there either. I was considering rebuilding the transfer case for possible bad bearing. Before starting that major job, I was looking for any possible suggestions. Thanks, EJLJ
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    loose clamp by diff or trans case if by dif would check dif bearings before trans case
  • ejljejlj Posts: 4
    Loose clamp was at diff. I rebuilt transfer case and replaced front driveshaft, no help. I guess the diff is all thats left. Any opinions?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    remove front drive shalf drive see if vibration goes a way if so has to be drive shalf or front diff (prob pinion bearings)
  • Hi,
    I have the same 'death wobble " vibration in my '92 cherokee sport 4wd. It is stock and non-lifted, I bought it new and was never wrecked. It started lightly around 100,000 miles and I currently have 220,000 on it. First off don't tell me its just got too many miles - I see an inherit problem here. 3 different shops have checked the front end and everything is 'tight'. At first, I noticed it was coming from the front right side at 55 mph and would go away at 60. I'd either have to speed up or slow down. If the tires were perfectly balanced, it would almost go away. Once they started going out, it would come back. New shocks were also put on but still did not help. At around 175,000, it would also go into the 'wobble' if I hit the right series of washboard bumps over 65 mph. I had to slow down to below 50 till it stopped or it feels like it will fall apart. Now it doesn't do the wobble that noticeable at 55 but just the washboard bumps over 65 where I have to slow down to below 40 to get it to stop. The only thing my last shop found was the sway bar bushings were worn. I took the links off to replace and broke them when I was unloosening the nuts. While I was waiting for the replacement links I ordered, I noticed that the wobble will come 'very very easily' at almost any bump at over 65. I'm guessing since the sway bar is not connected, the wheels act independantly and wobble as they don't have the sway bar to dampen the vibration back to the frame and other side of the vehicle so I'm seeing sort of a connection here. I will find out once I put the new links and sway bar bushings on. Not sure if it will go away but thought I'd let others know where I'm at with this problem. If anyone has a sure fire cure, please let me know! No one can answer or heard of this but it seems everyone here has! I will repost if this helps my problem.

    Also I have a right front tire hop when in 4wd in deep snow when it would start to dig in on the verge of getting hung up. It will bounce to the point where I have to let off and back out. This has been since new. Didn't know if this was just a typ. 4wd symptom or is related. It has a limited slip rear but didn't know since both back wheels would spin along with the left front that the right front was trying to spin but hopping instead. Anyway, if anyone else can shed some light, that'd be great.

    This is the first place it seems that there are a lot of people with the death wobble! Hope we can all figure this out together. Thanks everyone.
  • I was thinking about putting a 2.5 inch lift on my 2000 Jeep Grand
    Cherokee which has a 4.0 litter engine. I was thinking about putting
    245/70SR16 all-terrain tires on my jeep after I added the 2.5 inch lift on
    it. I was just wanting to know what your suggestions were or if you
    think that I am putting the right size tire on my jeep. I was also
    wondering if the lift would give the tires more room to pass by the plastic
    lip of the bumper in the front?
  • jm1967jm1967 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 GCkee w/ 155K on it. I love the car and until recently has been a very reliable and secure vehicle albeit with no help from my too infrequent checks and maintenance. Lately it feels like I have been experiencing my own version of the movie Speed. Because when I experience a significant jarring, on the front end, while driving about 45 - 52 mph, the front end begins to shakes violently and makes the driving feel as is you've had a flat. Is as if the suspension has its natural frequency and any significant bump, while in the speed range begins the deathwobble and does not release its grip until I slow down and gain control. If I speed past the zone, I am OK and can go over large dips w/o fear of falling onto the vortex of whatever harmonic force is not being dissipated or absorbed by the suspension mechanisms. I read the term "deathwobble" while reading other postings and found that it describes the action and captures the vulnerable feeling completely. It literally feels as if the car is going to fall apart and perhaps take you with it. Yet I, alone always still drive, because I have been able to can control out of it, and is limited to the speed range as long as I avoid those speed I am OK.

    I took a look underneath, and found loose nuts on the adjustment rods, tightened them and found that the affected speed range had changed from 37 - 45 to the 45 -52 range. I also found that the stock steering damper and shocks need replacement and perhaps my front tires need both balancing and rotation. I will do all, but I must I admit, the boots to the CV joints needs replacing. Don't know how long they have been exposed. Will update with another post if I find success.
  • I've also just started to experience the "Wobble of Death". First, it's very apparent that people here are talking about two different things. The "Wobble of Death" does not result from something like out of balance tires. The front of your car shakes so violently that you usually have to stop at the next rest area for a change of clothes. If you haven't been scared to death... you didn't have the "wobble of death".

    For me, it started right after I had my 96 Grand Cherokee Limited in for a recall on the catalytic converter. It seems like this has happened to a few people right after having some other work done, so maybe there is something about having the vehicle up on a lift tends to tweak something???? I don't know, just a thought.

    Anyway, I too have made notes of all the points people bring up here. I went to a mechanic and he says that it's the trac bar also. I'm going to try to replace it myself and also take some of the other steps explained in some of these emails. I'll also let you all know how it turns out.
  • Yes the death wobble I have experienced and what everyone else seems to have is definitely the same. In my first post, I had been in the middle of removing and replacing the sway bar end links and bushings as maybe a fix since they were the only parts that were visually worn. Definitely a lot easier to get the wobble with them off. I have reinstalled them with new bushings and noticed a definite improvement but can still initiate the wobble at highway speeds. It takes a lot more of the right series of bumps to start it and is not as 'serious' but nevertheless still present. I believe the new bushings make both front tires work more in unison and dampen the vibration to the frame better but not the fix to the problem. I too think I will get the track bar checked out and replaced as the next step. I'll let you know if that works!
  • I drive a 99 XJ cherokee and i recently have ran into a problem with a lot of play in my steering. When i am turning or driving i can move my steering wheel a couple of inches in either direction before i start to turn. I have changed the tie rods and had a new steering box installed and the play came back. I am thinking a new steering stableizer might be needed i know how to change that. Does anyone know what to do i have taken this to about three mechanics and i am getting no help at all. Or has a similar problem happened to anyone here?
    Thanks to all
  • The stabalizer you can do yourself. It's reallllllly easy. Whether it'll fix the problem, I couldn't say, but for the relatively inexpensive price, you may as well do it, since those things do wear out anyway.

    One bolt on each end and it's done.
  • jamalohajamaloha Posts: 1
    Hey Nash, I have a 98 GC, 4.0 also with the same problem. Did you change your steering stabliezer and did it fix the problem with wondering off over the road? I was think it may be my tires/wheels combo. Have new Uniroyal Laredo 235/75r15s with stock wheels. Drive them really firm only helps a little bit but still wonders.
  • i have not changed the stabelizer yet but now my steering has a lot more play in it. to make a 90 degree turn i have to turn my steering wheel about 360 degrees. I am really confused about whats wrong with my car if anyone has any suggestions please let me know what they think.
    Thank you very much and i will try runnign the tires really firm
  • jniznikjniznik Posts: 9
    Listen! I have not driven my 92 Cherokee over 56 mph in nearly two years!! Today I spent 3 hours worth of time and 62 cents for a bolt and nut at TSC (Tractor Supply Co.) and FIXED IT! 90 mph and no wobble baby! YES YES YES!
    I found the solution in the threads here and I plan to shoot a very short video for Youtube to show how I fixed it.
    Put very bluntly: The holes on the trac bar mounting plate are too big for the bolt that's currently in there. I didn't figure this out someone else on here did but i cant find that thread again. (If you know which post I'm talking about feel free to give him the recognition he deserves for figuring this out.)
    If you have the death wobble (I will not get into an explanation as if you have it you know what this is people!) ...get this bolt out of there and put a bigger one in! THAT'S IT FOLKS. GO OUT IN THE DRIVEWAY AND FIX IT RIGHT NOW! You will have to simply bore out the steel bushing (the one surrounded by rubber) on the trac bar to make a 7/16" bolt fit. I say simply but this is actually very tough steel and just boring this bushing out took me two hours and three drill bits lol.
    What about the details you say??
    OK, first of all I'll admit that I had to do a "google images" search for jeep death wobble to make sure I knew what the track bar was and found a nifty pic that helped. Here's the direct link:

    Now if you have a jeep cherokee like me it's a little different than in the pic but you should be able to identify your track bar after looking at it.
    See the track bar outlined in blue? Follow it from right to left and where it ends (toward the tire) ..see that shiny silver bolt? That's it! That's the one that needs to be replaced!
    If your jeep is anything like mine it won't be shiny and silver but crusted in rust lol.
    I soaked mine in WD-40 and since I don't have a breaker bar I nearly gave up right here...But with a few well placed whacks with a hammer out of frustration on the 15mm wrench I had on it, it broke loose...
    Now extract the bolt. My Cherokee had a nifty lil' "tab" welded to the nut to ensure that it can't spin- and you will unfortunately not have this luxury when you install the new bolt.
    When I went to TSC I actually bought 3 bolts; one 2" one 2 1/2" and one 3" long. (7/16 " diameter) It was the 2 1/2" that I used... VERY IMPORTANT: BUY THE HIGHEST GRADE BOLT YOU CAN!!! This is how strong the bolt is and you shouldn't be buying anything for your car at Home Depot LOL. Actually not funny- this is serious If you don't know what I mean when you get to the store, ASK.
    When you get the stock bolt out and let the track bar drop down (I didn't disconnect the other (driver side) end) I actually didn't even put my cherokee which is stock w/ no lift on ramps or jack it up or anything. Just slid slightly under the front end and went to work...
    After you let the track bar swivel down out of the way put the stock bolt back into the holes that it just came out of- see all that play? That's what causes the death wobble! Ok- so now the hardest part about fixing this is getting the 7/16" diameter bolt through the bushing in the center of the track bar. Don't worry if this sounds confusing in writing- it will be painfully obvious what you will be drilling out when you get to this point. It really was a pain in the [email protected] to drill this bushing all the way even though you are only removing a tiny lil bit from the inside but it's very hard steel and if you have cheap dull drill bits forget about it!
    Ok take your 7/16" drill bit and bore that bushing out! If you are smarter than me you might even get the bushing out of the rubber before drilling it but hey- I got 'er done... (nearly melted the rubber a few times getting the drill bit so hot lol)
    Now that that's done that's BASICALLY IT. Just put everything back together with shiny new bolt and make sure it's nice and tight. I had to use some fancy finger work to get the new nut into the cramped little space and get it started and had to use channel lock pliers half in the hole and half out to hold the nut as I tightened the bolt.
    Don't bother to put the tools away or wash your hands- hop in that baby and take it for a ride! I couldn't believe how much tighter the whole jeep felt on the road and took her right up to 90 mph with no death wobble! WOO HOO. Cost me 62 cents...
  • jniznikjniznik Posts: 9
    dsmith you are the totally correct and many many thanks from me for solving this problem. It seems that there are so many people with the "death wobble" Here I thought I was the only one in the world with this problem lol. I had no idea that it is so common that it actually has a name!
    I realize that I am replying to a post that is nearly a year old but i just hope that anyone else that is lead to your post through the net and goes through the anxiety every day that I did driving with this problem reads my reply and realizes that although there are many suggestions as how to solve the death wobble- This is truly the correct (and inexpensive yay!) solution! Refer to post #144 for my posting if you are reading this and would like even more info... jniznik :P
  • jniznikjniznik Posts: 9
    Refer to msg# 144
  • jniznikjniznik Posts: 9
    Refer to Msgs # 60 and 144 for solution
  • jniznikjniznik Posts: 9
    Refer to Msgs# 60 and 144 for solution.
  • jniznikjniznik Posts: 9
    Refer to Msgs# 60 and 144 for solution.
  • jniznikjniznik Posts: 9
    Refer to Msgs# 60 and 144 for solution.
  • jniznikjniznik Posts: 9
    Refer to msgs# 60 and 144 for solution.
  • jniznikjniznik Posts: 9
    Absolutely correct. Refer to Msgs# 60 and 144 for solution. I hope that anyone that is lead to this message board as I was by typing in "Jeep front end shaking violently" into a search engine reads these replies I have left and realizes that all the "buy a new this, or, buy a new that, or balance this, etc. ARE INCORRECT! That violent shaking that you are referring to that probably leaves you anxiety ridden every time you need to get on a highway or go 40+ mph is VERY SIMPLE TO SOLVE!! Trust me I know how scary this is to hit a tiny bump at 55 mph and have your jeep go into uncontrollable spasms that leave you white knuckled and heart pounding... I have more than once been driven to punching my steering wheel and cursing because I don't have enough $$ to buy a new car and not enough $$ to go through and replace every dang peice of equip in my front suspension... If you aren't mechanically inclined or have no tools let someone else read these two msgs (60 and 144) and them fix this for you. Good luck to all w/ the cursed "death wobble" Yay Carspace! read msgs #60 and 144
  • I have the same problem jeep Cherokee 1989 when I turn the wheel it has a lot of play a guy told me one time that its in the steering column some type of bushing. I don't have violent shaking or anything like that at high speed but its got a substantial amount of play. Have replace the power steering pump and res. Have replace the steering gear box. Have replace the front sway bar but have not replace the stabilizer and I am wonder if that is it. Its a good truck and have stop all leaks have put new battery, gear box, power steering pump and res, new shocks, new tires, new alt, new crank pulley, new cat and muff, spot welded exhaust man, and I also notice that it is ticking when I have it crank up. I hope that ignition starter switch is not acting up again. And I have notice what someone was talking about earlier. when you come to a hard stop then take of you here like a pop it only does it when you come to a hard stop. and the other thing I notices is making a left turn not on a right but a left you get a squealing like squeal squeal then it goes away.
  • Has anyone tried changing front "U" joints in a Cherokee? After removing all 3 bolts from the knuckle, the bearing hub will not come off. There is no way to change the "U" joint, because the axle can't be removed while the hub is in place, and the caps are frozen into the yoke. I tried every available method to remove the hub and the old "U" joint caps, and nothing will come off. Talk about "user unfriendly" parts... Is the bearing hub somehow pressed into the knuckle? My Hayne's manual says nothing about having to fight to get this stuff apart.
  • jbstormjbstorm Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info. However, I have a 2001 JGC and the track bar has bushings on both ends. I had it replaced to no avail. The Jeep starts shaking violently at 50+ MPH and the only way to stop it is to pull over to the side of the road. I installed new Michelin tires (2nd identical) 4 months ago. The problem started shortly after this, at which time I got the wheels balanced again and rotated and it still vibrates. The tires were checked as well with no issues. I then replaced the tie rods, front shocks, had the steering gearbox adjusted and replaced all other rod ends. Still it vibrates. Next on the list was the steering damper, with no result. The latest replacement involved the wheel bearings. One by one starting with the pax side, which seemed to slightly reduce the vibration/extreme shaking. Then on the drivers wheel bearing assy. This did not fix the issue either. I also have put new brakes, calipers and rotors on the car. The ball joints were inspected and are ok. So, about $1000 (mostly my labor) later, I still have this issue. Also, it seems to typically happen in the afternoon when it heats up. Sometimes after pulling over to stop the vibration, I take off again and it is smooth. I am at the end of the road and looking for suggestions. Could it be an axle or CV joint? How about the front driveshaft? Or perhaps one of the larger attaching members on the front diff? Maybe something was tweaked when it was jacked up at the tire store. Finally, just before this started (Feb. time frame) it was extremely cold and pulling out of the driveway I could occasionally hear the sound of some sort of bushing or screaching noise like a spring, shock or something. This went away with the warmer weather. Thanks in advance for any help that is out there!
  • catlady1catlady1 Posts: 1
    I recently took my 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport into a dealership to have them check on a clunking noise I heard on the front end when going over bumps on the road. They told me that the front trailing arm and sway bar were loose because of worn bushings and that the front end will be loose if it's left the way it is. It's going to cost around $1000 for them to fix it. If I don't get it fixed now is the car going to be unsafe to drive? Will it cause other damage if these parts continue to be loose? Thanks!
  • jeepnmikejeepnmike Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,
    I have a mildly lifted cherokee, only 4", and im having problems with the right front u-joint. This problem has happened three times so far. The u joint will loose a c clip for the cap, and then throw the cap while driving. I replaced the joint the first time, then bought a axle assy. with the inner and outer axles, then replaced the joint one more time after that, but it still keeps throwing it. If anyone has seen this issue before, help would be much appreciated.
  • tomh7tomh7 Posts: 1
    I have tried numerous times to remove the bearing hub on pasenger side wheel,
    to get to the cv joint axle.

    could someone give me the correct procedure to remove this hub.

    thanks ,
  • mrkadiemrkadie Posts: 1
    My jeep has never driven so smoothly. Thanks for all of the tips. The cheapest fix I have ever had. Thanks so much.
  • I know this is old,but mine was the steering damper,I replaced that ,problem solved,that happened to me in my 94 jeep grand cherokee in 2002
  • Finally replaced the steering stabilizer and trac bar - the answer to the problem!! - its fixed and no more wobble at any speed or bump condition!! The answer for my Jeep anyway ('92 XJ with 230,000 on it !) and from what I hear this should fix the problem for most. Hope this helps everyone and thanks for everyone else's replies!
  • jah420jah420 Posts: 1
    did you ever do the video?
  • I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and WAS part of the death wobble club. I found these online forums to be very helpful in solving my problem. The Following was the solution to my problem.

    1: new rotors: warped rotors caused an initial wobble that caused steering components to loosen over time.
    2. Drag Link: I replaced the draglink tie-rod ends which SOLVED the PROBLEM!!! The initial wobble from my warped rotors lead to this problem worsening. I found the parts at a local pep-boys/ kragen auto and fixed the problem by my self in two hours. Total cost was around $80. Once you replace these ends, you should notice much more responsive steering, and no wobble from the front end.
    3. An alignment will more than likely be necessary after replacing the tie-rod ends that connect to the drag link.

    Hope this helps and please be safe while driving with the infamous DEATH WOBBLE!!
  • YO JBSTORM, try replacing the tie-rod ends that connect to the drag-link. This should eliminate the infamous wobble (at least it did for me). Also try having someone look under the front end to see what parts are loose. hope this helps!
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