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  • My wife, who hates the car, says the only benefit it has for her is a right leg workout. Because the car is so sluggish, she has to press down hard on the accelerator to keep up with traffic. I too just press hard on the accelerator to drive it. It's now starting have a rough shift. A R500 would of better choice. Luckly we don't drive it much.
  • cary28cary28 Posts: 53
    I'm not sure what your expectations are on a MB R350. I own a BMW, a Porsche, and a Corvette, so I am no stranger to powerful cars with V8s and "kick [non-permissible content removed]" acceleration. This R350 is strong but not in the league of the cars above. But then I don't expect to race a MB either :surprise: Its not a quick car, but its power is adequate to haul its weight around, IMHO.
  • I don't mean to be "cocky" but if you all bought a Benz that you got a couple bucks. I bought a R500 with every conceivable option except the DVD. Buy a portable DVD for a third the price and use it ANYWHERE. ANyways, I didn't even consider the 350 so I don't know how much cheaper the smaller engine was, but does it possible move this rig.

    Oh, besides every conceivable option. I nearly "emptied" the accessores catalog: mud flaps, aerokit, "light up" sills, rear console, IPOD, hands free, handle inserts, on and on.
  • I've just got organized and aquanted with this site so I don't know if you can tell by this reply how to get to my other messages concerning my 500, but I'd like to know your expericne to date. Yes, I can spell. MY mind just works faster than I can type. .
  • MY R not only has a cargo cover, but also a cargo tray and a "safety divider" (dog keeper outer.) I can install the cargo cover in a couple of different locations, the cargo tray works nicely at the very tail end with "sides" for spills and tthere is also a mesh divider that can located either behind the second or first row of seats and can be attached to the floor quite tightly. ONce you've practiced it's easy.
  • Folks,

    MY R500 not only has EVERY conceivable option except the DVD, which is stupid at 3K when you can by a portable player at a third of that, but also, at least, seventy five percent of the "accessories catalog" . . . aero kit, mud flaps, cargo carriers, luggage, lighted door sills, ipod, hands free, on and on and on. Did I mention she's black and macadmania. She's mind boggling. Stop comparing some night when your R is in your front yard all shined up. If she's gorgeous then, forget the other mazda options you maihgt have considered. WRONG. I now have 5K on mine and I've owned every concievable "top line" luxury vehicle from every mark, and this one is not only unique,it "well executed. NO, there is no single aspect or driving ability to this vehicle that is better and ANY other in the world, BUT it does aWHOLE lot of a WHOLE lot of different things, very , very, very, well. I will now return to my "cubicle" on this site and reiforce what I just said with some pic of this goregous vehicle.
  • I hated my 03' E500 but love this car. Better brakes( not electronic) nice improvement in V8 drive since my 1st year intro. Nav.... don't need to go there but better. Tripto in the steering wheel! Sat SIRIUS could be better in terms of scroll. Gas hog...yea, I now, shut up cause' I paid this much for a car. I'd like better range on tank though. ipod in glove box is all I need. HK is cool. I have an A8L and Bose really stinks. I'm glad MB dumped it( my 2000 S430 had it). Bottom line. I got an 06' loaded for $599 tax in/month/12000 miles a year 1600 down. Cheaper than the XC90 it replaced!! It's kind of like serving Opus One as table wine but at this price what the heck.
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  • as anyone who has followed the lease sub board over the past 2 months, you know that i finally pulled the trigger on an '06 R500 with 18" wheels, Sirius, Comfort Package, and Premium package. 27 mo lease, 12k, only $508 month before tax, $795 + 1st month payment at signing, + $800 direct to shipper to get it to east coast (bought in Santa Barbara).

    initial impression - what a great car for $500 month!! i dont i think i would have gotten it for $600-700+ month because it has a number of shortcomings, but you cant beat this level of luxury at this price.

    200 miles driven and a few comments -

    exterior - styling is great. while it is a bit minivan looking, no mini can boast this fluid styling! it blends CLS roof line a bit, low stance and just looks tough.

    power - 7 speed tranny [non-permissible content removed] around quite a bit. subtle shifts b/c of close ratios, but little bumps with constant gear changes always seems to remind me what is going on...plenty of power on tap under hard acceleration. cant complain about the size/speed at all.

    handling - again with low stance and decent rubber, it settles in nicely and while you can easily upset it in a corner, you can also set it up to transition smoothly.

    driving position/parking - i cant see the hood. i m 6'1" and i cant see the hood....if i crane my head close to headliner, i can see the washers on the hood.... as a result this car is not easy to park and navigate tight quarters. blind spots? oh yeah! mirrors dont offer much coverage, high beltline, tight space between seat and b pillar all make for a harder drive than large SUVs and minvans. Can i live with it?? oh yeah. just need to get used to it and be careful when lane changing, backing out of parking spots, etc. In retrospect, i definitely would have gotten parktronic!

    interior fit/finish - very nice, although i am driving a $63k car with no is this an option???? i dont care how nice the mbtex is. this is ridiculous that basic seating surfaces were not leather in the R500 and then offer a pricey full leather option that includes seatbacks, door panels, dash, etc.

    stereo - nice. good fm radio reception, good sound stage, pletny of volume for stock system.

    rear seats - folding the 2 row and getting them at the right spot for the 3rd row pin to engage is freaking hard!! manual is no help. definitely not quick and easy. but once down, nice space.

    overall - this thing still lacks the convenience of a minivan in terms of space, sliding doors, etc. BUT the styling, performance, interior materials, handling ,etc. more than make up for it! we still have a honda ody and it will be the vehicle for most family (2 toddlers, 2 goldens) trips, but for everyday use, we are putting in a 2d set of car seats and will split the car for everyday commuting/driving duties.

    it really is a pleasure to drive! at $500 a month it probably cant be beat.
  • sussansussan Posts: 17
    Last week I lease a R500. The next day I noticed the
    car has no Rear cargo cover, Cargo net, Grocery bag holder
    or Cargo tie downs.

    I understand that these items are standard for this car.

    Any input would be appreciated.
  • We just go back from visiting family over Christmas and did 1,300 miles in about a weeks worth of driving. The car is a Black on black R320 cdi with the package 2 and heated front seats. It is absolutely a great way to demolish miles.

    So far I got a nice comment from a "cougar" in an Acura TL and then a man went wow in positive way as we drove past him at a shopping mall.

    The diesel is no weakling and it does like to drive at triple digit speeds. Furthermore you can still have an intelligent conversation at high speed something that can't quite be said for my CTS-V. At this point couldn't be happier.
  • sullyaksullyak Posts: 30
    What type of gas mileage are you averaging in with your cdi
  • Averaging 22 mpg so far with a mix of city and highway driving.
  • Fully loaded, 2 month old R320 explodes suddenly in our driveway during a Colorado blizzard.

    See the complete story and pictures at

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    that'll buff right out.
  • nextnext Posts: 6
    I got sick of the Honda dealer here in Colorado Springs and traded our Odyssey in for an r350 with a p1 package. I've had it only about a week. I really like it. It has most of the versatility of a minivan but is a better drive, has all wheel drive, much quieter and much better looking. There are only two things that I don't like: most annoying is the mercedes texture seating surface....fancy word for vinyl. It gets hot and sticky and does not breath well. I notice this in the winter, so I'm guessing summer months will be awful. The other issue is outwards visibility. The rear view is very small. The nose of the car is much longer than expected and takes getting used to to park. But that's it. I'm hoping that Mercedes service will be much better than Honda if we need it.
  • dpirwindpirwin Posts: 3
    Anyone else, particularly 320 CDI owners, had a problem like this? We have owned our R Class 320 CDI for 5 weeks and it has thus spent 3 in the shop, with one more in the forecast before we get it back. Turns out that a sensor -- apparently, of water in the fuel filter -- failed in a way that not only led the engine to misfire and triggered the "check engine light" but allowed fuel to leak back through a line to a control-box into which other sensors, including that for backpressure in the exhaust upstream of the catalytic converter, also feed. Backpressure sensor failed first; mechanics replaced it (took them 3 work days), but didn't detect underlying problem until water-in-fuel sensor failed a week after initial repair. Second failure also failed the backpressure sensor for a second time. Car's now in its second, longer trip to the hospital. Parts mostly available from US, but one needs to come from Black Forest, so second stay in hospital is going to last 3 weeks.
    Dealer has been great -- put us into another R Class 320 CDI, which drives like the dream we thought we were buying, and the diagnostic process seems to be working methodically. But it is sure taking a long time, and if this is a harbinger rather than an anomaly, I want out. We didn't spend $50K+ to have an invalid car.
  • pete51pete51 Posts: 20
    I am exploring car options and the R class is on the list, but it is not getting good sales reviews. Is this car a dud? I currently own a E320 and it has 200k miles. The car does have minor repair problems that I would happen with a car that has 200k and is 10 years old. I also have a Volvo V70 that is 5years old. It is a good car but after driving it for the last few years, I understand why Volvo and Mercedes are not in the same class. I am considering a trade on the Volvo because it is just not what I want in a long term car (to much plastic and to many squeaks), but the reality is my Volvo is 5years and 120K newer. The replacement would be the R class, however if this is not a vehicle that is designed to last 10+ years I'll keep the Volvo and replace the E320.Any opinions on the long term reliability of the R class. Currently my Benz is just a better driving car that has a lot more miles and years of service. :confuse:
  • swwalkerswwalker Posts: 5
    I just bought my wife a new R-Class 320 CDI about 7 days ago and it is awesome! A few comments include:
    1. Would like to have the entertainment package but $1900 seemed a bit steep. I think I will either install aftermarket or use my MacBook Pro. My kids want to know how they can play their XBOX on long trips so I have some research to do.
    2. So far we have driven almost 1,000 miles and the love the diesel mileage (21/27).
    3. The room is to die for!
    4. Seats are difficult to keep clean......any suggestions are welcome.
    5. The panoramic roof is the kids favorite along with the ability to control their own A/C
    6. The Navigation systems is extremely accurate, but the joy stick is a bit awkward. I would also like to scan channels using the steering controls.

    Overall I think the car is 9 out of 10.
  • happygal1happygal1 Posts: 2
    I have been looking at this car, but am not sure about it yet. Do you feel like you have enough space in the trunk? I have kids too and am worried about fitting groceries and kid gear in the back!
    Also, would you mind sharing what you paid? I have been to a couple of dealerships and the prices seem to be all over the place........
  • dpirwindpirwin Posts: 3
    Update, a little more than a year after repair of this weird problem. The R Class has turned out to be a terrific car. Diesel gets 28-30 mpg on highway, ~18-22 in city. Handles well, holds the mob, pets and beach week stuff in comfort and quiet. M-B origin removable roof rack fits cunningly, is very sturdy, and very useful when the mob wants to take more stuff than any reasonable family unit should. The few shortcomings are self-apparent: blind spot in right rear corner (one gets used to it and compensates for it), long wheelbase (turning radius is surprisingly tight, but the center of the car is in a different place on a turn than a shorter wheelbase car), somewhat arbitrary, hierarchical controls on nav system (once you get used to it, it is just fine). No recurrence of initial problem, no new problems, great car for what we wanted it for.
  • swwalkerswwalker Posts: 5
    If you are carrying 7 passengers you are not going to have much room, however if you have one or both of the back seats down you have more than enough room. My wife and I love this car. We paid a tad under $54k, but we have all the bells and whistles including the diesel version. Buy wont' be disappointed.
  • docrwdocrw Posts: 94
    Unless you have 10 bags of groceries, you will not have a problem. We make trips to Costco and have never had a problem, you just have to be a little creative and plan out how to pack things in. We recently went to a wedding across the state with the car full, my wife, both in-laws and two kids-one in a toddler seat and one in an infant seat. We packed a cooler and enough clothes for 3 days with no problem. We used soft bags, not hard suit cases, and utilized the spaces between the seats. Amazingly, everyone was comfortable and no one complained, including the toddler.

    Another tip, if you remove the spare tire that area can hold a few good sized bags. I would not recommend this if you are going someplace remote, but for highway trips the spare tire could be sacrificed. Of course I did not tell the wife about removing the spare tire until after we had returned home. Its always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission:)
  • marinitemarinite Posts: 39
    Good lord, that's shocking. I'm glad you and your daughter were unharmed.

    Thanks for the warning - hopefully you'll read this one of these days. And I hope you get some resolution. That's shocking about MB's lack of attention whatsoever.
  • I have 3500 miles on a 2008 R Class Diesel - it's awesome. I find reasons to go for a drive.

    I did have a KD box installed by the dealer that upped the power and mileage. There will be no warranty issues because they treat the KD box like an AMG - built for MB.

    Love the power and this thing is quicker than my Toyota was. (The R class weighs about 5200 pounds.)

    Get one - you'll love it.

    Room is great: back seat leg room is great, storage is great, and it is a very user friendly car.

    I wish they had more upscale floor mats though. The ones that came with it are cheap looking.
  • new2benznew2benz Posts: 5
    About 10 days ago I bought my wife a used 2008 R350 and we both love the car. Never had a Mercedes before.

    Extremely spacious, well equipped and fun to drive and getting roughly 23 MPG on highway. I know the cost of ownership will be more then my Volkswagen however love the style of the R350 and the comfort.
  • dpirwindpirwin Posts: 3
    My wife and I have had our R Class since early 2007. It had a couple of issues at the start relating to sudden engine flameout, which made us nearly try to dump it. But the local M-B dealer got the right help (it took a while, ultimately coming from the Black Forest), and in the meantime did the right thing by loaning us another R Class that was working right. 3 years and 50,000 miles later, the car is increasingly proving to be what we'd hoped for: dependable, comfortable for long family trips, spacious, reasonably economical (28-29 mpg on highway -- phonomenal for a car of its size). If buying again (which I would, though I hope it won't be for another 8-10 years), I'd look closely at quirky nav system before buying it. M-B has fixed the other problem for families with kids and carpools, since second seat row can now hold 3 passengers. AWD usually not needed but really helps out in those weird mid-Atlantic-States winter snowstorms. All in all, a great and pretty stylish workhorse of a car.
  • new2benznew2benz Posts: 5
    Almost forgot about that .... the AWD feature. That is one of the reasons that we went with the R350 because living in the mid-west, AWD comes in handy.
  • jasonwipfjasonwipf Posts: 3
    Well all of your comments have been so helpful in my research I decided to get a 2 yr used 08 R320cdi and flew to Atlanta, GA from Houston, TX to get it (thats how committed I was to getting the exact options and year lol). I just got done driving about 13hrs and 900 mi and will give my first report.

    Awesome drive.

    25mpg at 75-80mph and as good as 31mpg at 55mph (30-50miles test intervals). I averaged 28mpg at 63mph for the whole trip.

    Some people say the nav joystick is ackward but i am coming from a touch screen Acura RL that I have had for 13 years and after awhile touch screens get perma grease on the screen or pure wear over frequently used buttons that mess up the screen and then get hard to press the various buttons. Sure this button and joystick took getting used to but I am liking it better.

    My tire pressure monitor light did go off even though the tire pressures seemed filled ok. My town and country does this all the time too so not that big a deal. It seems to to be the perfect family cruiser but sorta tankish if your looking for hard cornering abilities and agility. But then again I did NOT buy they car for that. I got 2 boys and lots of gear that I wanted to transport. I'll report back.
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