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New R-Class Owners - Give Us Your Report

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,941
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Congratulations on your new vehicle. This is the place to post your initial impressions.

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  • We just took delivery of our R500 yesterday. It is great! We have been more than impressed. We purchased one pretty much fully loaded. Very smooth, powerful, luxurious So Far So Great Plenty of Space and I do mean Plenty :)
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    Be sure and keep us posted on your driving pleasure. Sounds like a wonderful vehicle. I think I will wait for the diesel version nest year.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Also, did your dealer indicate how the response was to the R-Class so far, or how many they've sold/pre-sold so far?

  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    I just traded my 98e320s in on a Silver/black R350. I love it! The air suspension is awesome btw. I just hope I get to use the extra clearance option and all time 4wd this winter. Pray for snow. We don't get much in the south but with the ice that we do get the ESP ASR function will come in handy. This is my wife's vehicle. I just can't part with my 82 300TD. With only 70k I just can't let it go. I am heading to Gatlinburg, TN on Wednesday. I suspect this will be even better than the E. The low noise level, lots of room, stereo (single CD up front)w/ changer in glove box, side windows that roll into the doors (all the way down :p Yukon), BIG rear doors mean no stepping up over a fender well into a vehicle with no foot well room, cup holders in the console with room for a big Gulp (no more flip-flop-and-fold MB cupholder), make this vehicle a big YES. I could go on. I still reach for the shifter in the console when I get in and my wife laughs when I use the steering wheel shifters. My kids love the panorama roof. Every day she comes home and tells me about all the positive comments from friends and co-workers. We asked for a bigger ML and the answer is the R. If you are hung up on a "truck" get the new G-wagon replacement (suburban size). For my family (wife, 13 and 11 yr old)this is perfect.
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    I was able to pick my new R 350 up on Friday, in time for our weekly trip upstate. It exceeded my expectations. I put nearly 400 miles on it over the weekend and it performed brilliantly.

    I was always concerned about the ride -- whether it would be close to the standard of my E Wagon -- and after a weekend of hauling stuff back and forth between a couple of houses, cruising highways and carting a xmas tree home -- I have to say that in several ways I found it superior. It is rock solid, got nearly 22 mpg on the trip home (110 miles) and averaged 18 overall over nearly 400 miles of very mixed driving.

    The handling (I have the air suspension) is excellent, with a good steering feel and a very stable attidue in turns. It drives and rides like a Benz should. It doesn't feel anything like its size.

    I know from experience that MB's gain efficiency after 5,000 miles or so, and I am hopeful that the mpg will get even better.

    In short, a very happy camper.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Good to hear! Do keep us informed. It *seems* like the stuff out of the Bama plant is much better regarding reliability so far. I haven't seen nearly as many complaints about he new M-Class compared to the previous generation. Hopefully since all three of these vehicles R/ML/GL use the same "stuff" underneath (more or less) they'll all be way more relible/trouble free than the first generation M was.

  • you haven't seen that many complaints on the new M because it is too early, and plus does not seem like anyone is buying them.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    and plus does not seem like anyone is buying them

    Well the sales numbers YTD say otherwise, they're way up over last years. Sales aren't the M-Class' problem. Qualtiy? We'll just have to see.

  • 5total5total Posts: 15
    Panarmaic sunroon, Trim package, 18 inch wheels, wood steering wheel, Entertainment package, rear DVD, air matic suspension. I walked in with all my numbers a ended up getting it for 800 under invoice. Good deal I think. I will give you my feed back as we go.
  • yes, they may be up over last years, but does that really say anything? last year, they had an outdated, underperforming model. i would hope the all new vehicle would surpass the previous model in that category.

    they did do right by me given my problems, and i hope people are having better experiences with theirs. it is a wonderful vehicle otherwise.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    i would hope the all new vehicle would surpass the previous model in that category.

    Well that is all you can expect really. It says that the new one is a success. The old M-Class sold pretty well right up until the end for it to be so outdated.

  • albellalbell Posts: 185

    What are the colors?
  • 5total5total Posts: 15
    Sorry it took so long to reply. Took a drive down to the Bay Area for a couple days. The R is a Black on Black. I wanted silver but the car is for my wife and ultimately it was her call.
    It was a great drive. I found it took a little getting use to. The view out the front windshield does not include the front end. As I look out my E320, I see the hood of the car and the Mercedes hood orniment. With the R-Class you see nothing. It is a very different feeling. It took about an hour to get use to it. But then again, I have been known to be a slow learner.
    I will keep you up to date as to my (our) opinion. So far I think I got a great deal on a great car.
  • We picked out a silver R350 with no options. After thinking about it, we didn't need the navi, our kids are grown up so they don't go with us thus eliminating the rear DVD package. My wife can't be exposed to the sun for long periods so scratch the sunroof. No 18" wheels because we wanted comfort not performance (we'll drive the AMG for that).

    I wish they had kept the hood ornament because it also served the purpose of knowing how close your front bumper was to the wall.
  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    Great! I hope you get as much enjoyment out of yours as we do ours. 4500mi. and very happy.
    MB design in reference to the sloping hood should dissapear and give a "better" view ahead. If it dissapears under the hood you are close enough.:P It takes some getting use to certainly. We shall see if this stands true for the GL (square hood).
  • templeton3templeton3 Posts: 69
    So after spending over $50,000 for a R Class, there is no Cargo Cover. $173 for a Cargo Cover. Parts dept told me $262 for a Cargo Cover for an M Class.

    If no Cargo Covers are included, what else did Mercedes leave out. For on overprice car, they still look for a way to stiff you. Is it the Chrylser influence?
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    Without a bench seat how can they do a cargo cover. I need the dog barrier, but again, without a bench seat??? They should have taken the wagon and made it better, rather than a cheap MB or an expensive Chrysler.
  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    Mine has one (cover) and can be moved foreword if the seats are down. The ML has one as well. The dog net is separate (not like roller shade in wagon attached to seat).
    It comes in the comfort package in addition to the cargo cover.
    Man, if it came in it you would complain, " I don't have a dog why am I paying for a net". You guys......
  • templeton3templeton3 Posts: 69
    My wife old car (2001 E320 wagon) had one that was a cargo cover and net built in together as one. It came standard with the car. You could remove the whole thing when you needed more space. Even though we didn't have a dog, it came in handy. We would put the dog net to prevent things from flying forward in case of a sudden stop or if got rear ended. Of course the cargo cover was always used.

    My wife doesn't care so much about not having the cargo cover on the R because she reufses to drive it.
  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    So you are saying that the issue is that the wife does not like the R. Why do I get the feeling you are in the same boat?
  • templeton3templeton3 Posts: 69
    The R class really doesn't do anything for me either. The only one who enjoys it is the nanny. The ride reminds me of the American station wagons from the 80's. Big, large, comfortable, boring to drive. In my opinion it doesn't have the excitment of other Mercedes like the C,E,S class. When you drive any of the other class mentioned, you say WOW!

    With the deep discounts and aggressive lease program, it was hard to pass on the R Class. We have no regrets, but its not a car that we love. I know that my child will be safe in it.
  • nomorebenznomorebenz Posts: 109
    The same reason the car has no bench, is the same reason the ML no longer has the third row.
    It's called GL marketing.
  • jabbahopjabbahop Posts: 3
    I picked up our new R350 and drove it 1000 miles home. It was a great deal so worth the long drive. We purchased a new (200 miles) R350 - silver and black interior.

    - pano roof
    - leather
    - wood leather steering wheel
    - airmatic
    - entertainment package
    - heated seats
    - 18 inch wheels

    Because the family didn't come along, I can't speak to how it works with a full crew but here are some thoughts from my trip.

    * Overall this is the nicest and most comfortable car I have owned. We own a 2000 ML 320 and a 2003 Volvo Cross country and this is much smoother, quieter and more comfortable than either of them.

    * the gas mileage cruising on the highway (typically around 72mph) was 22.7 mpg. Somewhat better than I had expected.

    * it is a quiet car. I was surprised when I got home and loaded the kids in the back I could have a conversation with them without yelling.

    * a great cruiser - comfy, quiet, and smooth.

    * it isn't really quick accelerating. If you want this - I would try the V8 or another car.

    * Don't really like the wood and leather steering wheel. The wood part looks nice but is a bit slipperier than I am comfortable with.

    * the silver hides the road dirt but the black leather (and carpeting) shows everything - oops!

    * the ipod integration kits works well and sounds great but you have to manually switch play lists and modes (shuffle, etc.) by disconnecting it from the cable in the glove box and using the ipod controls. Not a huge issue but could be nicer.

    * I love the intermittent wipers and cruise control. The wipers really do a good job detecting when they come on and how fast they need to go. The cruise control is great because you can go up or down by single 1mph increments AND the 5mph increments (55, 60, 65, 70, 75). Move the stock a little upward and you go up one mph. Move up all the way and move speed to the nearest 5mph. Down works the same - nicely thought out but probably old hat for most of you.

    * the shifter takes getting used to. My intuition told me that down SHOULD mean backward and up is forward. Fortunately I had my foot on the break @ the gas station or I would have visited the window of the store!

    * the standard lights aren't great - work well on high beam but most of the time I had to ride with low beams because of opposing traffic. Investing in the Xenon would probably be a good choice for someone.

    Worst part of getting the car was my mother's reaction.

    "It is interesting looking - looks a bit like a Chevy." Ouch #1. She followed up with "Ah they still haven't fixed their leather seats have they." Well I agree on that one - not real software leather.

    Kids have only ridden to their soccer game so don't have much to go on yet but they love it so far. "The sunroof is "COOL" dad." "Where is the DVD player" - we are getting a portable unit in this car and see how that works vs a built-in.

    It is early but I am a very happy owner. It is comfortable, versatile, drives nicely, and feels good - a definite step up from my ML. I got a great deal (well lower than invoice) If it is as reliable as my ML, I will be very happy.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Nice report. It seems that anyone who buys the R loves it, but everyone else from the outside looking in doesn't get it.

  • benzsterbenzster Posts: 152
    jabbahop I agree with you on every point and drive the same vehicle (color, adds, etc).
    The steering wheel is THICK. I find myself staying away from the wood.

    Try the "lane change" signal. Tap the stalk and you get 4 blinks only.

    Your mom might not like the leather but you will in 4-5 years when it looks the same as it does now.

    I hate to say I told you so, but the low beams seem like they are aimed too low.

    My kids love the "lap top" type DVD player with additional screen. I take it inside and on airplanes etc.

    I recommend the "sport" suspension setting for heavy cross winds.

    Hmmm what else.....oH YEAH! Read your Ipod book. You can go to artist, lists, etc. I had to read the little book to figure it out. Use RH buttons as well. ;)

    How did you feel after the long drive? I am interested in hearing about your mental and physical state after a long drive.

    BTW it is time for your first service. 1K greet,6K tire rotation, 13k service.
  • jayhawk90jayhawk90 Posts: 2
    I've had a R500 for a week and have put 800 miles on it already since we've driven from the dealership and we have visitors in town. We have an '04 E320 wagon that was getting a little cramped with two kids and it didn't offer any real room when we have friends in town. The R seemed to fit the bill and when the lease became very attractive we made the move.

    The car we found was a loaded 500 without the leather seats. I initially wanted the 350 for the gas mileage, but I've enjoyed the bigger engine when the car is loaded with passengers. Speaking of passengers, I've had 4 adults and 2 kids in the car for hours and it's been extremely enjoyable for all. We don't have the 3 zone climate (seems crazy for a 67k MSRP) and it tends to get hot in the 3rd row, but other than that, very comfortable and a LOT of fun to drive.

    The MB Tex is fine, especially with kids, but I do miss the zenons my E has. Other than that, the car is great - no regrets at all.
  • mbowersmbowers Posts: 3
    I've had my R350 for three weeks now. I love it!

    I was driving a 2006 E350 before, but needed more space.

    The exterior is eye catching. I have the Barolo red.

    Mine is fully loaded.

    The drive. My husband has an s class. The first thing we noticed is that it drives like a sedan.

    We have the monitors on the head rests. My daughter plays her leap pad handheld game on her screen, while my son will usually watch dvd's on his.

    The only thing I don't care for too much is the small storage in the back. Weekly grocery trips require lowering one of the back seats.

    Don't even get me started on the stares and comments the car gets. Everyone that has been in ours has headed up to the dealership to check it out.
  • qkslvrqkslvr Posts: 34
    I've owned the R350 for a month now. We are young retirees (51 & 53), with married kids and grandkids. It's an extremely quiet ride, comfortable but responsive. My wife has never had a minivan and was never interested in one. The R suits my wife well. The grandkids fit well in the both the 2nd and 3rd rows, and a plus for us is having latch tethers in the 3rd row.I like that it sits lower than an SUV, which makes for a smoother ride on the freeway in windy conditions. The rear doors are big, but it makes it easy to get in and out. Everyone we have taken in it is amazed at the room and comfort.

    Only changes I would have liked is to have the seats fold completely into the floor.So far, we have been pleasantly surprised with the vehicle.
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    LATCH in 2d row is a given these days. but 3rd row....hmm was MB thinking they were marketing this to?? last time i checked the only accessorty that used LATCH was a car seat!!

    i absolutely agree with your points, but really should we pleasantly surprised by a car that costs $50k+??? I burn through disposable income like its....well disposable, and I expect cars to deliver based on the price category. when i pull the trigger on an R500 I expect it to meet pretty high standards. i was pleasantly surprised at the auto show when i got in the new hyundai azera, the subura tribeca, mazda 3 and volks passat because of styling and value in their respective price categtories. i approach higher prices cars with my arms folded and an expectation that they will deliver. do others feel the same way?
  • cary28cary28 Posts: 53
    Well, I picked up the Desert Silver/Macadamia R350 on Saturday, and here are some first impressions. This is a loaded R350 with the premium package, comfort package, trim package, lighting package, Airmatic suspension, 18" wheels, Parktronics, 3-zone climate control, wood/leather steering wheel, and rear side airbags.

    It is a true luxury car in the European sense, with a very supple ride, strong engine, tight steering, and quiet interior. It has lots of room, but is a big car, so does take some getting used to in terms of parking. I just love the "Toys" which comes with this car. The Panaromic roof is vast and open, the HID lights which "steers" is just unreal, and the airmatic suspension is tight in the sport mode, while nice with just the right feel in comfort mode. The Parktronic is helpful, although I would prefer a rear camera. I will need to calibrate this system with my senses, as it still leaves plenty of room when all the red LEDs light up(I would prefer 2" rather than 8"+). The stereo is very nice with a full sound. The GPS navigation is not as intuitive or user friendly as my Garmin C320, but I'm sure I can play with it to get from point A to B.

    I get a lot of interest from other motorist and people just walking up to see what is this R350. There are very few in my neck of the woods, and I may have seen 1 or 2 in the last few months in my neighborhood. The car is not under-powered as some suggested, but is on the heavy side. The engine is strong, particularly at high speed. It has enough "oomph" to start from a standing stop, and the only problem was going uphill from around 35 - 40mph. I didn't know how to use the paddle shifter initially, and finally figured out the inside edge was for downshifting and the outside edge was for upshifting. I didn't read the manual :blush: I'm sure I will learn all the functions after reading the manuals, and playing with it while enjoying the drive.

    Well, thats it for now. I will post another update after living with the car for some time. Oh, another thing, this color interior is really hard to keep clean. Oh well...
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