Toyota TACOMA vs Ford RANGER - VII



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    No problem I agree with you. Yes the Ranger can take a great deal more than that area at Cent. City. I have been there and done it. The worst part of that area was where you see the white 87 climbing. Deep holes, very loose and maybe a 40+ degree angle for the run to the top.

    I do not know what was wrong with those jeeps, perhaps driver? The one really spun the tires backing up, at perhaps a 30-40 degree angle. We just sat and waited with the lead Ranger helping out. We had no choice, us back down 1/2 mile or them up a couple of hundred feet. Plus, standard rule is you back up, not down.

    Now Hayden is a different story...Hope the pics come out well. First time I was a bit nervious due to the serious dropoffs and the condition of the road. Plus when you are coming up on loose shale, see a rock the size of your engine in the road, hard to judge if you can clear it and the only way to clear was to go around on the dropoff side of the shelf road. I would not want to go down the west side of Hayden in wet weather. The loose shale makes about a 90deg right turn after a mile or so downhill run at steep angles, nothing to stop you except the bottom of the valley. . .Not the place to lose brakes, stall engine or meet a vehicle coming up, but the views, oh my God. . ..
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    Off the west of Hayden you basically see accross the valley to the LaGratia wilderness area and down the valley to Blanca peak and the Sand Dunes, about 40+ miles each way.
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    It is tough for a picture to capture the true difficulty of 4WD trails. I have as couple of books that I use as guides when I try a new trail. It has pictures and they never look very tough, then I see where the picture was taken. It is usually much harder than it looks.
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    Interesting pictures. Quick question - in the picture with all 3 trucks, the white one on the right seems to absolutely "dwarf" your truck. I assume you must be parked quite a ways behind the other 2. Or is this what they mean by "compact" truck? Would love to see some of that scenery. One of my best friends and his wife just built a new home about 10 miles from Vail - 6500 sf at a cost of $1.3M!! Can't believe the size of the house for 2 people. Of course his wife is a realtor and she has been a member of the Million club for years - sold me my house. Anyway, I enjoyed the pictures.
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    Actually we placed a toy Ranger out for contrast. . .

    No My truck was down a bit to the rear. Also coloranger, what he is called, has a 6 inch suspension lift from James Duff, has put the drivelines of an Explorer under his truck and 4.56 gears. If you look at the picture of the hill with him climbing, you will note the angle of his assent, maybe 45deg + right in that spot.

    That is one nice set up 87 Ranger, with 180,000 original miles on a 2.9 engine. He might leak some fluids and he is slow moving when in 4X4 low but head to head against a new TRD, put your money on that old Ranger or loose big. His crawl ratio with the 4:56 gearing is in excess of 50:1 compared to the Tacoma 40:1 and my 36:1.
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    is running BFG AT ko tires at 35X12.5X15

    BTW The black 89 Ranger in the picture has a clutch cancel switch. The guy who owns it is a ford mech, and he cut and shorted the pink wires, installed a $2.50 switch and he has a clutch cancel switch.
    Thought it was and exclusive feature of the Toyota eh? Fordtech will be asked to help me put one in my Ranger. He is real busy right now helping a guy with an 88 Bronco convert to a 4.0L engine.

    You see, that is the beauty of these Rangers. They are in inexpensive entry into the 4X4 market, here in Denver you can get a 2000 4X4 Ranger ready for off-road for about 2K down and $175 a month

    Plus they are fun to tweek and modify, and even that is fairly inexpensive. I can give my ranger a 3inch body lift for about $100 and a 3inch frame lift for about $6.

    Again, that 87 Ranger has seen a lot of miles but unless your bet is racing from a stop light or the 1/4 mile, do not bet against that Ranger.
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    "However 4 wheel low
    was required most of the way, shifting to 2nd or
    3rd depending on the contour."

    Bwahahhaaha! I wouldn't have taken my truck out of 2 wheel drive if I was on that trail you were on. A nice dry,flat trail is what that is.

    " The Rangers outperformed the Jeeps"

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure Csounser...sure....

    "BTW The black 89 Ranger in the picture has a
    clutch cancel switch. The guy who owns it is a
    ford mech, and he cut and shorted the pink wires,
    installed a $2.50 switch and he has a clutch cancel
    Thought it was and exclusive feature of the Toyota
    eh? "

    LOL. IT IS. What your friend did was rig his AFTERMARKET.

    " Fordtech will be asked to help me put one in
    my Ranger. He is real busy right now helping a guy
    with an 88 Bronco convert to a 4.0L engine."

    Funny, I remember you bashing the Clutch start cancel switch. Now you want one? Very interesting Cspounser.
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    Thanks for the hospitality during my trip to Westcliffe. The trips over Medano and Hayden passes were superb! My brother came down from Boulder and we ended up doing Medano again. I let him drive the B3000 from start to finish and he was very impressed with the truck. We helped push a stuck S10 Blazer out of the sand at the Great Sand Dunes. The Mazda went thru with no problems. Add Hermit Pass to your list!!! We went up it on Wednesday morning. Think Hayden Pass, but kick it up a notch or two. Outstanding views above timerline. I rate them a 10. Sharp, steep hairpin turns. Narrow, rocky trail with 1,000ft drop offs!
    White knuckle stuff. A solid 3+ rating. The pass tops out at 13,020ft. Plan on 4hrs driving round trip. You won't be sorry! That is, unless you fall off the mountain! The Mazda did fine. Drove it 800 miles to Arizona the next day. No problems. Got 21 MPG on the way home. Great trip, thanks again...
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    I have read all your posts fellas and few of you seem to mention Toyota's history of durability. I have a an 85' toyota with over 200,000 miles and it still runs great. I am buying a new Tacoma next week because I am just plain tired of driving the same truck! Granted, Toyotas are a bit pricey, but if you want a truck for the long haul that won't nickel and dime you to death, toyota is the way to go. And to all of you who hold grudges about WWII, the tacoma is made in California. Where is the ranger made at?
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    It is in August 2000 issue where the Tacoma 4x4 has the best value in the compact pickup trucks.
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    I do not suppose that you engaged in 4wd at those trails that you show us at your web site?
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    In reference to your reply to my post about standard features vs optional I will have to say that the Tacoma offers more. Maybe that is why it is the best value.

    27K for a Taco? No way . . . I paid just over 23K for mine.
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    To be point blank the pics were a joke.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll check the magazine out.
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    Well, sorry you did not like the pictures, however, think your response was a bit to the extream. I did state up front that the area was perhaps a 2 rating with a bit of 3 and some light duty 4 thrown in for good measure. The main thing up above Central City was the views. And please do not forget, I stated I do NOT stop my vehicle, get out on dangerous loose shale just to snap a picture AND the natural tendency when taking a picture is to shoot straight ahead, and not set a level on the camera, then shoot a level picture.

    Trust me hindsite, my main goal in life is not to impress your.

    But speaking of pictures, I do recall seeing some of your truck, down by a quiet brook. Nice truck.

    I hit the babbling brook down by St Mary's lake, prior to the first swichback to the first 20-25 degree climb over rocks and loose shale the size of basketballs. Also, the side view of my Ranger, as I stated, had just come out of 2 holes about the size of my truck, over 3 hills at least 3+ feet of a very quick rise, gouged the top of one with the front reciever, hit the skid plates twice.

    You will pardon me if I did not waste film trying to recreate your pic by a babbling brook, ok?
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    My what an angry negative rude individual you are.

    My point, which you lost, is that a clutch cancel switch is about $5 in parts, maybe 1 hours labor to install. Good off-road shocks are about $225, and a locker is $500, 31 inch Goodyears maybe $350 for a total of about $1100 in value.

    I believe you spent about 2 grand for that on your Tacoma?
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    You are always ready to post a link to someone that comes out of an accident well in a Ranger. Check out this link of a guy that was hit in the side in his Tacoma so hard that it rolled him three times and he came out with very little bodily damage. He attributes it to how well the Tacoma is built. I guess those side impact tests aren't necessarily accurate are they? It was a side impact and they didn't die like Vince would hope.
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    No problem, glad you enjoyed it and that I could point out some nice areas.

    Will have to try Hermit. 4 hours? Dang, that is only maybe 8 miles up and 8 miles down. 13,020 feet? Wow, did not know it went that high. That is a over a 5,000 ft rise from the Wet MTn valley floor. Is there a sign up there? Did you make it to the lakes?

    Still want to swap pictures if your interested. I have the one back of your truck up at Greenhorn mtn and am sure I have some over the 2 passes. That film went in today to Seattle Film. Email me if your interested.
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    Well your a bit incorrect. I posted the site on the one MAzda getting hit by a train mainly because it was interesting and also hindsite posted once about some people that sued Ford because their son got, as I recall, drunk, broke the law speeding, departed the highway on a curve in a Ranger at, as I recall, in excess of 50-60 mph, rolled many times and died. The parents cited the Ranger did not protect the son. Somehow I would thing there was a serious lack of parenting there but what do I know.

    Will take a look at it, however, that is the kind of stuff that should be shared here. Interesting stuff, not the same old articles over and over and...well you get the point.

    No wonder Meredith got upset, I did not want to hear about the NM fires and not to blame so and so...Heck one of my sons college friends got driven out of her home down there by the fire. Just dont set the dang fire in a 70 mph wind. . .
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    Ok, if it is such a good truck, why did it roll 3 times.

    You really want to take a vehicle with that kind of performance on the trail where it could get hit on the side by a falling 500lb boulder? My god may that is unsafe. I want a Ranger with a higher crash test rating, boxed frame, 8 cross members (all things a Tacoma does NOT have) to safely give such a boulder a glancing blow.
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    Ok, if it is such a good truck, why did it roll 3 times?


    You really want to take a vehicle with that kind of performance on the trail where it could get hit on the side by a falling 500lb boulder? My god may that is unsafe. I want a Ranger with a higher crash test rating, boxed frame, 8 cross members (all things a Tacoma does NOT have) to safely give such a boulder a glancing blow.
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    I hope that you're either just kidding or you simply removed your brain for the evening. If that isn't the case, then I'll give you a simple answer. If you study science a bit you'll realize, even a thicker door like yours won't keep a higher CG vehicle (like out trucks) from rolling if it experiences an intense enough side impact. Please don't tell me that you think otherwise. From what I've seen from you I know that you're a deeper thinker than that.
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    As I re-read your post more carefully, I see that you were being sarcastic. Forgive me for even thinking that you may be serious. I know that you're a bright guy and It threw me for a minute.
    By the way, the same post I gave earlier also gave the Ranger a pretty good review.
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    Guys, With Ranger, You are getting only 3 yrs, 36,000 miles Warranty. But, With Tacoma truck, You are getting 5 yrs. 60,000 Miles warranty. Why is 2 more yrs Warranty? Becasue, It is bcaked by Toyota Quality. One Of the Best Qulity Known in the whole World. So, If Tacoma is Outsold by Ranger, It does not mean that Tacoma is not better than Ranger. But, The real fact is Tacoma Has 100 % more better quality and depandability. And Everybody knows that Toyota Camry Has been outselling anyother cars and also Taurus 3 yrs in Row. Why? Becasue, its again come to Quality, Realiability and depandability. Ford can no gives those things to customers. So, Think your self.
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    Me sarcastic? Noooooo! It was suppose to say:
    "My god man. . ."

    Be careful of the long URL posts, they whack out this board on entry.

    But seriously, you established that when hit from the side, at an unknown speed, Tacoma may roll up to 3 times and cuts and bone breaks may result.

    I established that when hit from the side by a train going maybe 70mph, the Ranger frame will flip 20 feet and you walk away without a scratch. Can a Ranger or MAzda roll 3 times in 20 feet? Don't think so. . .

    Well, without a picture gallery of every few feet of the trail, you do not know what leads up to the plateau top. Also, when venturing into an unknown area, where 4X4 is often needed, it is a GOOD idea to be in 4 wheel until you establish it is not needed. That way if a blind drop of, say 30 degrees appears over a hill, you can use the engine to break you. I OFTEN decend out of a play area in 4X4 low to use that engine breaking power and save my brake pads/shoes.

    Another point, to climb up a hill, at altitude, on rough unstable base in 2 wheel drive tears up the roadbed due to the wheel slippage. To do the same climb in 4X4 low, or even high for that matter is MUCH more friendly to the environment. Plus, when your going climbing slower in 4 wheel low, maybe say 5mph, there is more time to ponder the beauty of a natural glacier, an eagle flying, a herd of deer or elk rather than just rushing by.

    Plus the engine roar sounds real kewl! Exudes power!
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    Your misstating the Toyota warrenty.

    From Edmunds:
    Basic: 3 yr. / 36,000 mi.
    Drivetrain: 5 yr. / 60,000 mi.

    So it is CLEARER and CORRECT to say that Tacoma has a 3 year 36,000 warrenty, just like the Ranger, but has extended the warrenty to 5/50,000 on the drivetrain.

    That is different than a full 5/50,000 warrenty.

    Give the performance of a Tacoma engine, that warrenty means nothing.
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    Let's keep the facts straight cpousnr. No need to distort things to support a position. The Tacoma has an extra two years on the powertrain standard which fully covers the engine and transmission. You have to pay extra to have the same coverage on your Ford. Your statement "Give the performance of a Tacoma engine, that warranty means nothing" is ridiculous. Even with the V6 gasket problem in the past, you won't find many Toyota owners complaining because Toyota replaced their whole engine even if they were way out of warranty. You're getting a bit confrontational now and tempting me to return fire. I'm tempted to direct you to the large number of Ford complaint forums and emphasize the fact that you don't see those forums for Toyotas but I don't want to react at the same level.
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    Keep in mind that sometimes a woman driver can be more dangerous than a train cpousnr. The Ranger hit by the train may have been luckier.
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    "Why? Becasue, its again
    come to Quality, Realiability and depandability.
    Ford can no gives those things to customers. So,
    Think your self."

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    Hmmm must have struck a nerve...

    My point was that the basic warrenty on the Toyota is the same as the Ranger. The extended time on the engine is good, however, given the reliability of most, not all, Toyota engines, you will be beyond 60K miles before having problems.

    I have been to those sites you refer to but, with the exception of wipers and door chimes, cannot share any experiences with the troubles listed. Quite frankly, I am about to get the opinion that a large number of those complaints are fake or just nitpickers.

    Why you ask? The Consumer Reports ratings and the people I meet that own Rangers do not have the problems described. I work with owners of a 99 and a 2 96's. I wheeled with that 87 and 89 with well over 100K miles, the 87 has over 180K, and, with the exception of some fluid leaks, those 2.9 v6's are running fine.

    So I ask you, if I do not have the problems I read about on the internet, if the people I work with do not have the problems, if the people I wheel with do not have the problems, do I

    1. Believe what I read on the internet chatrooms
    2. Believe what I SEE with the people I know, work with and the vehicles I see in reality?

    You see, in my neighborhood alone are a 2 99 Rangers, a 97 Mazda, an 88 Ranger, which brings to about a dozen Rangers I personally know of, and none have the problems you see people "...talking..." about on these boards.

    What would you tend to believe? What you see or what you read from total strangers that are just bytes in a computer database?

    If it is my wife, she is worse than a train by a longshot.
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    do not take this personal, but the only thing on this board, other than my posts, that I know to bet 100% true is the stuff from


    Had the pleasure of meeting him and wheeled a bit with his golden 99 Mazda B300 this last weekend.

    I just turn a cautious eye to some of the stuff posted on the net, particularly regarding the Ranger. Does not add up with independent groups like Consumer Reports and my personal experiences.
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    I don't necessarily believe everything I read in the Forums either, however, if you feel that way, apply that thinking to those that take the Tacoma gasket problem out of proportion too. There are lots of Tacoma owners with lots of miles on their trucks that have never seen the problem. The problem has been solved anyway and it's interesting that it's brought up as much as it is. It seems to be the only substantial reliability problem that can be put against the Tacoma so it's milked for all it's worth. You will do well and be much more credible to promote the strong points of the Ranger rather than exaggerate the deficiencies of the Tacoma.
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    When you changed to the BFG 30X9.5's, unless you changed the spedo gear, your spedo is reading low. You actually travel more miles than it indicates.

    With a change from my 235's to the 31's the difference is a bit over 6%. So at 50 mph I am really going 53mph. When figuring my milage I always multiply by 1.0613 for an accurate reading.

    I would guess on yours, 5% would be close. So multiply by 1.05 for your true total mileage. There is a calculation window off the site at
    Ranger Station where you can find the correct spedo gear to correct the reading.

    or to calculate the indicated speed with the correct speed if you do not change the gear:
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    Well in the scale of things I would think that a failing headgasket is a bit more serious than say a door chime switch sticking or intermittent non commnaded windshield operation, would you not agree? However, it is an issue that Toyota has delt with for the most part. I think they will repair/replace up to 100,000 miles on certain vehicles. The other serious Tacoma issue was the front frames were breaking and needed to be repaired in some of the 96-97 Tacoma's.

    I just wonder why Consumer Reports, which takes input from users of products, has not reported any major problems with Rangers and in fact rates them very close to the Tacoma.
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    No I don't agree that the gasket problem is in the same ball park as the various problems other manufacturers have because it was only one problem that was taken care of in the best way possible. Never heard of a frame problem on a Tacoma and I've read lot on the articles as well as customer forums. There may have been a problem with a truck or two but I doubt that that is a prevalent problem. That's why some don't listen to you Ranger guys. Toyota has the reputation you guys try to match and rather than promoting the Ranger's strong points, you overstate any problem that you think you've found. Toyota owners know it's bogus so you lose all your credibility. At this point you'd do better to simply admit that Toyota is better in overall quality and maybe dwell on the quality improvements Ford is making as well as the lower price. Trying to bring the Tacoma down in quality by erroneous information won't sway any Toyota owner that knows better. In all my reading I have only seen one prevalent problem with the Tacoma and that's the gasket which Toyota handled very well. My experiences with Ford, especially with my sister's and my co-workers Mustangs, is not quite as good. At least in their cases, there have been so many problems with the piece of junk that they have been constantly in the shop. Now that my sister is out of warranty, they're charging her for repairs, prevalent problems or not. I've never seen a customer forum that has even close the numbers of happy customers for the Ranger as the Tacoma so I see that Ford still has an uphill battle. I've only had a few problem with my wife's Ranger which is good for an American car, but still not to the level of the Foreign manufactures cars I've owned. I'm seeing more and more of diehard Ranger fans like you and that's encouraging for Ford. But keep in mind that even Chevy has diehard S-10 fans and I wouldn't touch one of those with your ten foot stick. That's why some Toyota owners are cautious about the Ranger. All that said, I've still never met an unhappy Tacoma owner.
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    If the Tacoma is the one to beat then why is it 7th out of 10 for trucks sold, the Tundra is #10.F150 #1 Ranger #3.
    Regardless of what any of you Tacoma drivers say its not the best truck if it was they'd sell more.The S-10 outsells it along with the Dakota too.
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    Now I do not think the Tacoma is a bad truck, just not the only truck.

    My goal, so to speak, is to discount some of the c$$p you see on this site that is basically a slam on the Ranger. Also, to identify my likes or dislikes, and to show that Rangers can do basically anyting, at a bit of a less expensive price. If I happen to see something positive or negative about either vehicle, I will post the comment/URL and let the reader decide.

    Notice no one took on my comment about the TRD I saw last weekend that may have either engaged or had its locker engage while driving 50 or so MPH? I could have taken a pic, however, that would have been in very poor taste, the guy was just sitting there watching a wrecker yank his TRD out of the gully on the side of Highway 96. But it happended.
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    You're argument in ridiculous. Is a Porsche a better car than a Camaro? Of course. Then why do they sell more Camaros? There are many answers but the Camaro being a better or higher quality car is not one of them. Think a little before you make a ridiculous argument like that.
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    Don't have time right now to fully respond but you gave my response yourself to the gasket problem. It's not a published recall because it isn't as prevalent as the hype here suggests. Have you ever owned a Nissan or Toyota by the way? I used to feel similar to you until I got one and realized that they really are almost as trouble free as I had been told. I didn't believe it either until I got one. You spend most of your time trying to convince everyone that the Ranger is as good as a Tacoma so deep inside you must realize that the Tacoma is the best small truck out there and the standard you're trying to achieve. One of Ford's best selling vehicles is the Explorer and look at the hundreds of unhappy owners in just the Edmunds's forums. Certainly not all owners as many are happy with the Explorer but also certainly not to the satisfaction level of Toyota. You don't find those unhappy customers in Toyota forums. I will say that the Ranger seems to be one of Ford's best vehicles.
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    First, here is the recall and it is on the 97's too:Component: SUSPENSION:INDEPENDENT FRONT
    Manufacturer: TOYOTA MOTOR CO., LTD.
    Year: 1996
    Model: TACOMA
    Potential Number of Units Affected: 90000
    Manufactured From: To:
    Year of Recall: '96
    Type of Report: Vehicle



    Have I owned a Toyota, yes a few:

    1993 Toyota Celica, developed a ticking that got progressively worse due to a soft steel cam shaft, but sold at 89,000 miles in 1978, was burning oil and had rust through in front of the doors.

    1971 Toyota Landcruiser, developed rust by the rear doors and a hole in the piston at 111,000 miles, but was a very good, if very harsh riding vehicle.

    1976 Toyota Corolla, good at 136,000 miles but every seal was leaking like a sive and the seats were falling apart, sold in 1986 and bought a Caravan which ran an equal number of miles but the interior of the Caravan was in almost perfect shape, and the engine still had the factory compression.

    1978 Toyota Corona Station wagon, good car but the seats fell apart. Sold in 90 for a 90 LeBaron.

    2 1987 Toyota Celica's for my kids. Still running with both having over 170,000 miles. Replaced the Cat Converter on one, it cost $618 as it was a special only on that vehicle converter.

    But by far my worst Toyota was my 1981 Pickup diesel. Injectors failed at 500 miles, 1000 miles and 1500 miles. Injector pump replaced with third set of injectors. Finally they installed what they called high altitude injectors which fixed the problem. Vehicle began running rough at 25,000 miles, found pieces of all four glow plugs broken and in the combustion chamber at 36,000 miles, 1,000 miles out of warrenty, Toyota would not fix under warrenty even though I had 5 times taken it in for the complaint. Clutch and transmission started south at 45,000 miles.

    On some vehicles, just like Ford, Toyota has been less than steller.

    Nuff said, my experiences with Toyota and an almost distain for the customer attitude soured me on them for any new car purchase. These are facts allknowing, facts.
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    I am sorry that first celica was a 1973, my first new car purchase, no deals, pay sticker, $3,350 or hit the road. It was not a 1993, my mistake.
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    "My what an angry negative rude individual you are.

    "My point, which you lost, is that a clutch cancel
    switch is about $5 in parts, maybe 1 hours labor to
    install. Good off-road shocks are about $225, and
    a locker is $500, 31 inch Goodyears maybe $350 for
    a total of about $1100 in value.

    I believe you spent about 2 grand for that on your

    No, My TRD package was about 1500$. What I got was:

    1. Great tires
    2. clutch start cancel switch
    3. locking reear diff
    4. GREAT suspension
    5. great shocks

    Also, these are all covered in the warranty, and backed 100% by Toyota.

    I just find it hilarious Cspounser that you knocked the clutch-start-cancel switch over and over, yet now you want one.
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    Looks like your math is bad. Time to add up the Safety Recalls, Technical Service bulletins, and defect investigations for the Ranger verse Tacoma, years 89-99. lol.

    Why even bring this up again Cspousner? Are you TRYING to make the Ranger look bad yet again?

    Sigh.....looks like I will have to post again.
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    1999 Ranger recalls - 3
    1999 Tacoma recalls - 0

    2000 Ranger recalls - 1
    2000 Tacoma recalls - 0

    Total recalls from 1989-2000(Ranger)-


    Total recalls from 1989-2000(Tacoma)-



    lol!!!! Thanks again Cspousner for proving that the Tacoma is a better built vehicle, AND SAFER!
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    Could....could......could the TSB's possibly be coming next.....?????????
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    I hope that you are here not to impress on others. I asked you several post back to provide a link to the side impact crash test for a Tacoma 4x4. Still I have seen no proof from you? You deride others for an unsubstantiated post yet you do it yourself. Do you speak from two sides of your mouth?

    BTW That picture of the brook was at one of my relative's farm in upstate NY. It was not an off- road adventure . . . like your photo is supposedly to show. Did I say it was an offroad adventure?
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    Did you think of having someone else taking the picture?
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    OK I'll buy your answer. I still haven't met an unhappy Tacoma owner though. Anyway, I concede and believe you that there was a suspension recall. I have to support spoog, however, in that your playing that card makes the Ranger even look worse as the Ranger has many more recalls and TSB's than the Tacoma. Like Jesus when he said "Why beholdest thou the mote in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam in thine own eyes". Too bad you had bad experiences with Toyota but if you really use FACTS, Ford will be overshadowed by Toyota's quality history very easily. This is my first Toyota and I may change my tune someday. If it's even close to the quality of the Nissans I've had experience with though, I know that Ford still has a way to go to compare in quality. As far as American cars goes, the FACTs do support that Ford excels over the others.
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